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Friday FuckUps

ZW Friday FuckUps


There are so many in the insta-whorde who qualify for a Friday FuckUp award, but lets start with the best.


Remember those insta-whores that snapchatted their drug mule cruise holiday? They’ve appeared in court and will be sentenced on the 21st. Here’s the link to the original story: Snapchatting your drug mule trip is NOT a good idea

Isabelle Legace and Melina Roberge appeared in court yesterday. Isabelle, a former porn star, pleaded Guilty to importing a commercial quantity of cocaine into Oz, while Melina is still claiming she had no idea about the drugs.

We’ll follow up on these FuckUps once they are sentenced, stay tuned.

Next in the fuckup line is Julia Booby Newby.

We posted about her attempts to make back that ho money her husband ran off with here. She started an EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ConnectPal. We noted in the comments of that post that the Terms of Service of ConnectPal state they will charge you 200 bucks a month for hosting if you earn under the 200 dollar threshold.  If you don’t pay the hosting fee, they suspend you. Looks like Julia fucked up when estimating her online worth to the Betas. This is the 3rd time she’s tried to make a go of the paid ‘exclusive content’. Fail.


And what would a FuckUp lineup be without the original fuckboi #Moguladouche. Here’s a lovely family pic (minus baby Shark who is probably in the lost and found waiting for these two idiots to remember that they put her down to take selfies 3 hours ago). The first thing I noticed was that damn hat. See the scribble under the brim?

Did I miss something? Is the hat signed by someone famous and THAT’S why he won’t take it off? I can make out the word SHARK. Did he write his own name on his hat like a preschooler so he doesn’t lose it? Or is it so he actually remembers his own name? So many questions. 

The biggest FuckUp of all – Chad Fakio aka Diaper Sniper – is about to get more air time on tha Zdub.

The amount of people contacting me about him is almost overwhelming. Keep it coming ZW Nation – it’s awesome to see how far our reach is. This guy screwed over so many young girls. We have VIDEO evidence of his debauchery coming soon – so stay tuned ZW!


Who do you think is the biggest FuckUp of the week? Let us know in the comments (yes Lurkers – you too – make a damn disqus acct and join the fun!). Oh and let’s make this a Free Post as well – music, random memes and insta-whore pics galore! Go!




  1. JimU113

    Insta-hos, that’s who doesn’t love Van Halen. Let’s just avoid any David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar fights. ;p

    • Punky B.

      Lol..Valid point..I should’ve said who doesn’t love Van Halen that has any sense bc those hookers ain’t got none. I’m not touching the DLR vs Sammy H. either..those r trigger words! LMAO.

  2. JimU113

    Thank you. Sending prayers and positive waves your way for the back to heal up.

    And let’s see if this help get you moving as well.

  3. Punky B.

    I personally sent out this story to a few places & ready to see some action on this, he must have some high up connections if nothing is done. Hey CF since you stalk this site why don’t you put your keyboard warrior chit to good something good in your sad life..Geez!

  4. Digitus impudicus

    Biggest fuck up of the week, month, year, century: All Of Them.

  5. The Bad Seed

    Diaper sniper!

  6. Definitely agree. Obv someone using meth is gonna be a shitty parent but breastfeeding while using is completely abhorrent.

  7. o3mta3o

    I don’t think I’ve pronounced it correctly ever since.

  8. AmericanTopTeam

    Fabio going to jailio ey ai ey ai ooooo

  9. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    If any of you ladies are musically inclined have a listen to Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi [Trucks/Tedeschi Band] live on stage playing ‘The Sky is Cryin’ she absolutely tears it up followed by an awesome slide solo by Derek. It’s a long one (8:40) but well worth it if you enjoy the blues so put your ear buds in and ‘turn on, tune in and drop out’.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      ahh, jamming out while reading the comments, thank you!

      • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

        ALWAYS listening to music while surfin here, well, except when the gf is at home of course.

    • smugjew

      Trucks rules.

    • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

      “‘turn on, tune in and drop out’.” <—nobody, seriously!? UGH, well that makes it official, I'm an antique!

  10. AP

    She doesn’t look high on meth here. She looks high on Xannies, or she’s just a tires mom. But whatever.

  11. JimU113

    What’s a FPF without tunes? Time for a double entrendre tune.

