ZW Submission: [Ertu]

Toochi Cash Escapes Bomb Attack in Turkey


Hello ladies and gentlemen,
As you know, there was a bomb attack in a famous night club Reina in turkey on new years day.

And your famous american model (as they say so in turkish media) was there with a guy who is acting in reality show called Gigolo in america. They say they hardly bailed out. (Ease up on the “famous” there, Ertu LOL -QoT)

(LOL – nice hashtag spelling there Mr Armand, you’re clearly a clever one ย ~QoT~)
One of you guys tell these guys that Turkey is not a good choice to celebrate the new years. By the way, is this guy a real gigolo? We already know what Toochi does tho. And lastly, those who died mostly were foreigners and my thoughts are going for those who died and were injured.
Happy new year to y’all guys


This really is a tragedy. 2 insta-famous idiots could have been taken at once. *sigh* Instead innocent people who were probably fucking decent humans that don’t traffic insta-whores to fund their lifetyle, were hurt or killed. What the fuck?! ~QoT~