ZW Submission: ~Maia~

Well, well, well, poor Deltona is suffering from anxiety.  Why?  Rent due? Not invited by a wealthy trout to the closing parties in Ibiza? Is it because Tawnie is unable to pay the rent on a two-bedroom since Kim Fattorini died?

Funny, you turned up with a “new” handbag the same day you helped Chompers move out.  I wonder whose used purse THAT is.


No, it’s none of these reasons.  The anxiety you’re suffering from is because your stock has dropped like a rock ever since Kim’s death. You’re too old to be in the game.  Having to tag along with Lord Tim to Asia is about as embarrassing as it gets.  It’s time to evaluate your lifestyle and come to grips with reality.  You, my dear, need an actual fucking job!!!

By the way, stop messing with your face.  You’re beginning to resemble Khloe Terae, and we all know that isn’t a good thing. Oh well, you had a good run, no?

It’s not anxiety, Deltona. It’s called Drug Induced Psychosis. Get clean for fucks sake. ~QoT~