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Dr Miami Skips Out On His Fuck Up Surgery

ZW Update: Dr Miami

Most of ZW will know Dr Miami as the Snapchatting Surgeon and Dubious Doctor preying on Teen Moms.


The Social Media Specialist is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons right now.

Take a look at a recent surgery he fucked up and is refusing to “fix”.

The caption to this pic says Dr Miami is refusing to correct the issue and has even admitted wrong doing but isn’t rectifying  the issue as the patient shared these images and went public on social media with her pointy, bruised butt; ruining his shiny, impeccable reputation.

I’m on the fence with this one. On one hand; it’s fucking ridiculous to get a Brazillian Butt Lift and I’m wholeheartedly laughing at the irony of paying to get a peachier, fatter ass and ending up with something that looks like some kind of rotting fruit with stretch marks.

And then on the other hand, I think the wannabe celeb Doc should be fixing his fuck up. This is like a Chef in a restaurant sending out the wrong meal, then telling you that yes he fucked it up and no it’s not your fault BUT you must eat it instead of receiving the meal you actually ordered – all because you complained too loudly. Poor bitch did NOT order that ass.

Kinda ironic he would post this image below to his social media…real fucking professional. Shady much?


  1. treehouse

    That’s really bad .

  2. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Where’d you get a future pic of DT?

  3. You cannot believe how many times in x-ray techs are under pressure to perform fast and understaffed and here you are in a trauma with blood everywhere and throwing your radiation dose meter badge across the room because there’s nobody to help you get lead on and a guy is dying in front of you. Like who’s gonna say “wait a sec”? Or worst of all hip x rays in trauma I’ve literally held the film w my fucking chin and had to point the x-ray tube straight into my face. All trauma x ray techs have thyroid problems believe me

  4. Did you know Marie Curie, who discovered radium, died from exposure but also her lab and possessions are stored in a lead lined room I forget where because they are still radioactive

  5. I managed one for six months. It always smelled like cum and all I did was soothe whiners and put tons of money in the bill counter. I hated it.

  6. See, I disagree. I am always blowing out my cheeks and exercising my face and it looks so much better. I looked sad and dead using that theory. And yeah, I have wrinkling around my eyes…From laughing and smiling. Anyone my age with no wrinkles whatsoever is creepy kinda.You know the Apple part of your cheeks? They came back after I said fuck it to the still face thing. I’d rather have those and some crows feet than look flat and sad.

    • Persephone

      I do agree with the laugh and smile “life ” to the face. My best friend, God bless her, her face does not move when she cracks up laughing it is almost like her forehead droops down… make sense?

  7. Whitney BeatMe

    Can you imagine the ass groove she leaves on people’s furniture?!! I’d be calling her up saying I need a new chair. Bring over a cushion to sit on other people’s stuff.

  8. Though I speak only for myself, I stopped doing anything like crunches because I felt like it was exacerbating what I feel is a rectus abdominus separation. None. I would lie flat and super suck in and also did this thing where you blow all your air out and crumple your abs like crushing a beer can. I think it’s called a vacuum move- and that was when shit started tightening up big time. And anyone who has had children via c section or nsvd has some degree of this. Sit-ups are the WORST thing you can do it makes diastasis worse. We all just think like jack lalanne or GI Jane like it’s not good if it doesn’t hurt or you don’t do reps. Fuck that shit I follow no rules other than the mechanics of anatomy now. Fuck reps. I do what I fucking want. It made exercise so much better for me. I started out gi Jane now I’m just a hyper stoner rocking out! Anyone curious about diastasis recti it’s starting to become more “popular” and addressed. One lady on YouTube and the iNet is pretty good and I’ll look her name up if anyone wants me ti. Hint: any broad with a pot belly that won’t ever go away and you can’t suck it in probably should be aware of this problem

  9. 4 out of 5 copper miners in Arizona develops bladder cancer. I’m sure the situation regarding protecting employees via workplace procedures will improve now that Trump gives a huge dookie about America and all.

