Sharkey’s been pimpin’ since been pimpin’ since been pimpin’

Sure, he’s been driving a beat up BMW around for the past few years.

Five owners on a car made back in 2003? Wow! How many different brands of flatulence have made contact with that driver’s seat? I’m sure that Sharkey’s “gains” diet consisting of McDonalds’ entire Value Menu took those leather seats from weathered to Fukushima levels of toxicity. The fact that it’s up for sale and not being buried beneath 100 tons of concrete with other hazardous materials frightens me more than that Reptilian post.

But hey! Out with the old and in with the new!

New shirt:


New girl?


New ride:

Screenshot (442)

(RIP Sharkmobile 2.0)


It seems like everything in Sharkey’s life takes a beating…

Anyway – back to Pimp My Ride: Sharkey Edition:

That chip is LEGIT, son! And the best part is that there’s still enough room left for a court mandated breathalyzer along with a USB charger for an ankle monitor.

Screenshot (445)

Off the hook?

Sharkey, 2003 called. They want their BMW and slang back.

Rogaine, 1990 called. They want their joke back. #karmicreaction #pleaseloveme

Screenshot (432)

After a tough day at the ‘office’ what is a Moguladouche to do for fun?

Beer pong?

Screenshot (437)


Screenshot (426)

Nope. After an arduous, three hour work day Sharkey finally gives his shirt a break and hits the town looking for another Kina replacement.


(Thanks Mixx)

Never change, Sharkey.