Here’s a two-parter from the ZW Nation:


ZW Submission: [Donnie Darko]

There has been some speculation going around on who Sharkey hit to get charged with Battery on May 17th, and some have suggested it was Ilo.  His social media posts reflect exactly what’s going on with him and Ilo.  The last six Instagram posts don’t include anything about her.  Also who spends a bunch of money on clothes at the mall when you are broke and have a child on the way?  I don’t have any proof, but did he hit her and she has fled back to Reno or Hawaii?  On the last Sharkey post, someone put up a screenshot of Mama Stapleton’s Facebook conversation where she said her and Ilo where about to move to Hawaii where her sister is.  Could this have been the straw that broke the camels back?

ZW Submission: [Insp]

Sharkey got arrested for Battery twice in one week. Ouch!



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