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Jen Wilke Begging For Money… Again

Jen Wilke Starts a Gofundme for Maxim Party – Updates below!

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Looks like Jen Wilke is up to her old tricks again appearantly asking for $10,000 so she can go to the Maxim hot 100 party.


This girl is a piece of work. Can we all come together and hit up her Facebook posts and knock her off the pedistool that greg hale built/bought


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  1. lily

    Ok , I legitimately wanted to tell all the crap Jen Wilke has put my family through but within a week of speaking up I started to get threats and pleas from her and her mom’s friends to leave her alone . It was bad enough that I backed off but not anymore. This lazy slag deserves every bit of crap she is getting .

    I tried in vain to find all the pictures of Jen and Thane but she has managed to gain possession of them and keeps them in the dumpy apartment she still lives in with her mom . Despite my family getting conned into feeding this grown loli child she hides any evidence of them still being in her life .

    After these stories came out and she read them she accused me of writing all of them , even the Gofraudme and Perez Hilton write ups . She obviously follows all the stories and knows this is false . Now she is getting my own jackass brother to threaten me with violence if I don’t take the stories down . I just spent my Thanksgiving with my 30+ year old brother screaming at me and threatening to beat me to death because Jen Wilke , the girl that cheats on him , wants me to be nice to her. This is this crap that princess Wilke brings into our lives . F*ck that . I will honestly speak to anyone about her anorexia, self harm , cheating , substance issues , lying , fake injuries to get vicodin for her mom and her , the sick death remarks her mom wished on her dad , their whoring around while the dad was dying , the day long screaming tantrums she would have so loud that we could hear them for hours , physical threats ,her mom trying to strip naked at my baby brothers graduation party , her scams , scummy family and the violence my brother holds us hostage with when she demands we kiss her ass or tattles on us . No more lying for Jen Wilke .

    Sorry to Dave Kimble ? for hiding from you . Jen / her mom accused me of having an affair with you despite us never meeting and tried to charge me with stalking her . It caused my husband and me trouble because we were also threatened with violence . It caused some marital issues but my husband said he feels so badly for any trouble she put you through and after what my brother did he asked me to be honest and out her for the monster she is

    • Greg Fail

      Wow she sounds so conceited and yeah look like her boobs are fake now

  2. Seriously

    My sentiments exactly

  3. Seriously

    Take me with you!

  4. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    take away her kids……….
    She'll have more….
    take that
    wonder how many she'll have before the state quits giving them to other people.

  5. Flowerpotgirl

    sorry if someone has already told you!!

  6. Sir TTP

    I’d have bet good money that after all the disparaging coverage – both national and international – this ratchet leech would have at least taken down her GoFundMe page. Well, I’d have lost that good money. Shameless grifter just posted this on her IG, with the GFM link added to her page. Hard to believe.

  7. countryjew

    These comments are even more vicious than ours:

    • DirtyGMa

      Nice link CJ..

      svenserum72 Rank 10884
      Perhaps she should use GoFundMe to buy a chip card reader for her hoo-hoo — that would be a great asset for her inevitable career path

      svenserum72 Rank 10884
      About to make a wrong turn down 'Oh Crap My Looks Are Fading I May Need To Actually Get A Real Job' Avenue

      Maybe we need to invite svenserum72 on over to the nation. I like the way he/she thinks.

  8. DirtyGMa

    such class, such style. These are the leaders of the instagram culture… now excuse me while I go barf..

  9. Party Cat

    Thank you. I'd rather start a gofundme to raise awareness and research money to help others with my disease. Maybe miss Jen Wilke can contribute once she's made it as a model…

  10. How do we point out that her backpage ad says she's staying in a "luxury hotel" ?

  11. Party Cat

    I’m sorry, but this is just gross. I’ve been sick for the last 5 years, been unable to work for the last two years, and am now going to have my fourth surgery. I am 30 years old. My husband and I have burned through most of our savings trying to get me healthy. We have not asked family for money, and we would never ask strangers.

    I am not one to feel sorry for myself and I generally don’t talk about being sick. But this is despicable and I needed to point out the contrast between a selfish lazy brat asking others to fund a fantasy, and someone who could use gofundme for its intended purpose.

    • MissPell

      I am sorry that you are going through a rough time. You and hundreds like you who are going through rough times have self respect and choose not to beg strangers for cash. Jen on the other hand does not have this quality so it doesn’t bother her to ask strangers for the money.

  12. I want a subscription to NT News!

  13. Lol I take it back, I see an email from you…

  14. countryjew

    I just like the part about how this free press across the world resulted in another $100 being donated to her Go Fund Me. $100.

  15. Greg Fail

    They were talking about her on my local morning radio show as well

  16. Greg Fail

    It's making radio news now fast forward to 10:20

  17. The Beav

    I just hopped over to Perez and I admit I have not really seen this bat shit crazy bitch in action. Whoa! I see what you all mean. All the hashtags and crazy posting….good lord you all need restraining orders against her.

  18. MissPell

    She's still there. LOL I think she's having a blast over there. Her last reply was 9 mins. ago.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      Yeah I fed the beast. Sometimes it's fun to watch her spin.

