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‘Morning ZW! I won’t be able to get the next post up until late tonight so I thought I’d quickly drop this one in (it seems my feet barely touch the ground these days!).


DMD suggested in the comments that we have a free post to post your off topic insta-famous intel and pictures:

I think it’s a great idea. We can drop in any tidbits that may not be worthy of a full submission (or if you don’t have time to write one) and we may even get a few good posts out of it to add to the ZW Files as people contribute more.


Over the next couple of days, I’ll find a spot to ‘sticky’ this thread so you can easily find it and add/comment.


  1. DirtyPopArt

    what ever happened with Somnium Lifestyle getting legal help to take down the post?

  2. DirtyPopArt

    more people coming out of the wood work talking about Wilke scamming

  3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

    One of the things that makes me sad about all these Insta-Ho’s is they have positively ruined inspirational quotes. Even with all the bad news lately, I know the sun is still going to shine 🙂

  4. Looks like the 2016 Instagrammys was a massive fizzler. Even the number of instagram posts about an instagram awards party were minimal.
    Is this ever going to be a thing, Sancho? Its the only award dickheads like him could win, so its not surprising the insta crowd have been trying to make it a thing since 2014.

    There were still a few insta-whores caught up on the idea of bragging about a “grammy”.

  5. Gina Hicks

    Makes me hungry

  6. Seriously

    In the infamous words of Dani Mathers “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either”

  7. Seriously

    It said she was underaged at the time but, I didn’t see how old she was. Anyway, I interned as a trauma counselor for child sex abuse victims and a lot of abusers would offer silly things as “rewards” for abusing the victim…things like ice cream or other junk foods.

    Now if she was like 17+ please disregard the above.

    • Seriously

      Also that is about as serious as I’ll get here.

    • Sammi Jo

      I think she was around 17 when this started…maybe 16. I’m not 100% sure. I think I first heard about this story about a year ago… SMH

  8. JimU113

    I agree. We’vr dealt with a year plus of this election, so let it pass.

  9. countryjew


  10. Penza

    This is the second saddest day for America I’ve ever seen in my life.

  11. €r2

    Congrats!! Trump made it. I hope your country is be greater. Btw never forget instagram whores

    • Rick Sanchez

      Well instagram whores likely voted for him so thanks all around. Usually all arounds involving instawhores are about jerking off old men but not today fortunately. God bless America or something

  12. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    That a flam’n cheeto? yea, cool, cause I don’t fk for the regular kind..

    • Penza

      I like the crunchy ones, but not the “hot” ones. The biggest problem is the orange transfer to your fingers. They should come with plastic gloves, like the boxes of hair dye.

  13. Ash

    Keep watch out there guys. I hope this doesn’t start to become a trend:

    ~Woman is taken into custody after ‘shoving’ another woman to her death in front of a moving train at Times Square subway station~

    Full story here:

  14. AmericanTopTeam

    Dani Mathers the playmate who snap chatted a nudec70 year old at the gym was criminally charged today! Thanks God for answering my prayers

  15. Greg Fail

    Dani Mathers has been charged with posting the photo of the lady in the locker room making fun of her. She faces 6 months in Jail!

  16. countryjew

    Veronika Black aka Claire aka Big Bitch hates her chunky arms. How she deals with it: cover one with her hair, shave the other one down via photo editing. Could care less whether or not they’re in proportion. There are literally dozens of photos of her doing this. Here’s the latest example:

    • Spartacus

      I checked too, you’re spot on hair/PS combo! Also, dave_sergeant, he’s a smoothie, do I hear wedding bells?

  17. Lol!
    They do pay to see her ass…leaving.

  18. Give her the finger and tell her it counts for two items.

  19. She coukd get that ratty weave blowtorches off her dead ass hair too

  20. Dead Man's Dog

    Im sending my kids over there to lock down that situation and take care of that greasy ISIS business.

  21. €r2

    Out of topic, but it was said that a bomb had blown in ıraq on 30th of october sunday. An interesting reality about what really happens. Someone really benefits from the condition of chaos.

  22. Maia

    Oh look! A swashbuckling butt Pirate! You know who has a pirate fetish? Lhommedont. Nice, Kurtlynn, nice.

  23. AP

    Looks like a nipple to me… lol i guess the world may never know! 😛

  24. €r2

    Someone should find the father. Someone on jordan’s ig asked her who the father was and this what she shared. And i said ” i think he does not know that the father was in jail”. And my comment was deleted by her which mean it verifies what i sald huh?

  25. Jesus why does she have to hashtag that she’s a “published” “model” on “covers” of “playboy” “maxim” etc etc on every gd post? And her “modelling” is sooo awkward and bad! Nice hunched back! Lol no model would ever pose like that! Couldn’t old Greggie poo pay for posing lessons? That’s friggen modelling 101 there, how to pose gracefully and interestingly!
    But what can one expect from a struggle model?

    • The basic bitches at a Top Model cattle call have more skills than Wonky Wilke

    • countryjew

      Especially since she wasn’t even really in ANY of those magazines.

    • Greg Fail

      the sad thing is I am pretty sure he did. When she was signed to that agency Heyman Talent in Austin that makes you pay to be signed to them part of it was acting lessons and modeling lessons

  26. Luckily for us – I’ve managed to get ahold of someone who has access to The Bad Seed’s phone. Corey Feldman post coming up! Should be up within the hour (Corey, call your FBI now, bro).

