ZW Free Post Friday 

Derpy Edition

It’s  Friiiiiday! This week FPF is all about derpy insta-whores.

Luxe sent in the video that started it all. I present to you, Nicolette Shea in all her boring, derpy glory (complete with Porno soundtrack):


Next in line for a Derp Award is Jen Wilke. Is she on another planet or did she not realise she’s promoting the most hated person on social media right now – Dani Mathers?

And what would a derp inspired post be, without the Princess of Derp – Tricia Evans aka Beverly HurrDuhh-billy?

Why is every thirsty skank dressing up as Harley Quinn right now? I get the movie is big right now, but newsflash sluts – Harley Quinn is no sexy, heroic pin-up. Her character was a subservient, emotionally and physically abused woman who would make herself appear less intelligent to please her “man”. Not so sexy now, huh? Good to see Beverly HurrDuhh-billy is going to be promoting strong female role models in her home…