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Is Louise Linton a Cunt? Why Yes, Yes She Is!

Louise Linton is a Fucking CUNT

A ZW Collaboration: 

Duchess Dawn Davenport & OCGirl

ZW, we just don’t go there with the political bullshit and that makes our thing an oasis of enjoyment. Let’s keep it that way, mmmmkay? 

However, in the interest of exposing Insta hoes, we just aren’t on our game if we don’t roast this yellow-haired cuntface, Louise Linton. I’m confident that we can remain bipartisan while stomping this bougie, posturing piece of human shit. 

In case you’re not familiar with Louise, she’s from a wealthy family in Scotland, and grew up in a legit castle or similar digs. There is utterly no reason for her to feel the need to marry a rubber-faced douchebag like Treasury Secretary and former housing market destroyer, Steve Mnuchin, king of repossession, eviction, and human misery. He looks like Ike from South Park as an adult. He has no game whatsoever, other than to defraud the government, and he is Louise Lintons little bitch. Not only that, but he promised to divest his holdings in Dune Entertainment when he took office but instead made Louise the CEO. Again, we just aren’t gonna go there about how America is being assraped by thieves and con men, but seriously…

Louise has wound up on the cutting room floor in a number of D list films, but she is best known as the author of the ripping yarn “In Congo’s Shadow” in which she describes herself as “an intrepid young woman” on a mission to save the poor black Africans in the Congo during her “gap” year…which, for most Americans means the year you realize you can’t afford college, but for rich cunts is something entirely different. 

Louise was busted hard for writing about being caught in the Hutu-Tutsi conflict during her time in the congo. Which is interesting because the Hutu-Tutsi conflict took place in Rwanda, which is nowhere near the fucking Congo. She describes hiding in the jungle, terrified of being discovered with her angel-haired whiteness. Pro tip: there is no jungle anywhere near the area  (Zambia) she claims to have been so traumatized in. She’s a lying sack of arrogant, posturing shit and seriously needs to stop it with the boxed hair color and hashtags before someone kicks her box into her throat. (See our original post on #LintonLies HERE)

Mnuchin divorced his second wife and left his children to be a “power couple” with Louise. And Louise is an instawhore, have no doubt. 

The latest of her Instagram posts to draw ire is that where she dresses like a retarded version of catwoman to show herself holding freshly minted money. 

Before that, she posted a picture of she and “autoerotic asphyxiation Steve” (per Reddit, who ran a whole thread analyzing his neck veins lol) disembarking from Air Force One on a personal jaunt to Kentucky. She hashtags every fucking article of clothing she has on, including “#Tom Ford ‘sunnies'” and Valentino shoes. This, in the poorest state in the Union. She’s worse than L’Hommedont with the brand name bullshit. It’s shit you expect from a bitch born in a trailer park. Truly surprised #tampax wasn’t on there because you know Louise is ALWAYS on the rag when Steve unhangs himself for some real deal nookie. Seriously, he is the definition of unfuckable, though to our usual hoarde he’s hot as fuck compared to the half dead saggy ball sacks they swing on. Best of all, every designer she hashtagged was quick to deny any association with this disgusting human garbage. 

We’ll just leave this here because Louise Linton is a fucking cunt and ZW needs to tear her shit up. 


  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

  2. AmericanTopTeam

    Don’t leave kiddo…it takes all of us to make this place work… Block people if they steal your joy…but stay around

  3. Oh my GOD. Please stfu. I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    • Dr_Fabiola

      Or course U are confused..U don’t know what I’m talking about because U’re not a doctor…La duh..

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Honey just stay happy…don’t let the internet turn you bitter- i’ll admit sometimes im not sure what you are talking about but it always makes me smile. Keep on doing you Girl.

      • Nice Avi. Sorry I disturbed you enough to cause you to make a really foul image your avatar…again. You do notice that the purpose of this site is to mock idiots who get their self esteem by assuming they are more attractive than average, and by basing their lifestyle on repeated and annoying displays of overt sexuality to the point of eye rolling, right? Sorry that sometimes your own very similar behavior invites the same annoyance.

  4. Be smart and stfu while you’re ahead seriously

  5. Who is this? I just see an old lady’s torso

  6. I bet you were. Maybe take off the sexy boots admit you’re fucking old and read a goddam book instead of playing with your very mundane and ancient clit. Damn, ANYONE can fuck, and most likely do more than an old fart taking headless pictures for the “gram”. Shit, nobody cares, seriously. You’re old? You’re a butterface, the truth hurts but better me than some young guy cringing on your hits. You’re welcome

  7. Mallory Knox

    I saw her and her mom on a show once. The mom is awful. Always wanted to be famous, but failed, so she lived thru Courtney. She slept with the pedo (Doug) she pimped Courtney to. Him and her even suggested to Courtney they have a threesome. She is damaged goods. I think she just wants to be loved.