  10. I honestly feel that control of your ab muscles helps you overcome anxiety and once I figured that theory out I worked at it and it’s true as fuck plus looks good. Just some people, like me, aren’t gonna pay big money to show up for some fucking flute music and a kid telling us what to do including breathing? Fuck no. I can figure this shit out by my own damn self and I am. I will be sharing if I can figure out how to do it my way – I have a real bad attitude about writing shit for free except here, of course. I’m trying super hard to get over that.

    Then, we have cousin fuckers blathering endlessly on blogs nobody gives two shits about. The irony is not lost on me

  11. OCgirl12

    Wow he’s a fucking piece of shit tho -what a fucking ego he has.

  12. Full of **IT!

    What a slime bucket!

    Ladies, I know a tried and true way to get a true fat ass:
    #1) quit your job
    #2) buy a couch or pick up neighbors old one marked “free” by curb
    #3) go to grocery store, 7/11- buy any and plenty of Little Debbie Snack Cakes and a few Liters of Regular Coke, Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew
    #4) park skinny ass on couch, turn on tv and eat to your hearts content.

    One month, you will see results of expanding ass. 3 months – full fat ass guaranteed.

    Oh, and don’t forget to apply for unemployment, food stamps, welfare, etc.


    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      Retire from jack shack, have a kid. Kid will increase your food benefits, opens up 1st in line for FREE Govt. housing.
      Also claim you have CTS from previous job (additional benefits).
      Bitch if your cable isn’t free.

  13. AmericanTopTeam

    Guessing she had a Groupon

  14. Pics or it didn’t happen!! Stop in for a drink, take a pic, make us laugh! Laugh I said! Laugh?!!!

  15. AmericanTopTeam

    What the fuck did he do to her butt??! It looks like an alien is about to slide out of her poop chute.. I’d contact a lawyer that sure looks criminal

    • Donnie Darko

      If he doesn’t have malpractice insurance and is broke like this guy not sure what you can get.

  16. Maia

    It’s a quote from the Titanic!

  17. There is an absolute chemical benefit from flicking your bean. There are drawbacks as well, according to some but fuck them lol

  18. Digitus impudicus

    He looks like a drunken mouse.

  19. He’s got ratface so severely I can’t even. And I despise Botox. Did it twice and while I liked it the first time, I realized I learned what I needed to about keeping your own facial muscles “alert”. A lot of aging shows in letting your face go lax-or in my case, I scowl a lot, which is fine for me if I do it with my lower face not my eyebrows. So I trained myself not to knit my brows perpetually. I thought about it, caught myself often, and retrained my muscles. I felt like I was suffocating with Botox. I also squint when I laugh or genuinely smile and good luck with that when your eye muscles are fucking paralyzed. I might change my mind about Botox but really I felt like someone was squeezing my head all the time. It’s relatively harmless and inexpensive but I’ll pass on having a vapid expressionless face, thank you very much. That being said, this guy looks as shifty as nik Richie and anybody who uses a plastic surgeon who posts the shit he does on social media deserves to drag around a gangrenous ass falife

  20. Kay More

    “I must draw you”. Lol

  21. JimU113

    Not a fan of plastic surgery. However, you fuck up, you gotta man up and make it right if possible.

  22. Lilly

    He has pics on his social media account of some girl dancing on the reception counter. Seems like the whole office is drugged out. I would never even consider going to a doctor like that. He puts on the persona of a first class quack.

  23. Sharkey's Wallet

    Seriously this stupid butt thing needs to end. PS is not perfected yet and they need to stop preying on the stupid who can afford it. This girl has love handles. Who cares about your butt when youre still out of shape? You want good body? 95% diet, 5% workout. Gyms are a scam because people dont learn to eat well and diets are a scam because they are too hard. By 95% diet, I mean just go to a dietician and learn how to permanently eat healthy food and avoid the Sharkey deep fried weekend binge. Or just shit eating in general.

  24. Stelio Kontos

    I wouldn’t let some who uses the term “on fleek” refer me to a doctor, let alone perform surgery on me.

