James T. Sharkey

Back 2 Back Shark Attacks?

Here’s a two-parter from the ZW Nation:


ZW Submission: [Donnie Darko]

There has been some speculation going around on who Sharkey hit to get charged with Battery on May 17th, and some have suggested it was Ilo.  His social media posts reflect exactly what’s going on with him and Ilo.  The last six Instagram posts don’t include anything about her.  Also who spends a bunch of money on clothes at the mall when you are broke and have a child on the way?  I don’t have any proof, but did he hit her and she has fled back to Reno or Hawaii?  On the last Sharkey post, someone put up a screenshot of Mama Stapleton’s Facebook conversation where she said her and Ilo where about to move to Hawaii where her sister is.  Could this have been the straw that broke the camels back?

ZW Submission: [Insp]

Sharkey got arrested for Battery twice in one week. Ouch!



*Just remember…


  1. Scott Toyoyota

    i live in greece/hilton went to hilton high school. i just like boating out there

  2. Michael Girouard

    I'm surprised they let him in at A&F.

  3. Scott Toyoyota

    sodus pt when are you cominng back to town ~!!!!

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Lol nor any time soon I don't think. My HS reunion is soon I think…i went to my 10 year and had avreak good time so if my gfs call ill try to go to this one. Do u live in sodus? It's so cute there. I lived on I bay when I was married.

  4. Scott Toyoyota

    i have them on my boat for when i jump off to get gas

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Where do you dock your boat Scott? Irondequoit yacht club…or do u go to Irondequoit bay,? Lol I lived in Roch for many years

  5. JimU113

    Thank you. It's a gift.

  6. Dawn D Davenport

    The puffy moncler coat retails for over 1000 dollars. It was way too small for me, but I snapped that bitch up and threw it on ebay- it sold in 6 hours girl. I have a friend who made a very nice living buying stuff at thriftd and reselling on eBay. I don't have the patience for the post office tho and know nothing about glassware or (his specialty) lunchboxes, believe it or not, he made a killing BC he knows that knd of stuff well

  7. 2bottlebrawler

    I really wish we could see how his “Las Vegas County Club” townhouse turned out. I live in Vegas, I could drive through the gates! Lol

  8. 2bottlebrawler

    Sooo agree!!!

  9. 2bottlebrawler

    My hubby’s is 5’5, and he wears a 30 inseam, but he is a professional, and gets all suits, pants altered. I’m 5’4, and our daughter 5’0, we get what we need altered. If you did not get the tall gene at least pay the money to make it look good. Sharkey this is a HORRIBLE look, I just think of all the germs on the cuffs of those jeans, ugh. Two washes, massive Tide and HOT water!

    • 2bottlebrawler

      We buy clothing that fits everywhere but length and fix it. My summer tanks, and dresses are all altered.

  10. Scott Toyoyota

    benoit was frammed

  11. Persephone

    He’s a shorty huh !

  12. Scott Toyoyota


  13. Darlene Conner

    I love me some AE but the quality can be kind of iffy. My all time favorite pair of jeans are from there. But Sharkey…I’m surprised its not Hot Topic bags. You know…gotta coordinate your red with your black studded belt and all.

  14. nancy young

    It’s funny bc it’s true

  15. Sharkey's Wallet

    2004 style jeans and t. Desperate picture of self post shopping spree. Greying hair all greased up. Alcoholic bloat tits. The delusion and arrested development are on point here. Lol @ Aldo. That must be where he got those shit pointy dress shoes way back in 2008. Synthetic lizard.

  16. nancy drew

    Seriously Sharkey and you are giving life advice to kids getting free bottles? You are the OG bottle rat.

    • bluemagic

      whoa…did sharkey actually just say something somewhat intelligent? or had a mature thought?

  17. Chill Chick

    Omg those red shoes. I can’t.

  18. #Moguladouche went from beating puppies or kittens. Which, is total speculation from his animal abuse charges to most likely hitting/hurting a pregnant stripper. Again, speculation from domestic battery!?!?!!? Yeah, screw this douche.

  19. Dawn D Davenport

    i wish princess x could p-shop sharkeys face onto kanyes in this video

  20. Dawn D Davenport

    I think the shits gonna pile up until he is eligible for prison – that actually MAKES Nevada money, instead of County jail, that generally costs NV money

  21. Dawn D Davenport

    He looks fuckable when you put him next to Theodore lol.
    The worst times for MR must be when n the fillers are wearing off. Like Amanda l'hommecunt – her face must collapse every 5 months…those dark days before she can get a refill…the brown bag weeks.

  22. nancy drew

    Well well well. Looks like “Barbie” fled again!!!

  23. Whitney BeatMe

    You know he returned all that stuff the next day and went on a reduced meat shopping spree. Priorities man…

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      My money's on that he found someone walking around with those bags, paid them $10.00 to have them take a picture with his phone holding their bags. He's a douche like that..

      • Whitney BeatMe

        Yeah that's probably true too.

