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Sunday Funday – Maxim Hot 100 Party


ZW Sunday Funday:

Maxim Hot 100

The ZW Nation has been closely following the efforts of aspiring Actress/Host Jen Wilke in her quest to make it to the Maxim Hot 100 Party.

Well Zdubbers, despite not being able to access that whopping $765 she raised via Gofundme to attend the party, our girl made it!

Looking homely as hell, Jen Wilke stepped onto the carpet and posed for this pic by the promo banner


But not before she posted a selfie in her #newbra to let the Johns know she’s open for business tonight


Topping the Maxim Hot 100 this year is Victoria’s Secret Model Stella Maxwell.


The press is drooling over the outfit she wore, but I’m not sure if I’m feelin’ it.


Is it just me or is this beautiful girl just a tad too skinny to be named The Hottest Woman in the World?

Of course, an event like this brings out the best of the Instagram bottomfeeders looking free drinks and a “ride”. 


Even that weird Chuy guy from Chelsea Handler’s old show is getting some


I made Maxim's hot 101 spot 😘. Thank you @karmaintl & @maximmag

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So, ZW – who else showed up to the Maxim Hot 100 Party? I heard Kina and Deltona500 went – does this mean embarassing snapchat gold? Post what you can find!


  1. Ertu

    I cant even be like that guy in this life.!

  2. DirtyPopArt

    lets hope she runs out of gas

  3. DirtyPopArt

    post submitted

  4. DirtyPopArt

    i'll take some screen shots and email them to you

  5. Greg Fail

    This girl cracks me up

    • Miranda Rights

      She’s bitching about fuel being almost $3.00 a gallon?! Seriously? I remember when it was like $6.00 a gallon and I rejoice at under $3.00

  6. Unityyy

    Still begging for money. Gas is expensive yo! How does this idiot continue to keep her hand out for cash? She’s got a week of photo shoots lined up (allegedly)…sooo, don’t those pay you something?

  7. Lame Equis

    I saw chewy there. And Abigail Ratchford and a couple other instahoes

  8. Serendipity

    Haha. I knew it! She bought her dress at Walmart. On clearance for $14.95! Classy!

  9. MissPell

    lol. That was good.

  10. Greg Fail

    So it looks to me like Jen is in a hotel now that’s the second hotel on this trip for a girl with no money. Hmmmmm?

    • MissPell

      Well now that she’s ‘been there done that’ she should close her gofundme account, right? She needs to say her thank you’s, give them what she promised them, and then take a long walk off a short pier.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      Bitch is so basic looking. I can’t believe there are enough Beta’s that would pool together $770 to fund this whore. I’ve seen better looking girls shopping the aisles of Walmart…

      • DirtyPopArt

        thats funny because in her go fund me she said she slept in her car in a walmart parking lot even though she posted a picture of her at a hotel by the pool

  11. JimU113

    Just noticed in the first picture. Only one happy in that pic is the midget.

  12. Persephone

    LOL! You’re hilarious

  13. OldWineBox

    “Yellow stars bitches! Peace!” What an utter tool. Keep on being you Sharkey, the definition for douche depends on you my man.

  14. OldWineBox

    The first pic looks like its of an ultra feminine gay magician with his bevy of drag queen assistants! PA ZOW! MAGIC!

  15. Mixx_TheFinalCut

  16. OldWineBox

    I should like to dub it the "snot dress" because that's exactly what it looks like.

  17. DirtyPopArt

    i would imagine it was a recruiting zone for special after parties

  18. JimU113

    Worse, a Chicken beak.

    Yep, Maxim has all the BTPPs scurrying from the shadows, like the skank ass roaches they are.

  19. Maia

    Freddie Fags went with Kina, Chloe and a bevy of other low budget hoes, and then had a very bizarre childlike party where a couple of creeps paid to watch them play with toys, wear masks, and roll around with balls. Kina stripped on a pole wearing a black and white outfit and holding the Bible like she was a naughty Nun. You can't make this stuff up, kids.

  20. Gadda Bait

    Hoe train

  21. Pam

    Yeah an Evans family heirloom

  22. DragonSlayer.

    I’m also offended by her friends un fitted dress, at least get your cheap looking thing tailored so it looks decent.

  23. Persephone

    Such a patriot. That’s why him and Bev didn’t work out

  24. Persephone

    She thinks she’s the shit.

  25. Looks like a few girls have made the walk of shame back to their hotel room and finally uploaded their posin’ pics from the party (Kina, Deltona500, Toochi Cash aka Coochie Rash)

  26. Toochi Cash aka Coochi Rash was there too:

  27. Habib Fazil

    that's why they have chicken wire (ala Blues Brothers) in front of the stage…

  28. Scorpio

    "Check this out. I stood here for a while. Then I stood here. See this one? Here I am, standing. Yup, I'm a pretty big deal, what with all the standing and whatnot."

  29. Scorpio

    Aw, don't sell yourself short. Your black heart is enormous.

