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Indians Shrunk Nicolette’s Head

ZW Submission: [anon]


Nicolette Shea Update

Hi ZW, First I gotta say I’m so glad you guys are still going, I’ll submit here now instead of the Dirty, that site is terrible now and Nik probably wouldn’t post it unless it was an #exclusive anyway lol. Queen of Tarts you are actually crushing it, unlike Nik. Cheers to you and the rest of your contributors. TwoTrickPony you are hilarious – keep it coming!

Now for the actual point of my email. What the heck happened to Nicolette Shea’s head??? It looks mishapen and shrunken. Like seriously too small for the rest of her body.

Or is that just because she got the rest of her features pumped up with filler and god knows what else? Either way she looks mangled.

A quick check of her instagram account shows more idiocy. How inebriated would you have to be to post stuff like this?

Cus I Got The Sauce😉🔥 New Vid📽 Shot By @BagleyPhoto_

A post shared by 👸🏼NICOLETTE SHEA (@nicolette_shea) on

But Nicolette thought it was so good she made a part 2.

🔴Kinky-Boots🔴Part 2 📽 @BagleyPhoto_ hair by @CyndyStylez

A post shared by 👸🏼NICOLETTE SHEA (@nicolette_shea) on


Thank you for your kind words, but beating Dik Itchy at his own game is easy as fuck, dude checked out aaages ago. But back to Nicolette – lawdy lawdy. She must have shopped her body and forgot about the 5 head. And those vids – not fucking sexy Nicolette. You look like Anna Nicole in her heyday. DING! Next stop – Rehab. ~QoT~


  1. Whitney BeatMe

    Put her in a pilgrim suit and march her in the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade

  2. nancy young

    The song is by Rihanna. And I totally thought she put her droid on a stool and filmed herself. Then I saw that she tagged the “videographer” on her truly breathtaking IG vid.

  3. €r2

    Fck her head ! Thatwhole body is always rocking

  4. Spartacus

    I don’t follow anyone on Instagram, so I have only seen pics of Shea posted here. This is the first time I’ve really seen how unattractive her face is. Sometimes you only see past the filters etc. when you’re watching a video…. made me retch a little in my mouth.

  5. Scorpio

    It is an optical illusion caused by her giant, fat, fake butt. It makes her head look abnormally small by comparison. The way she has her hair arranged in the pic adds to it. This is why butt augs are an immediate deal breaker for me. That stupid tattoo on her shoulder is another.

    • Persephone

      Do you think butt implants have a shorter shelf life than breast implants?

      • Digitus impudicus

        They are both Methuselah compared to the good judgment center in their brains, which seemed to quit the bitch es immediately.

      • I would imagine so…You can’t tone up injected blobs of fat and or you can’t tone up the bowl your mom’s used to cut your bangs and it’s been inserted over your actual muscle.

        • Persephone

          Yeah that’s what I thought. The weight alone will make it sag

      • Scorpio

        That is an excellent question. I doubt it. I haven’t really looked into that, but my guess would be there is no limit on the lifetime of the implants themselves, especially as I think they are done as a more solid type of implant, rather than a liquid or gel. Modern day breast implants don’t really have a shelf life on them, either. The body, on the other hand, does take wear and tear, and it needs maintenance, and its owner might change her mind. Those things considered, I doubt most women would keep this mistake more than a few years, if they can afford to explant.

        • Persephone

          I would be really interested in seeing the skin of an ass from a woman who just had them out without any kind of corrective surgery.
          (Did I get my ‘if, an(s),from(s) in order?lol)

          • Scorpio

            I would be interested in that, also. I do not immediately spot any grammatical errors in this rather odd sentence. I imagine reading it as a cannibal. Mmm…ass skin. Delicious.

          • Persephone


  6. Persephone

    She a biggin’

    • RedRanger

      Her and “Nutella” (aka Chyna) should totally get into a wrestling match. Two big broads like that, it’s gotta be good.

  7. TwoTrickPony

    I feel sorta bad for Elaine (Forshee) aka Nicolette, who seems dumb as dirt and is an obvious full-blown hooker, but otherwise appears harmless. She’s gone down a surgical path that will be impossible to recover from as the years go by. I remember those horrid tit scars from the Playboy days when she was thousands of CCs smaller in front. Now she’s just a balloon. And the backside is just pure tragedy. This will not end well.

    • smugjew

      “This will not end well.”

      You can say that about every single person featured on here.

    • Scorpio

      The butt on the left is excellent. I wish she had kept it. It would go so much better with her nice big tits. Too bad about that tattoo, though.

      • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

        agreed Scorp that is one fine derrière, I’m guessing about 45-50 kpa’s pic on the right hand side.

    • Persephone

      Oh man… so, so much better before

  8. Stelio Kontos

    I’m not sure, but in this particular scenario, “the sauce” sounds like a euphemism for a particularly drippy std.

  9. @MissTriciaEvans

    Her lack of facial expressions tho.

    • RedRanger

      Prostitutes don’t have emotions, therefore they have no facial expressions.

  10. ZWGGMa

    Arghhh.. caaan’t look away.. arghhhh
    Edit: PS.. nice work anon… and welcome

  11. Lame Equis

    Her head is normal sized. It’s everything else that’s so ridiculously ballooned it doesn’t look proportionate.

  12. JimU113

    Well, when your innards are nothing but silicone and old man jizz, it takes time for everything to fill out equally.

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