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August Ames Death: Cyanide Comment Lands Actor in Hot Water

ZW Update: August Ames’ Death

Update on the August Ames biznass. The guy who told her to go pop a cyanide pill is pissed that he’s being touted as the one who pushed her over the edge. He’s even saying HE has been victimised. 

Even Jenna Jameson has weighed in:

What do you think? Should this guy be held accountable even though he claims to have posted it AFTER she died…or was August Ames’ death 100% her own doing?


  1. MsConduct

    The decade old question, again…’Why can’t you just log off or better yet, delete all your social media?’
    IMHO, Twitter is a narcissists dream.

  2. Digitus impudicus

    Oh, for fuck’s sake. Literally.

  3. AmericanTopTeam

    Is he a little bitch? Yeeees…did he cause her death…naaah

  4. Mallory Knox

    No one was defending her until she died.

  5. Vicki Vallencourt

    Good for Jenna for standing up for her
    Another online magazine who was harassing august was str8upgayporn over twitter
    They reven tweeted her post
    Told her they were writing a story on her and her homophobia and encouraged their readers to spam her and shame her
    They even reported her death and announced her suicide on their twitter feed

  6. Stelio Kontos

    Ok. I think I can relate.
    There are girls who don’t fuck black dudes. It is a matter of preference. It doesn’t bother me at all. I am much more concerned with the ones who do.
    Mr. Wheeler would’ve been better off suckin a dick and taking a nap. Instead he chose to be unnecessarily hateful, bitter and bothered. Kinda like he had something up his ass (that my friends, is a setup)

  7. TJ

    People are blaming him for her death because he told her to take cyanide. Sadly, many of the people who are bashing him have probably engaged in the same kind of bullying behavior, and will continue to do so.

    • Bernie Sanders

      TJ people aren’t that screwed up in the head nobody who isn’t mentally ill would say that to anyone unless its putin or kim jong un….. Saying it to those two people is more than acceptable.

  8. Maia

    Something tells me this guy would relish sucking a bag of dicks, but I digress.

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