  27. Maia

    Is the shitty so desperate for readers than they are stooping to printing what’s most likely a sexual assault?

    • Spartacus

      Published the picture with no concern about the context…. wanker.

    • Digitus impudicus

      And that useless, vile cunt Sasha is blaming a political party for whatever is ailing or happened to the young lady in the photo.

    • Spartacus

      You made me spit up my lunch

    • Maia

      Gross! Get a GoPro for dental work and quit doing drugs and drinking like a fish.

    • The black and white one (second from top) is the only one where she looks ok, and it’s been photoshopped so much it hardly looks like her. In the other ones she just looks…mannish.
      Also, I hope that’s just lipstick on her teeth making them look weird and dark, otherwise her teeth are jacked.

      • AP

        The black and white one has almost her ENTIRE nipple showing. lmao that’s why i love that one hahaha, woops!

  28. countryjew

    For the Walking Dead fans.

  29. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    well, when you are down and out, and standing in line…….
    Make a calendar!!

  30. Maia

    What a fucking joke. Self worth from strangers on the internet.

  31. FPF Halloween Edition is coming up!!! Get your sluttty costumes ready!

    • Lol….tell your friends!

    • countryjew

      If it wasn’t true she wouldn’t be acknowledging it.

      I know you guys wanted your story to be bigger but remember: the reason it wasn’t a bigger story is because she’s not a story.

      While other hos are traveling the world, posing with stacks of cash, showing off red bottoms and driving gifted Bentleys, she’s stuck in some Hill Country hermorrhoid of town trying to bum rides to her part-time cleaning lady jobs while hawking calendars to old men who don’t even speak English. Throw in her “3 year contract” with what looks more like a money laundering scheme/escort agency than any sort of legit modeling venture and what we have is someone on the wrong side of 30 who has utterly failed at life. It’s sad to watch actually.

      Trust me, you won. ZW Nation won. America won.

      • DirtyPopArt

        very true. i messaged the “agency” asking Jens daily rate and they said $2500. Seems alot for just “modeling “

      • Maia

        Any modeling agency that also employs Khloe, is nothing but a front

    • Gina Hicks

      She’s the definition of plain.

  32. Maia

    Who believes this ho has the ability to write a check for $10,000.00? Ummm, no one, Amanda Lynn! She claims she’d rather buy a Birkin. Of course you would, ya dope. Buy another useless purse that will provide you nothing in 30 years.

    • She’s covering the rest of the check cause the name and address on the upper left aren’t hers.
      Also, Amanda your nails look dipped in barf

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I got one like that,, I even tossed in a few zero’s and commas. Hell, how many zeros are in a trillion anyways.
      I’ll pay off the national debt right now.
      Her talons are scary.

    • Spartacus

      I’m always stunned that you still use cheques in America.

      • Maia

        We don’t. That’s most likely a payment she received from some really old man. Look at the number on the check. Do you think Deltona has written over 5000 checks? I’m calling bullshit.

      • Now that you say that I’m thinking it’s also unlikely that Hermes would accept a personal check from someone dressed like her that is not a regular client or celebrity for such a large sum of money. I call bullshit too. Checks are only for landlords, utilities and other entities that know who you are, where you live and what your credit score is.

        • Spartacus

          I had wondered about the status of cheques over there. Back here I think they can still bounce if there are not sufficient funds in the account etc. So, I know I wouldn’t accept one for £10k.

    • Penza

      She should get a Merkin instead of a Birkin, they’re a lot cheaper, and they’ll keep your kitty warm in the Winter.
      Those claws are hideous… just sayin’.

  33. Party Cat

    This broad is delusional. She believes because she has to spend money on her appearance that men owe her drinks. Her Facebook page is magical.

    • countryjew

      Who is even buying her drinks? She’s ugly as dogshit.

    • Maia

      Jesus. Has this slob looked in the mirror lately? The LAST thing she should be spending money on is hair extensions, a fake tan, and makeup. Cut off all your fried and dyed hair and start over. Step away from the tanning because you look filthy, and stop caking makeup into your wrinkles. One more thing. The dark smokey eye looks hideous in bright sunlight.

      • Party Cat

        If she took your advise, she’d save money and be able to buy her own drinks!

        • Maia

          Or she could maybe, just maybe, find someone who doesn’t pump and dump her.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      only expensive when you have to keep troweling makeup on everyday to cover up the pox marks.
      Real beauty doesn’t take make up.

  34. €r2

    Kylie jenner’s drastically changing face over the years

    • Digitus impudicus

      Such a plastic, empty whore who is addicted to taking selfies.

      • She keeps her retarded mouth fuckin shut for the most part though, and because she’s so young I just can’t hate on her so far. Her mother had to sign for the early procedures and pimped her out to that geechee loma “tyga” – she was a cute little kid with her corn teeth and all. It’s sad AF that the first thing her mother fixed wasn’t those fuckn teeth…she just blew up her lips to cover them. To me, Kylie is just a huge fetus still attached to her disgusting money hungry fame whoring mother.

  35. Maia

    What’s that bruise?

  36. Maia

    Another fucking whore with a 2017 calendar. Bitch? Every phone has a calendar. The ones we buy our elderly relatives are scenes of shit like Vermont farms, ya stupid twat waffle.

    • That was just…awful. Awful.
      i felt embarrassed for each and every one of those “actors”, and the website that put it together.

