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BlondeForeigner: A Prostitute Ridiculing InstaHoes

ZW Submission: ~Mallory Knox~

Oh snap! Looks like there may be an old fashioned social media HOdown ass dragging on the gram! It looks like blondeforeinger is throwing shade at Austyn Jordan. If y’all remember, these girls and their pimp war were recently posted.

Anyway, blondeforeigner, a confirmed prostitute, decided to throw some shade at Austyn. I guess it’s not classy to be a cam whore. Both of these girls are ate up with attentionwhoreitis…

Its gonna be entertaining to see these girls dragging each other in their comments!


  1. Luke Duke

    I think she is Bosnian or some shit maybe.

  2. prettyfeet

    That is one of the largest toes I’ve ever seen on a woman. Also, the lighter, untanned skin under her booty looks funny. Hold that thing up girl! Maybe try one of those butt bras?

  3. Crazywhitegirl

    Blondeforeigner : “and if you got a man and he lets you do that HE DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU OR YOU FUTURE PERIOD”

    Hey foreigner scum, do you think it’s more clean to have a man that pimp you out and let you suck/fuck other dudes for money???? hahahaha talk about LEVELSSSSSS you stupid cunt

    That scum would deserve a fucking good smack in the head

    • Yeah, but he reprogrammed her to sell her butthole and she’s happy that way, right? Anyone out there want to deprogram her? Just cut off her air supply with your cock till she turns blue. Then shove your nuts in there then smack her on the back of her head and shes yours. TJ can you wear a wifebeater and have corleone rages? Ertu you need to um, grow a pair first but then when you do you’ll have your very own hoe

  4. Digitus impudicus

    Why does this doomed dog remind me of Phyllis Diller?

  5. Kind of like how “body positivity” pretty much translates to “ignore my fat rolls and fuck me”

  6. Mallory Knox

    I hope the dog is not left with pimp lace. He sold underage girls for sex, how would he treat the dog?!

  7. @MissTriciaEvans

    Sound advice

  8. OCgirl12

    Good post MK !

    • Mallory Knox

      Thank u! I’m gonna be sending in another one soon. Its a funny one! Lol

  9. Don’t roll ov….never mind

  10. Whats with the dogs eyes?
    He looks like marty Feldman!

  11. TJ

    Anyone can be in the wrong place at the wrong time four times. But with her luck I see why she isn’t inside the casinos.

  12. Maia

    Her ho-buddy Austyn should bagging groceries at Kroger ffs. Basic as hell without the MAC forcefield.

  13. Maia

    Jesus, could you be any more desperate for affection from complete strangers? I wish someone said “Because WHORE!!!”

  14. Mallory Knox

    Get ur fun on!

  15. Mallory Knox

    I seen that. When did huskies become so rare?? And that dog is not suited for hotel hooker life. Poor dog.

  16. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Maybe she’s a Fan of 70’s rock and roll..
    You’re not shy, you get around
    You wanna fly, don’t want your feet on the ground
    You stay up, you won’t come down
    You wanna live, you wanna move to the sound

  17. Insp

    To be honest that dog is beautiful……granted onceyou paid off a car and most of your house …..

  18. "CJ"

    that’s a great looking dog…mom is a runner up.

  19. TJ

    At least she has good taste in dogs.

  20. Digitus impudicus

    Girl, I get you. Enjoy, and much love your way.

  21. Vicki Vallencourt

    I don’t know about dogs but are the dogs eyes supposed to point up and to the corners?
    How does it walk straight?

  22. I saw that too and did the hardest eyeroll ever.

  23. Stelio Kontos

    Did I just see a Pot call a Kettle the N word?
    The delusion combined with the absence of self-awareness…wow!!
    With each passing day I realize Allison “Alysia Wild” Ceglio / Slubber is better at this game than most of her counterparts. Her stupid isn’t this kind of stupid.
    She owns the ho side of her business (not embracing but far from denying). Her…*ahem* music career is not easy on the ears but shows more initiative than self-proclaimed “boss”.
    This gutter cut is just wasting oxygen ..

  24. BB

    haha this bitch is hilarious. I’ve been following her since your last post about her. The delusions of grandeur is real on this one. She’s like what 21? And she incorporated a business and thinks she’s some kind of boss? Newsflash honey, scaling a business is A LOT HARDER than selling your pussy. Pussy sells itself. Just another THOT who has made some money from selling pussy and thinks she can segue her hookering into an actual business. She’s going to get a rude awakening once she realizes making a business a success requires more work than just building up your social media following lol. Anyways, I have to give her some credit tho, at least she has some kind of ambition outside hooking, but she needs to shut the fuck up until she’s actually achieved something.

  25. €r2

    Sorry what boss? Can she give a job offer too so that i can easily stay there?

  26. AmericanTopTeam

    Wtf reprogramming?? Hello classic sex trafficking 101

  27. Vicki Vallencourt

    i don’t think she knows what the word means.
    maybe she meant fornicator

  28. Lame Equis

    She works at babydolls the strip club in dallas. I saw her bare ass and she totally has black market injections in that ass. It’s ridiculous and lumpy

  29. JimU113

    Ho on ho action, and the men who love them. next Donahue.

  30. nancy young

    ‘When I want some life advice, I’ll definitely seek it from a 23yr old IG famous prostitot’

    -no one ever

  31. Tuco

    Wash your feet. damn.

  32. Maia

    They’re both basic. Arnela thinks she invented whoring, and Austyn thinks she invented shaking fat.

  33. TJ

    Her idol for life is a hooker. Dare to dream.

  34. Mj

    Those are some long ass toenails. Eww

  35. Levelllllsss is what “loser” sounds like when you say it with a dick in your mouth

  36. AmericanTopTeam

    Which one of these girls has been arrested a ton for prostituting…cause the other one is winning

    • TJ

      Arnela, the Blonde Foreigner from Kentucky, is the one who has multiple arrests.

  37. Blondeforigners pimp and convicted sex offender Young Lace has her brainwashed into thinking she’s more than just a dirty lil prostitute. It’s entertaining and sad.

  38. Happy Pants

    Why any guy would pay either of these bitches, for anything other than cleaning houses, is beyond me.

  39. TJ

    The fact that Arnela denies being a whore suggests that she has a bit more pride. Being a prostitute is one thing, but being proud of it is even sadder.

      • Mallory Knox

        Kendrick Lamar voice *there’s different levels to this, u and I know. Sit down bitch be humble*

    • Unityyy

      I respectfully disagree, Teej. Fronting you’re an entrepreneur is sad. It gives 16 year old girls some sort of hope that they can do it too, when, in fact, they’re being hoodwinked by a straight up whore.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Yep it’s like 13 year old boys watching this whacked out degrading rough porn then acting shocked a girl punched them after they bit her boob and spit on her….fake world…

  40. Vicki Vallencourt

    Well… she’s not wrong… blonde foreigner is a dingbat but she is right

  41. Is that a toilet ring around her ass?

  42. TJ

    Arnela is classier than Austyn. She won’t take her clothes off for only $10 a month. She’s a lady, so if you want to see her naked you have to be a John who pays a lot more money.

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