  25. Stelio Kontos


  26. Maia


  27. Scorpio

    “rectifying” he he he.

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      of all the terms they could have used. I guess this one made them feel the smartest.
      ahem butthole.

  28. Yep, I’d be looking for Board Certified and reading reviews and searching for malpractice history.

  29. ZWGGMa

    Just cause someone gets through medical school doesn’t mean they are not an A grade douche….

    • Sharkey's Wallet

      A lot of narcissistic people are able to get through med school and have 0 sense of integrity. The only doctor Id go for plastic surgery is that guy from botched. He deserves a medal.

    • My opinion, and you know i have one, is that people put far too much faith in doctors but then have contempt for them if they don’t write off a magical Rx that works immediately. People take little responsibility for knowing their own fucking anatomy for starters. Doctors can be gifted or they can be mundane and the common thread between the two is rote memorization and critical thinking. Not many doctors today are able to function without an army of allied health doing their grunt work and some of that work includes actually listening to and validating their patients- that alone can solve a myriad of physical problems seeing as many of them arise from emotional distress of some sort. Although I am formally trained and certified as a physicians assistant I admit freely that circumstances forced me away from becoming skilled, but I came into it with way more common sense than many of the boastful morons I sat in class with. I had intended to proceed toward a holistic practice and I just can’t see myself sitting across from a fat slob with back pain or a wizened husk who smokes and not insist on some initiative from patients and that would make me quite unpopular with a majority of people seeking a health care provider. IMO a good way to eliminate shitty physicians from your life is to see how they react when you are educated and aware of the situation in your own freaking body. Too many doctors actively scoff at and eyeroll a patient who attempts to know what is going on or offers opinions regarding possible treatment. If you don’t know the workings of your own freaking being then you’re a Patsy for paternalistic blowhard morons. It’s your body and your health and newsflash, nobody gives a shit half as much as you regarding optimal health; so when you can’t give a shit about what you shove in your gob and run to some punk who had money for med school, memorizes shit well, and has no conception of the reality of real life after 14 years or more in school, don’t be surprised when you wind up popping pills and riding a scooter at Walmart in your old age. That is, if you get that far. Then go see a lawyer after years of shitty food and sitting on your ass because some annoyingly bright asshole who ran the med school gauntlet didn’t save your life. With the internet, I see no excuse for anyone to carry around a sack of organs without knowing where they are and how they function. Those who don’t? Crying about doogie howser not solving their fucking problems? They wind up on so much shit – including painkillers- that it circles right back and in time the blame lands solidly on them, like it was all along. Doctors blame patients for their I’ll health, and I see people all the time who don’t seem to understand that this is an essential truth. The problem is, it’s real easy to do, and patients make it easier by being helpless whining shitheada. Doctors give you shit to shut you up. If you buy the RX and expect miracles you’re gonna have a bad fucking time. Here’s a good example- ABX overuse and cdiff.

      • Maia

        CDIFF nearly killed my mom. She was receiving antibiotics intravenously in the ER and came home with CDIFF. HOW’D THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN?

        • Cdiff is highly highly contagious. That stupid foam shit in hospitals? I believe has now been shown to be utterly awful for you (antibacterial) it has zero effect on cdiff. Only soap and water and bleach kill cdiff – please tell us, hospitals, how much time you allow your staff to use a sink when the joint commission isn’t around. Answer: none. It’s caused by ABX killing all of the probiotic bacteria in the gut and being ineffective against bad bacteria (c difficile) that flourishes in that environment. One of the treatments is fecal transfer- now this can be done via literally, shit pills, but I have seen a fecal transfer performed via enteroclysis – pouring shit into the small bowel via a tube from the mouth. Initially, the poop could only be used from a family member. I remember thinking “well, I’m fucked” since my siblings probably wouldn’t even share their dookie with me if I had cdiff. It’s no fucking joke and I’m so sorry for your mom!. I will say this, when you absolutely must have an antibiotic, (Clindamycin is the culprit in cdiff quite often) I strongly recommend taking a prebiotic and a probiotic at timed intervals. I had to use Clindamycin and I was terrified. I took florastor and a probiotic two hours after every dose of clinda, which I took 4 times a day. Yogurt is not gonna cut it, despite what the commercials say. I’m real militant about protecting yourself from modern medicine. Ask me anything and if I know something I’m delighted to tell people how to win. Don’t forget this story if you have to take ABX, people. I rarely if ever accept an Rx for an antibiotic. You can fight illness in a million simple common sense ways.