  12. Looking into it via Dr. Google, some places say the drug has left the milk at around 48hrs, but one study I found concluded the breast milk did not have nil traces until 100 hours after the initial urine test (apparently the subject used a couple of hours before testing). There are no real, well conducted studies on meth-using mothers because of the stigma and illict-ness (which means strength of dosage cannot be controlled – its all street drugs) and the willingness of meth heads to participate. Scary thought that it is such a huge problem today and these addicts won’t be receiving any education or advice on it because its unconfirmed data.

  13. He’s BACK? Oh hell no.

    • Cannot fucking believe it. Contacting the parole office again on Monday.

      • I wonder how long he agonized before bringing it back…like, “my fans neeed pictures of me grabbing little kid’s asses” ..he’s like the guy who walks on a DWI charge celebrating with “a few” cocktails at the bar next to the checkpoint. Fucking retard.

  14. Pam

    Oh no! That sucks. Glad u are ok. My injury was all my fault. It sounds bad but it was a shooting injury. I got a new gun for Christmas (forgive me I live in Alabama, and I only shoot for fun,no people or animals just targets) and I had my left hand in a weird place I guess and the slide came back and dug deep into my thumb. But i didn’t realize I was hurt at first and did it twice before I realized I was gushing blood. I have shot probably 50-60 pistols and never done this before. I had never shot this particular gun before though I have shot many similar to it. I’m still shocked I did it

    • Miranda Rights

      Ouch!! Did the slide catch the thin skin between the thumb and pointer finger?

      • Pam

        No. I had my left hand kinda over my right hand and the slide came back and got me right below my knuckle. I’m not sure if it happened the first shot or the second. But it gashed it to the bone. I wasn’t paying enough attention. I’m actually glad it happened. I can be a little cocky sometimes with shooting and it humbled me.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, keep your hand below the dovetail..
      good to hear you’re ok, you could of LOST a thumb.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I bought my mother a Sig P290RS same thing tiny gun teaching her to shoot sliced the shit out of my hand lol

      • Pam

        I got a good deal on a Taurus 9mm and thought it would be a nice gun to have. I’m not some crazy conspiracy person but I like to know that my family is armed and can use weapons if ever necessary. We have another 9mm and its so easy to shoot and I didn’t respect the weapon and pay attention. Its a testament to the gun though. It hit my hand hard and fired and reloaded. So that was good to know.

        • AmericanTopTeam

          I carry a Sig P220 love it I can destroy a target at 25 yards and with 18 rounds I better be able too plus in my house I have a Remington 870 short barreled shotgun. I’m no conspiracy theory guy either but if the shit hits the fan I wanna make sure me and mine are ok

    • o3mta3o

      That’s how kids get shot.

      • Pam

        I understand a lot of people don’t agree with how I feel. I respect your opinion but I can promise u that although I made a mistake while shooting there wasn’t a chance of me shooting anyone. The barrel was never facing anyone. I was slightly careless but I am always aware of where the weapon is pointed. My kid knows how to shoot and is probably better than I am. We always go over rules before we begin and all guns are locked in a safe when not in use. Also I keep the loaded magazines and bullets away from the guns. I can get to them if (god forbid) were needed but it would be impossible for anyone else to get a gun loaded in my house unless I personally opened the safes.

        • o3mta3o

          None if those points matter when an accidental discharge happens.

          • Pam

            I honestly don’t know that could happen with any guns I own. All have a safety and some have 2. I think u could spike it off the ground and it wouldn’t shoot. But I treat every weapon like it will shoot at all times. If u respect it and follow the rules it is safe. I think its admirable that u worry about kids around guns. But I take every precaution I can to make sure no one will ever be injured. Other than the recent misplacement of my hand. But that wasn’t near the shooting end of the gun. When my kid gets older I may sell every gun I have. But at this time I trust her and she is scared to touch one without my help. Not because of me but guns are loud and some she cant even hold and shoot on her own. And she wouldn’t be able to get to one unless I got it for her.

          • o3mta3o

            It did happen tho. You were just lucky you only got yourself.

          • Pam

            I’m not gonna argue. I made a mistake but I didn’t shoot myself or anyone nor was I close to that type of injury. The slide is on top of the gun. When u fire the slide goes back very quickly. That is what hurt me. My hand wasn’t in front of the barrel. But I do get your point that I made a mistake and a mistake with a gun can be a horrible thing. I am thankful that it wasn’t in my case and i was quick to admit it was a humbling experience which i will not forget.