  37. I can’t get Glenn’s “smashed head with eyeball popping out” image out of my head!

    • countryjew

      Carl should have grabbed that eye.

    • Tuco Salamanca

      I couldn’t get the whole episode out of my head. I woke up at 3 in the morning on Monday and I kept thinking about it. It was so traumatic.

  38. anyone else emotionally fucked up from last nights premiere of The Walking Dead?

    • miss piglet

      I just laugh my ass off when I go through the r/ANormalDayInRussia
      subreddit. Never fails to deliver.

    • Penza

      The old one looks like a vintage Louie Vuitton handbag.

  39. JimU113

    Admitting there’s a problem is the first step…

  40. JimU113

    Lacking a FPF thread this week, I’ll leave the music portion here.

  41. Maia

    Bwahaha! Jen Wilke claims she signed with a modeling agency called Somnium Lifestyle. Nothing but P4Ps, including Khloe!

  42. €r2

    Meanwhile, if someone brags about something, he most like cant do it very well.

  43. Maia

    Stop by Ashley Alexiss’ fb page and watch her swimming pool video. Gag.

  44. countryjew

    Jenny, what I’m really worried about is your inability to spell your own last name. “Wikke” LOL

  45. countryjew

    Ashford And Simpson


    hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!! somebody singin on the bullying train wrapped in a microwavable sleeve from Hot pockets

  47. countryjew

    Well, well, well — look who’s being a little crybitch on Facebook tonight. The King Of Las Vegas is starting to finally accept that jail is in his immediate future with a domestic battery trial taking place Wednesday 10/19.

    Let’s take a look at some of his statements:

    “I’m seeking out the best possible teachers at my disposal”: Great, please have them teach you grammar, punctuation and spelling.

    “AA never worked because I’m not an addict”: Of course, because the crack smoking is merely “recreational.”

    “thank those doors for being open for me to walk threw”: You have a 50% chance of getting the threw/through thing right. So why do you get it wrong 100% of the time?

    “since I was 18 years old I have been beaten by police officers that thought I was in the military in SD”: What the fuck does this even mean?

    “I have taken deals from the DA many times:” Sounds like a rat.

    “They build prisons to put people in them”: Thanks for explaining that.

    “I don’t ever hurt anyone but myself”: 7 arrests for battery in the last 8 years say otherwise.

    “I have been to jail many times for things I didn’t do”: If that’s really true you can understand why we think you’re a dumbass.

    “keep me away from my daughter I love her and want to protect her”: They want to protect her too. That’s why you’re going to jail.

    And remember James… don’t play victim to circumstances you created.

  48. Maia

    Without grabbing it against their knowledge!

  49. Penza

    Fudge packer. He needs the spotlight to live,

  50. Dead Man's Dog

    I posted before I saw your post. Great minds….

  51. Ghost Girl

    Seriously, that shit is freaking me out. Where the hell is her eyelid?!?

  52. Her skin is filthy. The wrong makeup? Hows about one layer, only. I’ve seen less layers of grime on burn victims dug up in Pompeii. That’s just fuckin nasty. True delusion…she thinks she looks great, so we do too, right? Jesus – somebody shut her dumb bakery the fuck down…those aren’t chocolate shavings on that cake people

    • Jort Bortlar

      “Tiffany, you rotten harlot, it’s called foundation simply to add more makeup upon, not to build a fucking two bedroom cabana.” That’s what I’d say to her. Notice the quotations. It’s a quote from me Jort, to this waterheaded dirt merchant. Thanks 3D for this forum. It was cathartic

  53. countryjew

    This is exactly what I’m talking about with fuckface Sharkey. He goes on a church retreat with what looks to be a couple hundred guys. He’s been part of this church for less than a month. BUT OF COURSE he has to be in the FRONT ROW of the picture making the same stupid “look at meeeeeee” pose he does in all the pool party shots with skanks.

    Probably snook off in the woods to smoke rock too. Fuck him in the mouf. I’m hoping he screws up an auto-erotic asphyxiation ritual and chokes to death on those headphones.

    • The Beav

      He was using Facebook Live to document every moment of church camp….all the other members looked so annoyed with him. I was growing tired of his antics because you can totally tell he is grifting these people…easy marks thinking he deserves a second chance. When this fails to bring back Bangs and Baby Bangs, the downfall will be fast and mighty. Also, why doesn’t he change his shirt? Good lord…

      • countryjew

        He has trial for 2nd degree domestic battery a week from tomorrow. One was postponed until January but this one is a go.

        • Donnie Darko

          With his new attorney.

          • countryjew

            The attorney still has to find someone to cover his shift at Petsmart so he can make it to court to represent James.

          • Donnie Darko

            They put in a motion for continuance yesterday, but the trial was only moved back 2 days. Maybe it was to make sure as many members of the Church and Pastor can show up as character witnesses.

          • Penza

            So true. Those cans ain’t gonna stack themselves, and if you don’t change the hamster cage, the whole place stinks to high heaven.
            Sharty’s natural charisma will sway the judge… the hot-shot lawyer is just a technicality.

          • Maia

            Lol! I choked on my sparkling black fucking cherry because I quit drinking.

      • He has the balls to post a pic of kids asking for food bank assistance and write a poor me post on his fb he’s garbage.

      • Donnie Darko

        It’s also been suggested he wants to use these people as character witnesses for his domestic battery trials.

    • That’s one ginormous circle jerk

    • Ghost Girl

      What a dildo. He’ll do anything to be closer to his “pasture”. Sharkey loses at life.

