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Chad Fakio is Taunting ZW – We need YOUR help!

Chad Fakio aka Diaper Sniper

ZW Submission: Duchess Dawn Davenport


You want to know the true official definition of “huge balls”? I’ll tell you. Doing time for statutory rape and being required to register as a sex offender upon your release, then changing your name and going right back to the shit that got you locked up in the first place. Alternate definition? He underestimates the power of ZW. Chad is going down.

Here is a guy seen hanging out with Snoop Dogg.

(I wonder how Martha woukd feel about a convicted pedophile claiming a relationship with her family-friendly and generally awesome costar?)

How about  TI- an avowed family man? Wiz Kalifa, Soljaboy, Busta Rhymes, recruiting for Future..

Here he is with well known club DJs and house music mixers Benny Benassi and Diplo…we all know this struggler shoved his face next to theirs and begged for a selfie but I would cringe if I knew I was being claimed as a homeboy by a pedophile. Let them know!!!

Of course, Chad hangs with that poser NottaLife as well as Dan Bilzerian, and endkessly thirsty fugly jugged Lindsay Pelas- all of them phony, all of them fronting on IG. For all my endless mockery of Ballsackian, I doubt he wants to associate with a pedophile, I’ll say that much for him. His paid escorts are too old for mister Fakio. Check it out…Chad disses him!

Chad has a modus operandi that has undoubtedly scored his poser ass countless kids as well earned him hard time and he hasn’t really changed it. He promises young girls that he has ” ins” in Hollywood and crafts his selfies and commentary on Instagram toward this end. You don’t do jail time like this peckerfaced predator if you didn’t cause real and lasting damage to your victim. I shudder thinking about these children being exploited and molested by this smarmy looking sociopath.

I highly doubt the House of Versace would have him recruiting for them if he disclosed his record. Gianni is rolling in his grave.   

How about MTV? Think a convicted and recividust pedo should be working for them? Tell them!!

Maxim is rife with prostitutes and scum, and I doubt they want a pedo on their payroll; they have very little credibility as it is.

Chad seems to have an ongoing relationship with Nick Cannon as well, claiming he was hired to recruit women to appear at his social events and on his shows.  I don’t really care which specific events or shows actually, since Chad puts it out there that they are ‘fam”. Damn, this is the one unkladaddy I would NOT want befriending my daughter, Nick. What’s her name, , Maraca, Maricon? Just no, Nick Cannon.

This disgusting fraud should not be soliciting women under his age for freaking ANYTHING. Maybe Nick Cannon should take a good hard look at who he hires instead of proselytizing about what women do with their bodies and private lives…ya think? Tell him!!!

Kevin Hart does NOT approve of this guy soliciting young girls for your damn skating party. I bet he dressed like a clown and offered to show chicks balloons from Trojan in the poolhouse. Gross, Nick Cannon.

We at ZW exposed this predator a few months back and I have been personally contacted by not one but three VERY young women on my Instagram telling me ALL about Chad. He needs to be stopped. Let’s just say he starts with buying a kid a lollipop and a cell phone and after that…

There is no limit to his trolling for victims

I think he thought Taryn Manning was underage…

His victim was 14. He was 37.

He is now 41 years old. Recruiting “models” for escort fronts such as Lunatic Living and Babe Method. Not only that, but it looks like Chad was picked up for violating parole last January in Vegas.

Chad Van Hulzen doesn’t just change his name, he names himself ” Fakio” as a HUGE fuck you to the legal system. He doesn’t register as a sex offender as required as a condition of parole and has been arrested for this violation. It hasn’t stopped him:

“Fakio”  likes to hang out with very young girls. Worse, he is obsessed with backdoor action as evidenced on his Instagram.

You know who I think should  be fighting over Chad? Inmates at Pelican Bay or Chino.

I shudder at every pic of him molesting young girls asses.  It’s obvious that Chad was the prison bitch and his rage prevents him from moving on and being a chastened member of society; but that’s what psychiatrists get paid to care about. In my opinion, his motivation is none other than to exploit and molest young girls. He should not be employed in the industry. By continuing to work on the seedy periphery of true Hollywood, he has unlimited access to scores of naive young women all too happy to submit to a Svengali pervert if it will get them the stardom they crave.