          • o3mta3o

            I’m glad there was no big damage. Sorry for pushing, I was just enjoying your mental gymnastics.

          • Pam

            I’m quite flexible 🙂

          • prettyfeet

            We usually keep our gun around and loaded (no kids). Big man forgot there was one in the chamber and discharged the gun in our spare bedroom. Now that room is mine and I always see that bullet hole in my wall, right above the head of my bed. I still give him shit.

  15. Miranda Rights

    I remember my sister doing that and she had these testing strips that she would test the milk with for alcohol.

    Who could possibly be watching the baby? If they are drinking and drugging together already it’s only a matter of time before we witness another epic Sharkey meltdown!!

    • smugjew

      They’ll definitely be drinking and drugging together. That’s what the relationship was built on. He’s Mr. Celebrate Recovery (In A Bar) and she’s the Queen of White Rock/Black Cock.

      They’ll try to set restrictions like “only on weekends,” “only when the baby is asleep,” “we can snort coke but not smoke it or shoot it” but that is all self-deception that addicts practice.

      There is no outcome for this other an scorched earth implosion.

      • Ghost Girl

        Scorched earth is the perfect way to describe their vast wasteland of a future. I’m thinking about how awesome it would be to fly to Vegas just to find him. I knock his fucking flyers right out of his grubby mitts and just keep walking.

  16. Miranda Rights

    Damn! Andrea looks high as fuck!!!

    • Seriously

      I feel like she only kept her distance from Sharkey because she was pregnant and needed to stay clean. Now that she’s dropped the baby she ran back to the man who feeds her free drugs

  17. Pam

    This is a kinda funny topic. I had a fuckup today. I ended up getting a few stitches. I’m good but I made a rookie mistake. Kinda embarrassing. Just funny looking at this site and seeing fuck up Friday when I did to myself what I did today.

  18. Donnie Darko

    As far as Sharkey goes, there is still one white elephant left in the room. Why no pictures of the baby? Is it because he doesn’t want her posted on ZW? Or, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the baby looks nothing like him and even is tan. Does the family court website state he has been declared the biological father from the DNA test?

  19. smugjew

    Blest is the shitty (((Christian rapper))) that performs at Sharkey’s church (ex-church?). The autograph is probably from him.

  20. Are they lumps near her left (our right) nipple or is that where Ms Booby used the blur tool to cover her abnormally large areolas? If its blur tool, those barely-there nips are not well aligned with each other.

    • Weird ass wonky boobs. I’m a 36 DD and would love a reduction. Women wanting huge boobs in my mind are crazy.

      • Digitus impudicus

        My mom, at 5 feet tall, also is/was a 36DD back in her day — always said if she could magically reduce them, she would. Back in the day — 60s and 70s, there were not really any boob reductions.

        Go get a reduction. Your back will love you.

        • I want to, it’s hard getting it approved through insurance. I’m still trying. I need the right doctor to write the correct wording. I’m 5’2″, 5’6″ with the right shoes lolol. Thank God mine don’t sag like Pelas’ udders!

          • Digitus impudicus

            I know, sweetheart. I have long been “fighting” for certain “plastic surgery” as health improvement necessities, not vanity, and should be covered. And I have never needed any.

    • Penza

      There’s no nips left, they’ve been stretched out into oblivion. It looks like she outlines her implants with a brown eye-shadow stick.

  21. Yeah, the others nominees are ridiculously stupid and deserving in their own ways, but the whole underage molestation thing and failure to register makes diaper sniper the gold medal winner.

  22. Are you sure that isn’t Twink 182’s tree?

  23. Bangs needs to work a bit harder on matching her clip in extensions to her non fake hair on top of her head.

    • Good catch. That at-home bleach job is not mixing well with the blonde extensions. Jeez girl, go a shade darker and use some toner. All these basic bitches go white blonde cos they have no skill to avoid brassy-ness.

      • White blonde must equal Playboy right? Lolol

      • Carolina Belle

        How much you wanna be she tries to claim it’s an “ombre look”. It’s really not hard to have a nice shade of blonde that isn’t white. I’ve done it but I personally like darker hair on myself.

  24. Whitney BeatMe

    God I hope they don’t just hang them up on coat hooks in the baby lost and found or anything. Although in the case of the sharklette it would be the cleanest place she’s ever seen.
    I found a Christmas tree for all of us. Enjoy everyone! w

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