ZW Submission: [anon]


Nicolette Shea Update

Hi ZW, First I gotta say I’m so glad you guys are still going, I’ll submit here now instead of the Dirty, that site is terrible now and Nik probably wouldn’t post it unless it was an #exclusive anyway lol. Queen of Tarts you are actually crushing it, unlike Nik. Cheers to you and the rest of your contributors. TwoTrickPony you are hilarious – keep it coming!

Now for the actual point of my email. What the heck happened to Nicolette Shea’s head??? It looks mishapen and shrunken. Like seriously too small for the rest of her body.

Or is that just because she got the rest of her features pumped up with filler and god knows what else? Either way she looks mangled.

A quick check of her instagram account shows more idiocy. How inebriated would you have to be to post stuff like this?

Cus I Got The Sauce😉🔥 New Vid📽 Shot By @BagleyPhoto_

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But Nicolette thought it was so good she made a part 2.

🔴Kinky-Boots🔴Part 2 📽 @BagleyPhoto_ hair by @CyndyStylez

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Thank you for your kind words, but beating Dik Itchy at his own game is easy as fuck, dude checked out aaages ago. But back to Nicolette – lawdy lawdy. She must have shopped her body and forgot about the 5 head. And those vids – not fucking sexy Nicolette. You look like Anna Nicole in her heyday. DING! Next stop – Rehab. ~QoT~