Come on…how old do you think these girls are? Remember, he’s a middle aged man with a record.

Shortly after we at ZW exposed Chad as a pedophile, he modified his Instagram to advise:

Oh, yes, Chad, we have been. You’re going down.

We don’t underestimate the “Fakio Factor”. You’re a sleazy reprobate and pedophile, Chad. The sneakiest most disgusting members of society. Don’t underestimate us, either. We’re the best group of haters on the Internet and we’re taking you out.

By the way, nice firearm- see you posing with it a number of times on IG…it appears to be in your house in this picture, Chad. Yet another parole violation.

Chad says ” you can be anything you want in life”.

Chad? You actually can’t. You can’t be soliciting underage girls for celebrities as a means of procuring them for yourself. Stop listening to GetaLife and start following the conditions of your parole. 

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Chad Fakio is Taunting ZW – We need YOUR help!

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  1. Mallory Knox

    Omg I’m so glad u guys exposed this piece of shit! Great work!! I hope he is still in jail. A 14year old?! Smh

  2. Stelio Kontos

    There is no reprieve, no second act, no transformation for a 37yr old who takes advantage of a 14yr old. You can cure cancer and you’ll still be “that guy who fucked a 14yr old…oh yeah and cured cancer”.
    What makes this cock polisher so unbearable is the fact that he doubles down on his 10.0 ranking on the Pedo-meter (not to be confused with pedometer for you fitness buffs) by being a complete, by-the-book douche nozzle.
    The persona, forced selfies with celebs, the blatant misogyny (subtle or perceived is more the way to go)? This guy just has no redeemable qualities. I have found silver linings with Bilzerian and Yotta – seriously. I can actually find a way to compliment those turds…..but this dude….karma has to be headed his way cause he is begging for a meeting.

  3. Yay! Luxe is baaaaaaack xx

  4. I knight thee Empress of memes and awesome pics!

  5. Hey everyone at the ZW family! I’ve missed you guys. Mom had 2 surgeries, I got an incredible new job and Disqus hates me. I’ve been lurking but unable to upvote/ comment. I sent this tip in to TMZ with a link to this article and particulars about charges. This scum needs to go down.

  6. The girls in the last pic look like they were there against their will. Look at back fat and mask girls faces. Hostage situation.


    lolol!! you rock Sammie J!!

  8. Seriously

    I have submitted this to two major blog sites and heard back from the shaderoom (7.2MIL followers on IG) so hopefully they will be posting it. I will keep you updated

  9. I’ve been absolutely inundated with women messaging me about this scumbag. Ofc many want to remain anon and some of the info sent in is identifying, so I’m working with these people to try and get out what we can and what is safe to do so. Fakio and his 20yr old Girlfriend Shianna are horrid people that LOVE to threaten anyone who gets in their way, so I want to tread carefully. He knows his days are numbered so he could be unpredictable. Stay tuned.

  10. Gadda Bait

    Come get you some! I I know what to do! Look no mess.

  11. Penza

    Lowlife disgusting scum.


    No trigger warning?

  13. MeowMing

    Apparently he needs to be reported to the police in the county he lives in. They can confirm he is violating his parole and they will forward it to the right people. His name alone isn’t enough for the parole office to find him.

    • That has been done by one of my sources. At this juncture, we are asking that you share this article via social media. There’s a reason that a wolf has been operating freely in a henhouse in LA and while I can assure you nobody in law enforcement wants this to happen, it has, and has been going on long before and after his arrest for violating in Vegas last year. Hit this mofo where it hurts…send this info to the people he claims to be bros with and to news outlets and other SM sites. Thank you for your insight.

  14. Ms Conduct

    His freaking FB…pedo on FB. Smdh.

  15. Send a link to the story to the DOJ on the Megans law website…everybody should. Let’s make somebody pay attention!!

  16. Dirt Exposure

    This makes me smile.

