James T. Sharkey

PNAK Intel: Sharkey Pimped His Ride

Sharkey’s been pimpin’ since been pimpin’ since been pimpin’

Sure, he’s been driving a beat up BMW around for the past few years.

Five owners on a car made back in 2003? Wow! How many different brands of flatulence have made contact with that driver’s seat? I’m sure that Sharkey’s “gains” diet consisting of McDonalds’ entire Value Menu took those leather seats from weathered to Fukushima levels of toxicity. The fact that it’s up for sale and not being buried beneath 100 tons of concrete with other hazardous materials frightens me more than that Reptilian post.

But hey! Out with the old and in with the new!

New shirt:


New girl?


New ride:

Screenshot (442)

(RIP Sharkmobile 2.0)


It seems like everything in Sharkey’s life takes a beating…

Anyway – back to Pimp My Ride: Sharkey Edition:

That chip is LEGIT, son! And the best part is that there’s still enough room left for a court mandated breathalyzer along with a USB charger for an ankle monitor.

Screenshot (445)

Off the hook?

Sharkey, 2003 called. They want their BMW and slang back.

Rogaine, 1990 called. They want their joke back. #karmicreaction #pleaseloveme

Screenshot (432)

After a tough day at the ‘office’ what is a Moguladouche to do for fun?

Beer pong?

Screenshot (437)


Screenshot (426)

Nope. After an arduous, three hour work day Sharkey finally gives his shirt a break and hits the town looking for another Kina replacement.


(Thanks Mixx)

Never change, Sharkey.


  1. Uhg could you imagine sex with Sharkey? I don't feel so good now. I think I'm going to have to phone in sick to work.

  2. DragonSlayer.

    There is no way in fucking hell that is 6 feet, does he know what a foot measurement even is? I'm going to have to say you're right with your answer. Lol

  3. DragonSlayer.

    Does sharks suck dick for money? I just don’t understand. This guy can’t possibly be actually selling time shares, frauding cheques maybe?

  4. rainmn066

    Reasonable Question

  5. WTF, does he live in that shirt?

  6. Everything he is so proudly posting just looks so cheap and tacky. He and Dead Tooth need to just realize they are made for each other in a white trash destiny kind of way. She could add her tacky ass silk roses and little mermaid blankets to the mix.

  7. rainmn066

    Looks like the ownership of future Sharks is going to be open to debate.

  8. I'm going with E

  9. Mzzy Rivy

    He's an idiot.

  10. Voody


  11. rainmn066

    Solid Maury povich advice

  12. MissPell

    Sharkey is definitely not sure the kid is his. haha

  13. Spartacus

    I have something else I just can’t ignore, how in the name of satan’s lunchbox did he hit a stationary object… so blooming hard??

  14. JimU113

    Falling off a cliff would be a good look for him as well. Just saying.

  15. JimU113

    Assholes have no gratitude.

  16. Mzzy Rivy

    I fckg hate this guy. Fake ass lying sharp nip bitch. Who does that. Ahh ahh I'm paying the cable bill today. Just want everyone know cuz I live in a basic bubble and no life.

  17. Pam

    U know when u look at someone and know their balls must stink soo bad it makes u gag. Well hes one of those people. Especially in the suit in the desert

  18. not2slobro

    only option I see missing from his new whip is…..

  19. Mzzy Rivy

    Please…..just stop.

  20. Mzzy Rivy

    Draculas closet.

  21. Pam

    Where can i get a maid for $60 a week? The maid must not do much cause just to vacuum, sweep/mop a 2k sq ft house once is $60 a week. I just do it myself cause i dont know that i would trust a $60 a week maid. I have no meth to steal so it would probably be safe

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      She;s probably “no habla ingles’ + Vegas has a lower cost of living. Most things are cheaper in Vegas except LED Projection screens and 2008 Diesel trucks (so I heard..)

  22. Pam

    I dont know why that is so funny to read! But it is

  23. Pam

    What is HOA? Gov housing?

  24. AmericanTopTeam

    This guy the part that bugs me the most at SOME level he has to realize he is a loser and he doesn't

  25. Spartacus

    Wearing a different but equally horrible flag top

  26. Spartacus

    "I bought a doormat" #mogullife?

    • Spartacus

      I own some scissors, attached is a picture of one pair, but we have at least 7 pairs in our estate. #Oldschoolmoneybaby

      • Spartacus

        My home smells of corinthian leather and old books. (to be honest, there’s also the smell of children’s pee occasionally and whatever random household fragrance the wife has selected to assault my nostrils with this week!

  27. Spartacus

    The under over is 3 weeks before he gets drunk, lonely and dry humps the palm.

    • JimU113

      Then the palm gets pregnant by another man.

      Like you didn’t see that one coming.

  28. Spartacus

    I'm sure the tip is "no one ever got pregnant up the bum baby"

  29. Spartacus

    It probably looks 6' tall from his perspective way down there.