  30. Scorpio


  31. Scorpio

    As you said, it is totally subjective. How about anyone can submit whomever he wants for consideration, with no restrictions? It wouldn't surprise me to even see a few trannies thrown into the ring. Each subject could then apply his own personal criteria when he casts his vote.

  32. Scorpio

    It looks like some interesting points are already emerging.

  33. Scorpio

    I think I can only see the top half on most of the above pics. As for the skinny girl, no, it’s not just you. Although I do like how skinny she is, she is lacking in the hips and bust department. Her straight and narrow frame is not super feminine, so the hottest woman in the world she is not. The dress is so-so. It is lacy and does show off her figure, but it is also kind of a mess. Of course, I am no fashion expert.

    • Thank you! I mean she is still goegeous… but THE Hottest? I think not

      • Scorpio

        Precisely. This raises an interesting question. I wonder who the ZW Nation would deem THE hottest. Hmm. I know it is not the main purpose of this group. We pick apart those who whore themselves for social media attention, both male and female alike. But, I am curious. Who really is THE hottest?

        • Its so subjective though. Like does being a massive whore take off Hot Points or do fake body parts (like lips and boobs) count? Should the HOTTEST woman be natural?

          • DirtyGMa

            Doesn't need to be natural, but enhancements, nips and tucks MUST be unobtrusive. Huge hard titty balls, baboon ass lips, hacky sack asses and skin pulled so tight they look like they're in a wind tunnel are automatic disqualifiers.

          • Yeah that makes sense. So it can be fake but has to look like it could be real?
            Maybe we need to start a poll lol

          • DirtyPopArt

            how about worst dressed at MAxim Hot 100 party?

          • DirtyGMa

            that would be like selecting the shittiest shit in the outhouse… Evaluation would require a stronger stomach than mine…

          • Oooh. I need candidates! Jen wilke obviously is the front runner

          • DirtyPopArt

            search on instagram #maxihot100

          • Scorpio

            Precisely. It is the subjectivity that would promote lively debate, and also produce a winning choice that is unique to this particular group. P.S. I can't think of a contest here which has not been subjective. That is what makes it fun!

  34. Whitney BeatMe

    You just know that when that hall was cleared out it smelled like weave glue, coconut, burned hair, sweat, and fishes. I pity the cleaning crew that had to deal with that.

  35. Unityyy

    Me too, Sammi. Me too..more so than her shameful cash grab.

  36. DirtyPopArt

    hey khloe terae its not a photo shoot you can pose casual

  37. Greg Fail

    I’m noticing 3 different wrist bands. Pink, blue and yellow. Some of the girls are wearing both pink and yellow. Wonder what that is about

  38. Unityyy

    Since we all know she bankrolled this trip on her own dime, maybe she can cash in her $765 go fund me cash and buy a decent purse…a brown hobo purse? Fashionista she is not..

  39. Greg Fail

    Even this guy wore a nicer dress then wilike

  40. Pam

    VIP sleeping in the 2010 Nissan maxima. Yeah … Really important

  41. Sir TTP

    A couple thoughts:

    1) I have no idea who this Iggy person is, but he must have an overdue tax bill to lower himself to performing at a Maxim party. I mean, it’s a he, right?

    2) The Hollywood Palladium? Seriously?

    3) When Eddie Murphy’s ex from a decade ago is the biggest “celeb” in attendance, well…

    4) If you attend a party that requires the wearing of a wristband past the age of 21, you need to rethink your life.

  42. DragonSlayer.

    HOLY SHIT! Congrats on the second pregnancy, Sharks!

  43. Happy Pants

    Stella Maxwell’s hairline makes my OCD twitch.

  44. Donnie Darko

    Sharkey’s highlights for the weekend. Showing off his gut at Rehab, hanging with his new roommates, and he’s part of something called the psycho sports cartel?? Why would a #Mogul need to have roommates at an $850 a month rental

    • DirtyGMa

      Douche alert table 5 – RUN!!!!

    • Lol PSC. So he has named his “crew”? How fucking lame. You should be submitting these tidbits so he gets proper ZW Exposure lol!

      • Dr.Christian Troy

        I don't think Sharkey has played a "sport" since 8 year old T-Ball. God, Vegas seems like a sewer.

      • Donnie Darko

        I was thinking about it. I wasn’t sure if #Moguladouche getting roommates was worthy of a post on it’s own.

        • Nah, but still worth submitting because we can roll a couple of things into one post. That way all the info we have on him is searchable via

        • Habib Fazil

          only way a multi millionaire can afford such digs eh?

      • Mixx_TheFinalCut

        WTF is PSC? Pregnant Sharkey Club??

    • The Beav

      They never seem to do any sports….

    • He posted an awful one today, but I was busy and (not kidding) almost shocked. So, I didn’t get a screen shot. Hopefully, someone caught it – picture of a bleach blond laying in a bed smoking. With a, “Hi Debbie,” in lights above the bed. Douches comment was something like – shout out to my daughter.

