Free Post Friday

Fail Edition


Well. What a week! For those not caught up yet – the Wilke saga with GregFail/DirtPopArt/Inspector Ratchet/Allie aka Dave Kimball the Lighter King, is still ongoing. Yes it’s all the same person and yes he’s still emailing/DMing me from the same IP and device telling me they’re different people. The stupid is strong with this one. Stay tuned for the full post on this multi accounting weirdo. Truthfully, I give no fucks if you have multiple accounts. Plenty of people here have a 2nd or 3rd account they use for parody purposes. Those accounts are funny. We enjoy them. But when those accounts become so persistent that I’m getting bulk emails asking why I’m not doing more to make Wilke posts go viral, well… it’s just fucking annoying. Go a step further and email me saying one of my ZW Crew is a cunt – and all bets are off. Don’t come for my Crew and I won’t come for you.

I’ve managed to peel myself off the poolside lounge to actually post something today (not for long though, guarantee I’m half drunk in a bikini by midday – aussie summer rules!) and so in the spirit of massive Fails, I present to you – Fail Friday.

First up on the FailTrain is Veronika Black. You may recall that this freeloader is currently in Australia fucking up the Feng Shui of my awesome coastline. It seems she’s settled into Sydney after a brief stint on the Gold Coast. Let’s take a look at the digs Veronika is hanging out at.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that Veronika’s GoPro is not exactly rolling in cash. Check out that sad looking 20 yr old fence behind the outdated pool with terracotta-look pavers. Classy. It looks like a run down rental near Bondi. Veronika got Catfished. Guaranteed she is looking for a new trout as we speak. There’s only so many ways she can angle those selfies before it becomes apparent that house is on around 400m2 of land and has an overgrown front yard.

Then we have Kina failing at the nerdy look. Blind as a bat, eh? Gimme a break, bitch. The News on in the background was a nice touch, but it’s still a nerd fail you uneducated whore.

And here’s a funny fail from the world’s busiest hooker, Amanda L’hommedieu aka Deltona500/L’hommedon’t – she finally incorporated her whoring business into a company and will finally be paying taxes. Looks like someone realised she’s on the tax man’s radar with that “lavish” lifestyle and no job.

Her first failΒ was not using an agent to incorporate the LLC. So, her home address is now publicly listed. Hi stalkers! Dumbass.

Her second fail was thinking she couldn’t be called out on her home owner status. Deltona recently tweeted this

If her credit and savings are so great then why is she renting this place for 2100 a month, when the loan repayments on that particular apartment would only be around 1500 a month?

Nope, I’m not a hater Deltona (ok maybe I am) but that’s just simple math and you failed at it. Stop fronting like you own or will ever own ANYTHING. At this point you’re going backwards.

Alright, ZW. Time for your thoughts, comments and free post contributions! Who failed hard this week?