    Merry Christmas Diaper Sniper, I hope you get a bag of dicks up your ass Chizo.

    This serves you right, for all the people you wronged your entire life.

    For the mother and father that were killed by their son, who you sold the gun to. This is for all the overdoses you caused selling drugs.
    This is for all the animal mauling you encouraged and laughed with your pet wolf. AND this is especially for trying over and over to exploit your own under aged niece in music videos.
    Fuck you, you’re not worthy of having the last name Van Hulzen, you’re a disgrace and predator. I hope you rot.

  17. Ghost Girl

    You find them in new age shops. They’re hollow sticks with pegs on the inside and they are filled with pebbles so when you turn them over it sounds like rain. Kids love them, so Child Fuckio loves them too!

    • Look kids…here’s a 4 inch flesh colored rain stick I just happen to have in my pants! Now you shake it to some pit bull and I’ll give you a breast exam and check for rectal polyps. Fun!!

  18. Ms Conduct

    This is going to be you Fakio – Vanhulzan – Van Hulzan. You’re filth you sick son of a bitch. Those prisoners are going to have fun with you.
    Edit: warning on the photo…it’s gross.

    • JimU113

      You know what Fakio’s gonna call that?
      A good day on the block.

    • Sweater Puppies

      What is that a picture of exactly? Blood or poop? What’s on his back?

      Edit: I assume it’s blood from being butt raped in prison. Rape really isn’t a joking matter, male or female… the only exception is if it happens to the pedophiles or rapists. (However, I certainly don’t want to see a picture of the aftermath.)

      I just get sad thinking about the prisoners deemed weak who become repeated victims… that must be hell 🙁

      • Ms Conduct

        He raped and killed a child. This was his second round of prison justice.
        Edit: I’m not joking. I hope this happens to him.

      • smugjew

        I thought it was poop.

      • Those are undoubtedly cigarette burns. It really is terribly sad…but for Chimos prison justice is Swift and severe. And yes, many weaker more vulnerable people are victimized in jail as are the mentally ill, who languish there without treatment. This problem is bigger than you or I, and considering the fact that the orange haired blowhard was elected, Obama’s decree to shut down for-profit prisons will go unheeded. Theres jobs and money involved in locking everyone up, yo. Charity often begins in the voting booth. I don’t have enough sympathy to go around right now, and well save prison reform for the hopefully brighter Trump free days of the future

    • Looks like karmic justice to me. I have negative empathy for anyone that rapes or molests kids.

  19. Vicki Vallencourt

    i haven’t felt this jolly/horrified since sharked offered for me to go down on him on the podcast

  20. Vicki Vallencourt

    he’s literally got nothing to do but answer texts from strangers. he told me his phone was just wiped so he didn’t recognize my number. lizame. couldn’t keep it up because it felt so creepy. but his 808 number he lists for work is an iPhone and he answers.

  21. Dr.Christian Troy

    People like Deltona 500 are idiots but basically harmless. This guy is actually committing crimes. Taking this guy down will be the best thing ZW has done so far. Im proud to be Zwnation today more than any other day.

  22. smugjew

    Chad Fakio making a strong 11th hour push to win the title of ZW Nation Scumbag Of The Year (TM).

    Until today it looked like Wilke had it all locked up. Jenny just can’t catch a break.

  23. Whitney BeatMe

    Can’t wait to watch this piggy fry. He needs to be raped in prison, stitched up and raped again. Well it’s almost Christmas, maybe I’ll get my wish. And the shirt.

  24. Ok – we are experiencing site crashes due to the amount of views we’re getting right now. Any new developments will be posted in these comments (avail thru disqus if we’re down) and also on our instagram page @zw_nation_official.

  25. Sweater Puppies

    Not sure if this intel is known already since I don’t really follow this guy or his story, but should a felon on parole/probation be affiliated with drugs and drug paraphernalia? [email protected] seems to own several domains including

    • Nope. Shouldn’t be doing drugs, working with underage girls, or posting and boasting on IG!!! We’ve run him underground now and we have to get this info out there…any and everyone you can think of…especially the dOJ

  26. Sorry asshole – you can delete all your accounts but the internet is forever and run by trolls with screenshot functions!