      • Penza

        Nah, he’s too cheap for that, they’re probably from his fancy shopping bag collection from home.

  24. AP

    They are incredibly overfilled and understaffed. If he's not a risk to others being out they will gladly slap them with some more fees they will never pay. I'm sure he has already acquiesced the fact he will never ever not owe money to the state.

  25. Pam

    My dad looks younger than him and my dad is 60

  26. Pam

    He could just roll them and it would look better and cost nothing

  27. Dawn D Davenport

    Isn't DV a felony in NV? It is in AZ…he's heading for three strikes. No more Sharkey after that, just a prison fish

  28. Dawn D Davenport


  29. Dawn D Davenport

    Those disgusting flip flops haven't been for sale since the 90s.
    I wear flip flops…I have decent looking feet and get pedicures every month. If you have bunions, nasty gnarly toes, or gross nails, just dont. If you're a guy, definitely don't

    • JimU113

      What about surfer dude?

      • Dawn D Davenport

        Nope. He can wear work boots and shorts or those bass-style loafers (old, not brand new)…no mandals!!!!

  30. Dawn D Davenport

    Omg I despise sandals on men (mandals). Total fucking deal breaker. And he looks like a goddam dirty dwarf.

  31. Place by my house charges ten and she does a great job. No excuses Sharkshit!

  32. TMFJ

    So he is like 62 right? Dude looks just like shit.

  33. JimU113

    Even pre-plastic surgery, Mickey has him beat.

  34. JimU113

    That's just poopy.

  35. JimU113

    A sparkly glowy flamer.

  36. JimU113

    Thank you, Luxe.

  37. JimU113

    The pants are K-Mart Blue Light specials, and the footwear is from the Buster Brown collection.

  38. Penza

    Someone should hand this old deluded a-hole a pair of scissors so he doesn't kill himself tripping over his own pants.

  39. Party Cat

    I wonder who took that picture for him.

  40. Luke Duke

    Right after he erases the family from the sharkey archives.

  41. AmericanTopTeam

    This guy is losing my interest….. like he does the worst choice in EVERY situation, so it makes him easily predicted

  42. Angelfack

    Damn. I know it's been said, but the bottom of his jeans… Floppy af. In most tailor shops in any major Chinatown you can get your pants hemmed for five-seven dollars. I bet he's walking on the backs of them and they're super frayed and dirty. Barf.

  43. Vanilla ice

    I mean all have the wifey go pick me up some Levi’s but other then that my mall has a Sears witch has tvs and tools….

  44. I know right? I can't stand how the jeans are all pooled around his collapsed ankles. Just no.

  45. I was thinking the same. Vegas jails must be seriously overcrowded. Imagine if he was placed on house arrest? The FB posts would be insane…status check in every 15 minuted.

  46. Is that really his face with no shopped in wrinkles?? WOW, I have seen men in their late fifties not looking that haggard. Meth is one hell of a soul sucking drug.

  47. Spartacus

    He has been entertaining, but if he's hitting Ilo then I'd happily give him a bunch of fives.

  48. JimU113

    Even the big boy pants are too big.

  49. nancy young

    Depends on the state or whatever mood the judge is in. Sharkey is in sales and has managed to have continuous romantic relationships so I imagine he's pretty charming. He has maybe talked his way out of shit or they're super lenient in Vegas. They need to send him to fucking rehab.

  50. Donnie Darko

    He's almost 35

  51. Vanilla ice

    Who goes shopping At the mall now Adays

  52. Gadda Bait

    Sharky get your wife and put some sketter spray on her.

  53. Habib Fazil

    Will a shark cage be required?

  54. Vanilla ice

    Dammnnnnnn sharkey back at with the domestics…

    • Donnie Darko

      Unfortunately he is, and it’s not beer we’re talking about.

  55. Zombie Cyrus

    Maybe if he keeps wearing affliction and arts n crafts jeans he'll bring back 2005.

    • Dr.Christian Troy

      It reminds me of Deadpool "there jeans, not a chandelier."

  56. Miranda Rights

    Shartster, don't forget the new shoes for the new snazzy suits

    • Ha! How did I know that this was going to be the pic you would post 🙂

    • AP

      you could fuck a bitch in a whole nother room wearing those thangs. hahah

    • 2bottlebrawler

      My husband is Hispanic, he said,” these are Mexican skis to cross the Rio Grande!” Lol.

  57. JimU113

    If he does, we should burn him to the ground (insert small fire jokes here. That's what she said) and scatter the ashes.

  58. JimU113

    He's dainty, like a guppey.

    • That is definitely one word that should never be an appropriate description for a hetero male. I don't want dainty. I want manly/ no characteristically effeminate men. The fact that dainty applies to Moguldouche is very apropos,

  59. Maia


  60. Maia

    Barney Rubble feet!

