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Free Post Friday: Fail Edition

Free Post Friday

Fail Edition


Well. What a week! For those not caught up yet – the Wilke saga with GregFail/DirtPopArt/Inspector Ratchet/Allie aka Dave Kimball the Lighter King, is still ongoing. Yes it’s all the same person and yes he’s still emailing/DMing me from the same IP and device telling me they’re different people. The stupid is strong with this one. Stay tuned for the full post on this multi accounting weirdo. Truthfully, I give no fucks if you have multiple accounts. Plenty of people here have a 2nd or 3rd account they use for parody purposes. Those accounts are funny. We enjoy them. But when those accounts become so persistent that I’m getting bulk emails asking why I’m not doing more to make Wilke posts go viral, well… it’s just fucking annoying. Go a step further and email me saying one of my ZW Crew is a cunt – and all bets are off. Don’t come for my Crew and I won’t come for you.

I’ve managed to peel myself off the poolside lounge to actually post something today (not for long though, guarantee I’m half drunk in a bikini by midday – aussie summer rules!) and so in the spirit of massive Fails, I present to you – Fail Friday.

First up on the FailTrain is Veronika Black. You may recall that this freeloader is currently in Australia fucking up the Feng Shui of my awesome coastline. It seems she’s settled into Sydney after a brief stint on the Gold Coast. Let’s take a look at the digs Veronika is hanging out at.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that Veronika’s GoPro is not exactly rolling in cash. Check out that sad looking 20 yr old fence behind the outdated pool with terracotta-look pavers. Classy. It looks like a run down rental near Bondi. Veronika got Catfished. Guaranteed she is looking for a new trout as we speak. There’s only so many ways she can angle those selfies before it becomes apparent that house is on around 400m2 of land and has an overgrown front yard.

Then we have Kina failing at the nerdy look. Blind as a bat, eh? Gimme a break, bitch. The News on in the background was a nice touch, but it’s still a nerd fail you uneducated whore.

And here’s a funny fail from the world’s busiest hooker, Amanda L’hommedieu aka Deltona500/L’hommedon’t – she finally incorporated her whoring business into a company and will finally be paying taxes. Looks like someone realised she’s on the tax man’s radar with that “lavish” lifestyle and no job.

Her first fail was not using an agent to incorporate the LLC. So, her home address is now publicly listed. Hi stalkers! Dumbass.

Her second fail was thinking she couldn’t be called out on her home owner status. Deltona recently tweeted this

If her credit and savings are so great then why is she renting this place for 2100 a month, when the loan repayments on that particular apartment would only be around 1500 a month?

Nope, I’m not a hater Deltona (ok maybe I am) but that’s just simple math and you failed at it. Stop fronting like you own or will ever own ANYTHING. At this point you’re going backwards.

Alright, ZW. Time for your thoughts, comments and free post contributions! Who failed hard this week?



  1. Spartacus

    She’s renting because she has no proof of earnings and as a result won’t be signed off for a mortgage. “but look at these Louboutins” she will cry, here’s your proof of my wealth.

  2. Penza

    Eye shadow…should be: #freshcoatofpaint.

  3. Skully Truth

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. Is it really you? Whoahhhhh if so welcome back!!

  5. JimU113

    Welcome aboard Mr. Rhodes.

  6. Lame Equis

    I’m not a huge chewy fan but it’s very likely she could buy a home/flat/trailer in a short period of time. Plenty of strippers/models in Vegas do it. Texas too. The smarter whores buy a house before 30 while the dumber ones don’t ever invest/save/prepare for the future.

  7. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    saw the hilarious sliding snow plow/police car/bus crash on the news, stay warm and safe SK.


    Indeed and then-some! my mind is racing


    Hey there sexy… I hope all is well 😉 I miss our chit-chats.. I won’t be a stranger any longer… To quote the great Ric Flair “all the girls love me, and all the men want to be like me” wooooOOOO!!!

  10. JimU113

    For the record, Kina’s wearing the glasses wrong. Looks like the upper frame would block her field of vision.

    • Spartacus

      Maybe shes trying to suggest they’re reading glasses. Of course they are the wrong shape. It’s more than likely that she saw a legitimate model in a similar pose and decided to copy.

      • JimU113

        She copied and failed. The intelligent look doesn’t work with a derp face.

  11. Idk about that, but one should assume that anybody who makes social media rants about parenthood should fucking know better. She sounds likeva total white trash ass, no, wait…she IS and displayed it amusingly.

  12. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I have have to go Red before Dom because we can’t see the face and eyes!!


    wow!!! simply amazing…. woooooooooooOOOOOOO!!! 😉

  14. Digitus impudicus

    Baboon ass lips.

  15. Digitus impudicus

    Dying over here!!!

  16. Digitus impudicus

    What’s in those whore-ass Fit tea pouches? Cocaine, meth and absolute desperation?

