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Introducing Britt Allen – Making bank without a Sponsor

ZW Submission:

Britt Allen is A Real Designer, duh!


ZW, meet Britt Allen. She’s trying pretty damn hard to be insta-famous and claims she’s no sugar baby.


Someone spent WAY too much time arranging IG posts to match..

Someone spent WAY too much time arranging IG posts to match..

Britt is yet another ho trying to use the “fashion designer” label as a front for an income. 

Screenshot_20160706-184916 Screenshot_20160706-184813

Seriously, who the f*ck is buying these ridiculous pieces? 

Yes.. that’s right. Boobs printed on a crop top. How original.


Oh look, it’s a veil… on her ass 😩


And a FLAWLESS cape thingy 😔


Do these bitches really think we believe they’re making bank with their elementary school “designs”? Come on now, give us internet losers SOME credit. Where yo money really come from?

These things are frightening… her body suit should be named The Tranny Suit…does it come in a ‘waxed’ version? ~QoT~


Poll Time!


  1. Habib Fazil

    i think it will do quite nicely, love the dead presidents on it

    btw, it's "do"

  2. Badbret 2.0

    I'm not ok my self or whatever

  3. Badbret 2.0

    What you don't want fake abs on a shirt

  4. Badbret 2.0

    Do they make those six pack shirts for dudes

  5. MissPell

    Thanks, but I’ll just wear my insides out today if you don’t mind.

  6. The Bad Seed

    That is just god awful

  7. MissPell

    Will this due…

    • Badbret 2.0

      Where did you find that shirt. Awesome

      • MissPell

        You’ve transmuted? Found it on the web.

        • Badbret 2.0

          Didn’t know it worked that quickly. It’s Mel so I figured it would be easy to figure. Probably will go back to a bret persona next week. I’m pretty retarded when it comes to profiles. Figured I would go with a name not my own for a bit.

          • MissPell

            I guessed it was you but I peeked at your profile just to make sure.

          • Badbret 2.0

            No worries. I’m just going crazy because I was talking with someone who just disappeared. All our conversations just disappeared Probably normal but I felt a connection and like that it was gone. So now I feel like an idiot but whatever.

  8. Dawn D Davenport

    look at that basic mom campire…cant muster up a decent duckface because fangs, so we get the "sultry look".

  9. Dawn D Davenport

    i want the one Miss Pell posted real bad, and a sash that says Miss Infinintestinal to wear with it.

  10. Dawn D Davenport

    omg I love this!! I wish I had the balls to wear it to the gym- I DO have the balls,,,I totally want one

  11. Tuco Salamanca

    Another pathetic attention whore. Modesty is non-existent. Please someone take me back to the 80s….or 90s.

  12. OldWineBox

    She could throw on a couple pair of those sheer fake tattoo sleeves. It would be his greatest work. Well, off of her back.

  13. Hahaha who voted to wear this thing? Show yourself! I’ll buy you one and scrawl the ZW Logo on it, if you post a pic wearing it!

  14. Zombie Cyrus

    "Self-made, but I can't explain the startup capital to make a full line of atrocious clothing"

  15. OldWineBox

    I know who would wear this. Courtney Stodden.

  16. Persephone

    Hah! County fair… They look cheap. The ab pic matches her arm, it’s huge in that pic

  17. Her clothing is atrocious. No way people are actually buying this China lookin’ bullshit.

    • Dawn D Davenport

      lol “china lookin bullshit”… Ive said this so many times with my hand feeling a piece of fabric

  18. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    They make them in XXXXXXXXXXXXXL ?

    • Dawn D Davenport

      Yes. And they are 100 percent recycled latex condoms

  19. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Is that a nose muzzle that comes with the 'soho black shirt set'?

  20. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Hard to tell with the Sharpie marker they scribbled on the shirt.

    They could of at least made a nice V instead of that ungroomed look.

  21. Whitney BeatMe

    No authentic beef curtains.. I’m not interested if it’s not realistic.

  22. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I believe you can get the same shirt at the thrift store for a nickle..

  23. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I've seen this wardrobe before
    and this one for her future self

  24. The Real Jeffrey Lebowski

    Hair-hatted-hooligan…..make a motha fucka act a fool again…..

  25. countryjew

    Like those custom air brushed shirts that portray a couple?

  26. I think I've purchased finer pieces of clothing from my local Country Fair actually.. lol

  27. marciababii

    Too early for this barf!

  28. Pen-a-lope

    Do they really think that is attractive? Gross.

  29. Happy Pants

    Make a Sharkey bitch tit version and I’m on it.

  30. Maia

    Check out the prom dresses on her IG! I’ve seen more material on Deltona 500 on a Saturday night in Vegas.

  31. The abs on those stupid bathing suits look like the bottom if a 2 litre of Pepsi is protruding out your stomach. Wtf kind of occasion was that suit made for? An time when you want to show your bush and nipple rings but need to be the slightest bit modest?

  32. AmericanTopTeam

    To quote the Asian man from Norbet “you marry big GOrillA”

  33. Maia


  34. not2slobro

    pretty sure I saw each of these outfits in Walmart on a Sat nite…..

    • Dawn D Davenport

      On a couple of cousins, holding hands in Michigan

  35. Penza

    Do they have a "grandma flapjacks" version?

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