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Amanda Lynn: “Whores Can Have Style Too!”

ZW Submission: ~anon~

Submitting instahoe Amanda lynn for 2 reasons. 

1 – this pathetic attempt to remind people to keep throwing sympathy at her after Kim Fattorini died. Obviously the “poor you” comments have dried up, so Deltona needed to grease the wheels a bit. 

2 – this equally pathetic attempt to portray style. What is this bathroom wallpaper supposed to be? 80s glam meets massage parlour? Or is it supposed to look like my 93yr old asian neighbor’s silk robe she wears when collecting her mail?


  1. Maia131313

    This whore is currently flying to Switzerland with that ho-lover Alec Monopoly. He is so homely. That's why he covers his face. What a pair of wannabe celebrities.

  2. SexyKaro

    Close Ur mouth U look like Ure trying to attractive moth in there.

  3. ATopTeam

    The dawn of Derp Couture

    • GoodPersephone

      Good Gawd she's gross! ( I'm with you on the name change; but I've escaped the grips of Hades recently, so it's fitting.)
      I love how you bust out that old pic of her, before she discovered pro-active and an SOS pad

    • SexyKaro

      Happy holiday Prince. Xxx love that U put this whore on blast and extra point for the calendar hahahah

  4. Sammi Jo

    She definitely got her mad swagger from Kurt Pinto, Kurt Doom, Kurt Tracy, Kurt Benz

    Strut…sashay…look away

    <img src='; border='0' alt='giphy-1'/>

  5. JimU113

    Looks like Post Modern Derpy.

  6. ATopTeam

    Her style is Dolly Parton ala Best Little Whorehouse in Texas era… Note: not a good look.

    • MalloryKnox666

      So happy zw is back on track! Alpha vs omega in a few days

      • ATopTeam

        I want Jericho to win but on a one and done you know he will job…not cleanly but no way does he get the win…

        • MalloryKnox666

          I doubt it will be a clean win. As hyped as this match is, we may see a part 2 in the future. Jericho has a cruise to promote after all.

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