ZW Submission: GregFail

Jen Wilke is on Holiday Again…


But hey isnt she always? Anyways does everyone find it suspect that a month after her LA trip where she was begging for money the whole time she is now posting pictures from an unannounced beach resort location?


I also think she got her boobs done and these pictures show that. In the wake of her losing her 2 million plus fan page it seems she is doing ok by taking an end of the summer (after working so hard all year) beach vacation.

So is she FINALLY sponsored now or is this what the GoFundMe was really for – a lonesome vacay?

Greg, you didn’t include the shitload of hashtags she has been putting on these pics. This dipshit uses hashtags like a teenager uses emojis 😁😜👅😉💥🐵💁 ย 👉👌😜 ~QoT~