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Another Day, Another Jen Wilke Scam

ZW Update:

Jen Wilke

Another Day, Another Scam

This guy was clearly unaware of the Beta/Ho scam these IG models pull on the daily and was grifted by Jen Wilke. The Baffled Beta contacted another anonymous ZW source  (no Jen, it wasn’t your sister in law – put the fucking chair down) to spill the details.


4 grand in 3 years? Whyyyy did he keep sending shit?


Dedicating a shoot to him? Oh man.

Ouch. Blocked by the Grifter. So what exactly did Raymond buy Jen Wilke? Here’s some of the more recent purchases:

Useless shit, basically. 4 grand of useless shit and he never even got that dedicated photo shoot. Or even a tittie shot. Dude would have been better off trying his game with a cam dumpster like Sabrina Nellie.

What say you now, Jen Wilke? Don’t worry, I have more coming…

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Another Day, Another Jen Wilke Scam

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  1. lily

    And men don’t waste your money on this tramp . She has over saturated the web with thousands of images . Download them and make your own calendar for free . You can even crop her head onto a real womans body , one with curves . Wait and she will get desperate and drop a sex-tape or a pissed off guy will .
    She is working for a model/escort agency so she working having sex for cash . That is how desperate she is .

  2. lily

    I swear to god if any half reputable radio host asked me to do a tell all interview I would do it . The shit she has done to my gullible brother , my mom, me , evil things to strangers , the sick crap her and Leah Dodds do and laugh about , the shit her mom and brother pull and all the money she has bled people of I would talk . Unlike this scumbag and lying Leah Dodds I would gladly speak for free .
    Leah Dodds taunting me just made me more willing to expose what a but plug Jen Wilke is .

  3. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    Ray-Ray, c’mon dude 4K without ever meeting her? You could have hired an SP for 250/hr!! That’s 8 dates with REAL human interaction, just be sure to check out their PERB/TERB reviews before calling. [and wear your party hat]

  4. DirtyPopArt

    wonky ribs too

  5. The Beav

    Jinx…three of us commented….cause it’s the purse of nightmares.

  6. Penny Lane

    Does anyone else think that this girl is just normal looking? She isn’t someone that I would peg as a Playboy “model.” She just looks like any other girl… nothing special..

  7. DirtyPopArt

    any thoughts on reporting her PO Box to the Fredericksburg Police Dept as a scamming Racket?


    This girl is repulsive

  9. countryjew

    Do you think she’s actually gonna ship these calendars? Do they even exist?

    Given her scumbag grifter nature she probably hoped to get enough preorders to raise the money to have them printed. If she falls short she’ll just keep the money of course and send a phone pic in a half-assed attempt to fill the order.

    • Unityyy

      No. There isn’t enough demand for posters or calendars. It would cost her way too much to print in relation to the paltry ‘donations’ she accumulates here and there. If they complain too much, she’ll just block them and move on to the next lonely dude. No offense to this guy who is allegedly out 4 grand, but I am not sure what he thought he was buying one $25 sandwich card at a time over a 3 year period (a modeling shoot dedication, please…)? It’s actually pretty damn creepy.

      • Greg Fail

        the thing is he wasnt / isnt the only one

        • Unityyy

          Oh yeah, no, I totally get that. I’m breaking down the parts. Each guy is much like the other..shelling out what little they have with unrealistic expectations of what will happen. She is a real POS for sure. I just think each one of them had some idea that their signs of affection would be appreciated by her.

    • DirtyPopArt

      yeah that is what she does. She promises but doesn’t deliver then deletes the people who ordered from her in hopes they will go away

    • DirtyPopArt

      we should hit these people up with links to the story

    • DirtyPopArt

      The Sharn guy is from Australia that is an expensive shipping I would imagine

  10. Scorpio

    Let’s be honest. This is what most women do. They receive from men. Doing it online is a small twist on the timeless natural order. That said, it is still entertaining to watch, and this is some great reporting! Well done.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      hey, all guys fall into that trap once. I believe the smart ones learn after the 4th or 5th time.. lol

      • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

        If a woman can shake her ta-ta’s and get a guy to take out his wallet I say all the more power to her. Would never even happen if more guys stopped letting the little domed head make those decisions.

  11. Pam

    I just commented on the purse too. Here’s an idea… Don’t carry a purse if that’s the best u have

    • lily

      That has to be Jen Wilkes long lost Gypsy Sister Joann Wells .

    • Persephone

      Is that by any chance a fugshot?

      • lily

        Not for Jen . That is a fugshot for tv reality star and gypsy cousin f*cker Joann Wells of Gypsy Sisters and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding . Her cousin saw a picture of Jenny on my facebook when I put a play warning about con artist Jenny out and the cousin thought it was Joann . It’s Joann’s mugshot after she stole 15,000 dollars from Target and was caught . They look like twins and Jenny and Joann pull they same type scams and have creepy pervy relationships with their brothers and older men .
        Jen and her mom always lie about being Lakota or Souix Native American. This is a very common scam of the Gypsy , Irish Travelers and English Pykies trying to use the status to gain fake government benefits . Theresa ,Jens mom , goes by the fake Native name Strenghteresa cause that is like totally Native sounding to her dope fried brain . I guess Jens would be Sickly Girl with Fire Cootie Crotch or White Girl from Man Mating with Buffalo ( I can do better 🙂 ).