  8. Digitus impudicus

    This puke needs a to be raped by a fiery hot poker.

  9. Habib Fazil

    Agreed, she’s trying to rip off everyone, left, centre and right..

  10. AmericanTopTeam

    Im not saying she isn’t the worst person in the world but politicians especially ours tend to lie… McCain, Kerry, Hillary coming under fire, Tbh anything I hear from both sides i just go riiiiiight.

  11. Thank you, my fact checking staff was off as I wrote shit to entertain for free. Smh.
    Here’s a cat gif I know they like those

  12. AmericanTopTeam

    Also google “Africa’s World War” there were 7 countries fighting in the Congo… I’m not saying she didn’t exaggerate and make things up but there was a conflict involving both of the mentioned parties in the Congo. As for posing with money…check who her husband is…kind of adds some clarity to why she would be in the Treasury.

  13. MeowMing

    I’m not American so I don’t feel particularly emotional about this woman being a horrible person but bad geography is one of my pet peeves, people not knowing much about Africa is another.

  14. MeowMing

    Just because other people have understood the inconsistencies in her story doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to either. It’s never good to take opinions for granted without understanding them yourself. I just clarified some completely objective geopolitical facts.
    The DRC is a big country, saying it’s not close to Rwanda is like saying the USA isn’t close to Mexico. However her story was the equivalent of hiding from the Mexican cartels in Vermont.

  15. OCgirl12

    Absolute coordinates of where this occurred aside , are you disputing that she lied in her book?

  16. She’s full of fucking shit and it’s been proven. Thanks for defending a fucking cunt- please try again later.

  17. AmericanTopTeam

    For a not political post this seems pretty politically motivated… Just saying..

    • You got me, there. I take issue with a fucking cunt spending taxpayers money on personsl trips.

      • AmericanTopTeam

        Oh my. Lol, at least you were able to admit it was politically motivated I applaud your moment of clarity.

      • You cannot write. I think it is a sad attempt at copying Nik Richie. Since he posts political. You cannot compete. Next!!!

    • OCgirl12

      Just to clairfy my position, I am no Trump basher…nor am I interested in debating about any political figures. I truly cannot stand this bitch and everything she stands for – and that’s what I meant about not being political. I think she’s a total fuckface, no matter whose administration she’d be a part of. I am actually a registered Independent, and I am prob more conservative than a lot of people on this site lol. She really is a piece of elitist trash.

    • Maia

      Failed fans-only?

    • Jesus Christ the holiday drama is pathetic as fuck. Nobody wants to hang out with stunting prostitutes on the holidays. These cunts need to take the dicks out their mouths and suck a drumstick they cook by themselves

      • €r2

        I feel nothing compared to these people though. Even theşr sad times are better than mine

        • Ertu, I feel for ya, I truly do. You didn’t bring on the troubles in your country. These hoes cry every holiday bc nobody wants them around during wholesome times they need to accept and expect that. They are so #blessed the rest of the year? Why cry bc nobody wants their infected snatch around their kids and parents? And as for you? Stop crying bc you don’t get to buy one of these prostitutes. There’s a hot bodied awesome chick under a hijab probably right next door. You Don t want to come here any more, believe me.

          • €r2

            The place where i live is very fucked up. Yeah you say true things they are hot and even hit on me very often but i cant even look at them coz i would be killed then. So i need a free pkace like yours. I am thinking about coming there and staying there. Otherwise i am in a misery as fuck. I wanna commit suicide you know…

          • Please don’t say that. Seriously, go exercise and get fresh air. Smile at everyone you see. I promise things will get better for you. You can call me out hard if I’m wrong

          • €r2

            I do whatever it takes.. ı have to smile all the time you know because most of the time i am with the students in the classrroom so i have to smile lol.. anyways do you think i can stay in there? I am even willing to be a janitor.

          • You seriously don’t want to be here right now. Hang in there, shit will get better for you, and for the US.

          • €r2

            I want to be. Nothing will get better here trust me. I will find a way to stay whatever happens now or even if a lot of years later.

          • AmericanTopTeam

            If you are seriously considering hurting yourself please call a family member or even drive yourself to a hospital…nothing no matter how bad things are right now nothing will get better by you hurting yourself.

          • €r2

            I am just afraid. I will get better when i sleep

          • AmericanTopTeam

            Take a nap clear your mind…you have alot going for you buddy…don’t let hurting yourself even cross your mind

          • Ertu is a military spy from Turkey posting here. All males do training. Since he still lives there and is alive, he works for the government.

            How can you be so stupid to communicate with that turkish troll? Hes only collecting info. And you make Americans look stupid with your desperate replies to him asking him to come over seas.

            Yes, please come to America ertu, iz safe herez, got ladiez here, instahoez here.
            Learn aonething about Turkey. You look so ignorant otherwise.

