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  1. MalloryKnox666

    <img src='; border='0' alt='IMG_20171229_163853_915'/>
    I know they check the comments here. They should know its not cool to try and lure young naïve girls into sex work. Its disgusting. Funny how she forgot to add the part about the pimp keeping everything but the clothes on your back when you leave.

  2. MalloryKnox666

    Dallas hoe track stars made a fake account to follow me on IG. I posted a screenshot of one of them soliciting other sex workers, from their IG story, with a comment about living the dream of working the hoe stroll. With in 20 minuets I got a DM. <img src='; border='0' alt='Screenshot_2017-12-29-17-54-49'/>

  3. Fuck

    I have the worst picture of do I post it?

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