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Here’s Something Jen Wilke Could Do – Cam Like Karleigh Rogers

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[GregFail + anon]

So I came across these tweets from Karleigh Rogers and it occurred to me that Jen Wilke could be making wayyyy more cash than that failed HoFundMe account she attempted (btw, she is STILL asking people to donate to it! Lol) if she just started camming. She’s the belle of Texas right?


I never realized Karleigh lives in Texas (or more likely, I didnt care), but this could be a big opportunity for Wilke. I mean, Wilke is no supermodel but she has this camwhore beat hands down.

She too could be turning down guys offering 30c a minute to chat.

She could be winning contests without Greg Hale needing to pay for it.

Who do you think rocked their first photoshoot best?

Jen on her first ever “paid” shoot (yet there’s no photographer watermark, meaning the model usually pays for the shoot) or Karleigh Rogers looking like a stunned praying mantis who wandered into a house?



  1. Kuntinka Smirnoff

    Jen Wilke is just so basic looking. She’s not ugly, she just is so blah. You have to be at least interesting looking (not even necessarily beautiful) to succeed as a model. Sure she’s in shape and has a decent body, but nothing spectacular and she isn’t sexy. Well, at least to me. We all have our own idea of what sexy is. I’m not model material either, btw, but I’m also not trying to make it big in the modeling world.

  2. Luke Duke

    Being born and raised in south Texas I can say this with absolute certainty.
    1) Pharr Texas is a shit hole!
    2) Stilettos strip club is bigger a shit hole!

  3. Whitney BeatMe

    I’m thinking if you gave Jen a pole she would try to figure out how to put it in her mouth. Karleigh all the way cause I just know she can shimmy up there like a little monkey.

  4. Sir TTP


  5. Stelio Kontos

    Are we over looking “I started drinking and tried anal”? Maybe the verbage is skewed. If you’re gonna try anal perhaps a warm up drink or 4 would help? But, there are literally a thousand things other than anal to do drunk.

  6. Badbret 3.0

    So does this chick have AIDS or not? She looks AIDS possible or positive or…

  7. Persephone

    He seems like the type of guy if even just one of the people in the pic knows of him, he’s ‘in’

  8. AmericanTopTeam

    Jen Wilke looking crazy think in the middle

  9. JimU113

    Maybe it’s just me, or my internet provider’s glitchy, but I didn’t see a “Evict these two slo-hos to Massachusetts so Texas’ hotness meter can get back on track” button.

  10. Scorpio

    *secession* Don’t shoot! I’m just trying to help. I support your cause.

  11. Scorpio

    Bases solely on these two pics and no other information, I chose Karleigh’s pic. However, once I know anything else, it’s an easy choice for Jen between these two girls.

  12. Penza

    Karleigh looks like a lot more fun to hang out with. Jen looks like an annoying up-tight bitch.

    • Badbret 3.0

      Karleigh looks maybe too fun to hang out with, I’d take the chance, jen like you would have to carry her purse and shoes and consider whether it was worth it for the future investment or if you should just cut your losses and call it a day

      • Dr. Leo Spaceman

        Jen should tongue fuck Karleigh’s ass on stage while I make it rain.

  13. Penza

    That’s hot!

  14. Sir TTP

    I might be alone on this, but I admire Karleigh’s hustle. She will sell everything from her phone number to her stained undergarments to pay the rent, she understands the basic fundamentals of commerce, and she will do whatever is necessary to pay the rent.

    That Jen chick projects a sense of unwarranted entitlement, expecting everything for free. Wilke is like a younger version of Dead Tooth.

  15. Atomic Man

    Good for you Rogaine. It’s good to get it out of your system before your new site kicks up.

  16. Donnie Darko

    Sharkey with a bunch of 5’s at rehab.

    • Moguladouche is jealous that the younger guy in the middle is getting all the attention. That guy in the red trunks looks like he’s worried that Sharks is going to grab his package.

      • MissPell

        The girl beside the guy in the red looks like she’s trying to hold him back from Sharkey. As if to say “keep away from the old dude, he looks a little grabby”.

    • Darlene Conner

      He needs to suck that gut in. Put the tongue away too. Actually is he even supposed to be in this photo or did he photo bomb them?

      • I’ll take photobomb for $200, Darlene.

        • Spartacus

          You can clearly see it’s a photobomb, everyone else is looking at at different cameraman, the gay guy in the middle has been posed with the girls around him and James “Gainz” Sharkey just dived in!

      • Sir TTP

        He’s currently in the bulking phase. Obvi.

      • Persephone

        Judging by chick on far left…. He’s supposed to be there

    • MissPell

      Did he just step in front of a group of young people and say “let me take a picture with ya so it looks like I have friends”?

    • Kay More

      Thanks! My weekend is made by this pic!!!!

    • Kay More

      He could be the father of some of these wannabeeees. Ugh, he’s too old for these shanigans!

      • JimU113

        Naw they’re somebody else’s kid.

        Hey Sharkey, that familiar ground, right?

    • JimU113

      Dear Sharkey, get your game going. I may never bang a 10, but I’ve banged five 2’s in a night. I think that should count.

    • Stelio Kontos

      Girl to the left appears to be in some sort of gastric distress based on her stance.
      As for Ole Shark. Based on his look and the peculiar pose the young man chose, it appears as though Shark is screamin’ “Ahhhh wanna see me suck this guy’s cock? Anything for attention”
      Very weird pic here.

  17. countryjew

    Nah, Bilk-e is set on being a “good girl” and becoming a model “the right way.” Even when she finally worked up the nerve to post a Backpage ad — which of course she will deny to her death — she had to do it 1500 miles from home, without a face shot, and took it down as soon as it was exposed on here. That’s not exactly strong ho-in’.

    Karleigh Rogers has some eye-opening (not to mention orifice-opening) videos in the whimsical adult entertainment sub-genre known as (((face-fucking)) and looks like she has double AiDS.

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