    • miss piglet

      He sticks out like a bad herpes outbreak.

    • Dead Man's Dog

      At least he’s wearing his same red tshirt. Again.

    • Spartacus

      That’s just awful.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Someone asked Sharkey how big his buttplug was; he was answering when they snapped the pic

  54. Donnie Darko

    Dildo Baggins looks like a 14 year old boy seeing and touching a boob for the 1st time.

  55. Miranda Rights

    She’s so angry all the time! You would think that because she used to be a fatty, and now has a face that rivals her Bulldogs in the looks department, that she would at least have a pleasant attitude but nope. Just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside

    • Tuco Salamanca

      I get that people have issues and that maybe her home life wasn’t the best growing up. No ones family is perfect and some suffer from all kinds of abuse and neglect and had horrible parents but a lot of those people turn things around and persevere in life and try to make things better. I inderstand that she has an eating disorder and maybe that has to do with her shitty attitude, I don’t know. She just hates everything and God forbid you disagree with her. She and trasha could fight over the award for hypocrisy. It think there are fucking heroin addicts that are nicer and happier than she is

  56. €r2

    Jenna shae obviously said that she fcks millionaires. You can see that pic on her instagram feed. So i said “you have no difference with the woman who allowed dan bilzerian to grab her pussy” and got blocked. I hope she follows here.

  57. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    that thing, coming out of your closet.. Is what makes a Horror flick SCARY

  58. Maia


  59. Maia

    And she wonders why she gets pumped and dumped. She needs a serious makeover.

    • countryjew

      How she does even get pumped? I couldn’t get hard for that if you paid me.

  60. Sir TTP

    Part 4 of the WilkeLeaks interview is now live.

  61. Miranda Rights

    Please tell me you all have seen this! I can’t even express the disdain that I have for this ugly gremlin. I despise her more than Tricia and Jen Wilke combined. She is a hideous human being inside AND out

  62. I’m eagerly awaiting Mandi Mulisha’s submission with Corey Feldman!

  63. Looks like bill Kelly is getting concerned about that 65 lb beer gut and yellow eyeballs. I feel unsafe. Hold me.

  64. This is the gayest shit ever

  65. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

    So I I go into the studio to record my first album in 15 years… Talk about nerves. I lost my way for a bit

  66. DirtyPopArt

    she needs to be stopped. using these men. that is my main goal. she cannot do what she is doing. once the story drops and you guys learn all the stuff we have found out from a reputable source you will see how much of a criminal she is

    • countryjew

      I guess you could call this the ZW Nation “October Surprise.”

      When do we get to read it?

      • Sir TTP

        Part one of Jen Wilke is up as a new submission. If you kiddos could start including whatever Jen conversations are ongoing in that submission, it’d help keep the saga somewhat linear.

  67. how much money has he sent her is the question

    • Punky B.

      How can someone be such a dam fool?? You Google her name and can see what a shyster her ass is!!

  68. exactly. she plays off the i am a victim role

  69. DirtyPopArt

    i,think there is going to be a teaser post up shortly

  70. DirtyPopArt


  71. my favorite comment is the guy who is like but Jen you are the nicest girl on the internet as he sends her $100 in private messages probably

  72. Donnie Darko

    He already deleted it.

  73. Punky B.

    Need to burn that s.o.b.!!

    • Maia

      BREanna and coLIN are naming the baby BRELIN. WTF? You can’t make this shit up.

    • countryjew

      yeah, we posted that already. Cold feet? If she can’t afford gas money how is she gonna pay for a lawsuit.

  74. It WS bestowed on me by Sir TTP and the Queen in a special ceremony today…Happy Pants and Whitney were flower girls. I’m honored. My name may be changed as well. Not sure. Now bring me a cigarette

  75. Dead Man's Dog

    I love Nutty…she stays ‘thin’ by ending all her workouts with BUKAKKE.

  76. Maia

    Good God! Nicolette Shea and girly man Gizel are getting veneers in Columbia! What the hell is wrong with them? What other body parts will be replaced while they’re in a 3rd world country? How stupid.

    • Getting veneers is usually such a bad idea unless your own teeth are a gd mess to begin with. I’m sure you probably know all of what I’m about to say . Your own teeth, which are stronger than any man made products out there that resemble teeth will be
      filed down to monster like points so that the veneers can be glued on. The veneers will last 10 years tops and so one must be sure that they have money to have the veneers redone every 10 years x how many more decades you will live, otherwise they will come loose and you will be forced to walk around looking like the monter in that Fred Savage movie

  77. The Beav

    I just had my morning laugh… Surely this is wishful thinking and he isn’t getting custody of the baby. A newborn and two cats?!? Lord help those poor creatures. I also think its so strange that he didn’t buy a crib or something for the baby to sleep in?

  78. The Beav

    So do they waltz into the Doctors Office and say “I know EXACTLY what I want! I am going for super engorged, like a Baboons ass” I would love to see the after effects, are there stretch marks?

  79. Spartacus

    Indeed, MELGAR does not tolerate colonial accents! If you test me, I will smite you.

  80. Donnie Darko

    Getting a little ahead of yourself Sharkey? I want to post, “so the court awarded you custody and all 3 of your domestic battery charges were dropped”? Wishfull thinking much?

    • countryjew

      There seems to be a delusion — which is in the DNA of every post on here — that if he fills his social media with empty gestures and hackneyed platitudes the judge(s) will take notice and dismiss all the charges.

