ZW Friday FuckUps


There are so many in the insta-whorde who qualify for a Friday FuckUp award, but lets start with the best.


Remember those insta-whores that snapchatted their drug mule cruise holiday? They’ve appeared in court and will be sentenced on the 21st. Here’s the link to the original story: Snapchatting your drug mule trip is NOT a good idea

Isabelle Legace and Melina Roberge appeared in court yesterday. Isabelle, a former porn star, pleaded Guilty to importing a commercial quantity of cocaine into Oz, while Melina is still claiming she had no idea about the drugs.

We’ll follow up on these FuckUps once they are sentenced, stay tuned.

Next in the fuckup line is Julia Booby Newby.

We posted about her attempts to make back that ho money her husband ran off with here. She started an EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ConnectPal. We noted in the comments of that post that the Terms of Service of ConnectPal state they will charge you 200 bucks a month for hosting if you earn under the 200 dollar threshold.  If you don’t pay the hosting fee, they suspend you. Looks like Julia fucked up when estimating her online worth to the Betas. This is the 3rd time she’s tried to make a go of the paid ‘exclusive content’. Fail.


And what would a FuckUp lineup be without the original fuckboi #Moguladouche. Here’s a lovely family pic (minus baby Shark who is probably in the lost and found waiting for these two idiots to remember that they put her down to take selfies 3 hours ago). The first thing I noticed was that damn hat. See the scribble under the brim?

Did I miss something? Is the hat signed by someone famous and THAT’S why he won’t take it off? I can make out the word SHARK. Did he write his own name on his hat like a preschooler so he doesn’t lose it? Or is it so he actually remembers his own name? So many questions. 

The biggest FuckUp of all – Chad Fakio aka Diaper Sniper – is about to get more air time on tha Zdub.

The amount of people contacting me about him is almost overwhelming. Keep it coming ZW Nation – it’s awesome to see how far our reach is. This guy screwed over so many young girls. We have VIDEO evidence of his debauchery coming soon – so stay tuned ZW!


Who do you think is the biggest FuckUp of the week? Let us know in the comments (yes Lurkers – you too – make a damn disqus acct and join the fun!). Oh and let’s make this a Free Post as well – music, random memes and insta-whore pics galore! Go!