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Hookers That Slay Together – Stay Together

ZW Update: Sarah Scheller & Allison Ceglio



Exlusive Model Introductions is NOT an offer for prostitution. Well according to their Terms and Conditions on their website it’s not.

But why else would one want to meet with renowned pay4play girl Slubber aka Alicia Wild?

Or everyone’s favourite Gimp Hooker, Sarah Scheller aka Sarah Milania?

Here’s the link to the site
These two hookers are such “besties” they’re on the same hooker booking site, targeting the same beta Johns, taking those Johns to the same sushi restaurants, drinking the same overpriced garbage and even matching outfits and blank, lifeless stares for their selfies.

Hookers that slay together, Stay together… right?
Let’s play a game.
Where do you see Slubber and the Gimp ManhattanTroll in 10 years?







  1. Gadda Bait

    Yes I love it! You are beyond awesome Sammi Jo!!

  2. JimU113

    I’ll dedicate the next tune to the Twatmendous Twins here:

  3. Scorpio

    I think she is cute. .,,,)

  4. Scorpio

    Them titties, though. In ten years, my guess is they will both be dead. Unless one gets lucky and finds a man to settle with. In that case, she and the man will likely both be miserable.

  5. prettyfeet

    They will be Las Vegas strip hookers. A couple more “women” that can’t make it at the Bunny Ranch.

  6. JimU113

    Whatta beta.

  7. JimU113

    I’d say their ho careers were circling the tank, but too late. You can see it floating down there. Right next to the CF Cheeto-Mountain Dew chunks.

  8. JimU113

    …Chicken Beak?

  9. JimU113

    “Didn’t your mama teach never point?! It’s Rude!”

  10. Exactly! Ripley’s I believe that shit.

  11. Gadda Bait

    Who is this Bart you speak of?

  12. Why do all these skanks that go under the knife end up looking so…shiny? I don’t get it…and it’s not the good shiny, like you can’t stop the sun from shining kind of thing…it’s a weird shiny…annoying.

  13. Charles N

    I’m sure ten years from now they can set up shop at a Sun City clubhouse and have quite a few geriatric golfers drooling all over them.

  14. €r2

    This site is very good.

  15. €r2

    Cooperation of whores…

  16. Gadda Bait

    It was years back.

  17. Gadda Bait

    Your right! Just ughhhh. I’m tore up right now so I won’t remember this later.

    • Persephone

      Perfect. Have your cake and eat it too. (You know… I get that saying but i don’t. I’d eat cake if I was given some anyways. Someone needs to come up with something else like “charge your credit card and always have a zero balance”)

  18. Darlene Conner

    I’m convinced Rob Dyrdek is a psychopath. He just is too much for me but does bring the loll’s.

  19. This looks like someone I know who is a cunt and has not aged well! (Saves pic to use as weapon in future)

    • OldWineBox

      I’ve always been nice to you. Why would you make fun of my High School Senior photo like that?! Damn gurrrlll…… 🙂

      • Oh fuck no this ain’t you…This is a bitter angry twat who can’t deal with being older and will sell you down the river for dick
        You on the other hand should have cleaned the blender after making lunch hour Pina coladas In high school – yeah you fuckin slob almost got me busted

        • OldWineBox

          You’re still blaming me eh? Fine , do that. The Dirty is dead and its time to CELEBRATE! 🙂

    • Persephone


    • Gadda Bait

      As cousin fkr said ” if your not good enough for family then who are you good for ?”. Family cums first. Ok now I’m truly sick at my stomach.

  20. Donnie Darko

    Those disclaimers are trying way too hard to say they are not prostitutes. Any idiot knows when something is advertising Incall and Outcall, it most certainly is prostitution. The 6th paragraph is directly aimed at ZW.

  21. AmericanTopTeam

    Truthfully and stastically one will be dead the other incarcerated

    • Persephone

      Could you imagine them in prison? Hahaha! Just seeing their hair grow out and no access to makeup would be worth a spot on lockdown

      • Gadda Bait

        Roach dust and kool aid.

        • Persephone

          Hopefully someone from the kitchen could do them a favor and make them some special kool aid. (Did you ever watch OZ? Where the guy feeds the mafia guy crushed glass in his food for a slow painful death? Horrible!)

  22. Maia


    Seriously, with all the hoes out there, who would pay these over 30 cum dumpsters? I’m confused.

  23. This dynamic duo could have staying power if they start seeking Johns that are suitable Liver donors. Win/Win?

  24. Spartacus

    Bad titty… BAAAAD titty, get back in your bra.

  25. #Slubbergimp!! This is possibly my favorite hash tag ever! Their eyes, though, they must be on a steady diet of Benzos & booze.

