ZW Submission:

[GregFail + anon]

So I came across these tweets from Karleigh Rogers and it occurred to me that Jen Wilke could be making wayyyy more cash than that failed HoFundMe account she attempted (btw, she is STILL asking people to donate to it! Lol) if she just started camming. She’s the belle of Texas right?


I never realized Karleigh lives in Texas (or more likely, I didnt care), but this could be a big opportunity for Wilke. I mean, Wilke is no supermodel but she has this camwhore beat hands down.

She too could be turning down guys offering 30c a minute to chat.

She could be winning contests without Greg Hale needing to pay for it.

Who do you think rocked their first photoshoot best?

Jen on her first ever “paid” shoot (yet there’s no photographer watermark, meaning the model usually pays for the shoot) or Karleigh Rogers looking like a stunned praying mantis who wandered into a house?