          PS: I know, I know, write a book already.

          • AmericanTopTeam

            My father caught flesh eating bacteria in a hospital and ended up losing his leg…went in to have a kidney removed while recovering got the infection lost a leg and almost died…. Sad part is he got a buttload of money but now sits in a wheelchair

          • Persephone

            Noooo!! I’m sorry, that’s horrible

          • I stress the fact that I am completely not surprised. I mean, hospitals are dirty places- but when looking for a scapegoat look no further than management and administration. You’d be surprised how many corners you cringe to consider cutting and yet there you are, either cutting them or keeping quiet when you see others cutting. When your job is at stake and the pressure comes from the people who run the place, you’d be surprised how really good ethical people start going along with it. Then the hospital gets sued and suddenly all that timing and bullshit metrics allows them to zero in on one fucking person and destroy his or her life- that way, when they settle cases they can blame one person and accept no responsibility thensekved.
            I’m so sorry that happened to your father. I can’t imagine how hard that was for all of you.
            Again, though, pretending this shit are isolated incidents allows hospitals to avoid responsibility. Nice place to work, right,? And antibacterial everything including overprescribing antibiotics caused this- not one CNA being rushed and sloppy. Understaffing? Yeah, it’s epidemic and it directly contributes. But all anybody sees or hears about are incompetent nurses or cnas- the least ethical most unempathetic aree actually the most valued by the companies that run these shitholes untill tragedy occurs, then they throw them under the damn bus every time. It happened to an RN I was quite fond of and one day she got hosed regarding a mrsa “trace” – next time I see her she’s in the ER getting charcoaled after attempting suicide. I’m not making this shit up. And ethical doctors have been warning this would happen for over 20 fucking years but billions of antibiotics are handed out to people who insist on them but don’t need them. Why? Hmmm. Who profits from that? Drug companies aren’t gonna tell doctors to protest ABX till it’s a problem. Then they go after one scapegoat doctor. See a pattern here? See the common denominator? Lobbyists anyone? So glad the companies are finally getting their people cabinet positions in the administration. That’s gonna work out great…But not for us

          • AmericanTopTeam

            My Dad is a shitty person tbh haha My Mom raised the kids taught us to be decent people….when I told my Dad I was feeding Homeless for Christmas his answer “boy you are gonna catch Aids spending time with human garbage”… A real Saint let me tell yah

          • Were you born and raised in the south? That cracker mentality isn’t all his fault if he’s a lifelong native

          • AmericanTopTeam


          • There’s that. I think people such as yourself who somehow grow up to be totally different from their close minded family are the most interesting people to talk to. I’m sure your mother was smarter than them too.

          • AmericanTopTeam

            Yeah she taught me treat everyone the way they treat you…she also told me always be friends with the loners the people who don’t have alot of friends, often times their stories are the most interesting

          • ZWGGMa

            As an RN, I’m not supposed to do peri care. That’s up to the CNAs. Be that as it may, my first assessment of a patient ALWAYS includes a wash up with soap and water for incontinent patients. If I find feces, etc. I have a chat with my CNA… and it’s not always a pleasant little chat. It boils down to WASH THESE PATIENTS… because if I have to do it, I and by extension YOU will not be happy.

            As well as disease prevention and skin care, these things allow time with a patient. It is during these cares that you build the relationship and learn those things that make a quality difference in their lives. I guess I am lucky in that I have FUCK YOU money. An employer tries to prevent me from doing the things that are right, I find another employer.

            I’m sorry these things have happened to your loved ones. All I can say is “not on my watch”.

