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InstaHoHoHo: All the Jingle Ladies are Sleighing

ZW Submission: ~JimU113~

This is JimU113.  During my usual FB patrol, I saw that Culture Vulture had linked to this story from FHM (which apparently stands for Fucking Ho Magazine).


It’s asking some Insta-hos questions about Christmas. The list includes Culture Vulture (of course; if it’s not her or her fellow jailbirds she isn’t gonna), Scars, Ashley “Jabba The slut” Alexiss, and Sears Roebuck.  Because, you know, these idjits aren’t already overexposing themselves already.







On a related subject, CV also posted this.

Yeah, she can fit a major national forest in her “place”.  (what happened to calling one’s nethers a money maker?)


  1. VvV

    I like that Emily sears lingerie set has a window for her fupa to poke thru

  2. SDD

    Do you think they’ll need to return Shane’s nose and bolt ons, as well?


    Yeah, that DMCA shit is for the birds.

    Well, until i troll you again in a few months, adios. It's been fun. You are welcome for the page views. Feel free to PayPal me ten cents at some point.

  4. Lol. You never disappoint.

  5. So besides dragging around a micropenis, you’re a soothsayer as well, eh?

    Dude, you’re a joke. Why don’t you go back to jerking off to that Genobili poster hanging in your mom’s basement?

    P.S. You’re not a good troll, you only think that you are.

  6. Lol. Sure thing.

    Altho, I'm not sure exactly how you "helped" me.

    That jealousy will eat you alive honey. You need to be more like me and not give a fuck.

    ZW could go down in flames and it wouldn't affect me. This site doesn't define me and isn't my only hobby.

    Acting like ANYONE is keeping you in the loop for ANYTHING is quite entertaining.
    Do you have illusions of grandeur often?

  7. Stelio_Kontos

    We all know my pro Ashley stance, no need to defend it. Emily Sears took one of her "glass half full" pics here, not bad.
    Then we get to the aptly named Holly Wolf…damn that is just a jagged, carnivorous looking woman.

  8. JimU113

    Ain't no way, *No* way, them skanks going around my part Irish non-ass.

  9. To post pics – 

    Go to (they won't remove "adult content" like other pic hosts). 

    Upload pic (you don't have to create an account if you don't want to). 

    choose "Hotlink for website" option and paste contents here. 

  10. TTP

    I hear Hooman needs some help – lol.

  11. <img src='; border='0' alt='downloadfile'/>

    Web Construction Kitty needs a friend…

  12. Good lord. We may need to put ads on the site guys. Traffic is insane and we need more bandwith.

    Any suggestions? Most ad servers restrict adult content, so I assume we're left with porn ads as a last resort? Goddammit

    • SexyKaro

      Im fine with porn adds

    • TJ______

      How about products that Instahoes promote like protein shakes? Since the spokeswomen are already featured on this site it seems like a natural fit.


      Give me a break. You are getting hacked. You aren't even breaking 20,000 uniques a month.

      Don't lie to everyone.

      • I'd trust my host numbers over any of these ranking sites that want your money to display correct figures.

        Attacks are now under control. That's easy to see. Our IT pros have confirmed its legitimate traffic that is exceeding what the host can offer.

        I don't need to lie. Jealousy sucks, eh? How IS your site going hun?

        • SPURS FAN

          Well post your traffic numbers.

          • SpursFanSucksCawk

            You sure are an internet tough guy, aren’t you? I’m just gonna relax here a little and watch QoT beat your tiny cawked self into the ground.

            <img src='; border='0' alt='86397_F5_D-71_C7-4_A03-90_F6-33277_CF72223'/>

          • SPURS FAN

            This weak cunt won't even use their username.

          • SpursFanSuckCawk

            Why don’t you put up your numbers, or are they as small as your rice kernel sized cawk, internet tough guy?

          • hasn't had a unique ip visit other than, since the last time we linked to it.

          • SPURS FAN

            Yeah, i fucked up by shutting it down. The Vanessa Hudgens nude pics alone were bringing in shitloads of uniques. But lost the Google ranking, and rankings for others, and that was it.

            Theres no $ in this shit anyway, but still.

          • dawndavenportddd

            Resting on your very insignificant laurels, I see. Or your mullet

          • Sure.

            Here's a snapshot from the last 8hrs
            <img src='; border='0' alt='20171219_125233'/>

          • And we achieved those numbers while partially disabled as IT dept was fixing shit.

            But yeah – you'd know best.

          • SPURS FAN

            Well, I know youre about a month away from being shut down for good, so yeah, post some cut off traffic numbers.

            So strong to rip on people, too weak to post yourself.

          • Nah. We're good. Keep trying Jon Snow. Besides, they have no power here. ZW lives in free speech land.
            Worst case scenario – we're back up within a few hours on the parked domains. You lose.

