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CJ Sparxx: Going For The Lifeless Sex Doll Look

ZW Submission: ~JimU113~

This is Cassandra Sienega, AKA CJ Sparxx. Her name previously appeared as one of the arrested in the Paradise Challenge(d) Bali adventure.

I was on FB Instaho patrol when I came across this photo. She is supposedly promoting someone who “glammed” her up. Thing is, what in the bluest of blue hells is her head shaped like? It looks like it belongs on a cheap sex toy.


  1. Maia

    For fucks sake, who is going to fork over 36 bucks a month to look at this butterface?

    • TJ

      The only person I’d pay to follow is Tiffany Vine. But that would be for the entertainment value, not to look at her face.

  2. AmericanTopTeam

    Lol all 3 of the last comments had me rolling

  3. JimU113

    Between Sparky here and Scars, it seems posing for Bottom Tier Playboys Causes deformity to one’s body. Or, they just stupid enough to go full fugly. Never go full fugly.

  4. Stelio Kontos

    She gotta Robert Palmer video she needs to get to?

    Yeah, that’s a “Simply Irresistible” reference.
    Remember, I am a Counter Intelligence Specialist for the PCM.
    If a brother asks “what’s that old video with all dem white broads that look the same?” I am there to provide answers.

  5. Tuco

    I’d rather have a beer with Bubba Sparxx than even be in the same room with this insta clone

  6. AmericanTopTeam

    Whats with her freakishly long face??

  7. TJ

    She has a nice body and a cute face. But it looks like the head was superimposed on the body.

  8. TJ

    This is for the 80s music fans. Who wants to take Ms. Sparxx to Cool Places?

  9. €r2

    Beauty is inside lol.

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