Clearing up Confusion

A post by Prince Nasir Ali Kalappa

This was originally posted on the zerowing disqus channel by PNAK

Hello Zero Wing

I hope this message finds you well,

There are many people wondering why they haven’t seen a recent submission from me,
PrinceNasir Ali Kalappa in a long time on The Dirty…

This post will address the reasons why The Dirty hasn’t been graced with a Royal submission from The Prince. I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion as to why I’m not submitting on The Dirty anymore!

When I had gone on my submission and commenting hiatus because I was busy, Nik Richie had made this motherfucking cocksucking comment.

He was calling me out, so of course I responded in true Prince fashion!

My comment to him addressing his inflammatory asshole comment can be found by direct links when I reply to this submission. There are other The Dirty posts in question that I will also add links to in my comment.

So let’s rehash some points that I had made addressing Nik Richie.

‘That’s on me? Correct it is but you are forcing my hand as of late…..

Ran out of content to share? Hardly!!! Ran out of content to share with you, Nik? Possibly…..

I have a ridiculous amount of intel, pictures, video and writing saved up. There is new information
and leads coming to me almost every day. After all it was JV who named me President of the D.I.A., for good reasons!

False promises? I have promised a lot and what I do takes a great deal of time and effort. Everything
that was promised WILL come, eventually. I have to admit it hasn’t come at the pace that I or anyone else would like.

I am giving you a chance Nik, to recant your statement and/or apologize, I realize that you are upset but that was extremely backhanded and harsh, even for you….

I hope you realize the asset that I have been to your site, it is up to you how you would like to respond to my comment. I’m going to give you a little forewarning Nik, tread carefully or my next submission might just be about you……’

When I had posted this comment under the ‘Blood Diamond’s Snake Skin’ submission of course it was locked up in moderation. I said to JD through DM on Instagram ‘Hey JD I have a comment awaiting moderation in the Blood Diamond post. Can you make it go live when you get a chance, please’

JD replied to me ‘Not at computer today. Sorry about that’

I just replied ‘okay thanks’

What I really wanted to say is ‘yo motherfucker!!!! you can moderate fucking comments from your motherfucking phone, you are obviously on your motherfucking phone right now, you replied to my DM almost instantaneously. I truly enjoy you telling me your motherfucking NONSENSE FALSE reply because you’ve shown to me now that you are a motherfucking BITCH as well!!! My comment was
calling out your boss, Nik Richie and he, you and the rest of The Dirty staff are just so motherfucking butthurt to not moderate my comment, which you can do from your motherfucking phone. It’s not The Princes’ fault that I’m just that good at shattering motherfucking egos!!!! Now go and make my comment live you tranny chasing motherfucking BITCH!!!!!!’

My comment was taken out of moderation after motherfucking 20 hours!

I also want to clear up confusion that has occurred by MANY people! JD and JV are two completely separate people that both are The Dirty staff!

Let’s start with JV, his nickname is Junior Varsity so he goes by JV for short, his real name is Anthony Kotzev.

His regular Disqus profile name was ‘JV”

He had this pic as his avi for a long time.

He later converted his profile to DeadTupac after the Dead President’s had ransacked The Dirty with an avi of Tupac. He still keeps his Disqus profile like this to this day…

JV is also a longtime friend of Nik Richie and has been The Dirty staff for many years. Here are some pictures of JV so that everyone can realize who he is.…


Now moving on to JD or Justin DoCanto

He has always had some sort of iteration of JD as his Disqus profile

His avi had changed a few times, these are two pictures that he had used for his Disqus avi in the past.

JD is only a fairly recent hire to The Dirty, he came on in April of 2015. He was hired to help moderate when The Dirty had become Disqus based. This is the reason I had gone to him on IG to approve my comment that was locked up in moderation……

More pics of JD


As I’ve said MANY confuse these two as the same person.

