Chad Fakio aka Diaper Sniper

ZW Submission: Duchess Dawn Davenport


You want to know the true official definition of “huge balls”? I’ll tell you. Doing time for statutory rape and being required to register as a sex offender upon your release, then changing your name and going right back to the shit that got you locked up in the first place. Alternate definition? He underestimates the power of ZW. Chad is going down.

Here is a guy seen hanging out with Snoop Dogg.

(I wonder how Martha woukd feel about a convicted pedophile claiming a relationship with her family-friendly and generally awesome costar?)

How about  TI- an avowed family man? Wiz Kalifa, Soljaboy, Busta Rhymes, recruiting for Future..

Here he is with well known club DJs and house music mixers Benny Benassi and Diplo…we all know this struggler shoved his face next to theirs and begged for a selfie but I would cringe if I knew I was being claimed as a homeboy by a pedophile. Let them know!!!

Of course, Chad hangs with that poser NottaLife as well as Dan Bilzerian, and endkessly thirsty fugly jugged Lindsay Pelas- all of them phony, all of them fronting on IG. For all my endless mockery of Ballsackian, I doubt he wants to associate with a pedophile, I’ll say that much for him. His paid escorts are too old for mister Fakio. Check it out…Chad disses him!

Chad has a modus operandi that has undoubtedly scored his poser ass countless kids as well earned him hard time and he hasn’t really changed it. He promises young girls that he has ” ins” in Hollywood and crafts his selfies and commentary on Instagram toward this end. You don’t do jail time like this peckerfaced predator if you didn’t cause real and lasting damage to your victim. I shudder thinking about these children being exploited and molested by this smarmy looking sociopath.

I highly doubt the House of Versace would have him recruiting for them if he disclosed his record. Gianni is rolling in his grave.   

How about MTV? Think a convicted and recividust pedo should be working for them? Tell them!!

Maxim is rife with prostitutes and scum, and I doubt they want a pedo on their payroll; they have very little credibility as it is.

Chad seems to have an ongoing relationship with Nick Cannon as well, claiming he was hired to recruit women to appear at his social events and on his shows.  I don’t really care which specific events or shows actually, since Chad puts it out there that they are ‘fam”. Damn, this is the one unkladaddy I would NOT want befriending my daughter, Nick. What’s her name, , Maraca, Maricon? Just no, Nick Cannon.

This disgusting fraud should not be soliciting women under his age for freaking ANYTHING. Maybe Nick Cannon should take a good hard look at who he hires instead of proselytizing about what women do with their bodies and private lives…ya think? Tell him!!!

Kevin Hart does NOT approve of this guy soliciting young girls for your damn skating party. I bet he dressed like a clown and offered to show chicks balloons from Trojan in the poolhouse. Gross, Nick Cannon.

We at ZW exposed this predator a few months back and I have been personally contacted by not one but three VERY young women on my Instagram telling me ALL about Chad. He needs to be stopped. Let’s just say he starts with buying a kid a lollipop and a cell phone and after that…

There is no limit to his trolling for victims

I think he thought Taryn Manning was underage…

His victim was 14. He was 37.

He is now 41 years old. Recruiting “models” for escort fronts such as Lunatic Living and Babe Method. Not only that, but it looks like Chad was picked up for violating parole last January in Vegas.

Chad Van Hulzen doesn’t just change his name, he names himself ” Fakio” as a HUGE fuck you to the legal system. He doesn’t register as a sex offender as required as a condition of parole and has been arrested for this violation. It hasn’t stopped him:

“Fakio”  likes to hang out with very young girls. Worse, he is obsessed with backdoor action as evidenced on his Instagram.

You know who I think should  be fighting over Chad? Inmates at Pelican Bay or Chino.

I shudder at every pic of him molesting young girls asses.  It’s obvious that Chad was the prison bitch and his rage prevents him from moving on and being a chastened member of society; but that’s what psychiatrists get paid to care about. In my opinion, his motivation is none other than to exploit and molest young girls. He should not be employed in the industry. By continuing to work on the seedy periphery of true Hollywood, he has unlimited access to scores of naive young women all too happy to submit to a Svengali pervert if it will get them the stardom they crave.

Come on…how old do you think these girls are? Remember, he’s a middle aged man with a record.

Shortly after we at ZW exposed Chad as a pedophile, he modified his Instagram to advise:

Oh, yes, Chad, we have been. You’re going down.

We don’t underestimate the “Fakio Factor”. You’re a sleazy reprobate and pedophile, Chad. The sneakiest most disgusting members of society. Don’t underestimate us, either. We’re the best group of haters on the Internet and we’re taking you out.

By the way, nice firearm- see you posing with it a number of times on IG…it appears to be in your house in this picture, Chad. Yet another parole violation.

Chad says ” you can be anything you want in life”.

Chad? You actually can’t. You can’t be soliciting underage girls for celebrities as a means of procuring them for yourself. Stop listening to GetaLife and start following the conditions of your parole. 

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