          • I have worked in x-ray for over 15 year’s total and they put so much pressure on people – they time everything. The sad part is the asskisser techs (and there are asskisser in every profession) start pointing fingers at others to cover up their own inadequacy – like crabs in a barrel. So here you have someone trundling giant pieces of portable machinery and reusable cassettes from one patient to another under pressure to be the fastest. No bueno. I mean, you get good at bagging and contact precautions if you want to, but sadly, I see a lot of younger new grads not giving a fuck because they want to sit in the CT room and push buttons on their ass and you don’t get there by being conscientious you get there by rushing shit so you can run back to the department and reattach your lips to the managers ass. I used to get off so hard on techs caught being dirty by joint commission spotters. But jcaho is a load of horseshit – a bunch of bossy blowhards talking shit and writing long-winded utopian bullshit and doing fucking nothing about a fucking thing. I know someone who complained about shit to jcaho and those fuckers ran right to the corporation and ratted him out and he got shit canned AND blackballed. Fuck health care. I have horror stories that would blow your mind and the most incompetent ones were always favored and promoted too. I feel like these stories need to be told because there is going to be no recourse for patients once insurance companies get their greedy corrupt paws all over it. Obamacare was the best concept to ever be implemented and insurance companies talked a load of shit and kept themsekves in the equation, waiting like buzzards for this election.

          • AmericanTopTeam

            I agree the concept of Obamacare was exactly what we needed…. Then insurance companies got ahold of it and it turned into a tax on poor people

          • AmericanTopTeam

            I’m super anti antibiotic, they are so over prescribed my oldest shithead brother has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and hearing horror stories about what the over prescription of meds is creating.. infections that shut down your heart in 6 hours?? Fuck me no thank you….

        • OCgirl12

          Omg my mom had SAME identical situation!! We had NO clue unless it was transferred from a caretaker- it nearly killed her she was 90 lbs when it finally got better which took MONTHS! So scary.

          • Maia

            MONTHS! And even now, we’re still not sure it’s one hundred percent gone!

          • OCgirl12

            UGH the WORST ! I think I have PTSD from experience….. hopefully it’s GONE !

          • I am starting a trial of fulvic acid. I will let u know what I think though you may want to check it out it can help recolonize the colon after cdiff

      • Maia

        Do you know how many fellow Veterans I know who have PTSD and are on about 8 different meds? The best medicine for me is to go for a hike. Get outside. Go in the woods. Take a ride to the middle of nowhere. If you’re lousy with people, get a job where you work alone or have limited contact with people. Ups or FedEx comes to mind. There are ways to cope without being drugged the fuck out by some quack shrink at the VA.

        • I have to agree- while there’s no doubt PTSD has neurochemical components, and the effects of PTSD can be seen on imaging studies in some cases, I (diagnosed with PTSD after being crippled by anxiety) am very interested in, benefit from, and am trying how to promote a physical based self-healing agenda. Who else do you want explaining some of that hippy dippy yoga shit to you besides me? I honestly think my profane style and necessity based ghetto “yoga” (and I don’t even know yoga, but I know I’ve somehow learned it) has changed me in a meaningful way. I think about writing about what I’m learning every day. My “poses” are far from your spiritual phony bullshit and I do them on a shitty abandoned swingset or my garage but they certainly work since I’m now built like a damn marine (respect to all who serve) for a bitch my age. I honestly do look 10 years younger than I did 2 years ago. This is why I experiment w my IG – I want everyone to have a “club Dawn” . I have to work up the nerve to show or explain stuff like the “porn star” and the “gay ass musical move” which are some of the names I give my exercises. I think there is a whole untapped market for an “instructor” who teaches you how to “exercise your ass off and take all the bullshit off your crown” and how to teach yourself to move and heal. My version of namaste? Is “I don’t give a FUCK” it’s a mantra. Lol

          • Maia

            Exactly! Just fucking move! You’ll feel so much better!

          • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

            Sometimes Doc’s take away the fun part of exercise. I miss being able to kick something really hard after a long day at work. I couldn’t advance any more in martial arts because I shouldn’t take a kick to the chest anymore. I lost almost 175 lbs doing martial arts and now I am afraid to balloon up again.

