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Amanda Lynn: I’m So Anxiety Ridden – Help!

ZW Submission: ~Maia~

Well, well, well, poor Deltona is suffering from anxiety.  Why?  Rent due? Not invited by a wealthy trout to the closing parties in Ibiza? Is it because Tawnie is unable to pay the rent on a two-bedroom since Kim Fattorini died?

Funny, you turned up with a “new” handbag the same day you helped Chompers move out.  I wonder whose used purse THAT is.


No, it’s none of these reasons.  The anxiety you’re suffering from is because your stock has dropped like a rock ever since Kim’s death. You’re too old to be in the game.  Having to tag along with Lord Tim to Asia is about as embarrassing as it gets.  It’s time to evaluate your lifestyle and come to grips with reality.  You, my dear, need an actual fucking job!!!

By the way, stop messing with your face.  You’re beginning to resemble Khloe Terae, and we all know that isn’t a good thing. Oh well, you had a good run, no?

It’s not anxiety, Deltona. It’s called Drug Induced Psychosis. Get clean for fucks sake. ~QoT~



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  2. Vicki Vallencourt

    It doesn’t look like she has any furniture or decor
    How sad
    Excuse me
    Hoe sad that the sad hoe has a sad home

  3. @MissTriciaEvans

    Helppppp her TJ!!! She’s still kinda pretty, if you can get past the genital blisters and low self esteem. How old is Amanda?

  4. The Beav

    Okay, can we talk for a moment about the SC at Kim’s gravesite? Posing and posting it to SC with fake tears…so over the top! Its so disrespectful!
    All of that “success” and the merry band of hoe bags can’t chip in to get the person they love so much a proper marker? It’s not making you look good Amanduh it’s making you look like a phony, self absorbed…cunt face. If Kim was my sister, I would go ballistic on these bitches.

  5. the real pintu

    That’s a threesome.

  6. hot sauce

    The funeral blowjob from his mother’s friend/aunt? story was a fucking shitshow. I had to rewind it just to make sure I heard that wild shit right. That fucking guy…

  7. Lol! Can you imagine the convo at her house? “I’m gonna marry Aladdin and our baby, Coolio, will be the cutest kid ever!”
    Plans are made to return to Mumbai.

  8. El Hijo De Fistfight

    too many photos of her. and hasn’t Chanel become passe in the world of handbags? It’s like chicks in the Midwest still being proud of their decade old Coach purse.

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      Right show me the fendi you out dated skank!!

    • Sammi Jo

      I’d rather rock a vintage Coach… I don’t understand the allure of those tiny ass Chanel bags? Your better off just puttin’ stuff in your pockets IMO

  9. Mallory Knox

    I have an instagram that is just for following these trainwrecks lol

  10. the real pintu

    I’m going to say fake on that Chanel purse. The logo doesn’t look right to me. I’ve bought a Chanel for someone before, but not a prostitute. If I was buying one for a prostitute, it would be a fake one.

  11. Ree bee ﷲ

    Those fucking lips. For fucks sake!

  12. The Beav

    I thought that high priced escorts were supposed to be classy, well
    spoken women…who could partake in delightful convo then suck your ding ding?

  13. Danny McGrath

    Idk if anyone has said this yet but I would have anixiety to if I had to suck old man cock and lick hairy a**holes for money

  14. Maia

    Deltona snapped last night singing at her vanity wearing lingerie. It was Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. She was repeating the line “won’t you come” over and over again. That’s her idea of advertising.

    Whore. Broke Whore.

  15. Darlene Conner

    I woke up one day and realized I don’t care about social media. I never even made an Instagram and stepped away from facebook. After awhile looking at yourself and talking about yourself gets boring unless you are a narcissistic asshole.

  16. Digitus impudicus

    Good, have a panic attack and croak, useless cunt.

  17. Id like the glory hole anus, please.
    Say no more, fam

  18. Vicki Vallencourt

    how sweet. my mom loved the avon roses roses roses
    it totally goes hand in hand with remembering that bathroom

    • Sammi Jo

      Yes!! Avon had all the sweet aromas! As a kid my friend’s mom was the neighborhood “Avon lady” and I’d get all kinds of free samples! The tiny lil’ lipsticks and perfume viles…it was the best!!