      • MissPell

        I was killing myself laughing reading the stuff you ppl wrote. hahaha

  19. MissPell


  20. MissPell has picked up the story. I left a link to the ZW scoop.

    • DirtyPopArt

      and he has Disqus for comments so everyone go over there and post!

  21. Voody

    Can we please get some new fucking content? It’s the same 5-6 dirty celebrities every week. If you wanted to be ‘thedirty’ why create a different site?

    • LOL. That’s pretty rich coming from someone who doesn’t contribute any content. It’s a submission site voody. Submit something. Be the change you want to see.

  22. countryjew

    The screenshot posted yesterday of her backpage ad REALLY needs to be at the top of this story.

  23. umyeahyourestupid


  24. She’s not very pretty at all. She looks boring and plain. I don’t see any model potential.

  25. I think so! I’ve been to someone’s house who had their cats turd box in the bathroom it was so foul. Like how do you take a hot steamy shower with a box of turd sand in there. People disgust me.

  26. umyeahyourestupid



  27. Jim

    She's such trash she'd take a kidney off of a child to keep gettin her crunchmeat



  29. Greg Fail

    Italy is catching on

  30. DirtyPopArt

    i've been offline all day fishing on the lake with my boyfriend. this is incredible. it went global lol!

  31. Happy Pants

    We need to get flying dildos under control. Now I'm not saying I support on all out ban, but these people need to at least submit to a background check before purchasing.

  32. Whitney BeatMe

    Made my day. Thanks for the link

  33. Greg Fail

    What do the hash tags say

  34. Greg Fail

    The jen wilke post went global so….

  35. Sir TTP

    lol @wlikejen – sorry toots, looks like half the planet now knows you're a scamming grifter. Not sure invoking "karma" and "God" is really where you want to go with this defense-wise…

    • DirtyPopArt

      ha ha ha. we are not haters we are exposers if anything

    • countryjew

      The only question God will have for ZW Nation members is why we didn’t expose this lyin’ ass bitch earlier.

  36. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    wow, those are some nice digs…
    glad to see her man has a job, even if it is plunging the toilet.
    I would of guessed he would of made her do it.
    I guess, when it comes to poop shoots, he’s the king.

  37. Sweater Puppies

    The comments on a new story posted about Jen Wilke are pretty harsh!

  38. Greg Fail

    Her fans are so dumb. This guy posted congratulations to her for making the northern territory news. Did he read the speculation of her using her fans

    • Omg I'm dyyyyying! NT News is notorious for their insane headlines. Not a publication you'd be proud to be featured in..
      Here is a quick sample of some of the beauties they've published:

  39. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    well, her backpage ad says otherwise.

  40. Syd

    This kunt should just give up and go out with some dignity and class and either suck an old mans cock for cash or get into MILF Porn

  41. Seriously

    After eating a bento box (paid for by his sugar mama Kina of course) this gem was uploaded to freddyfags story.

  42. Syd

    This fucking slut is truly despicable. How entitled must you be to ask hard working people for money to attend a party in the hope you get spotted. Remember the days when people worked hard to achieve something? This cunt obviously doesn’t. Listen you entitled slut, if you havent been spotted by now you never will. Get back to sucking cock and doing what got you attention in the first place. You are a piece of shit and truly despicable.

    • DirtyPopArt

      she is just a lost and confused soul. she doesn’t understand the theory of paying your dues. Nobody in Austin knows who she is and she thinks she is going to make it big in LA?

      • Syd

        She got told by too many friends and relatives that she should be a model and she swallowed the bullshit hook, line and sinker. Anyone who donates any money to this self-absorbed, entitled cunt is just enabling an asshole. She should suck Johnny Football’s dick for $10,000 before he pisses all his money away.

        • DirtyPopArt

          greg hale paid for her to get a bunch of professional shoots and bought her online contest wins feeding her delusion

          • Syd

            Im sure Greg did it as a good samaritan and without thought of getting laid.

  43. caramelldansen

    Come on Jen. I actually like you. But don’t stoop to this level. You can do better.

  44. Tuco Salamanca


  45. caramelldansen

    She needs to get her act together. She has looks, but she can't seem to put those looks to use. Thankfully she will age well, so she isn't in any immediate danger.

  46. Darlene Conner

    I get most of my insults from The Golden Girls. Picture it…Sicily…1952…Jen Wilke went back in time and was STILL a fame whore.

  47. Habib Fazil

    That all? I'd at least expect a trip up the ole hershey highway for 500.00

  48. Habib Fazil

    Well Sucking is one way you could fund your trip, swallowing may help out too. Considered anal?

  49. Habib Fazil

    Man, talk about amateur hour, you're in with the big kids now sweetie, step up your game will ya? You've really embarrassed yourself tonite

  50. Habib Fazil

    could be, but he has no refund gap does he?

  51. Habib Fazil

    But she's not begging for money now is she?

  52. Habib Fazil

    is that the best you can do? Hell, CF is more fun!

  53. Habib Fazil

    Looks like he's done growed up!