JV has a penchant for filthy strippers, whores and porn stars. JD has fondness for trannys and he has white knighted for Emily Sears on multiple occasions, he has met her a few times through a mutual friend…

TwoTrickPony who is fucking awesome had even got them confused…..

He was replying to JV with a pic of Emily Sears while JD was the one who white knighted for her in the past…

I previously thought they both were cool. JV had made multiple comments calling out my boy, SPURS FAN and JD was extreme asshole, lying to me when I asked him to make my comment to Nik go live. Here is one of JV’s comments

Oh he is truly fucked for this and his other comments!

These had happened in a thread that will also have a link in my comment if you’d like to check them out.


When JV was making his comments about SPURS FAN, SPURS had replied to one of them. His comment was quickly removed and he was then banned. This had happened 16 days ago now and SPURS is still banned on The Dirty…..

A closer look at the comment in question.

Before I continue, I just want to make known that SPURS is my boy, he is one of only a very few commenters that I’d consider a real friend. My comment to Nik ‘That’s awesome! If he was banned I’d be out too’ Well SPURS FAN is still banned just another fucking reason I’m out….

When I had said this ‘I am giving you a chance Nik, to recant your statement and/or apologize, I realize that you are upset but that was extremely backhanded and harsh, even for you….’ I still had never received any type of response from him….

I later had said this ‘I hope you realize the asset that I have been to your site, it is up to you how you would like to respond to my comment. I’m going to give you a little forewarning Nik, tread carefully or my next submission might just be about you……’

Did this motherfucker think that I was kidding? I have EPIC filth on Nik, I can destroy him if I’d like!!!

I just want to state because of these reasons ZW is The Princes’ new Royal home!

Warmest regards,

Prince Nasir Ali Kalappa



  1. Forever_Lurking

    Was wondering where you went! Im so firken happy to see all my favorite commenters here

  2. AP

    he doesn't pay you, fuckin do it big lol. There is nothing patented about the idea of a gossip site for the regular folks. He certainly didn't "invent" the idea, he just perfected it.

    It's good to have some competition. It drives success. Perhaps if Nik had real competition instead of tagyoursponsor (good attempt, don't like the platform/format, haven't checked it out in a while but they took a while to update as well in the past) he may have had the motivation to keep it up to par instead of settling for mediocrity.

  3. SoLongAndThanksForAl


  4. Spartacus

    I think we have all become tired of P4P (Pay 4 Posts) from hookers, Tranny obsessed staff and jealous posts from girls in unknown Canadian towns.

  5. Spartacus

    Just to be clear, The Prince is always welcome in our little corner of the Cheshire countryside.

  6. We have no affiliation with Nik Richie.

  7. You're part of the crew now.

  8. SoLongAndThanksForAl

    Spurs fan found his way here.

  9. SoLongAndThanksForAl

    I know I'm not really apart of the crew, more of an onlooker from the sidelines. But damn, you guys make me laugh. I found the commenters to be far more entertaining than Nik and his fake content.

  10. scott

    so where did spurs fan end up is he here?

  11. nitemare dressed as

    Totally agree.
    We were invaded over there.

  12. Mary Magdalene

    You have a point, but Nik isn't really the issue. It's his brainwashed followers in the comments.

  13. Tokyo sexwhale

    So then, this site is going to be a "pretend to hate Nik" one but still controlled by him.
    I see.

  14. Dixie Darlin'

    Agreed. Love all the familiar faces.

  15. Luxe

    This site rocks! Its so nice to see PNAK, Ms. P, Dawn, and everyone else commenting again. RIP Dirty.

  16. Prince likes to make us wait on the really good stuff 🙂

  17. Crabby

    Out of curiosity, why not spill the previously unknown beans about Nik? Thanks for your great work.

  18. Scorpio

    It is good to know that you are out there, keeping track of all of it.

  19. miss piglet

    Jesus, I missed so much. Good for you Prince. I told you that I would follow you anywhere!!!

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