  19. TheWhy

    lol it takes time!!! These bitches spend THEIR LIFE LOOKING AT DEVICES it’s quite sad

  20. It Happens

    Ok but Deltona went thru no divorce

    • Persephone

      Hahaha no, exactly! Like you said, how does one get a credit score that low!?

  21. It Happens

    that is the problem with these whores!!! Men will FUCK THEM! but none will wife them up!!!!! why? because she is not a quality woman to bring home to the family!!!! her family back story is enough to make anyone run! LMAO! tawnie has the best chance to get wifed up bc she has a normal family and great parents!
    also, amanda had turned her looks into the joker! no man will EVER take that seriously beyond ‘this is a good girl to fuck and chuck’. if she kept her looks after the first nose job, kinda the girl next door look she would have had a chance. no one wants to bring someone home that screams ‘hooker’ and she looks like a fucking blow up doll!!!

    • Luke Duke

      True. I’d hit it but wouldn’t pay for it. No way would I wife her up. I’m not some millionaire mogul just an average guy with a house and 401k.

      • It Happens

        yeah not even an average guy would bring that trash and her deltona family home to mom and dad

    • Here’s my new girlfriend, Amanda. Check out the 478 pics of her pooper on Instagram
      Said no respectable man, ever

    • Habib Fazil

      Just want to see TJ happy in his declining years…

  22. TJ

    If she’d have me we could stream the ceremony on this site.

    • It Happens

      how big is your bank account?? do you have a decent job? of course she would have you!!! wait a couple years tho, bc then her expectations will diminish.

      • Luke Duke

        They always do, diminish.

      • Dr.Christian Troy

        Louis Ck (Who may be a huge perv) said it best “Just stay somewhat normal and employed and you can be the last branch chicks like this catch on their inevitable fall”

    • Habib Fazil

      Well get a move on, make your play and get a ring on her…

  23. Persephone

    This pic takes the cake. Sadly, I look at this and it reminds me of my brother trying to “rip farts on me” when he was 8

  24. Maia

    Love it!!!

  25. BB

    omg that bag is hilariously fake. Look at the chains for fuck sakes it’s an obvious joke. You’re too old to be fronting everything, acquire something of substance from your whoring.

    • Maia

      That stitching.

    • Persephone

      I think it’s funny a 35 year old woman “copped a bag”
      Really? “Copped?” I think I was 16 the last time I used that word, after I got my first paycheck and got a good deal on some earrings at Claire’s.

  26. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Social media is all she has. The belief that people actually care about her and that she has ‘followers’.

  27. Unityyy

    I’m sure she still makes some good money, but I am not convinced she’s got much more of a lucrative shelf life in L.A. I predict she’ll move back to Vegas within a few years and be back to the $300-$500 grind..if she were smarter she’d start her own biz and become a madam for the younger girls, but I just don’t think she’s got the smarts for that.

    • It Happens

      unfortunately, with the rise of IG and other sites such as seekingarrangement, no one needs a madam. also, i dont think anyone would really want to deal with that.
      she never had money in her bank account in vegas and i doubt it changed now. my guess, she will end up as a waitress r a black jack dealer and try to get guys that way in a few years!

      • Maia

        IG is full of whores way younger than Amanda. Who wants to pay for this blown out vag?

        • Persephone

          Exactly! I’m sure she has the 17 year old boys hittin her up daily for the “older woman” experience now.

          • Nothing is creepier than young guys hitting on older women. They act like you’re supposed to be flattered that they decide you’re a “would smash” but really they all want to fuck their mom if she wasn’t ugly. Ugh

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            Thank you!!! Someone sees it too

          • hot sauce

            I watched a Rocco Seffriedi documentary. There is creepier shit out there. Trust.

          • Stelio Kontos

            Does that guy even know what a vagina is anymore? So many ruined bootyholes….

          • hot sauce

            Watch that doc Stelio. It’s entertaining. Without googling he’s gotta be worth 50m. Dudes love butthole. I mean shit, look at Chewy. Who would’ve known who that walking labotamy would be had it not been for her butthole serving as a tribute to Grizzly Adams. Dudes love butt.

          • Insp

            We (dudes) love any warm hole to be honest. The butt is just a power trip, not much else lol

          • hot sauce

            Speak for yourself. I’m not talking about prison.