    • A finer bunch of trolls I have yet to meet

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Haha someone is scared

    • Dirt Exposure

      This is how his IG looks to me. I don’t know what it looks like if you block someone… and to be honest, I didn’t look if you can block people on IG, but it appears he’s still on there. Also, his “photographer scouting model” profiles, whether private or not, I’m sure you can still locate the “models” (I’ll call them victims) by searching the Los Angeles area models, and possibly casting calls posted. If you can’t post directly to their website, I’m sure you can still send direct messages. Also, I’m not sure if a particular site mentioned above allows you to make your account private, maybe nude photos, but that only requires you to have an accouny, and log in to see the photos.

      I’m not to up on it with these social media sites, but damn my mind gets stewing, and thoughts process, I just need to figure out how these sites work, and exactly where to draw the line on how far to take things. As far as the news media, 20/20, Dateline, and other dirt digging television shows, I’m on top of that, and advising credit to each and every one of you that have taken your time to help take down this cowardly scum bag.

    • One of our sources says he used to post online under the name Chizo or Chzo as well

      • It’s amusing how his address is “transient” (IE: unknown) to the registry but I showed his freaking strugglehouse on an earlier post. Good job, Megans law people. They have NO clue he’s doing this shit

        • Lame Equis

          Tell me about the strugglehouse plz!!

        • Dirt Exposure

          Per Authorative Confirmation, he’s listed as transient, stating to his probation officer, and where he is to register, “he’s homeless” Shocking he lives such a luxurious life, yet he’s “homeless”

          Sorry Chad “Howie” but scum always rises to the top… you’re that floating turd right now that just won’t go away, but hey…we all know how into asses your nasty ass is.

    • Like I say, MTV wants that piece of shit working with bonded underage actresses?

  27. Vicki Vallencourt

    his tv pitches are shit too!
    wow just desperate

  28. Vicki Vallencourt

    dude is an idiot and talks like a total pedo
    so he is the kanye of inventing retarded shit?

  29. Vicki Vallencourt

    in the last 2 hours he changed his model mayhem profile from public to private. he was listed on there as a photographer… you guys shook him up xD

  30. Just deleted all pics

  31. Sweater Puppies

    Lol, remind me to never piss off the ZWNation.

  32. So Fakio (who shouldnt even be on IG) reported my IG post. Naturally, I reposted. Suck it Chad. You’re busted. Share the pic, guys!

  33. smugjew

    Hmm. I spent a couple bucks at the LA County Court website to look up criminal cases involving Chad Fakio and Chad Vanhulzen and got no results.

  34. Aka recividusm (my bad, that spelling…y’all know idgaf and type fast lol)

  35. Happy Pants

    What a pathetic sack of shit.

  36. Scorpio

    Dude is really into butts, apparently. Maybe branch out a little on the photography angles there.

  37. TheTruth

    Let me save u the hard work, these days it’s common practice to use social media to as evidence of crime. (I’m a practicing criminal lawyer, and spent 9 years on the prosecution side)

    He is 100% violating his parole with the machine gun pic alone…not to mention sex offenders are not allowed to use Aliases online.

    And here’s the punchline, convicted sex offenders are ALSO prohibited from using ANY social media web sites where there are minors (obviously FB and IG has minors on it)…. Let that sink in.. So this dumbass is pretty much committing a Class A felony by being on social media period.

    If u report it, someone WILL take the complaint and follow up, it’s too much of a liability if it’s reported and a parole officer doesn’t follow up. (Parole office or DA’s office is best, not the cops they’re too busy)

  38. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    There’s nowhere to hide now you pos pedo fvcktard, sooner or later you’re going to touch the wrong man’s daughter.

    • Scorpio

      I support this.

      • Sweater Puppies

        Me too! I bet it was satisfying sitting on that jury and only giving him probation.

