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#FreeTheNipple! Why Are Only SOME Users Banned from IG?

ZW Submission: ~Digitus Impudicus~

Hi, Queen! Hope all is very well with you and your loved ones. So, I’m cruising around the internet because I don’t know what the fuck to blog about for a client this week, and came across this gem: LINK HERE 

I think she would make an excellent post! Especially with all your IG woes of late.

Big hug, Digitus impudicus

Well, DI, I must say – I’m conflicted. The article, for those who won’t read it, says Elle Johnson is annoyed that her pictures keep being removed from Instagram and her account was banned for repeated violations. At first I was thinking “oh boo hoo, poor bitch can’t show her tits on IG without being censored”.

Then I realised that this is some next level bullshit on Instagram’s behalf. I started looking through the pictures that this girl has had removed from Instagram and it’s pretty obvious these pictures are nowhere near the calibre of sluttiness that we are used to seeing on daily basis from the Insta-whorde.

Check out her posts on twitter, documenting the photos that Instagram has removed due to violations:

Now let’s take a look at some pictures by well known instawhores, that ARE allowed by Instagram:

Side Boob? Hell, Amanda can even have Front Boob.

Full ass shots? Only if you’re a famous whore.

Nipples visible? No problem if the nerds at Instagram HQ like jacking off to your porn vids.


So what gives? Why is Elle Johnson not allowed to show some side boob, but that fat cow Brittanya can 187 my eyes with her camel toe and Nicolette Shea can poke those eyes out with her torpedo nips? This is ok? My eyes say no.


  1. prettyfeet

    WTF is it eating?

  2. Scorpio

    This girl is pretty, and has a fantastic rack. I love the headline photo.

    P.S. No doubt the problem is jealous bitches.

  3. Habib Fazil

    Too old, way too old…

  4. Darlene Conner

    Holy shit!! Nooooo. How do these women do this to themselves?That’s like a single pack of cheap platinum blonde weave, not blended well. Her hair is so much darker/more yellow.

  5. JimU113

    A lady after my own heart.

  6. ZWGGMa

    yep.. and also the upholstery tacks look a little wonky, and if you compare the front and back legs of the chair, they are generally parallel. These are not.

  7. €r2

    Brittanya was just banned too

  8. Sammi Jo

    “Awww DAMN Gina!”

    yep, photoshopped

  9. Persephone

    She looks like Jenny McCarthy in that first pic.

    • Stelio Kontos

      Jenny circa ?
      Time frame makes a difference….a huge difference when making that type of comparison.

  10. Stelio Kontos

    Ok. Gonna make some bold statements.
    1. Brittanya doesn’t have to be so sleazy. In a different genre she actually could be much more attractive.
    2. I am oddly unphased by Nicolette Shea. Since she is now documented as a porn star fuckin for money, I see her differently. She looks like a porn star, she acts like a porn star. She’s found her niche, I am actually happy for her.
    3. Elle is soon much the hottest mom at your kid’s elementary school who never dresses slutty, but always does a little extra with her outfits to make the other moms jealous.

  11. Stelio Kontos

    That statement…..there is a PCM member inside you dying to get out.

  12. ZWGGMa

    English please Karo…. Muah

  13. ZWGGMa

    I feel your pain girl… it’s a damn shame.

  14. Now we know why Amanduh plays incessantly with her extensions….you know you ugly when you look fug w your bought hair off your face.
    Also, she looks like she needs to take a shit- y u no pinch one off at McDonald’s and dont forget to buy a mcchicken for the homeless guy.
    Lastly, you know the third string grocery dough john that took this pic insisted she post it on ig so he can wack off to it later.

  15. El Hijo De Fistfight

    What happened is, Elle pissed someone off. So now, that person spends all day reporting only her photos using multiples accounts to get them removed.

    • Persephone

      Either she screwed someone’s husband, or maybe wife found hubs gettin off on IG pics, possibly an insanely jealous female with too much time on their hands

  16. Full of **IT!

    Is it me, or does the pic of this Elle chick with her hair in a bun and the pic of Deltona look like the same person? And that pic of Brittanya or whatever that chick’s name is, makes me want to……..

  17. JimU113

    10 points for catching the reference.

  18. PC Principal

    The only real difference is the girl who had her pics removed is hot.

  19. DirtyWhiteGirl


  20. Pen-a-lope

    @brittanya_187_ I’m over 40 and my shaved kitty looks better than yours. Just saying.

    • Pen-a-lope

      I’m in my middle aged prime judge me all you will.

      • Pen-a-lope

        Lots of love Sammi Jo. I really need to shut up but nope….not tonight.

      • I was the most attractive i ever was between 35 and 45.

        • ZWGGMa

          I was hot as fuck from about 35 to the ripe ole age of about 54. Figured I had this aging thing beat… then menopause hit. I was the horniest, most adventurous and responsive from about 45 to 54… then that menopause thing hit. Now I’m a crone. Crone is good too..

        • Pen-a-lope

          I totally agree. Late 30’s was the best.

        • Persephone

          You just made my day

        • Stelio Kontos

          I personally, and as a Purple Crayon Mafioso, LOVE women 35 plus. Always have, long before I made it to that age range.
          That is where women settle in their body and stop trying to be stick figures. For certain women, late 30’s and 40’s is around the time a lot of hubby’s make fat comments, and remark about asses getting too big. Who do you think is the beneficiary when a 140lbs woman thinks she’s fat? Welcome to the darkside!!
          Also, women in that age range are sooooo beyond trying to be cute. They are direct, no nonsense and verbal about what they like and don’t like. I fuckin LOVE 35 and up. Send me a 23 year old and I’m gonna ask her what’s up with her Mama.

    • Scorpio

      I think we should have a poll to decide.

  21. Haze Bo'

    Looking at yung Elle’s tits gives me a feeling a suffocation. What’s up with those things? To large under the muscle? Looking like overstuffed sand bags. Chrow that ho in the line of fire when there’s a flood & they might save lives & property.

  22. Maia

    Good eye!!! Her actual fat ass.

  23. Happy Pants

    1) Lay off the filters, Elle. The fake hair, fake teeth and 17.25 lbs of makeup are more than adequate.

    2) You have one of the worst tit jobs I have ever seen. And that’s counting real life, porn and ZWNation where we major in boobjob fuckery.

    3) I couldn’t give two shits that they take down your pictures. I do like how you think you’re the modern Rosa Parks though. Start a movement! #CivilRightsForShittyTits

    4) Gma said it best. It’s one more whore off the internet, so it’s a win.

  24. AmericanTopTeam

    Looking at Brittanya my mind screams dirty dirty do NOT touch dirty dirty

  25. ZWGGMa

    I must say, I’m torn. Elle’s pictures are tame and non-offensive compared to those others in this article. IG is accountable to no one… On the other hand, one less tit slinging ass hasher out there is a win.

  26. DirtyWhiteGirl

    Elle is pretty hot. And that pic of Brittanya made me leave a snail trail.

  27. TJ

    Seriously, how could any picture of Brittanya be considered appropriate?

  28. TJ

    Isn’t it obvious? The only women who don’t get banned from Instagram are our favorite ZW Nation models. Our Queen of Tarts is now the Queen of IG.

  29. AmericanTopTeam

    Brittany’s stench trench is literally swallowing whatever you call that article of clothing….shit the first lady is actually attractive

  30. JimU113

    I’m thinking it’s because Elle’s better looking than the Insta-whorde. Could just be me though.

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