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Coochi Rash Escapes Terror Attack in Turkey

ZW Submission: [Ertu]

Toochi Cash Escapes Bomb Attack in Turkey


Hello ladies and gentlemen,
As you know, there was a bomb attack in a famous night club Reina in turkey on new years day.

And your famous american model (as they say so in turkish media) was there with a guy who is acting in reality show called Gigolo in america. They say they hardly bailed out. (Ease up on the “famous” there, Ertu LOL -QoT)

(LOL – nice hashtag spelling there Mr Armand, you’re clearly a clever one  ~QoT~)
One of you guys tell these guys that Turkey is not a good choice to celebrate the new years. By the way, is this guy a real gigolo? We already know what Toochi does tho. And lastly, those who died mostly were foreigners and my thoughts are going for those who died and were injured.
Happy new year to y’all guys


This really is a tragedy. 2 insta-famous idiots could have been taken at once. *sigh* Instead innocent people who were probably fucking decent humans that don’t traffic insta-whores to fund their lifetyle, were hurt or killed. What the fuck?! ~QoT~


  1. oneluv14

    Who is Toochi Kash and what does she do for a living? Is she a whore Ike Julia Wolf?

  2. AmericanTopTeam

    He is a gigolo for a show on showtime he works in Las Vegas even on the show they goof on the retard gigolos and they fuck the fattest weirdest chicks EVER

  3. Persephone

    Whoa! Was thinking about you Ertu after I read the paper this morning (yes… I read the actual paper, I like the tangible feel, the frustration of keeping it open, no I’m not old) glad you’re ok. I saw this [first] pic and thought it was Ashley alexiss, the other one… well you guys can see it. (I think I improved him)

  4. Digitus impudicus

    Thanks, love!

  5. Lilly

    She’s been dating Ash. Her last man died somehow. Anyone know what happened to him.

    • Digitus impudicus

      He realized he was fucking a whore and died from the shame.

    • TwoTrickPony

      I have yet to receive my 2017 Wilke “implied nude” hand autographed calendar. Can you talk to your brother? And I was promised soiled panties for pre-ordering. I mean, WTF?

      • Happy Pants

        Do different “soilings” have different price brackets?

      • smugjew

        That calendar is what the tech industry would refer to as “vaporware.”

        Implied Order Fulfillment would be more accurate.

  6. €r2

    Well i am easing up but all media exposes them world- famous models. Thats too ridiculous. And yeah he had one job to do but as the qot said he took very decent people’s lives.

  7. Maia

    Did these morons miss the porn is now free memo? Who pays to see between 1 and 6 minutes of soft porn? Some of these so-called porn clips are 1 and a half minutes long! That’s some quick fapping!

  8. Stelio Kontos

    Please tell me no one has mentioned “struggle pimp”…

  9. Sammi Jo

    If her expression tells us what we need to know about “Turkish coffee” welp…that’s not good

    • Digitus impudicus

      OMG, is that the dog, I think it’s name is Denver, who is ashamed? Too f-ing funny!!!

  10. Happy Pants

    Her picture where she’s getting ready to suck off a strawberry and looks like the Tin Man from Oz is the totally appropriate way to express your sympathy for the victims of a mass murder…c’mon karma, get your shit together and take care of this trash.

  11. Vicki Vallencourt

    I think he is the gigalo who does the fire dancing. they are all gross but I’m team brace

    • Sammi Jo

      Bruh! That “speedo” is not flattering

      • Vicki Vallencourt

        im betting the printed bottoms are distracting from his bumpy genitals

      • Persephone

        Dead tooth be makin Holmes wear those in pink in black this summer

    • I see the Naked Cowboy is taking his post new year’s vaycay

    • Darlene Conner

      Ew, ew, ew. He is the same age as me but I would have guessed he was close to 50. Not my type at all. Gross. Also, he looks really different depending on the pic. In some they seem to have tried unsuccessfully to photoshop and filter the douche out.

    • Stelio Kontos

      That first pic looks like a top with a wicked powerful training tool

    • €r2

      Do i need to have a body like his to be a gigolo?

    • Digitus impudicus

      If I could caption his bellybutton, it is totally saying, “Help me. I’m stuck on this shittastic douche.”

    • Persephone

      NASTY! He’s only 30!? Oh my gosh that’s sad. Nice shorts dip shit.

  12. Motherfucking ackbat had ONE FUCKING job…One job and he fucked that shit up.

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