  30. Spartacus

    His "Business hair" gets more and more extreme. If I walked down a street and saw this bloke with a handful of leaflets, I would either cross the road or start speaking in Italian.

    • Spartacus

      …. or better still, engage with him for 45 minutes wasting his valuable closing time. oooooh I'm horrid sometimes

  31. Oh my fucking god! Some people really do post the excruciating minutia of their lives on social media. A photo and caption of the money he left the maid?! What's even sadder is that he probably doesn't even have a maid, but fronts that he does as part of his "mogul" lifestyle. Don't "trip" sharkey, no one believes someone who has no toilet paper or pillow has a maid.

  32. Is he pregnant?

  33. TheSuburbanErrorist

    Some time ago he was bragging about getting some fancy red couch, where is it and why I see this old and worn out couch in his luxurious palace??? Not very mogul Sharkey…

  34. TheSuburbanErrorist

    Nice bars on the window. Sharkey misses that jail life.

  35. MissPell

    lol. Don’t forget about the straws…

  36. The Judge

    Got some new curtains to go with the tree, pure class…

  37. caramelldansen

    These jacked up pickup trucks scare my species. The typical driver shows such disregard for animals and motorcycles. Those things are notorious for crossing the center line in the twisties and they don't slow down when they see a group of hyenas waiting to cross the road.

  38. The Judge

    Sharkey got a new tree for the estate, looking good!

    • MissPell

      You and Beav are on the same wave length.

    • The Beav

      He claims its 6ft tall, but it looks to be the height of the light switch…why lie about something so LAME?!?

  39. Donnie Darko

  40. I love Nancy Young commenting on that first pic. She's an enigma wrapped in sarcasm…she's the best!

  41. MissPell

    Yes they are, but cuteness also depends on who's using them. ha

  42. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    ..AND he got a speeding ticket within 48hrs of the new truck purchase!

    $346.00 fine – no problem for a #Mogul (just do the time..)

    • caramelldansen

      Fucking idiot. If you drive without a license or insurance, don’t speed or do anything that would attract police attention.

      • Don't you mean " the wise hyena elders would never advise speeding blah blah"

      • Pam

        If he were that smart he would have bought a 5 year old honda civic. Then he could speed a little and probably never get caught. That big truck is a cop magnet

      • Mzzy Rivy

        Or drive big trucks in big cities where cops can’t see the person inside cuz he is weenie tiny

  43. MissPell

    I would really like to know where all his ‘fun money’ is coming from because his ‘serious money’ is not paying the debts. This guy really needs to find the definition of responsibilities and grown-up.

  44. Sharkey is an origami mogul. Construction paper is more expensive than expired meat but it's totally worth it.

  45. Andrea's Bangs

    Sharkey is totally getting off on having a post a day dedicated to his stupidity. He's been posting like a madman!

  46. Tricia's HOA Rule: File proper paperwork.

  47. Donnie Darko

    Nice find!!

  48. Donnie Darko

    It looks tacky AF. A Polo Shirt of the company that is promoting the timeshares and khaki dockers with a name tag would be so much better.

  49. The Beav

    Hahahahahahaha! Yes, I believe it is. Like I said, he just jumps in the pool to wash it and then hangs it to dry on the door. I imagine it smells of chlorine, AXE and sweet meth smoke

  50. MissPell

    Shannon Wight childhood friends…

  51. Whitney BeatMe

    Another day at the office eh Sharkey..??

  52. MissPell

    Maybe he has the attitude of 'why mess up your own place when you can mess up someone else's'. lol

  53. MissPell

    He's going to put a cap on the back of the truck and that will be his new 'love nest'.

  54. Sir TTP

    So good JimU.

  55. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    fucking loser only works 3-5hrs a day (plenty of time to clean) + he has no friends to come over and trash the place, so how dirty can it get?

    • The Beav

      Well, I am sure the brillo and glass pipes pile up. I guess the maid doesn’t do laundry, I spy his favorite shirt hanging on the door. He probably jumps in the pool and exclaims “All clean” His IG is on fire today!!

  56. The Beav

    That's what I was thinking about….So disgusting.

  57. Mixx_TheFinalCut

    PNAK delivering the juicy intel as usual!

    Fucking #MogulLaDouche – do you realize that all the shit you're buying for your ride is just going to the dude who scoops it up after the Repo Man gets his hands on it!


    • Sir TTP

      Oh no my friend. Rumor has it Ro and PNAK are just getting warmed up.

  58. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    fighting for real estate on the corner

  59. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    best quote of the day..
    "there’s still enough room left for a court mandated breathalyzer along with a USB charger an ankle monitor"

  60. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Everyone knows the best restaurants serve their food in Styrofoam.

    • Spartacus

      That’s exactly where I was going when I saw this pic. I wonder, does he always have the take away option because he’s banned from “fancy dan” sit down eateries?