          • Maia

            Walk!!! Just bundle up and go!!!

          • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

            Bundle up? It is 74 here. I am fixing to go do my impression of a beached whale. I have to be careful at the beach though. Last time I took of my shirt, they called the zoo.

          • Maia

            Lol! You can do it! It’s about 32 here with a Nor’ester coming!

          • So true. I recommend Bluetooth sport earbuds- I fucking love walking now. And I do the wackiest shit- no timed crap, no holding poses interminably, no rules nothing but isometrics and moving it really works. I’ll post a b and a of my abdomen -on my IG when I figure out how I want to say what I want to say. and it took almost three years to get rid of it and it’s still in progress.

            Full disclosure: I exercise when I’m super high.

          • Maia

            I’m a work in progress, too!!

          • What about Latin dancing? Don’t laugh I am a pretty good belly dancer just from watching YouTube I can do thriller from start to finish…I teach myself stuff a tiny bit at a time. I’m gonna give a recital iny garage. Everyone is invited. Lol

      • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

        There is a fine line with ABX use versus overuse. I have already had Mersa and I don’t want to have it again, but I will take antibiotics when pneumonia is seen on a chest x-ray. I am currently going through wondering if my Doc’s are quacks. I have had the stress echo for 3 years and they suddenly find an aortic aneurysm.

        • OCgirl12

          Yikes!! I had MRSA 3 years ago , it was awful!

          • I recommend taking turmeric or trying to use it in your food it can protect you from an outbreak. And also buy tea tree oil pads like strides type thing and swab your nose if you notice you have any boils or bumps on your skin. They can colonize w mrsa BC once you have it it’s always in your nose.

          • OCgirl12

            Yep I heard that how disgusting ! But so get this – my mom just told me one doc said it was a step or staph and the other said it was MRSA ? Why would they say that and are they diff ?

          • Well, mrsa stands for methycillin resistant staphylococcus aureus. It’s a strain of staph that morphed out of doctors giving out antibiotics like candy – it morphed into a whole new strain of staph that is almost impossible to kill. Methycillin is the n bomb for staph infections and they used it imprudently and now there is nothing to treat mess with. And streptococcus can also manifest cutaneously (on the skin) and systemically. It’s staphs cousin kinda and can look similar. Only culturing can determine in some cases

          • OCgirl12

            Yikes! Thank you so much for all of this info I really have taken it really seriously.I am looking for those swab things online. Thank you love

        • They want to cath lab you? Get a second opinion. Seriously. And quickly. Bring all your most recent imaging studies. Bring a memory stick to the hospital and see if Dicom allows that. They will want to give you a CD and noplace uses CD ROM anymore. I am out of the loop about memory sticks and Dicom

          • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

            Actually, I get my second opinion from someone on January 11th. We have the choice of multiple cardiac centers, and I may just visit all three. I am still just wondering how a nationally ranked hospital didn’t find it until they were told it was there.

          • Is it in your abdomen?

          • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

            Nope, Ascending Aorta.

          • I know there are size guidelines that indicate whether resection is recommended. I wish you all the best!

          • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

            I would like to say thank you for all the laughs you have given us so far. Yes, I am stuck in the evaluation phase now.. Checks every 6 months util it reaches 5.5. They have reduced my blood pressure/pulse to the lowest I can go so it should buy me some time. I really do like the community here at ZW.

    • Persephone

      Someone has to be bottom of the class

  30. Maia

    This joke has another IG page and a “show” on Facebook. He does live exams. If he’s responsible for this lumpy dumpster, he should surrender his medical license.

  31. Maia


  32. Maia

    Just a head’s up to the ZW Nation, not that you’re stupid, but my Dad’s Dr. in Miami misdiagnosed my Dad with pneumonia when he actually had mesothelioma. My Dad took antibiotics for months, but passed away within 6 months of being wrongly diagnosed. If you don’t have minor children, there’s no such thing as malpractice in Florida. Don’t get health care in Florida if you can help it. Edited. There’s a ridiculously short statute of limitations.

