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Did Jen Wilke Get New Bolt-Ons and a Sponsor?

ZW Submission: GregFail

Jen Wilke is on Holiday Again…


But hey isnt she always? Anyways does everyone find it suspect that a month after her LA trip where she was begging for money the whole time she is now posting pictures from an unannounced beach resort location?


I also think she got her boobs done and these pictures show that. In the wake of her losing her 2 million plus fan page it seems she is doing ok by taking an end of the summer (after working so hard all year) beach vacation.

So is she FINALLY sponsored now or is this what the GoFundMe was really for – a lonesome vacay?

Greg, you didn’t include the shitload of hashtags she has been putting on these pics. This dipshit uses hashtags like a teenager uses emojis 😁😜👅😉💥🐵💁  👉👌😜 ~QoT~



  1. marciababii

    Talking about emojis can we put emojis on her pics to cover her face. She makes the crypt keepers look cute.

  2. She’s just so plain. No personal style either, just your basic “I’m a cute girl” sartorial cues.

  3. AmericanTopTeam


  4. AmericanTopTeam

    She should stfu not comment never let anyone record her hideous voice and start taking topless pictures. You are running out of time Jen you need to lock a sugar daddy ASAP

  5. Scorpio

    She needed to do both of those things, so good for her if she did. That is, she needed to both get her boobs done and land a “sponsor”.

  6. Dead Man's Dog

    There’s a blue/green algae bloom in that pool!!

  7. Dead Man's Dog

    Good spotting, looks more like a city public pool with those big numbers on the side.

  8. Lol. You never go full ‘This’…

  9. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    begging for money isn’t a job?

  10. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Nope, that’s new post modern pre-wave European Ikea furniture. aka pvc

  11. Stelio Kontos

    In all honesty, these are the pics your buddy shows you when bragging about his “mega hot” new gf.
    You look and think “sure, I’d hit, but….meh”. Jen is background hot, not forefront hot (if that makes sense). If she posed exactly like above, only 3ft behind someone posing for a pic – she’d look amazing.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Upvoted for background hot… finally someone nailed what she is… def not ugly but she won’t ever be the center of attention

  12. Persephone

    That’s Bev’s pool. How she really got her hair that color

    • Carolina Belle

      You mean that horrible Harley Quinn wanna be hair? I’m all for multicolored hair (I had rainbow hair for a while) but she needs to focus on her kid and not her hair.

  13. Persephone

    Haaahahah!! That’s hilarious!!

  14. Persephone

    Lol now mom just needs to cut the cord.

  15. Maia

    Said every parent ever!!!!

  16. Pen-a-lope

    Those cankles though…

  17. Bwana

    LOL, Honestly I love my folks, but holy shit after maybe a few days I can’t wait to get out of dodge. I couldn’t imaging living with them at 32. I guess I’d end up a drugged out, delusional hooker with a back page ad just to get away also.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      When staying with family I have a strict 72 hour limit. Any more time than that I get loco

  18. Unityyy

    What a degenerate….32 and cyberbegging.

  19. Looks like she’s been wearing square toed boots for too long.

  20. Bwana

    Proves my point, why go there with her. But if some did they better bring duct tape to shut her trap because you know she’s annoying a fuck

  21. Whitney BeatMe

    Gnarly toes! Like hobbit feet. Gross. Yet another reason to forget about her.

  22. DirtyPopArt

    this girl just needs to quit. Who does begs for money one month then is on vacation the next. Good call OP

    • Unityyy

      That’s probably why out of 2 mil ‘followers’ she got a measly $1k. Her scam is obvious and nobody in their right mind would donate to such a leech. Her vacay looks pretty bottom of the barrel. Everything is smoke and mirrors with this wannabe

      • DirtyPopArt

        exactly. well she only has like 24,000 now since facebook banned her fanpage and she had to go to her backup page now

  23. Bwana

    I find so normal and boring that I can’t even say she has a “cute” quality.

  24. She might be hooking for the weekend at Motel6 with a local John but I don’t see this one having a high end long term sponsor. She’s just too forgettable. There are too many younger and hotter chicks around.

  25. Donnie Darko

    He must be one of the poorer sponsors, Johns if all he could spring for was a Motel 6 or Days Inn in Galveston in August. It’s a 90 degree humid sweat box this time of year. Queen, in your country this is the equivalent of taking a vacation to Darwin in February. Sound appealing?

  26. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    LOL, I was just going to say,, because every millionaire’s house has depth numbers along the side of the pool.

  27. JimU113

    Looks like the Creature From the Black Lagoon has found social media.

  28. JimU113

    She’s a mutant duck.

  29. i think the point the op is trying to make is that someone begging for money for a trip to LA one month shouldnt be on vacation the next

  30. Persephone

    Lives at home with her mom…lol
    I imagine she treats her mom like shit and steals from her purse.

  31. Persephone

    Toe gap lol! It was a two for one special now she can have a one up on the other chicks. She’s now known in the foot fetish community
    “Foot f*uck special” only $9.99

  32. Darlene Conner

    Pool shot looks like motel 6 pool.

  33. Persephone

    They look like upper case U’s. U U

  34. T Tee

    She is SO PLAIN. I just don’t understand the appeal. She’s not ugly by any means but she’s definitely not gorgeous, just… mediocre. With weird ass feet.

  35. AP

    It’s good she’s got the glasses on.

    Distracts from her ol’ Popeye-wonky eyeball

  36. Sir TTP

    The water is brackish, so she not in the Caribbean. Tire tracks on the beach tells me she’s on the East Coast. Open trashcan by the pool says Motel 6. Reflection of cars off sunglasses in second pic tells me the pool fronts a parking lot. This looks worse than 5150’s Myrtle Beach vacation a few months back.

  37. T Tee

    I’m more weirded out by her toes all being an equal length lol

  38. miss piglet

    Christ almighty, I can’t get over those Hobbit feet!

  39. bb

    Who goes away on vacation by themselves -.- she’s such an idiot

  40. AmazonGill

    Wide feet much??

  41. not2slobro

    ……..yup, think?

  42. Dr.Christian Troy

    yikes, her toes are disturbing!

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