      Which is bolstered by a side agenda of garnering sympathy (and maybe future commissary donations?) from his new gullible church buddies, including the preacher mentor that James wants to have a felch-off with. “How could our James have done this — why, just look at his Facebook posts!”

      Odds of jail? Pretty good when you consider he got a suspended sentenced on a DV charge a few years ago and later had it reinstated after he only managed to complete a whopping 2 of 28 court-ordered classes.

      The scandalous driving infractions — no shirt, no shoes, no license, no problem — are just croutons on the Sharkey Shit Salad at this point.

    • Shameless begging for the shit he had 9 months to save for…now we know why church is happening…child care, baby stuff, character witnesses…what a disgusting manipulative freak this pockmarked dwarf is. Smdh. Bitch needs to sell his fucking cats, trade in his truck…except did u notice he doesn’t talk about it anymore that shit be repo-ed. He’s disgusting

    • Spartacus

      I know it’s off point, but how difficult is it to learn that etcetera is abbreviated to etc.

    • The Beav

      He really has the hots for his pasture. I think maybe its him he wants to marry? I just posted the same thing, I should have scrolled down.

    • miss piglet

      I thought he ‘divorced’ her? Now she’s back to being his wife?Jesus H. Christ, his love life is more complicated than a 6th graders.

      I would love to see the meth fueled love/hate texts these two fucktards exhange.

  81. The Beav

    Freaking Stryper Rules!

  82. Maia

    Hurry up, you down under trollop, you! Bwahaha! I’ve been refreshing like a moron all day!!

    • Sir TTP

      Blame the submitters of said dirt, who can’t seem to close things out. Slow catfishing I understand, but when you leak shit out in this thread, you’d best be ready to submit the final chapter.

      If this keeps up, I’ll have to post Dead Tooth’s threats against Kim K.

  83. The Beav

    I wonder if he was listening to Christian Rock?

  84. Sir TTP

    About fucking time. Fucking slack-ass. No wonder the Brits kicked you criminals out to some sub-tropical hell hole where the toilet swirls the wrong direction.

  85. He’s 1099 so I doubt it

  86. Sir TTP

    “Beats” by Dre, Big Eddie, Bubba ….

  87. Donnie Darko

    So he just stopped paying his fines on a court agreed payment plan and they just sent it to a 3rd party collections company, which means nothing, he won’t pay and it will just go on his already bad credit.

  88. Donnie Darko

    Looks like Sharkey has a new attorney for his upcoming domestic violence trials. It was originally G. Oliver Melgar. Looks like it’s now Neal Gerald. Is he cheaper? Was he unhappy with Melgar?

    • Andrea

      She sounds a lot like my James. She is very insecure!

    • Punky B.

      A couple?? Phhfftt…. that’s putting it mildly!! A whole effing website can’t stand her ass!! Her ass needs to be shredded for taking advantage of these dumb asses! They gotta be special if they believe her trash. That’s not right taking advantage of the slow retarded fools!

      • DirtyPopArt

        i believe the new series of posts will expose her for what she really is after that any guy that falls for her cons thats on them. we did our part warning potential suckers its on them now

  89. countryjew

    Look at this drama queen congratulating himself for remembering to pay his tab at Wing Stop.

    CJ has had enuff z’nuff of this phony jerk. Guess what — Andrea ain’t gonna take you and your roid-shrunken coke turtle dick back and the judge at your battery case in two weeks is not going to buy your horseshit “I want to be a pasture” fantasy so have fun in jail for a year and don’t drop the soap fuckface.

    • Maia

      He’s so full of shit. All of this is being done just for court. Congratulating yourself for doing the right thing is about as idiotic as it gets. Is he going to print this out and bring it to his lawyer? His couple of bucks tip is also a joke. The minimum tip should be five dollars, ya cheap fuck Sharkey. Waitstaff makes three dollars an hour, you polyester wearing retard. If I eat breakfast and the bill is six dollars, I don’t leave a lame ass buck twenty gratuity. I hope someone puts a booger in his food.

      • Sir TTP

        I did’t swerve to run over three handicapped kids at the crosswalk on my way to work this morning. I need to self-congratulate myself on social media later today.

        • Maia


        • Sammi Jo

          I think the fact that we were successful in the selfless act of going to work deserves a post, shoot

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          I think for sharkey it’s…….
          I didn’t hit her as hard as I could of…..*pat on back*

      • countryjew

        “Is he going to print this out and bring it to his lawyer?”


        He changed lawyers a couple weeks back so I’d say these cases are serious.

    • I call such extreme bullshit – Wing Stop is not a drop check restaurant. I’ve been to one in AZ (I don’t eat garbage food very often and Wing Stop did not impress me). In any case, you order that shit and pay before they drop your order in the fryer so how TF did this story occur? Thats right, it didn’t. This cocksucker always has an ulterior motive- the story is too “detailed” like he’s creating an alibi for what, who knows. Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll find out.

      • The Beav

        He ate at the bar and was served so fast they didn’t have time to drop the check! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Total bullshit

    • Sir TTP

      “Fuckface” is a completely under appreciated term of anti-endearment.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      because remember to pay for food is such an accomplishment….!!

    • The Beav

      Guys, he went back and paid for his meal because he is going to bible college to become a pastor…like his man crush…the pastor of Central Christian Church! His Facebook has been full of the comedic fiction I crave from Sharkey. Especially, the Facebook live post where he was almost crying. Please, don’t ever change!