  61. Dead Man's Dog

    Ummm…they don't even serve his food to him on a plate??

    Here's your food, no get the f out of our restaurant!!

  62. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    He could buy a dog that loves to like stains.
    He wouldn't have to pay Chem-dry so much to get them out.

  63. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    the maid left, before sharkey could give her one.
    I'm sure his tip is, 'if you get pregnant, you're on your own'.

  64. The Beav

    Sharkey has so much to offer the ladies – fake palm trees, cool #beachvibes welcome mat, Netflix and off the hook sound for this Sharkmobile…yet he remains, Lonely – Party of 1. 🙁

    • JimU113

      Or find a real man and skip the #DumbAssLife.

    • Jesus Sharkey and Trisha need the same lesson in instagram food pics; you take pics of nicely plated food, not fucking sad, Styrofoam packed messes. Why dont they get this? Look at what other people are doing guys, and try to copy that.

    • Mzzy Rivy

      The dude dines alone. This is the fifth pic where I saw o e plate on the table…#loser#loner#poser

  65. Donnie Darko

    I caught him deleting comments on IG about his wife. He's trying to erase anything about her. Who is shankaylv? He wants her to take of him?

    • JimU113

      Yeah, come to Sharkey's place, take some roofies, get knocked up by another man.

    • The Beav

      Maybe its his “maid” I never read the comments, I probably should start.

      • JimU113

        How about learn to do it yourself, so you'll come home to it every frickin' day.

        • The Beav

          Can you imagine how it must look after a week? I am super clean, but my house would be a mess if I only picked up once a week.

        • Mixx_TheFinalCut

          Right? It looks like he only has 5pcs of furniture in that dump (including the new 4.5′ palm tree).

          I guess someone has to clean up all that meth induced vomit from his ‘seizures’.

          • JimU113

            And where he confused the palm as an urinal.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        Doesn't take long to vacuum out the back seat of his car.. I mean bedroom.

      • Sammi Jo

        *cringe* who posts this!!?? $60 bucks!? LMFAO

      • The Bad Seed

        He had a picture of bangs getting ready, the place was trashed. I so nicely made a comment about “Can’t make a hoe a housewife” & he deleted me. He really should of thanked me.


      • Spartacus

        $60 fuck, that maid doesn’t get paid enough. I’ve seen the images that james is prepared to share with the world, he’s a student trapped in an adult’s body… a sweaty, pock marked, bloated body that is.

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      hes definitely getting catfished.

  66. The Real Jeffrey Leb

    So is it just me or does that pic in the blue suit is hiding his billboard he wears. Que Gerardo's Rico Suave…….

  67. Donnie Darko

    This idiot got a speeding ticket with no license a week after he got the truck and now he needs a chip to make it faster? Shouldn't paying off his fines come before a chip and sound system? He posted his uncle passed away maybe 6 months ago. I have a feeling he got maybe $20,000 or so from his estate.

    • The Beav

      Right?!? He is buying fake palm trees and doormats left and right! #beachvibes I am so jealous that he won’t friend me on Facebook.

      • Donnie Darko

        his request limit has been met, he has too many pending requests.

    • The Beav


      • Mixx_TheFinalCut

        WTF! Black pleather couch and fake green plastic palm tree? Dude, your place looks like a fucking meth stash house Shark Fails! Also, nice cheap white kitchen cabinets in your Section 8 love crib loser.

        • Sammi Jo

          He probably would of been better off putting this in his living room…it's more realistic

          • MissPell

            …and if you threw it across the room in a fit of anger it doesn’t do as much damage. ha

          • The Beav

            Right? His current situation looks like it might poke an eye out if tossed.

          • MissPell

            The blow-up one?

        • Sir TTP

          Mixx is on fiya.

        • GreatSpunk

          WTF! Hahahaha is that a 3 foot paper mache palm tree??

      • Pam

        Yeah that tree is 6 feet tall. Hes using the same yard stick he does to measure himself.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      Exactly. $346.00 for the new fine + $850.00 in collections for the old ticket from last year where they will not allow him to do the time to pay that off. Sharkey has his priorities all figured out. Most of his past violations either include no DL or no Insurance. Most dealerships here in CA don’t give a rats ass if you don’t have a valid DL to buy a car, so I’m assuming the same for Vegas.

      It’s a safe bet to say that in 30-90 days #MLD will either:

      A- crash his new hyper-chip ride that’s all hooked up with cheap audio
      B- get busted for speeding again, then get the truck impounded
      C- fail to maintain proper insurance
      D- truck will get Repo’d due to non-payments and/or due to a Jail stay in County.
      E- all of the above

      • MissPell

        E- all of the above.

      • GreatSpunk

        I came thru the door, said it before, that was the shit! -2Pac

        P.S, yeah I called it, when they posted his new truck earlier post a few weeks back. Give it 60-70 days and repo man has a nice truck to sell to his contacts.

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