        Sorry if that was misleading . Because Jen lies about being Native but is a gypsy right down to dressing in cheap barely there whore clothes and ripping men off so I was positive they are related . The gypo gene pool is deeply inbred and they could be cousins . But I am sure Jen has a mugshot somewhere

  12. lily

    Begging for food cards ? Gypsy beggars got to feed their freeloader family members too I guess . Only explanation as my Schizotypal brother feeds her daily with other people’s money .
    Speaking of Gypsies if anyone ever saw Gypsy Sisters you will see a possible twin for Jen in Joann Wells . She was the mousy scuzzy one that was ripping thousands of dollars of from Target and has lived on the grift for years . I need to learn how to add a picture of Joann so you all can see the evidence Jen is a gypo .

  13. DirtyPopArt

    i am about to jump on the hoe train too

  14. Whitney BeatMe

    4000$ and all she has to show for it is that sad ass dress she wore to the maxim party. I think she got it at goodwill in the special occasions section. Paired with that carpet bag of hers she was the picture of successful modeling.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012


    • Pam

      No good woman will ever forget that purse!! Just don’t carry one if that’s all u got

      • A 15 dollar plain black clutch would have attracted no attention and been a much better cheap alternative. Guess she should have been asking for Forever21 vouchers instead of Bread vouchers lol

    • The Beav

      She could have asked for a proper purse….geez even a Coach would be fine.

  15. Persephone

    Another dumb female who wants her face out there but can’t take the bad with the good. I don’t consider a $25 gift card to Panera “The Good Life.” Who puts that on a wish list?
    (I think deep down she loves this, she just wishes all the men want her and women want to be her)

    • Pam

      Who thinks they are something to be envied when they are begging for $25 sandwich gift cards? That is fucked up

      • Persephone

        I know! I just about pissed myself laughing so hard…. That’s what you buy for the gift exchange at work!

  16. Happy Pants

    If this chowhound can get folks to pony up thousands of dollars, I really need to look into becoming an insta ho.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      You’re not basic, so you’d make dat money honey. Ha, talkin like a pimp.

    • Persephone

      You could easily create a fake ho too.
      With a little screen shooting, cut and pasting, and use of the smooth tool (are those words? Lol) you could have your cake and eat it too.
      I think Ashley Alexiss does indeed have a pretty face and she should not mess with it, then best parts of others and scam and bam!

      • Scorpio

        With the advanced state of CGI, and the amount of retouching the “real” hoes already do, I bet you could get away with a very good CGI ho, and make her do anything you want. After that, it’s just a matter of hiring good “talkers”, or being one yourself. Just going back and forth with text messages should suffice, and you could “chat” this way with several customers at once.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      maybe start a ZW app for the ladies, put out some calendars?
      9.99 to join, talk to real live women NOW!!

    • Pam

      I know, right? My daughters college fund isn’t where I would love it to be and I have better tits and wilke wonka

    • Scorpio

      It seems to generate a decent living income for some. I think it is akin to being a “professional girlfriend”, but casting a much wider net, and with less responsibility on your end.

    • The Beav

      Yeah, where do we sign up?

  17. Digitus impudicus

    Raymond, if you’re reading this — save money by jerking off to free porn. What the FUCK did you think you were going to get for four grand? That’s an expensive load of cum.

    • DirtyPopArt

      she conned him dude

      • Digitus impudicus

        Sorry, to me, that’s no excuse because he was purposefully looking for hot pussy on the internet. Don’t mind me, DPA (love your name by the way), I’m uber-stressed with work deadlines! ACK! Breathe, Digitus, breathe… hope your day is going swell!

        • DirtyPopArt

          anyone who sends her multiple items after not getting what promised in the first place should take a time out anyways. Wilke is good at her hustle but finally she is cornered and dealing with truths about her

          • Penza

            There are a million women on the internet, why get hung up on this one? I guess he was loyal.

    • Penza

      He bought an expensive fantasy for that money, but it stretched out for years, so he actually got a lot for his investment. It’s like going to the movies and losing one’s self in the fantasy up on the screen. Only the picture screen was in his closed eyes, and “The End” was into his sock.

      • Digitus impudicus

        Well said, Penza!

      • Scorpio

        He may as well purchase a ticket for every lottery drawing. That could be an even better fantasy, because if he won, he could buy a few of these girls for real.

        • Penza

          Are you saying he’s got a better shot at winning the lottery, than getting some wonky head from Ms. Bilkie?

          • Scorpio

            A fair question. I am not commenting on the odds, just on the value of the fantasy. If he is purely spending money just to entertain a fantasy, he may as well buy one that is both bigger and cheaper.

  18. Allie

    this girl just doesnt know when to give up

  19. Maia

    I wish I were near PO Box 2428, Fredericksburg, TX. Don’t you?

  20. Spartacus

    What a cow!

  21. countryjew

    $25 Panera Bread Gift Card.

  22. Karen

    I think her twitter bio …if there was any honesty involved … Should be something like this: Failed cover model, dream destroyer, Cold heart, Lame ass actress, Slutty host, Basement dweller singer.

    (Genuine heart …..seriously Jen?? Gtfo)

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