  90. letting her robe fall open for the paperboy…poor kid so scared of pubes and tubesock tits hes shitting! always holding a cigarette and a beer! lol!

  91. Greg Fail

    the anticipation is lingering inside of me

  92. will this make it into the books?

  93. DirtyPopArt

    yes jaws will drop and whores will flop

  94. DirtyPopArt

    Guys huge Jen Wilke story about to break in a few days. Serious Queen Of The Tarts will confirm this is going to send Wilke down for the count. We have an inside source related to Jen coming forward to drop the bomb.

  95. Ghost Girl

    Holy Jesus in a boxcar! This guy is such a dildo…

    • “so hot?” “hot body?” LMAO! This is fanfiction written by that drunk divorcee down the street who was always hitting on the pizza guy. She is 75 years old, Cut her some slack lololol

      • Ghost Girl

        I swear that poser wrote this himself. He’s got a one way ticket on the desperation train, and it sounds like it has reached its final destination.


    Ps: if you never saw the MTV show awkward, it’s adorable and this chick waz fucking awesome in it

  97. Two of the sweaters are men’s- the fucking guys chewed their arms off naked and took off!!

  98. Lmao! And the wrinkled shit! Hahaha!!!

  99. Maia

    Poor Chompers! She’s selling her used clothing on depop. Who the fuck would buy used shoes from Aldo for 50 bucks? She said she paid 80 for them! Bish, those should be thrown out!

  100. “Think ahead” and Sharkey have never met yet

  101. Maia

    Jesus, Jordan Carver is a relationship expert now??? These hoes kill me.

  102. Spartacus

    I made myself smile with that one.

    • Spartacus

      “Immaculate conception? Well thanks, I thought I did a pretty good job myself too”

    • Spartacus

      Every vowel matters

      • this one’s a FELONY charge. As I type this Vegas shows no records of Sharkman in jail, but that could change as the day goes on

        • countryjew

          Out of jail and posting on IG.

          It has been suggested to me that he is a police informant and that is why he never seems to wind up in jail for very long.

          • Sir TTP

            Whaa? No way Jose Jew. How does this cat avoid the long cuddle with Bubba? As someone not much of a criminal past, this is very confusing.

          • countryjew

            Things just don’t add up with this guy. All he seems to do for work is hand out flyers for timeshare presentations a few hours a day and yet he makes six figures?

            Multiple citations for not having a license, insurance or registration and yet he has not seen any sort of seizure of his vehicle.

            Three different domestic violence arrests in the last six months but no jail time.

            Three possible options:

            1) It’s all coming crashing down very quickly and he will be going to prison for a few years.

            2) Clark Country Nevada legal system is so overworked and its jails are so overcrowded they simply don’t give a shit until he kills someone.

            3) He is a drug dealer while working as a police informant with a stack of “get out of jail free” cards. (my pick)

            edit: “Narkey”

          • Sir TTP

            Well, we know he makes chicken feed – he posted about being dead broke a week or so back on his Facebook page. Although he holds a license to pass out timeshare flyers in the state of Nevada ($15 bucks a year), neither his name, Sharkey Marketing or any variant thereof is incorporated as a LLC or other type corporation in the state. I’ve checked the NVSOS site many times.

            Which means he pays his flyer slingers in cash. And we also know his employer, as we’ve posted here previously – so he certainly doesn’t “run” anything. His 1969 dump apartment runs $1200 a month max (save utilities). His truck payment is most likely his largest nut.

            The Jesus streak he’s on is an obviously ploy to soften whatever domestic battery issues he continues to face – which as of this latest revelation – seem multiple. How he avoids serious time for all of these charges is beyond me, and I agree with your assessment in context.

            Vegas is a 24/7 shit hole with these street hustlers and overworked cops, but there is no logical explanation as to how this idiot avoids real time with Bubba unless there is something else going on.

            I remember way back in the day we all thought Hooman would get to the bottom of all this on his now defunct podcast. Instead he threw James softballs Tim Tebow could hit.

          • Sammi Jo

            Yeah, I’m with you. Definetly something “suspect” going on. I’m leaning towards # 2. I guess we’ll see in time. It’s just so strange that nothing ever comes of these “incidents”…except more fines?

          • Penza

            I vote number 2 as well.

          • AP

            He is absolutely a drug dealer, duh! I thought this was really obvious to everybody. Maybe it’s just because of my past I’ve dealt with a lot of dealers, but everything that he does screams the dealer and narc

          • Donnie Darko

            If he’s a police informant sooner or later a supplier that he Narcs on will have a few bullets put in his head.

        • Miranda Rights

          Wait, did that arrest just happen today?

  103. Spartacus

    I just thought I’d leave this here…

    Egotastic have a “Sexy Pelas” video and it contains clips from her pre surgery face. Horrific.

  104. countryjew

    Sharkey’s last traffic ticket was August 23rd…. so yes — he has gone A WHOLE MONTH without any type of arrest or citation.

    Good work James.

  105. Maia

    Looks who’s trying to stay relevant and controversial. It’s pretty obvious you’re white, stupid whore.

    • Spartacus

      “infamous playboy model”???!?!?!?