            And didn't cousin fucker do some big exposè and show everyone who I am? Don't tell me she was wrong…

          • SPURS FAN

            So you say. Hey, i tried to help you out in the beginning, but you fucked up royally somewhere. Keep thinking you're okay, but you aren't. I'd seriously consider closing down.

            You won't heed my advice, but yeah, you'll find out soon enough.

            I'll be sure to come back and laugh at you.

          • SpursFanSucksCawk

            Ohhh… besides suffering from micropenis, you’re a soothsayer as well.

            Dude, you’re a dipshit. Go back to jerking off to that Ginobili poster you have hanging on your wall.

            P.S. You’re not a good troll, you only think that you are.

      • habibfazil

        Hmm, if you know what is happening, then there are only two possible conclusions:

        1. You are behind the hacks

        2. You are being used by Nik "once I had a website" or you are in the employee of the internet whores?

        Man, I can feel your shame from here…

        • SPURS FAN

          It doesnt take Stephen Hawking to figure out the site is being attacked, unless Queen is using the shittiest servers ever.

          I actually care about Queen more than i care about some skanks and whores you all seem to be obsessed with, instead of blowing smoke up her ass, I'm trying to give her some sound advice.

          It won't end well.

    • SDD

      Did someone say pron?

      Wish I could offer better advice than a pron add server.

  13. Did u try clearing cache? And what os is it? Android/iOS?

    • habibfazil

      Everything is working on all three of my devices.

      Found a conflict issue with sign on's and browsers not playing well with each other, so I dropped the wordpress access and voila, success

      Mucho thanx for all the time and effort you've put into getting this mess sorted your majesty!

  14. SexyKaro

    Sorry about Venus Fly Snatch picture. Disqus NEVER ONCE said a word about my avatar in the 2 years playing around with it so I'm Super chocked they threatened U with it. But if so, know that my motion was just for fun and to gross Ma out obviously…

  15. ATopTeam

    Cloudfare is the ddos check right? If we get their IPs ive "heard" of all kinds of machine killing programs that might find their way onto their CPU

  16. dirtywhitegirl

    Khloe T's pic lol. What an idjit. Thank's Jim, I'm gonna be over- using the term 'idjit ' for awhile now.

  17. Digits impudicus

    These whores would suck off any old fat man with a white beard who proclaims he is Santa and has a present for them. Unbeknownst to these whores that present is curdled cum.

  18. ATopTeam

    It was a nice add on for sure

  19. Ertu

    You are celebrating new year very well. Here in most places, they are gonna blow you if you do that except in rich people’s places. Because thats a sin to celebrate to new year. I hate God and its fucking religion.

  20. T.J.

    There is plenty of cuteness in the post above. Emily Sears and Holly Wolf are the embodiment of cute. Your avatar is pretty cute as well.

  21. T.J.

    Every time I saw it I laughed so hard that I cried.

  22. Meowmix

    How is holly wolf a model? Her face is just terrible

  23. habibfazil

    Naughty, for a price…

  24. SDD

    I’m hoping for the same soon, as well.


    Are there some orange cones and hardhats in your arsenal? This dump is always under construction.


    Now this is just a disaster, Queen of Queffs.

    How about just setting up AOL messenger on here?

    • Sammi Jo

      Is AOL messenger more similar to Disqus?

    • Nice to see you're being original. Queen of Farts was never clever enough.

      Perhaps ICQ would tickle your fancy?

      In all seriousness – it's Christmas time and I'm an Aussie. You'll all be lucky if I'm sober enough to post – let alone fix shit. Seeing as most of our dramas now are caused by the 2mil hits a month we cop and fixes will cost money… maybe you should be the first to donate to the HoFundMe?

      I'll even shake my ass.

      • T.J.

        Tiffany Vine should be the star of the funding campaign considering she's probably responsible for most of the traffic.

  27. Nancy Young

    I like how Ashole Alexxxis casually tries to mention that she’s working out. Besides that, all these girls are boring and stupid as hell. Someone at Fucking Hoe Magazine needs to get axed

    • T.J.

      It would be tragic if she did work out because she might lose some of her sexy curves.

    • JimU113

      Considering that Fucking Ho Magazine is a 10th rate Maxim, which is a fifth rate GQ/Esquire (both of whom are almost as irrelevant as Playboy), I say flush the mag.

    • VvV

      In like 5 answers
      Insecure as hell
      Also the cut n paste interview is a crack up
      They could not have put in less effort

  28. T.J.

    Wow! Three of the sexiest women in the planet in one magazine article. Emily Sears gets hotter every time I see her. Holly Wolf is still the cutest girl next door. And Ashley Alexiss is still queen of the PCM. I'm in Heaven!

  29. ATopTeam

    Let me sit here and imagine these painted clowns rolling into Nebraska and the laughs and "thank God that's not my kid" that immediately go up…

    • T.J.

      I used to live in Nebraska. Any one of these women would become the hottest woman in the state the instant she crossed the Missouri river.

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