    • OldWineBox

      I remember the day this happened. It is as powerfully moving this morning as it was back then. I don’t believe in murder but I do understand the motive behind this father’s actions. I cannot say what I’d do in a similar situation. As this is social media I must mete my words carefully as you all know. Just know that I understood his actions then and still do to this day.

      • I was abducted, stabbed and sexually assaulted as a teenager. It fucked me up in a permanent way. I used to fantasize about walking up to his house and shooting him in the face. He’s in jail now…for murder. No kid should go through anything even remotely resembling the traumatic ordeal I went through. It changed my personality drastically and I still go to therapy- I started when I had my daughter and realized I had anger issues that I did not want her to be affected by. I got mad, mostly, whereas some girls go into despair- which is worse? Its like taking a kids future, shitting and wiping his ass on her potential and self esteem. It is my pleasure to hound Chode into the fucking spider hole he’s hiding in and hopefully right into jail.

    • smugjew

      I like how he politely hangs up the phone after shooting the guy in the head.

  39. Hit that recommended heart up there at the top of comments, ZW – Get this trending on disqus too!



  41. OldWineBox

    Hellllll’s yeah baby!

  42. OldWineBox

    Here is the main link. Go to bottom of page and hit the Contact Us button. Story submission and then hit submit. Make sure to cite your sources. I.E. public criminal records, IG posts, pictures with Celebrities or simply name the celebrities who have or who are currently attempting to hire him for procurement services.

  43. That’s the saddest shit of all. Kids that got none of the advantages getting used by this old creeper. True tragedy

  44. OldWineBox

    Link to contact ABC’s 20/20 show. They will eat this story UP. If we all contact them, they will investigate. Please make sure to cite your sources with links. Let’s bust this PEDO!

  45. OldWineBox


  46. Donnie Darko

    It says the girl was from Carson, CA, that’s a rough neighborhood. Probably preying on a girl with no father or a from a broken home possibly.

  47. The Bad Seed

    What a disgusting being. He looks like he takes it up the butt.

  48. smugjew

    So he was arrested for not registering as a sex offender in 2015… did anything happen? I would assume that is a go-to-prison-do-not-pass-go offense.

    Did he even do time after the initial conviction? And how do you know he’s not registered now?

    Lot of gaps in this story. I wonder if he’s just another snitch getting protected by the LAPD.

    • Yep, need to look into his record

    • Lol if anything, we can put THAT out there. Instant Hollywood death. pedophilia? Meh. Smh.
      Anyone with a conviction like his would stay far, far away from the situations he shoves in our faces on social media. The fact that he was arrested for not registering in Vegas tells me everything I need to know. Whether he served time or not is not even germane – he was convicted and has violated the terms that allow him to be free. He goes right back to it,? Fuck no

  49. Maia

    I’m not surprised some scumbags WANT this douchebag getting young girls for them. Some girls will do anything for 5 minutes with a washed up celebrity, and they’ll do even more for money. They’ll be addicted to something by the time they’re 18, and have a blown out vag, to boot.


    FuKing disgusting.. there is a palace in hell for scumbags like this… maybe me and my 4 Horseman should pay him a visit

    • OldWineBox

      May I have the pleasure of driving the car that takes you to him please?


        This fuktard won’t be hard to find… I’m quite sure any school yard playground will suffice for this scumbag

  51. So not only is this convicted pedo on Instagram (not permitted by IG), He hasn’t registered as a sex offender, he’s changed his name, he owns guns and he’s still hanging out with young girls. HOW THE FUCK IS THIS HAPPENING? Social Media onslaught needed. Fuck this guy. If you know anyone who has been sexually assaulted or have been yourself then you know how much this guy can fuck with people’s lives. ZW Nation, most of the time we’re happy to do the work for you and post it here for all to see/comment on/laugh at. Today we need action from you. We have a hugely popular platform here and we reach a million views per week (would probably be more if I wasn’t too busy to apply SEO techniques along with google and alexa data counters) – let’s use the platform WE created to do some good. Let’s get rid of Fakio.

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