      • Maia

        And Caucasian

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          I thought she was claiming another race…….
          she makes Caucasians look bad

        • AP

          LOL as much as I love hating on Trisha, it’s a quote from this guy who does these videos and he acts like a rich Caucasian woman in them and one of the lines is I’m a glamorous Caucasian woman or something to that matter. So no it is not a part of her delusions but yes it is her copying someone yet again because she so unoriginal she can’t think of anything herself

          • Maia

            Ahhh! I’m glad there’s an explanation because I thought she joined the Aryan Sisterhood.


    Anybody is welcome to submit their opinions, as long as they’re presented in an articulate manner. SJWs will not be tolerated in the comments – neither will crude racist remarks – but if a progressive wants to share their researched opinion in the form of an article, I’m okay with that.

    I’m not okay with political correctness suppressing free speech.

    • Maia

      You lost me at Trump won the debate.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Well the internet will be given away in a matter of days.
      Don’t worry, Russia, China, Cuba and Venezuela have the internet and our best interest at heart
      FORWARD !!

  107. DirtyPopArt

    buy a jen wilke poster and get one free!!!! oh happy fucking day!

  108. fool really must not have a mirror in his love crib..

  109. Caveman

    Where’s the new content at? It’s been 2 day’s. I’m almost thinking about going and checking out that blumpking website…

  110. countryjew

    You know that whole gym is clowning him.

  111. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    headphones didn’t work with his bike helmet.

  112. The Beav

    I am sick so I have plenty of time to lerk on social media…my question is how come Sharkey never does core work? That’s what he needs the most. He always looks 7 months pregnant.

    • Dr. Butts McGee, PhD

      7 months pregnant and lactating-look at his boobies!

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Don’t need core work wearing a corset.
      He’s all about the arms, that’s why he has chicken legs.

      • Spartacus

        When it’s dark and quiet and he’s alone in his shitty condo, he puts on his little silky bra, tweaks his nipples and says “you’re such a pretty girl Jamie”

    • Spartacus

      Once again, another idiot in the gym “working the guns”

    • shittystripper

      dude needs to put down the weights and get some pilates or kettlebells in his life. functional strength is real strength

      • The Beav

        Right? He is going to hurt his back without a strong core. I know this cause I am old.

      • Penza

        He needs to put down his fork. He’s starting to look like an old demented porch monkey.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      hurry up and take the picture, I can’t hold them much longer………..

    • AP

      Well, my reasoning tells me if someone’s always at the gym and yet never looks any better chances are they’re selling steroids there.

  113. The Beav

    It has not been a good week for Sharkey….hilarious haters have been out in force. Hahahahaha. How dare they insult his super awesome workout outfit.

    The first pic as from Facebook….I don’t think a timeshare licence is the same as a real estate licence.

  114. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Haven’t been in the ZW for several weeks and I haven’t seen any IG “fitness posers” posted, so thoight I’d throw this in here.
    Dows anyone follow Caligotrektagain or Iwascrazydrunkwheni ??

    • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

      The saddest part is that there are people that look up and hype this thing.
      I mean..WTF?!!

    • countryjew

      There’s a more-than-decent chance he’ll be in jail before the end of the year so why not just say “what the fuck” and ramp up the Sharkeyness.

    • The Beav

      Hahahaha…he really took offense to someone hating on his outfit.

  115. Jort Bortlar

    You’re as stunning as ever Nat. I hope you’re doing well

  116. Dead Man's Dog

    Please please please someone look into this!! I’m dying to know what his villa rents out for.

    Why don’t I email myself? You ask….I’m lazy.

  117. I was looking at who someone followed trying to decide if I was going to follow them back or not. Who do I see in that list? Remember this prostidude Toochi aka Coochie Rash? She’s obviously been eating a little too well lately…check out the area that used to be her knees! She overlooked photoshopping this pic, like the rest of her pics. Nastyyyyyy

  118. Dead Man's Dog

    Entertaining rant by this twot complaining she doesn’t know why her Chinese peeps bully her:

    It’s because they know what a ho is, does, and looks like gurl!!

    • fuck that shit. I have no racial brotherhood thing whatsoever. I hate trash- white or otherwise. Definition of trash is open to my interpretation. If shes chinese and a hoe, guaranteed chinese people feel exactly like me- I aint loyal to skin color- behavior earns my loyalty Idc what fucking color you are- if youre decent, I like your ass. This bitch is at least aware that she has no redeeming qualities so she pulled the race card- fuck her, whoever she is. Im SO sick of racial shit I am now officially blind and have nothing to add to anyones race dialogue. If you smell, my blind ass dont like you.

  119. Bwana

    My initial thought was I wonder how long it will be before she starts being a “webcam model”. Then I realized she was even to lazy to do that.

    • countryjew

      Because her face is hidden.

      • Spartacus

        Boom, or whatever, yes indeed that was my very first thought. Hidden face, partial breast display, almost demure….. almost. Not bad for a hooker. Although, she has to show off the Rolex (real/fake whatever) just to big up how she’s rolling in wonga.

    • Maia

      Jeez, she’s with broke ass Chompers in Paris! Who would pay to get their d scraped?

    • Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

      All filters and angles. Her cheeks look like an unpaved Tijuana road.
      In a year she’ll be hustling old trouts at the golden nugget and the palace station.

  120. countryjew

    A couple nights ago in CA. Of course he does mostly Crue songs. Hope he played Too Fat For Love and Snackin’ In The Boys Room.

  121. countryjew

    I know a lot of our ZW bishes love the hair metal so enjoy this photo of a svelte Vince Neil from a couple days ago.