  26. Kay More

    I really can’t comprehend the depravity one would have to have to get with these two. Humanity is lost lol

  27. Vicki Vallencourt

    allusions vag slime is giving us a kissy face 😡

  28. Stelio Kontos

    10yrs from now? All honesty?
    I see them working their way down to Columbia, SC where they can still “compete”.
    Hanging out at the “nice” Holiday Inn, free drinks from middle aged golf buddy betas, telling stories from the good ole NYC days and waxing poetically about how the NY scene “changed” and that’s why they left.
    Smashed Crab gimp limpin her way through a 2step as they’ve adjusted to back roads, bonfires and bring new meaning to hoe-downs.
    Flashing their now droopy flotation devices at the lake, terrorizing ulta workers and clinique counter girls at local dept stores with unrealistic requests.
    Finally throwing in the towel and “Anna Nicoling” some poor old geriatic beta and fighting over inheritance till they end in jail or ID Channel.
    Sound bout right?

    • Penny Lane

      Why Columbia? I’m from SC. just wondering…

      • Stelio Kontos

        First place that came to mind when I thought “east coast south of NC”.
        Plus, I did basic training at Ft Jackson.

    • @MissTriciaEvans

      That’s pretty generous of you. Doubt they’ll be that lucky.

    • Scorpio

      That does sound about right. I think Anna Nicole was about 26 when she married her geezer, though. I think that ship will long have sailed for these two. The geezers ten years from now will be bedding girls half their age (and weight).

  29. Danny McGrath

    i mean this is nice…but come one you know we all want James moguladouche Sharkey
    we need to speculate about the baby (or no baby?)

  30. Happy Pants

    Who the fuck is paying for these hosebeasts!?

  31. captain awesome

    Congratulations on putting the dirty out of business. Niks last ditch effort of ripping off tmz is quite sad. He’s even disabled Disqus so we can’t anonymously bash his shitty sight. Lmfao.


      Those were a fun last two days, though. Just curb stomped myself on there.

      Good times.

    • Fairly Local

      Queen of tarts is going to need some more employees,it’s gonna get really busy around here

      • I can pay in memes. And Likes. That’s all that matters in life, right?

        • AmericanTopTeam

          Like we were saying the other night… Cheese Rat blew his own castle

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          well, don’t forget the goat in tree calendars.!

        • Fairly Local

          Likes go further than a dollar these days

        • prettyfeet

          OMG. Just saw an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix that had this as a topic that was awesome. Everyone has special contacts in their eyes that recognizes everyone and allows you to rate them. But, it was the first episode that had me hooked – a princess was stolen and all they wanted for ransom was for the PM to f a pig live on tv. Great stuff.

          • ZWGGMa

            Right! and then the protagonist winds up in jail and starts saying mean things because at that point why the fuck not? This is our little corner of the universe where we can say mean things.. LOL… it’s very liberating…

    • Kay More

      He even took all the old dirt/links off. I heard a rumor and checked it out today. Ghost town with post written by a blind bunny it seems like.

    • AmericanTopTeam

      He chased off ALL the good posters who happened to generate click based revenue. In a nutshell he fucked himself over big time.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        People come to read the comments………not about the same IG whores that are all alike

    • Darlene Conner

      Apparently this new year bs was just an excuse to not post anything! I mean I know its embarrassing to be an adult, father, who made a trash site to rip people on.

      • JimU113

        “A midget, alleged father with no proof of reproduction” fixed it for ya.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Imagine his poor daughter….going through teenage years isnt hard enough

    • @MissTriciaEvans

      I wondèr if he is facing some real legal action or something.

      • captain awesome

        I thought the same thing. There were an unusually large number of pics removed the last few months. Maybe his legal win streak was a fabrication.

    • Scorpio

      Does he wear eyeglasses for that?

  32. Gadda Bait

    At Charlie Sheens house!

  33. Gadda Bait

    They will never find their Lord of their ring like this.

  34. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Lots of good fish and tuna jokes in that sushi picture..

  35. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    On their knees in an alley in NYC..
    or buried in somebody’s back yard after a bad line.

  36. TwoTrickPony

    So if I book a five-star hotel in Midtown Manhattan as well as these two hookers for an overnight GFE, and Sarah da gimp trips over me on the way to funky town in our hotel room while texting, cracks her tiny brain on the headboard and then falls back and accidentally knocks out Allison aka Alica aka the fried and dyed sloppy drunk while she is posting the bottle of champagne I bought for them on her Insta, do I face any potential liability or exposure? And do I have a counter-claim since the hotel wouldn’t let me park in the handicapped spot, even though Sarah was in the car?

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