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Chad Fakio the Pedo Just Had a Baby!

ZW Update:

Chad Fakio


Diaper Sniper

Check out this snippet of info Lame Equis dropped:

Remember Shianna? She’s the idioit girlfriend that was threatening people over the exposure of Chad’s pedophilia among other things.

Should we be more concerned for her sanity or the child’s future?

Catch up on Fakio Drama here:

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Chad Fakio the Pedo Just Had a Baby!

ZW Update: Chad Fakio aka Diaper Sniper Check out this snippet of info Lame Equis dropped: Remember Shianna? She’s the idioit girlfriend that was threatening people over the exposure of Chad’s pedophilia among other things. Should we be more concerned for her sanity or the child’s future? Catch up on Fakio Drama here: Related



  1. Doesn’t that confound you? A sex positive I’m your face I like to fuck kinda lady and your daughter wants no part of dick? Life is full of surprises

  2. JimU113

    That’s 6000 degrees of fucked Fahrenheit.

  3. AmericanTopTeam

    Pedo bear always makes me laugh…then i remember he signifies pedophiles and i cringe

  4. Fuckio, I hold up the maloccia and you will shed bitter tears when you see your child getting the life squeezed out of her half naked ass by a balding moron on social media, whatever forum is in vogue then, we all know selfies and attention whoring aren’t gonna change, nor the pedos waiting to prey on your little princess. See how that works?

    Nah, you’ll be talking about guns n ammo thinking you’re a big shot and giving no fucks about your sperm dump. Bald headed fucknut.

  5. Lame Equis

    She had a lot of injections put in her face.

  6. TJ

    A woman I used to work with got pregnant by a casual sleeping partner and she referred to the child as an oops baby.

  7. @MissTriciaEvans

    I think people should apply for a permit to be able to have a child

  8. €r2

    Honestly even this pervert guy has a very beautiful woman. I can never have one like this except for escorts. She is very beautiful

  9. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I’ll take a stab about what will happen in 5 years.
    He’ll either abuse the kid or use the kid to lure friends home and abuse them.
    People will stand around and say, ‘Wow, we didn’t see that coming’
    He’ll get bored of his ‘wife’ because she will be too old for him in 5 years.
    Scary crap. This all could of been solved with a skydiving no parachute scenario.

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      I’m not a parent, I’d assume good parents would google their kids friends parents. How the fuck is he gonna ever be allowed to drop this child off at school?

    • Lame Equis

      They are not together anymore.

    • This cocksucker violated probation in a major way – by hitting on young girls in Nevada and he’s OUT already? That’s fucked UP

  10. SDD


    To pull a few lines from Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta:”

    “Been around the world and found
    That only stupid people are breeding
    The cretins cloning and feeding”

    These two are definitely cretins cloning and breeding.

  11. Sammi Jo

    He has to have more than 1 child… this dude is a certified egg dropper

  12. Stelio Kontos

    Diaper Sniper is locked up for a minute right? CPS / DCFS will take care of this (hopefully sooner rather than later)

  13. The Bad Seed

    He looks like a chomo. Feel bad for the baby. His mom is a cum guzzling vaped twat & dad is a low down gay as fuck twat who so happened to get so fucked up one night, he stuck it into this std dick in this bitch. Eewew just re.

  14. AmericanTopTeam

    Why in the WORLD would you have a baby with someone who has these issues…

    • TJ

      It was probably an oops baby.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Upvoted for oops baby hahaha

      • Lame Equis

        I’ve heard from mutual acquaintances that she actually got pregnant on purpose to try to trap him. She was in love with him at one point. She thought he was the best thing that happened to her and he probably was. She was a small town girl and he took her to LA with lots of promises. Not sure if she stayed in LA or not but i did hear they broke up and he is not involved in the kids life.

    • Habib Fazil

      Baby bonus cheques?

  15. Maia

    I’m just happy she had a boy, and I hope this fucking moron quits while she’s ahead.

  16. Mallory Knox

    Thank u for posting the previous threads! I missed so much!

  17. Digitus impudicus

    Why do pieces of shit reproduce? Too bad this stupid whore didn’t have a miscarriage. That spawn is fucked.

    • RebelStripes


    • TJ

      Meth is the ultimate fertility drug. Professional couples spend thousands of dollars unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, but meth users get pregnant at the drop of a crystal.

    • Haze Bo'

      Meanwhile, good, decent, not-douchey people are trying to have shit bums so they can just be normal & raise the
      with support & love. Between that & kids with terminal illness, I understand why folks question there being a higher power

    • El Hijo De Fistfight

      Can’t afford condoms or the morning after pill. But most of these vapid bitches think a baby will bring them a meaning to their empty lives & a solid 18 year pay check.

      • Lame Equis

        Chad can barely support himself lol. He’s out of the “photographer” title thanks to him being exposed on this site. He is friends with some people who had insta game but it’s all fizzled out quite a bit. His only income was the bong buddy. An invention to clean bongs. He was probably pimping out girls and getting a cut. That’s my guess.

  18. MsConduct

    Gross. That’s worse than both Dead Tooth and Sharkey having babies combined.

  19. TJ

    If she had a child by a pedophile there is no reason to be concerned about her sanity because it is nonexistent. But since she appears to be a child, she and the baby are both in danger.

    • Mallory Knox

      Children are so precious. This hurts my heart.

      • Digitus impudicus

        Then it should be taken away and given to mature, responsible people to raise.

        • Haze Bo'

          I hope people of my generation (born in 83) who dont have kids of their own, are open fostering. We need more mature, responsible people to be open to raising kids who need the environment change/guidance. It’s awful when hear of sick fuqs abusing the system being creeps to foster kids. People are the worst

          • El Hijo De Fistfight

            One of my loser cousins had “Such a big heart” she called the kid she was taking care of “Foster check”. But her share of the family only saw her as a good person opening her home to the less fortunate.

          • Haze Bo'

            Ugh, I forgot there’s checks involved. That’s also heartbreaking because the kids have no choice but to survive the environment they’re given. That’s what I mean about people abusing the system. Seems like it would be a lot easier to just get a job then unload your tragic baggage on a foster kid for cash. Do it cuz you want to help, not to get some subpar check or to diddle kids. Wonder how much ‘ol foster check was bringing in?

          • El Hijo De Fistfight

            I have no doubt the child had a better living condition while he was there and that his needs were taken care of, but I know not all of that money goes to the kids. Same way child support doesn’t need to be $500 a week for one child but that’s the judgement that was place on one of my friends. It’s a fucking shame when he sees the child’s mother turn up in a new car every 18 months.

          • o3mta3o

            I dated a guy in high school whose mom did fostering for cash. Also bred dogs for cash.
            She never said how much she got per kid but I can tell you they were crammed in there pretty tight. The home was clean however chaotic. She had a fas child with massive migraines she’d just leave screaming in the kitchen cause “you can’t do anything for her”.
            I do know she got a 10k tax refund every year tho. On top of whatever.

          • And tbe whole fam sits around watching the dogs bang it out.
            This is what I picture whenever people say they breed dogs or cats.

          • o3mta3o

            Yeah. That’s about right. And on off days you see dogs in diapers.

          • My daughter is adamant wanting her tubes tied. This really is no world to bring a baby into for reals so i say nothing.

          • o3mta3o

            I didn’t avoid getting knocked up all these years to end up with some other bitch’s kid reminding me I’m not their mother.

      • OCgirl12

        Ugh right ? Hate this guy prob the most out of everyone posted on this site.

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