  122. guys i bought a selfie from Jen for $10 to see what we got. This is it.

  123. JimU113

    Love At First sting, baby.

  124. JimU113

    It isn’t breaking news, it’s just a surprise Monday edition of FPF music.

  125. Maia

    Ashley Alexiss is here at Gillette Stadium. Look at this fat ass’ dirty feet! GROSS!

  126. Unityyy

    Meanwhile on the river of De Nile…Ms. Wilke is hawking selfies for just $10! Why not,

    • JimU113

      Because people tired of looking at that ho?

      • Unityyy

        Girl is beyond deluded. It would be sad if she weren’t trying to scam people.

        • JimU113

          Thing is, most people, save the 3B’s, can see through a thousand yards away.

          • Unityyy

            True. And most of her ‘fans’ are either incarcerated or living in ma’s basement.

          • JimU113

            In other words the three strike 3B’s.

          • anyone who spends $10 for a selfie of a wannabe model needs to get their head checked. I still can’t get over $60 for a calendar or $70 for a poster. this girl thinks she is like Carmen Electra but even a Carmen Electra poster wont cost you more than $10

          • Unityyy

            She’s just not very smart. She doesn’t seem to get that her fan base didn’t cough up $5-$15 go find me donations (which included a poster), yet now $70 seems a reasonable price?

        • she is nuts. i almost feel bad for her these days. She really wants to go to the Maxim Halloween party so this must be her way to get funds. Instead of being like just give me your money because I am Jen Wilke she is saying let me rip you off because I am Jen Wilke

          • Bwana

            She should start offering packages. Buy 2 get one free, signed poster with a snap, and that sort of shit. She needs to sweeten the deal. What she really needs to do is get a job, but that will never happen because work is required.

          • Unityyy

            Exactly. She apparently seems to believe that she is above real work and overestimates her online ‘popularity’ transferring to profit. Her fans are broke losers who just want to ogle her tits for free because they can. Why would they spend a week worth of government funds on a poster??

          • Unityyy

            Yes. She needs a j.o.b. Modeling ain’t gonna happen..and clearly her business sense is incredibly poor as well.

    • $60 for a calendar and $70 for a poster. get the fuck out of here Jen.

    • Bwana

      “Rare”, LMFAO! I find her level of delusion comical.

    • Dr. Butts McGee, PhD

      Aside from the fact that all of this is just ridiculous and no one will pay for these – who posts higher res photos without watermark and tries to sell them?

  127. Visit my new blog! for more artwerk!
    All images copyright 2016 by artbyacunt

  128. LadyQ

    Tricia being the hateful wench she is…

  129. Ertu

    Meanwhile yottas…. well these couple are doing anything to get more attention.

    • The Bad Seed

      Does she think that’s me cause the cf is way off.

      • Bwana

        I find it absolutely crazy that she continues to try and contact people. Quite frankly I can’t understand it.

        • The Bad Seed

          I know & its says she is a “Professional Social Worker” um no 5150 CF. You slang pizza for a living or use there WiFi

    • Sir TTP

      Twat Nut – LOL. Well played.

    • AmazonGill

      Yep, me too. I’m sure I’ve blocked her once and I rarely post. I just like comments. I don’t even engage, she can expose me, my life’s boring. So she can carry on. Imagine if she used all the energy that she does on stalking and having meltdowns, into something worthwhile…. nah I can’t see it either lol xx

  130. DirtyPopArt

    someone totally called this saying they bet Jen doesn’t send out her promises to those who donated. also its funny she asked her fans what their most embarrassing texting moment was and look who got named dropped

  131. Spartacus

    What a marvellous catch!
    2…2…2222….2 for 2hundred and 22

  132. Ertu

    Jordan carver is pregnant. Any guesses about who is the father?

  133. Punky B.

    I know one can only hope haha!

  134. FuturamaDude

    What are these filters? Why do people think these are attractive or funny? I don’t get it

  135. Unityyy

    I found it! Now, I can accessorize like my favorite ‘model’..

  136. Dead Man's Dog

    So…..ever wonder about who the photogs are taking all these IG ‘model’ pics?

    Seems like a pleasant dude, but professional photog or chubby virgin??? Place you vote underneath:

    Ps: JessieCakes is a delusional not-that-good-looking-in-high-school chickie that bought boobs and Acne cream ‘personality’

  137. Dead Man's Dog

    Someone knowledgable about photoshop please decipher what’s wrong in this picture:

  138. Yo, in other news, Precious has a boyfriend

    • Spartacus

      I don’t know who this is, can she act? Sing?

      • Do u see the same disqus ads as we do, Spartacus? BC now I’m picturing your disqus feed crawling with union jacks and spam ads for fish-n-chips and pictures of Judi Dench saying “she’s really gone” hoping some lady with dementia or hungover fuckup clicks on it thinking “omg she died??”

        I digress. This is Gabrielle Sooooeeey (this joke is lost on u as well so I’ll spoil it so u know her name is actually ‘siboree” at least phonetically. ) She was in the movie “precious ‘ with Monique the hairy legged Apollo theatre comedy Queen and mariah carey who sings like she is being fucked in the ass. Originally, the movie was gonna be about these three building houses out of straw, wood, and bricks and that shit getting blown away by Steven segal as ” the wolf”, but instead was a gritty urban drama about a fat pregnant chick …

        Fun fact: Lenny Kravitz plays a nurse.