  17. AmericanTopTeam

    Deltona 500 is personally hilarious because while it’s gotten a lot nicer when she lived there I promise you there was at least one Cletus on her street

  18. Kurt was gently directed to the dollar snatch club shoot down the hall. They were just dumbfounded to see it is actually his mouf

  19. JimU113

    Thank you.

  20. Scorpio

    Use some proper pipe tobacco. At least that as a nice aroma.

  21. Yeah…… just ONE…. LMAO

  22. JimU113

    For the music portion of the evening.

    • Digitus impudicus

      Awesome! I still have the bass pic the bassist chucked into my cleavage. I was right in front. Good times!

      • JimU113

        It’s not every day a person gets picked out in a crowd.

        • Digitus impudicus

          I was apparently something in my day. A,true Debra,Winger doppelganger. Makes me smile now, at least I was like a real actress in t the looks department.

    • Spartacus

      Being used in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film…. Sweet were my favourite band when I was a little lad.

  23. JimU113

    We don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn!

  24. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    Need to find out if yo man be cheatin, there’s one simple solution…..

    • Penza

      This video is not available. WTF!

      • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

        playin for me P, checked when I posted and just checked again, plays np.

        • Penza

          It still didn’t play for me, but went to their channel and the “clean” version was able to be played. I loved it.

    • Did you see where tosh.o did this song with a boys choir and an orchestra? It was hilarious. I could not stop singing this for weeks. Like grocery shopping I realize I just sang “can I smell your diccck” albeit quietly. It’s so catchy lol

      • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

        no I haven’t but will def go check it out on pornhub, errrrr, I mean youtube.

  25. Ms Conduct


  26. Ghost Girl

    I haven’t had the desire to look him up, but he’s just totally shitty…hence the fact that he is a total butt plug. Fuck him. Cheers!

  27. Dead Man's Dog


  28. Twink is in it because of his “beard” (melanie)

  29. Dead Man's Dog

    Why is it that every time I see a Nutty post I want to wrestle that big b!tch?!?!?

    Oh yeah, it’s bc she’s Chyna’s twin

  30. o3mta3o

    Veronica could have used her wide load to cover up that pool from a different angle. Makes you wonder what the rest of the yard looks like if that’s the spot she chose.

  31. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    [email protected] – they have him sitting down so all the girls don’t look taller

    • Ms Conduct

      Yep, he paid for his part OR he owns some shares of the Dollar Beard Club (Giggling…that’s a cheap beard).

  32. TwoTrickPony

    The look on Khloe’s face last night when told that no, herpes wasn’t an acceptable gift to bring to the Babes In Toyland Charity Event…

  33. TwoTrickPony

    Hooman clearly hasn’t read the Dale Carnegie classic “How To Win Friends And Influence People…”

    • Bet she never gave up and bet that fucking kid is sitting in a smoke filled hovel of an apartment.

    • Dear Ms Evans: Here in the Nevada School System we take smoking seriously as the number one killer in the country and expect that any parent truly concerned for their child would quit smoking in the best interest of the health of their child.
      Yes, it is true, your tired rationale that your mother smoked and you turned out fine; however, many of your problems in life stem from the fact that you are not, in fact, fine. The fact of the matter is that while yes, many good parents do smoke due to their addiction to nicotine, I have not, until now, encounteref one who would shamelessly glorify the habit on social media and we ask that you rethink your endless grinding need for attention and start focusing on your child. Please turn in your free lunch form as we have been feeding your child despite being unable to claim her on our federal paperwork. Please do NOT come to the school incensed and demanding a job in the lunchroom because “we’re obviously short handed”. We did receive your application but you do recall we gave you a trial run and you snatched the trays of nonapproved hungry children and mimed the Columbine killings during the lunch period. We thus reported your lack of suitability for employment to DSS and you cannot claim us as an attempt to work- get back out there BC you are not gonna get your check, wigga

    • Dead Man's Dog

      Q: What’s used up, wore out and smokes menthols?

      A: my alcoholic grandma. And Trish

    • Scorpio

      Who would have guessed? Everyone, that’s who.

  34. TwoTrickPony

    Um, yea Snowflake – I’d imagine the air was getting pretty fucking stale in the closet. Welcome out.

  35. Whitney BeatMe

    Veronika has Christina Ricci head. That’s an enormous mellon! Maybe she can get cranial restructuring or something cause that thing is deformed.
    Kina, you can’t see with the frames in your eyes you stupid, busted hooker. Aaaaand you let Sharkey and Ritchie hit it. Eew.
    As for that trailer park usurper, she’s gonna cry when the IRS audits her and sends a straight woman to look at her receipts.

    • Deltona is fuuuuucked when that happens. Bitch wouldn’t have any receipts because she don’t pay for shit. Some trout probably claims her as a dependant on their taxes lol

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