ZW Update: Sarah Scheller & Allison Ceglio



Exlusive Model Introductions is NOT an offer for prostitution. Well according to their Terms and Conditions on their website it’s not.

But why else would one want to meet with renowned pay4play girl Slubber aka Alicia Wild?

Or everyone’s favourite Gimp Hooker, Sarah Scheller aka Sarah Milania?

Here’s the link to the site
These two hookers are such “besties” they’re on the same hooker booking site, targeting the same beta Johns, taking those Johns to the same sushi restaurants, drinking the same overpriced garbage and even matching outfits and blank, lifeless stares for their selfies.

Hookers that slay together, Stay together… right?
Let’s play a game.
Where do you see Slubber and the Gimp ManhattanTroll in 10 years?