          • Persephone

            It’s absolutely disgusting. I find it completely disrespectful, repulsive and gag worthy. I’ve had a couple little boys throw some pathetic bullshit lines at me, knowing I’m married. I call them out- little shits that have no control over their tiny dicks yet.
            And I’m no one special, they say stuff to any woman over 30/35

          • Sammi Jo

            What I want to know is, has a “catcall” worked for any man….ever? The worst!!!

      • Unityyy

        That’s very true. Madam’s are sort of dated..I can’t see her as a BJ dealer because I’m not sure she can count to 21, but a cocktail waitress, yes.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight

        This hoe can’t count to 21.

  28. AmericanTopTeam

    What are the wraps on her fingers?

  29. It Happens

    tawnie is the one that needs a wake up call! she comes from a great family. both her parents work and i believe her dad was a cop. her brother and sister are both married with families! she went to college.. WTF is she doing???? she is the one that needs to get her ass back to la mirada and her life together!!! bc she actually still has hope of a decent life/career!!!!!

    • Maia

      These whores are lazy. Why get up at 5am and fight traffic when you can lay on your back for a living? Too bad no one is paying for a 30 something washed-up whore.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        *edit*? – not paying enough
        Pretty soon it’ll be a BJ for a cig.

      • It Happens

        They aren’t lazy…they have no other skills…what will Amanda do go work at McDonald’s?

        • Maia

          If she can learn, she should take courses now.

        • Darlene Conner

          Her job is being a Instagram philanthropist and recording herself giving a homeless guy at McDonalds a meal cause she cares soooooooooo much. She is such a good person. Changing the world I say.

    • Anyone named “Tawnie” by their parents is kind of fucked from the get-go

      • Darlene Conner

        Gawd, I can’t help but say it Tawwwwwwnie in my head. I hate it.

  30. It Happens

    but as her mom says she has ‘made it’
    unfortunately, amanda came from trailor park trash with 2 cracked out parents who have had multiple drug arrests for cocaine posession and her dad eventaully got shot and killed by his dad and left in a ditch! and they didnt even prosecute his dad because the city did not care… soooo i guess compared to that world deltona has ‘made it’? her mom brags about her on FB! even her dad before he got shot did posting her pics and everything. it was quite disturbing

    • Crazywhitegirl

      Ewwww that explains why she is so fucked up in the brain! Parents encouraging their kids hooking wtf??? this poor girl will never be “normal” and/or have a normal life without anxiiety and all the drugs that go along with it… I don’t care that much about that hooker but i have to say i am curious to see what see will look like (and doing) at 40yo

  31. AmericanTopTeam

    “Copped” the only people i know who use that word are referring to drugs…normal people “buy”

  32. Mallory Knox

    How much do these girls make? My friend I grew up with is in the escort game and she owns her house. She owns her cars too. But she never got into the drugs that a lot of escorts get into. She told me once that she is addicted to money. But anyways, wtf.. If u have been a high end hooker for years and have to rent, you are hustling backward #hoeing101

    • Haze Bo'

      Truth! Unless you had to
      Simultaneously care for one-three kids, solo. But I don’t see any shitbums in Deltonas social media world, soooooo…..

    • It Happens

      How does someone show up with cash and purchase a house? that is what i would like to know?? because no way that would fly with the IRS! yes, you cn hook and pay rent, travel and buy nice clothes ect.. but to buy a house or even a car would be huge red flags!!!
      secondly, it depends.. they pretty much take whatever depending on who the guy is, where the trip is and what else they are getting out of the deal. also, is it end of the month! im sure they have done stuff for free all the way up to 10k. generally speaking, it is 300-800.. girls always say they get more and guys lie too! they will brag they spent all this money on a girl, or they will lie and say they got all this for free!
      they seek attention so when they are feeling down they go on social media and post a half naked selfie of themselves bc the responses make them feel better about themselves.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        offshore the money and have a trust buy the house. It’s not in your name ‘technically’ but you do have control of it. There’s ways around it; and yes, IRS does notice this stuff. This is how that ASS Dan’s dad ripped off some many innocent people and was still able to pass the $$ to his kid.
        -Set up a not for profit and donate your money into it like Bill Gates and Mark Zuck. You get a tax writer off as you donate into your ‘non profit’. Then, you have the exempt org pay you back as a manager. TAX free income there!! (the EO pays the taxes not the employee). So, the EO, can the writer off all sorts of stuff to show a loss, so you don’t have to really pay taxes. LOL, good times right there.

