Dik Itchy Strikes Again

ZW Submission by BoatsNHoes

17 days ago, this post was a front page submission that gained quite a bit of comments due to who the subject was and what the subject was doing..

If you try and visit the post now, this is what you’ll see..

The premise of the post was that Michael H. Scott, who is a well known billionaire, would invite ‘models’ over and pass them around like candy to his guests.


As well as..

Did anyone expect our favorite hooker to not chime in with relevant information?


Just kidding! She was too homely to be used as a mattress so she name dropped a random celebrity and a nudie shot to make herself relevant to the post.

Is she ever genuine?



  1. Ms Conduct

    Ouch, not me. I'd rather keep my left tit. Professional diagnosis isn't needed…she batshit crazy

  2. I would seriously give my left tit to see a professional mental evaluation on her!!

  3. Ms Conduct

    Couldn't help but post. Look where Dik is…verified by Trasha.

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