ZW Submission: [JimU113]


Well, seems that someone must have called out everyone’s least favorite Chicken Beak. Here in the last couple of days, she’s gone onto FB and has put up three different posts (Just on her “public” profile) about how she doesn’t have “a fake ass”. As in the body part, not the BSing down Front Street type. The latest post, not only does it have the same Youtube video response as the first two, she links the video a dozen times (Literally! I counted.) in responses, all of which were Betas or others that were supporting her claims.

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(Seems Holly removed some posts ~QoT~)

First, I can see reposting once, in case there’s someone who missed it a first time; however, not three times within 22 hours! (That’s what the timeline was showing for the first post). Give it at least 48 hours. Comes off as trying the Big Lie technique (tell the lie, and keep telling it, until everyone believes you.)

Second, I had seen (in clothing/costume) ass a couple of years ago, and it was nowhere near the size it is now. (No pictures; it was at conventions, and the conventions had strict rules about photographing anyone in costume). From firsthand observation, her posterior was quite a bit smaller then than now.

[fb_pe url=”″ bottom=”30″] Third, I have the feeling this is a story similar to Lindsey Pelas’ boobs: Using fat injections then trying to sell as “all natural”. Sorry, but if she’s been doing non-John related squats, the rest of her would be showing the results as well.

I don’t think fat injections droop like her ass does… remember this?~QoT~