ZW Update: Courtney Stodden


The last time we featured Courtney Stodden on ZW, she had just shaved her head and was garnering plenty of attention for her new look. Well her latest attention grab is a little more tacky and a lot more NSFW, but it did make me laugh – although probably not in the way Ms Stodden intended.

“I wanted to put something out there this holiday season that would make people giggle,” she says.”I feel levity is needed for Christmas 2016.”

Cunty Courtney has released her weirdly erotic Christmas song and video Kiss Me Under My Mistletoe Bikini under the name Courtney Cane. Apparently the song is about her crush on Saint Nick (jeez I knew she liked old fat men with money, but this is ridiculous) and it’s loaded with festive sexual innuendo.

Courtney said: “‘Mistletoe Bikini’ is basically a song about how I’ve always had a crush on Santa Claus ever since I was a little girl,” Stodden told FOX411. “The song [and video] is about my crush and you know, maybe a little later in the video we have an affair behind Mrs. Claus’ back. It’s fun and it’s really catchy.”

Catchy? The only catchy thing about this is the STDs poor Santa is coming into contact with here.

Although Santa probably gives no fucks about whatever venereal disease Courtney will pass on, not only is he married to the ugliest Mrs Claus ever portrayed in a video, a couple years back she did a sexual Santa shoot, so he’s probably thinking “…can’t catch what you’ve already got!”.

My fave line in the song would have to be “I know you’re fat and all but you can slide down my chimney any time…”

Let’s play a game. If you can sit through almost three and half minutes of this – tell us your favourite line and innuendo Courtney Cane delivers in this auto tuned Christmas monstrosity.