            Ertu has a GREAT life there, if he is posting here. Period

          • OCgirl12

            I am sure sleep will help a bit , I am so sorry Ertu !!!

          • Maia

            Sleep and exercise, my friend. Those two can help your mind immensely.

          • Hospitals cost money in Turkey. They dont offer that ‘service’.

          • Luke Duke

            Are you serious? The dude lives in Turkey and you’re telling him that he doesn’t want to be in the US. That’s crazy!

          • He doesn’t! Australia or Canada are much more amenable to an immigrant or refugee from anywhere remotely middle eastern or Muslim. Surely everyone sees the xenophobia going on.

          • MsConduct

            Hugs, Ertu. Keep whatever dreams you have alive. The USA is still a pretty great country. I can’t even fathom the crap you have to deal with in Turkey.
            This story is about a guy that had it all and lost it all. He was a janitor and he fought his way back to the top.

          • Umm, janitor is a top job here. Canada’ is the place you want to be bro.

          • OCgirl12

            ERTU don’t say that – message me on IG if you want , this makes me sad.

          • €r2

            Thank you for your thoughts. I really apreaciate it. You are very kind. But i cant message at the moment. I will, when i am optimistic enough

          • OCgirl12

            You know where to find me ! Aw I am so sorry , please know you have people thinking about you …

          • €r2

            Thank you for that really i mean it by heart

          • Turkey is legit. 100% safe. Unless your a commie.

          • Sammi Jo


          • Habib Fazil

            Oh man, don’t be talking like that, you have options

            There’s other places out there, Canada for 1, maybe the UK, or the Aussies, or even the Kiwi’s

            No harm in trying, yes we’re not the USA, but as close as you can get!

          • €r2

            I will try. I am just expecting to be off school. You know summertime

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            School over there gets summer breaks?
            I’m not worldly
            What about winter ❄️ breaks
            I’m genuinely curious

          • €r2

            I have 2 weeks off towards the end of january. But ı would prefer to come to USA in summer. I have to go to see my parents. I am far away from them. They missed me

          • Vicki Vallencourt

            I bet they miss u and are proud of you
            Are you their only child?

          • €r2

            I have two brothers as well. They are older than me 31 and 34. Thank you btw ☺️

          • Sk is right…canada or Australia is where you want to be.

        • OCgirl12

          Ertu I know and they have NOTHING to be crying about !!! It’s prob insulting to you to see their bullshit.

    • OCgirl12

      She’s a mess that’s sad

      • Mallory Knox

        I feel so sad for her. Her mom fucked that girl up for life. Its sad as fuck.

    • Digitus impudicus

      Fucking useless whore. Go kill yourself, cunt ney, the world needs much fewer narcissistic skanks.

  18. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    She’s living in an alternate universe where her p00p smells like Chanel #5 and every man wants her.
    I wonder what it’s like for her waking up every morning next to this pasty faced, 4-eyed spazzz?
    Allow me to explain to anyone that doesn’t quite understand exactly how government works…

  19. Sammi Jo

    Looks like a plush vintage treasure…

    *books trip*

    I think I’ll quite enjoyed the company of my fellow guests

  20. TJ

    Perfect for sugar daddies who want to make their sugar babies feel like princesses.

  21. TJ

    If they are a power couple Steve is undoubtedly the power bottom. A princess like Louise is too good to bottom for anyone.

  22. SDD

    True. So, so true, triple D.

  23. TJ

    The similarities between her and the women who are regularly featured on this site makes me think her family’s castle must have been located in a Scottish caravan (trailer) park.

  24. Maia

    This entire administration is full of thieves. Linton doesn’t love this stooge. She’ll embarrass him until he gets fired, at which point she’ll divorce him, walking away with more money than she’d ever make writing novels full of lies.

  25. Pro tip: ANYBODY who uses the word “artisanal” is a CUNT

    • Vicki Vallencourt

      Her angel hair couldn’t save her from using retarded language

      • Sammi Jo

        A true wordsmith. Sounds to me like she’s working on her next great novel.
        “A Cunt In The Congo” was a piece of literary genius. Riviting.

    • SDD

      Teef has “artisinal” tits. Does that make both of us cunts? Asking… for science.

  26. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    That pic wasn’t air force one, it was a US Gov plane (The kind Pelosi used to fly her azz all over the place). Stevie boy got reprimanded when his slither started spouting off about crap.
    Correct me if I’m wrong DDD, this is the bitch that was bragging about how she pays more in taxes than … some other BS stuff..
    This C deserves DDD’s post.

  27. Tuco

    For once i am speechless. Wtf. Doesn’t that troll have a PR team to advise him to shut this cunt up?

    • Maia

      Shit, they don’t have a PR team to shut Trump the fuck up.

    • TJ

      She strikes me as the type of woman who wouldn’t let anyone shut her up. Steve gets to grin and bear it.

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