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Holly Wolf Over Selling “Natural” Ass

ZW Submission: [JimU113]


Well, seems that someone must have called out everyone’s least favorite Chicken Beak. Here in the last couple of days, she’s gone onto FB and has put up three different posts (Just on her “public” profile) about how she doesn’t have “a fake ass”. As in the body part, not the BSing down Front Street type. The latest post, not only does it have the same Youtube video response as the first two, she links the video a dozen times (Literally! I counted.) in responses, all of which were Betas or others that were supporting her claims.

[fb_pe url=”″ bottom=”30″]

[fb_pe url=”″ bottom=”30″]

[fb_pe url=”″ bottom=”30″]


(Seems Holly removed some posts ~QoT~)

First, I can see reposting once, in case there’s someone who missed it a first time; however, not three times within 22 hours! (That’s what the timeline was showing for the first post). Give it at least 48 hours. Comes off as trying the Big Lie technique (tell the lie, and keep telling it, until everyone believes you.)

Second, I had seen (in clothing/costume) ass a couple of years ago, and it was nowhere near the size it is now. (No pictures; it was at conventions, and the conventions had strict rules about photographing anyone in costume). From firsthand observation, her posterior was quite a bit smaller then than now.

[fb_pe url=”″ bottom=”30″] Third, I have the feeling this is a story similar to Lindsey Pelas’ boobs: Using fat injections then trying to sell as “all natural”. Sorry, but if she’s been doing non-John related squats, the rest of her would be showing the results as well.

I don’t think fat injections droop like her ass does… remember this?~QoT~



  1. Seriously

    Easiest way to tell if the ass is real is to check her thighs. Chicken legs and a fat ass DO NOT go together. The end.

  2. Happy Pants

    I should work for Hallmark.

  3. Whitney BeatMe

    Convention ass = puking all over my house in Linda Blair fashion while trying to wash my eyes.

  4. ToiletSitter69

    this chicks so fucking busted. Dressing up like cartoon characters for the betas is almost as pathetic as playing video games on twitch. What a fucking loser.

  5. Spartacus

    Spawn of Glen Quagmire?

  6. Spartacus

    The first gif is just perfect, did you make it specifically for this?

  7. Spartacus

    Also, FWIW, how needy is she that she mainly posts in latex, it’s the most attention seeking material for any garment. “Oooohh, look how edgy and sexy I am”…. Only body paint is more self obsessed.

  8. JimU113

    You forgot Struggle Struggle Baked Beans and Struggle. There’s just a little struggle in that dish.

  9. ZWGGMa

    LOL.. like those pendants over the cat’s ass… remember those? Glitter manhole covers for whore’s asses….. ahhh the memories…. HAHAHAHAHHA

    • These hoes already have ass plugs with hello kitty on them but I want them to start gauging their assholes like ears.
      No self respecting cat would let anyone hang a plastic gem over their butthole.a curtain from the Marshall matters LP maybe but only with applause track

  10. Spartacus

    ignoring her bottom for the moment, I concur with everyone here who suggests she has a face only her mother could love.

  11. What’s the definition of “struggle”…Since it bothers you so much you can get over it by pontificating, mmmkay?

  12. The dreaded “8 ass”.

  13. Stelio Kontos

    That thing literally gave me nightmares….Billy Ray’s dna ain’t worth a damn

  14. Dr.Christian Troy

    Shes ugly, who cares about her ass?

    • The ass craze has got to die. So sick of fucking idiots showing me where they shit from and expecting adoration. I’ll change my opinion briefly only if they start piercing their asshole and hanging jewels from the brown eye, and only because ima be looking for turd remnants to mock

      • Stelio Kontos

        Speaking from the PCM standpoint…you’re quite right. While we (brothas) are undoubtedly huge supporters of having an ass, we can admit that as a society we’ve reached the tipping point.
        Ass is still a very important accessory, but there has to be something more to the package.
        It is the equivalent of having 26inch rims, on a vehicle that doesn’t even run. Like….who would do that?
        Lol….self-deprication can be good for the soul….

      • Dr.Christian Troy

        You are a wordsmith with no equal.

  15. Nurse Jiggles

    That second gif lmaooo

  16. Persephone

    Nuthin special bout dat ass. Get over yourself Red Riding Hood.
    (PS….That nasty rat tail braid has got to go)

  17. Stelio Kontos

    Lmao….how did I not see that coming?

    • Scorpio

      struggle Lmao….struggle how struggle did struggle I struggle not struggle see struggle that struggle coming? struggle

      • Is this a struggle bitch?

        • Scorpio

          Nice, you are trolling me now. That’s five comments in a row. I have a ZW Crew member trolling me now. I remember that is just the sort of thing I used to see theDirty Crew members do. That was back when the theDirty went downhill fast, and then this site was formed, and I left that site and came to this one. Cool.

  18. Stelio Kontos

    Her ass exists. I will leave it there.

    I am more concerned with that face that is jagged enough to slice a chuck roast….damn.

    Btw JimU113, “non-john squats” did not go unnoticed. Well done.

  19. AmericanTopTeam

    Poor girl caught the ugly stick right in the face over and over

    • Stelio Kontos

      I believe the ugly stick was sanded down to a fine powder which she uses as an everyday base foundation before applying make up.
      Perhaps the ugly stick was formed in the shape of a phallus and her mother used it as a sexual stimulation device, thus uglifying her entrance to this world.
      Or maybe she is a staunch environmentalist who is committed to defending the ugly forest which is the world’s main supplier of ugly sticks and she has hugged every tree in that bitch….
      I have thought about this waaayyy too hard while drinking whiskey.

    • Up the poopchute as well. Reamed.

    • JimU113

      She fell out of the ugly tree, catching every branch along the way.

  20. TwoTrickPony

    Let’s just clear this up right quick. Might not be fake, but photoshopped to hell and back.

  21. Happy Pants

    Quit worrying about your mediocre ass and work on covering up that hideous face.

  22. JimU113

    Mosquitoes have it better.

  23. Scorpio

    Her ass is clearly not fake, at all. It matches her thighs. It is a little on the big side for my particular taste. I would say she has gained some weight, and is just carrying a bit of extra fat; and that she happens to distribute that extra fat to her ass and thighs, as do quite many women. Also, her arms are a bit thicker than ideal. Kudos to her for making a video that addresses the accusation. I hate butt augmentations and think they are a huge mistake. No woman should ever get one. She is very cute, and she is right about breast augmentations being fantastic. I think if she lost around twenty pounds or so, her body would be just about perfect.

  24. Digitus impudicus

    It’s the shit!

  25. smugjew

    Well we know that face is definitely natural. Yikes.

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