ZW Submission: ~Digitus Impudicus~

Hi, Queen! Hope all is very well with you and your loved ones. So, I’m cruising around the internet because I don’t know what the fuck to blog about for a client this week, and came across this gem: LINK HERE 

I think she would make an excellent post! Especially with all your IG woes of late.

Big hug, Digitus impudicus

Well, DI, I must say – I’m conflicted. The article, for those who won’t read it, says Elle Johnson is annoyed that her pictures keep being removed from Instagram and her account was banned for repeated violations. At first I was thinking “oh boo hoo, poor bitch can’t show her tits on IG without being censored”.

Then I realised that this is some next level bullshit on Instagram’s behalf. I started looking through the pictures that this girl has had removed from Instagram and it’s pretty obvious these pictures are nowhere near the calibre of sluttiness that we are used to seeing on daily basis from the Insta-whorde.

Check out her posts on twitter, documenting the photos that Instagram has removed due to violations:

Now let’s take a look at some pictures by well known instawhores, that ARE allowed by Instagram:

Side Boob? Hell, Amanda can even have Front Boob.

Full ass shots? Only if you’re a famous whore.

Nipples visible? No problem if the nerds at Instagram HQ like jacking off to your porn vids.


So what gives? Why is Elle Johnson not allowed to show some side boob, but that fat cow Brittanya can 187 my eyes with her camel toe and Nicolette Shea can poke those eyes out with her torpedo nips? This is ok? My eyes say no.