  61. GreatSpunk

    fade to black

  62. He spends extra money trying to look well off with ridiculous pocket squares and gigilo shirts instead of putting that $20 towards getting his pants hemmed and jackets tailored. :rolleyes:

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Right? And like everyone says but bears repeating…fucking abercrombie? Seriously? I thought that store banned ugly ass losers and people over the age of 18

  63. Hey Now

    So wrong. Look how long those pant legs are! Looks like Guppy thought he was ready to stop shopping at Gap for Kids.

  64. miss piglet

    And it's not even summer yet! Can't wait til that baby drops! It's gonna be some spectacular shit….

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut


    • AP

      Trust me, it is DEFINITELY summer in Vegas already lol it’s summer by March round these parts (South west US)

  65. Dr.Christian Troy

    Seriously how is this clown not in jail? A friend of mine got a dui and missed one payment and they threw him right in jail. Sharkey bounces court checks and racks up more charges monthly and still free as a low rent bird.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      Exactly. He defaulted on his $50.00 a month court payments for the driving charges WHILE he was arrested for the battery charge and he's still out free? Vegas jails must be full. How can a #Mogul not afford a measly $50.00 a month?

  66. Blunt-Master_puff_pu

    James, your life is half over (well you look about 50 y/o) time to get you shit together dude, you're going to be pushing 60 before you know it and at this pace you'll be incarcerated. You only go around once in life, time to act your age.

    • Mixx_TheFinalCut

      God damn! This dude is in serious need of some botox!

    • Maia

      I’m 10 years older than this fucktard, but he looks 20 years older than me!

    • JimU113

      He makes Mickey Rourke look good, in a non-gay way.

      • Blunt-Master_puff_pu

        MR looks awwite, he's a lot more rugged (manly) lookin than fissure face Sharkey.

        • JimU113

          Sharkey’s face is 50 miles of unpaved country backroad leading to the house. You know the one, the house with the bad stories about it.

          • Habib Fazil

            oh that house, thought you meant this one,

            the two seater… well three if you count the upper decker…

          • Sharkey's Wallet

            Jesus, that was beautiful.

      • nancy young

        Ummm Mickey Rourke has had more plastic surgery than LaToya Jackson And Sharkey is beat.

    • Darlene Conner

      This particular photo has to be photo shopped…no? Yes he looks old. Yes he has wrinkles. But that there is out of control!

  67. T Tee

    It's called a fucking tailor, Sharkey. It literally costs $20 at some places to get your pants hemmed. You would know this if you didn't wear all of your suits straight from the bargain bin.

    • Miranda Rights

      He looks so sloppy

      • JimU113

        You’re the second to say that.

      • T Tee

        I’m baffled how he dug around for a second-hand designer wallet (a women’s wallet, may I add) that he could afford, and thinks that’s a better buy than pants you don’t trip on. Ah, the mind of Sharkey.

        • Sharkey's Wallet

          He keeps all his pre paid credit cards in me. Those pants are money because the longer they are the more fabric they have and therefore they are worth money.

    • Luke Duke

      Fucking a right. I was flat broke many years ago. Like one step up from homeless. I finally landed a well paying sales job and needed some nice clothes fast. I picked up a couple suites, shirts, dress pants and some ties from some thrift shops and goodwill. Took that shit to this old Asian seamstress in the hood. Had everything tailored for 40 bucks. Started work and killed it. Two weeks later got a demo and a draw!

      • Dawn D Davenport

        I’m not a huge shopper…I like very basic well-made clothes. One of my favorite things is the Hugo Boss suit I found at Goodwill for 12 dollars and had tailored for 14 dollars. That suit is worth over a grand off the rack. Oh, and the moncler puffer coat I got at another Goodwill for 4 dollars and sold on eBay for 300 dolla holla! I like thrift stores…but look like a shark myself feeling fabric and looking at tags. If I go to the same one too often, they catch on that I know my shit and not just once in my lifetime has some cunt cashier found a bogus reason to deny me the sale and keep that shit for herself – the AmVets are famous for that shit and I wear disguises almost when I have found a goldmine store

        • Luke Duke

          Rich people get rid of their shit too. It’s very possible to find nice high end stuff sometimes. Just got to hunt for it.

          • Dawn D Davenport

            thats my jam…I hate retail stores unless Im looking for soecific shit. Love me some thrift stores when Im just wanting to dick around for a couple hours

        • bluemagic

          damn! Which goodwill has Hugo Boss and Moncler on the racks?!?!?!

          • Dawn D Davenport

            Hugo Boss was in Vegas and I just got the moncler in Buffalo…somebody fucked up cleaning a closet that’s for sure!!!

          • bluemagic

            nice finds.

  68. Well the first arrest was for standard Battery so that implies it was not IHo . The second (most recent) was a Domestic Battery which would def imply iHo . Guppy has a June 20th date with the judge *again* lol.

    Who thinks he wigged out when he heard :

  69. Sweater Puppies

    Say it isn't so Sharkey! If this is true ZW should take back his coveted 2016 Royal Rumble award.

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