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Holy Wolf vs Miley Cyrus

ZW Submission by anon

-Holly Wolf-

Hey ZW! Remember Holly Wolf – the wannabe cosplay chick who realized she needed to go ultra-beta to get ANY fans?

Well she’s still at it. But one thing she hasn’t been doing is working on that ass.

Check out this latest pic – does this long flat white remind you of anyone?

Here’s Miley Cyrus and her silly putty ass from that VMAs

Similar, No?

Funniest part of this, is that Holly Wolf posted a video and some pictures of her with another girl who wore this outfit soooo much better a few weeks ago. Hope she Lysol’d the shit outta those pants…

Nice catch, OP. This feels like it should be a poll!

Alright ZW Nation – who has the worst white girl ass – Holly or Miley?





  1. I had to show someone pictures on my phone and that person violated personal space code by standing over my shoulder while I scrolled…the very first picture says cunt cunt cunt…then mama June lmfao serves his ass RIGHT for getting all up in my biznaz – I think it scared him. This was someone I disliked and informed as such shortly after the phone nosiness. I should have called him a cunt too

    • jujubeans

      He’s a guy so he’s probably confused about his feelings but it will all boil down to him wanting to do it with you eventually lol.

  2. Luke Duke

    Yes but it was a 500SL and she begged me to smuggle her across.

  3. Who doesn’t? No shame in my game bro- the problem is quality…I can pull everyday dick easy but ironic PBR watery weak sauce only works for millenials

  4. You are a wise man, my friend.

  5. jujubeans

    Had to re -hide mine in the top of my closet as my four year old could literally find it anywhere and liked to pretend it was a microphone.

  6. JimU113

    Who said anything about her? It’s those idjit tourists trying to film it with their I’d have to charge.

  7. Ew why does the chicken butt look like it has a DDD Photoshop style reservoir tip condom superimposed on it? Please tell me someone else sees this and I haven’t stumbled into some weird psycho-sexual terrain I’d rather leave unexplored.

  8. What? No… You can’t see me…those were fake pictures I got off google. This is what I really look like. I can’t talk any more. I think my computer is broken. Ahhhhh!

  9. Holy Wolf has a flat butt, butt her face! Much worse…

  10. Omg you triggered me! That shit with the butter and catsup! Barf!!

  11. I think about bashing skulls on a regular basis. Don’t judge.

  12. Charles N

    I will never, ever eat chicken again. Thanks a lot.

  13. Haha I do!
    But the cops can fuck themselves.
    Don’t you know man haters are the best lovers?
    You can read all about it on my blog at


    I’d ask her where she’s hiding her penis.

  15. Is that Jen seltzer? Or alka seltzer whatever? I despise that NJ Jew who got in on the ass thing at the start. I’d seriously grab a stick and try to crowbar her ass cheeks so I coukd see her mouth move when she talked her narcissistic shit

  16. anon1

    feeling [triggered] rn

  17. JimU113


  18. Damn, I thought you were going to post some pictures of your face. Hahahahahafuckmen

  19. JimU113

    Why I call her Chicken Beak.

  20. JimU113

    Can’t answer for Ro, but I say no. Any ho that brags about having sex in public…In Mexico!…ain’t worth touching.

  21. jujubeans

    Why is Taboola trying to sell me on Mama June so hard…… Stop trying to make Mama June happen. She’s not going to happen

    And Miley’s ass is by far the worst….. But in her defense she was up there singing and dancing and gyrating around….. Which can totally contort the body but is WAY more entertaining than just standing there posing with your butt stuck out. Artist of any kind > boring pose hoe anyday regardless of the flat ass.

  22. not2slobro

    i’ll be impressed when either holly or miley can do this…..until then…blah.

  23. Bwana

    I hope when I’m their age I can be cool enough to have a gif. posted all over the web.

  24. Bwana

    Leave it to Sammi to come up with an awesome comment though a meme. Sammi you make me laugh!

  25. Really? I think holly has a nice bum. If zw nation doesn’t like fake asses, and this natural but shapely ass is no good, then can op please submit what an acceptable ass looks like?

  26. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    my grandpa’s favorite part of the bird, he called it ‘the parsons nose’. RIP Grandpa Tom <3

    • Spartacus

      You get a proper Parsons Nose on a goose, the ones on chickens are a bit small.

  27. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    I personally see nothing wrong with Holly’s butt whereas Miley is a young girl and still growing [and for her sake I hope so]. Holly’s shorts cling nicely and give you the ‘under cheek’ look whereas Miley’s latex shorts just look weird and uncomfortable imo. Nothing wrong with a smaller shapely booty as opposed to a lumpy dumper….

    • T Tee

      Pretty sure Miley is the same age as Holly, or close. She’s a ’92 baby (like me!!!) so she’s either 24 or turning 24 soon. If her bum hasn’t grown by now it’s not going to lol

      • King Ghidorah

        Miley lost a TON of weight doing drugs in the past few years.

      • JimU113

        Holly has been floating on 27 for a couple of years. Hmmm…. Maybe she’s starting to feel the pull of the years…?

    • Pam

      I think its funny dude isn’t wearing a helmet. Death doesn’t scare him. I guess it wouldn’t when u have a beast like that riding with u

    • IDC how “nice” that bitch might be, or how awesome her bjs might be, I woukd never ever be seen w it in public. Ever.

    • He better not be planning to pop a wheelie!
      Her gross little pony tail blowing in the wind is the cherry on top! Hahaha!

  28. Katie

    I don’t think Holly is too bad. Those god awful latex shorts are just so tight they are literally pushing her ass out the bottom. I think in normal fitting clothes she would look decent from behind.

  29. Scorpio

    I think Holly looks great. She has plenty of backside. If anything, she might even lose just a little bit of her fat layer for my taste, but I certainly would not complain about her just as she is now. I do hate the high waist, though. Miley looks like shit, because that is what she is. There is nothing at all wrong with being white, or with having a small butt. In fact, those are very desirable traits for most people. The whole world does not have to be colored and fat because you degenerates think it is trendy.

  30. Penza

    Nailed it!


    Best ZW comment ever.

  32. JimU113

    Worse ass: Miley. That said, she isn’t trying to scam her “fans”/3Bs by claiming to make her own costumes either.

  33. prettyfeet

    Holly’s isn’t flat. I like the bubble at the bottom. Think it is the style panties that make it look long. Tha pic of Miley is very unflattering. WTF is up?

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