    • Persephone

      Still waiting for the #GAINZ
      Guarantee he hasn’t been to the gym since

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      This is why I never want to hit up a Vegas pool party. If I wanted to see a bunch of drunk fat-asses flopping around near water, I can just drive 20 minutes to Huntington Beach near Main Street.

      #Moguladouche drunk as shit last five seconds of video..

  45. MissPell

    Someone sharing too much?

    • DirtyGMa

      shining them in a light… yeah. all I see is stupid people popping ass and displaying cleavage… gag me with a spoon…

    • Scorpio

      I did not make it all the way through. Who can listen to these people speak?

    • JimU113

      To the skank saying the women are “stunning” etc: Aw hellz to the no. Put the crack pipe down.

    • GreatSpunk

      Loved how none of them even got a there name on the video as they got “interviewed”, that’s how irrelevant those girls and guys (too short) included are.

    • nancy young

      All of them sounded like Charlie Brown’s teachers to me. They kept repeating themselves over and over again and most of them couldn’t move their botoxed faces.

  46. Flowerpotgirl

    Omg, the amount of fake tan there! Must be gallons used in preparation for this”event”.

  47. MissPell

    We’re on the same wavelength on this. lol

    • MissPell

      Did you notice everyone else is on the other side of the room? ha

    • Happy Pants

      Between her ball shriveling voice, fucked up face and meh body, we have Bev 2.0

      P.S. Was anyone else waiting (i.e desperately wanting) a beer bottle to hit her in the face mid video? No? Just me? I’m okay with that.

      • Greg Fail

        Lol. Right. She needs a phone with better video too

      • MissPell

        I was hoping that she was standing on the edge of the stage and the she would fall off as she was turning to show the view of the place. Does that count?

    • Unityyy

      Is she chewing gum?? The party looks empty. Did she have the 6pm-8pm shift on her wristband? The whole idea of this being a ‘business trip’ is laughable.

      • Greg Fail

        Yeah it doesn't look like a lot of people were there at that point

        • Unityyy

          I honestly think she went super know, to meet up with her very important connections..

    • Scorpio

      Yup, definitely a career-oriented event.

    • JimU113

      Sorry Jenn, I ain’t paying for it.

    • Снайпер


  48. Greg Fail

    Wow you guys are on point. I was going to submit a comparison of fashion between jen and others attending and you beat me to it. If you go on instagram and search #maximhot100 you will see how jen just doesn’t have that Hollywood style. You will also notice none of the media took pictures of her.

  49. I just noticed Jen hashtagged VIP. Umm honey…. VIP’s at events don’t need Gofundme campaigns just to travel to them.

  50. The Beav

    YES! They have basic black clutches at Wal-Mart for $10.97. She does not look dressed for an evening event. That dreadful Kathy van Zeeland screams out "I am a rube!"

  51. Happy Pants

    That would have done my heart some good.

  52. JimU113

    They'd have to pay me to even consider attending. Considering that Iggy Azalea is the "entertainment", they can't afford me.

  53. countryjew

    Imagine a "Suicide Squad" of Wilke, Sharkey, 5150, Bev and Amanda Lynn…

  54. Forever_Lurking

    is Rogaine still around? I don't remember the last time Ive seen anything from him…

  55. MissPell

    Pic #1 – What are those bumps on his arm?
    Pic #2 – How much did he pay these girls to pose with him?
    Pic #3 – Losers table?

  56. Scorpio

    Time for some crop-dusting.

  57. Scorpio


  58. Scorpio

    I also noticed they look particularly nice and full, but I though it might just be a lot of padding. One can hope.

  59. Dr.Christian Troy

    Can you imagine a more vapid event where you could learn less about anything? A bunch of has beens, and never will be's trying desperately to get a sniff at fame or relevance.

    • Greg Fail


    • Unityyy

      Awww, come now. According to her Go Fund Me, she and her ‘fans’ are changing the world! One lame event at a time.

      • JimU113

        Only change is the coinage her betas are finding beneath the cushions.

      • Dead Man's Dog

        Wilke looks like a Tuesday afternoon bartender at the Hooters Casino. Hardly A-Team material.

        Nick Cannon said he bought a portion of the Maxim Mag ‘brand’ week on Howard Stern last week. Nick and his turban. What a tool.

        Hey Cannon why don’t you go take that turban (cultural appropriation anyone?!?!) and go play the bongos in a closet and practice your spoken word.

    • JimU113

      Maxim was never relevant. At best, they were a fifth-rate GQ or Esquire (both of which have seen their best years fly by a long time ago).

  60. Gadda Bait

    I love chewy. And chewy loves whores need I say more. This party is for WHORES!

  61. DirtyPopArt

    do you guys think when they announced Jen Wilke on the red carpet all the photographers took a smoke break

  62. Jim

    She's the ugliest hottest hoe bagain I've ever seen that's fo sho

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