    • Ms Conduct

      Thanks for the heads up.
      I’m so sorry to hear that happened to your Dad.

    • Gadda Bait

      Maia, so deeply sorry for your loss. Bless you and your family during such heartbreaking difficult times.

    • No personal injury shyster wanted a piece of meso? That’s insane. It’s the hottest thing going because they get the employer AND the doctor who misdiagnosed. I’m so sorry for your loss and have great sadness considering what your poor father went through. PS the Sol for meso via tort is longer than the one for malpractice and you may want to try calling a PIA about this

      • Maia

        I did. I was told that because he had no minor children, good luck with that. Florida’s health care sucks and their malpractice sucks. He was misdiagnosed there and properly diagnosed in Boston. Too late. I was told he would have died anyway, so it’s not like he could have been cured. Maybe, but I bet he may not have suffered like he did.

        • It’s a horrible illness usually caused by workplace exposure to asbestos. My uncle died from this- he worked in the shipyard in new Jersey and brooklyn. Make sure you call at least one other attorney. I do know there is some kind of trust fund for victims and if your mother is living she is entitled to a claim if this wasn’t idiopathic.

          • Maia

            There is a trust fund. 5k per victim. My Dad had the same job for 46 years. Worked his way up to the executive level at, you guessed it, a huge abrasives company. All that dust, girl.

          • Donnie Darko

            My dad’s cousin got $1 million for mesothelioma. Don’t know the details. In Florida Dr’s aren’t required to have malpractice insurance, just inform the patient on the initial visit and have them sign a form stating you are aware the Dr doesn’t have malpractice insurance. Probably has to do with medical lobbyists bribing in the Florida House and Senate. I know it’s expensive but if people are required to have insurance to drive a car Dr’s should be required to have insurance also.

          • Maia

            No malpractice. Ain’t that a hoot? No wonder why there’s a doctor on every corner in Florida.

          • Coming soon to a state you all live in. Thanks, Trump!

          • This political climate does not bode well for future workers. It is horrific that we squandered all the protections we take for granted because America treats politics like a football game or a bitch fight. Employers don’t give a FUCK about anyone and now it looks like they don’t even have to pretend to.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Trust me I know…I was misdiagnosed for 6 months lost an organ as a result developed an awesome drug problem due to being prescribed 500mg of oxy a day although that’s a toxic dose for my bodyweight and when I said hey this doesn’t seem right the physician said I can’t treat you anymore BUT I’ll write you 6 months of pain pills scripts(illegal as fuck) btw he is still practicing in good old Florida

      • Maia

        It’s fucking disgusting. I’m glad you’re still with us and off the oxy!!

        • AmericanTopTeam

          Thanks it was hell to go through but you truly learn to appreciate life and the people who at your lowest were still with you.. I’ll never be able to thank my Mother enough 3 hours after me telling her I needed help I was omw to a 6 month stay in rehab

          • Maia

            Good for you for admitting it and kudos to Mom for understanding!

      • It’s YOUR fault, ATT. This is how they frame this fuckery. It pisses me off ergo my novel on this thread

        • AmericanTopTeam

          Yep the second mentioned that I was concerned about my treatment I was heave hoed right outta the office

  33. Sammi Jo

    Why pay for a good surgeon when you can own bags and shoes LMFAO

  34. Sammi Jo

    And another thing…I can’t believe this fool tagged his pic with “forehead on fleek”

    “Why I oughta”

  35. TwoTrickPony

    Maybe the landlord cut the power during the procedure? When a supposed MD gets sued twice by a landlord leasing them the very place where they purport to practice surgical procedures, the sign says run. Away. Quickly.

    I hereby assign 51% blame for the tragedy to the bitch that evidently can’t Google.

  36. Maia

    I wonder if this is the clown responsible for the concave botched +2s belonging to Tessa, roommate of Chompers and bff to Lhommedont. Those were purchased in Miami during that stoopid electronic dance festival whorathon.

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