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Has Amanda L’Hommedieu Hooked Alec Monopoly?

ZW Submission: ~Kristina~

Just wanted to say someone’s gotta start watching Alec monopoly and delta 500 there. Follow them both and this is now the second night of them hanging out at 5am. Last time she took snaps all in his jewelry clothes and even fucking shoes. He posted less. This time she just posted of the club n her usual pathetic lip synching and nail showing but this time Alec posted her. Her none of him and the way he raises his eyebrow and smirks it’s clear he’s going to get in for free again.


Well, well, well – has Deltona FINALLY hooked a trout? Or is Alec Monopoly paying for an extended ‘GFE’?

He hasn’t posted her on his IG yet, but she’s really turning it up on hers.

And Alec DID “like” it…

Looks like Deltona is picturing herself going from the trailer park to the monopoly mansion.

Alec Monopoly might think he’s a player, but can he handle the games that the ultimate insta-succubus – Amanda L’Hommedieu – can deal his way?


  1. Kasey S Wilkerson

    This just in, he deleted the pic of them on the pj together. Well, that was short lived! That's what you get for trying to pay for "services" with monopoly money, ha!

    • Hahaha bitch let her desperation show and scared him off

      • habibfazil

        2nd fastest way to get a guy to head for the hills…

        1st is the "I'm pregnant"…

        BTW, like this new system, all posts are separated into their own grouping

  2. WordZrHard

    Tacky painting with tacky ho
    Maybe this is true love
    Although that rich girl he dated was filthy and blonde and hooker as well. Robin thicke fingered her butt on an elevator. If anyone remembers
    He likes his women rented and with high mileage

  3. dawndavenportddd

    Amanda? Your desperation is showing

  4. Miss_XS

    He has actually posted her on IG (typical I'm balllliiinnn pic on the stairs of a whack rented PJ). How dense is this dude?! He literally posted "going home/ finally home etc." under 12 pics as a caption. Grrreat dude, you're flying back from MIA to LA, it's not like you switched between 5 time zones.. Anyway, lots of people have commented under the pic with Deltona how embarrassing it is that he is openly banging a "Vegas whore" and "escort" LOL. In my opinion the little man is utter trash who hangs with nothing but super cool lowlife rappers, dealers, trust fund babies with addiction issues and plastic whores, so Deltona fits right in. She is probably shitting her pants right now and thinks that she made it lol. Because a) a guy is actually not completely opposed to be seen with her in public (that's a first!) and b) Alec is like omg like totally IG famous and like totally stylish and rich and omgggg he is like besties with Scott Disick and so now I'm gonna be like totally famous and "bougiiiee" by association! And not to forget c) she is 100% waiting for him to throw her a bone (after all the boning), if he gets her another whack Birkin that he ruined by doodling on it, I'm gonna laugh my ass off, or she hopes to meet other "celebs" through him.

    • T.J.

      If was lucky enough to get a date with Amanda I'd also want the whole world to know.

    • dirtywhitegirl

      Deltona looks like a bootleg version of his ex. He's still very hung up on her, tryin to make her jelly.

  5. James

    So this guy just spray paints Richie Rich and the monopoly guy? Ugh. Modern art is trash.

  6. Queen of Tarts


  7. Digitus+impudicus

    This comment system is as ghetto as Teef’s hair.

    • Youre more than welcome to get up at 3am so you have time to implement something real quick for free before you start work for the day if you like…

      • qotarts

        And if you know anyone who can come and remember to move the goddamn Elf every night….that’d be greaaaaat.

  8. qotarts

    Currently debugging the issue that is causing our 508 error. Hopefully we’ll be fully operational within the hour. My apologies that this error has gone unfixed for so long and was able to snowball to this size. Life has been getting in the way of ZW. I need a PA

  9. Digitus impudicus

    Where is my comment?

  10. Digitus impudicus

    Alex Tardopoly. What a fucking maroon!

  11. Katie

    She has a Phillip P goodie bag on her arm in that one picture. Phillip P is good friends with Alec Monopoly and did a pop up during Art Basel. PP’s girlfriend is Morgan Bosman (Yes, the Miami train wreck aka bad girls club drop out) Amanda and Morgan together, I dont even have words. If you are ever bored look up the drama between Morgan and Phillip it’s pure comedy.

    On a side note. Here is Alec not covering his face, and further proof that some things are better left to the imagination. He is one ugly man.

    • Mallory Knox

      Morgan is best buds with Alec’s ex, eriica. Morgan and Erica will make Amanda’s life a living hell. They are a whole other level of psycho.

  12. TJ

    Queen, the reply buttons aren’t operational.

  13. TJ

    A beauty like her belongs in a mansion or a palace.

  14. Digitus impudicus

    What the desperate fuck is an “Alec Monopoly?”

  15. Mallory Knox

    Alec Monopoly aka Mr. Steal Your Art.

  16. El Hijo De Fistfight

    Isn’t this dude just ripping off a Monopoly board? Who pays for this crap. I swear the next 10 years of all these nobodies falling apart as the world moves past them is going to be glorious.

    • I don’t understand how he’s not been sued for copyright infringment yet.

      Yeah he covers his face, but the dude drives around in flashy cars with monopoly money graphics on them ffs, he is not exactly incognito.

      • El Hijo De Fistfight


      • Mallory Knox

        He’s really ugly. She won’t be around long. He runs thru instahoes like water. He was with Morgan Osman’s bff hooker pal eriica jardim (can’t remember how to spell it) he’s not ashamed of trickin off, but trust, she’s not gonna be there long.

    • Mallory Knox

      Can’t wait for the downfall of all these bitch made fuck boys.

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