    • It Happens

      not sure if you are new here, but prince did a background check on deltona and it came back she had like 12$ in her account and a 300 or so credit score. just an FYI! also, a house in LA is 2mill+ so i dont think any hooker could pay for that LEGALLY and not raise eyebrows

      • Mallory Knox

        Are you kidding me? Omg how can a credit score be so low? WTF? That is really sad. What an empty life. No real friends, no kids…

        • It Happens

          yes, you missed the good stuff here! prince did a background/credit check on her and a few others!! really bad! i think some of her cars were reposessed too.. but she has nothing!!! obviously her score is low bc she had things and didnt pay them back. everything she makes goes towards clothes, handbags and plastic surgery! trust me.. she is not this ‘high end’ girl people think she is! rent is fucking cheap in vegas! now she is in la.. rent a bit more, but still.. she is in west hollywood and their is lots of cheap rent there (1200/month). she has nothing in her life except a drug ridden mom and her younger sister.

          • The_Truth_Hurts2012

            and some handbags that lover her unconditionally!!

        • It Happens

          that is her dad

          her mom is Kristi Pepper Aliscio – you can google and see all her mugshots too! or just creep her fb.. lots of baby amanda photos!

    • I too have an old friend from childhood who slang pussy as an escort. She bought a townhouse in Georgetown, DC. She didn’t fuck around taking pictures of herself or feeding her ego. These hoes are doing it wrong.
      She also owns a farm in VA and runs an animal rescue out if it.

  33. It Happens

    as ‘classy’ as she pretends she is.. she has the most foul language ever!!! also, she is not very articulate when she speaks. she is probably having anxiety because she can not afford rent to live in LA! she is a dime a dozen here! her stock has fallen. i actually think her nose/face looked good when she won that bikini pole dancing contest in vegas (you can google the pics) after her first nose job! she had a unique girl next door look.. now she looks like a blow up doll, and her nose is very michael jackson like! her nose is also getting worse and worse, her nostrils are way too uneven and its just a haggard look.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I had the misfortune to speak to her on the phone…imagine steel wool across iron…

      • It Happens

        damn! yeah she sounds like a complete idiot on her snapchat..very uneducated sounding and not professional at all. i could imagine it would be like nails on a chalkboard.

  34. RiverPerson

    God that botched nose…

    • It Happens

      yeah.. its her second or third nose.. and it takes longer to heal the second time around.. so its been i think a yeaer?? well my friend had a revision and her second nose took 2.5 years to show its final results!! so it seems that as deltonas nose continues to heal, it continues to look worse and show her uneven nostrils even more!

  35. OldWineBox

    I feel you are correct.

  36. OldWineBox

    I blame Adderall. Legal speed. Like ANY OTHER amphetamine, it brings you up only to escort you into a hellish crash.

  37. Dr.Christian Troy

    I like escorts. That being said, I’ve never met one that was normal in any way shape or form. They all try to make the job sound so glamorous and say stupid shit like I’m a boss bitch” but inside they are destroyed

    • It Happens

      it is because they only hang around with other escorts.. so in their ‘bubble’ they are normal and they all convince themselves that they are ‘entreprenuers’ and bosses! lmao! and that they actually have jobs and work hard!

  38. Maia

    Fraud. I wonder how many idiots on FB actually think she’s currently in Mykonos?

  39. nancy young

    Is she anxious bc she might have something to do with Kim’s death and it’s only a matter of time til she gets picked up?

  40. Lame Equis

    Damn i can’t really hate on her.

  41. TJ

    Her anxiety obviously stems from the difficult choice she’ll have to make. She’s probably received so many marriage proposals from handsome, successful men that she can’t decide which one to accept. When she ultimately accepts a ring there will be a whole lot of men like me who will be gutted.

  42. TheWhy

    Awww bye, Amanda! hahaha can’t wait till these birds start dropping from the nest and complain when they can’t pick themselves up to fly again. Karma/the Universe is a true bitch isn’t it?

  43. Maia

    Deltona ALWAYS brags and snaps while she shops. This “copped” purse came either from a dead ho’s closet or Chompers sold it to her for pennies on the dollar for her deposit.

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