  54. Habib Fazil

    of what, that refund gap?

  55. Whitney BeatMe

    Yeah I figured it was hotter.

  56. Dr.Christian Troy

    And blocked in 3…2…1…

    • Greg Fail

      Wait till the next chapter of this saga drops. It’s gonna be good.

    • Unityyy

      What an asshole. She didn’t want to spend her own money to go, so she begs her FB followers for the dough..scrounges a measly $325 and has now miraculously come up with the extra $9,675 somehow? Disgusting.

      • Greg Fail

        Actually she had her ticket and airfare already taken care of and was lying so she could have more spending money

        • Unityyy

          Right. She deliberately misled her followers into believing that she needed the funds when she was simply looking to pocket extra spending money. She is vile.

  57. Whitney BeatMe

    A representation of that guy with his lips on wilke's bhole.

  58. Tuco Salamanca

    Yeah there's different cut off ages between generation X and Y according to several articles I've read. I think 1980 is the last year for generation X which is when I was born and I assure you i could not be considered a millennial…however trasha was born in 80 and absolutely could be considered a millennial. It just depends on the person and if you're born in the early 80s I guess.

    • AP

      Huh, thanks for the info. I know I’m definitely within the millennial guidelines but far from the stereotype, so I feel you on the you vs. dead tooth thing

  59. Greg Fail

    She is on the list comped with ticket and travel. She lied to her fans to get money for the trip

  60. Greg Fail

    She is going

  61. Greg Fail

    I don’t think she is a hooker. I think she is confused about how to go about attempting to become successful in the modeling industry and lost a lot of credibility going about it the way she has

  62. Greg Fail

    One would think that a Maxim “cover model ” would have vip access comped so she must be hard up for travel and accommodations

  63. Penza

    Shouldn’t they be paying for her NOT to go? giggle-giggle

  64. AP

    I would bet like…. 100 bucks that you are totally right. I couldnt think of a better amount or item so i just said 100 bucks. lol but i definitely think that is the case here.

    shes such a worthless slug of a human being.

  65. Dr.Christian Troy

    Seriously? This is beyond disturbing. Let’s see…. I can donate some cash for a little child’s cancer treatment or so some scrub can stay in a five star hotel and buy a dress to go party. Tough choice. Jen truly needs to find Jesus because this is beyond disgusting.

    • Penza

      I guarantee her mouth-breathing, neck-bearded, basement-dwelling, supporters/fappers, would much prefer an authentically autographed poster of Whore Wilke, versus one of some poor cancer patient child.

  66. Whitney BeatMe

    They won’t put her on the list so she’s going to go and show them what they’re missing? She’s so basic she couldn’t even make it into Martha Stewart living. Put her next to a beige couch and the couch is more interesting than her.

  67. Kay More

    How sad.

  68. AP

    Hahahah how pathetic. Isn’t she like 32?? Sweetheart, your chance at even approaching a “crossroads” passed way back in 2001. Also, the sham job known as “influencer” is beginning to die out because companies have run the numbers and they have little to absolutely no impact on their quarterly numbers, besides losing money to pay these twat bags.

    • BossBabe

      Yes! Ever since Instagram deployed the new algorithm, it literally killed the reach these “Influencers” have. It’s hilarious to watch, holding on to a dying medium because its their source of fame.

      • The_Truth_Hurts2012

        what/how did the new algorithm work? Did it start looking at recent comments to verify actual people?

  69. Blunt-Master_puff_pu

    Disgusting, begging people on gofundme for $$$ to go and party, there's no shame in your game cvnt!

  70. BossBabe

    Fran for president!

  71. Ertu

    How much does a maxim party cost?

  72. Team Wilke

    Lol you are so freaking funny

  73. Gadda Bait

    Yeah good stuff and I think SP has a new season coming up.

  74. Снайпер

    This is her with CGI.

  75. Persephone

    It is sad. The world needs less selfish people.

    • Gadda Bait

      Trust me I know. I miss my lil adopted babies already it’s only been hours. But they need to get away from me a little it’s good for them.

  76. Gadda Bait

    I love this one. Oh and the penguin, that’s one of my all time favorites. Its so funny you will watch it over and over and over.

  77. Gadda Bait

    I’m gonna sing propane-propane too! LOL!

  78. Spartacus

    "Show her the hairy side"

  79. Spartacus

    From my perspective as a average looking 50 year old, I don't understand her appeal. (And I have low standards). She's just plain, nothing wrong with plain, but I've been to a Maxim UK party and the eye candy for both men and ladies, needs to be exceptional.

  80. Johnny "M'

    Mike's spittin game hard!

  81. Spartacus

    Roadtrip! I call shotgun!

  82. Spartacus

    One eye significantly bigger than the other, hello Popeye!

  83. Spartacus

    I'd pay the 10k, so that my gardener could pooh on her chest!

  84. Unityyy

    Is this what she means by Internet favorite? I have had the joy of insomnia and trolled her FB page. I isht you not, this guy is par for the course in her list of followers. He called her 'bearutful'. Can't make it up..

    • Penza

      He’s hot! He can be her date to the party, even bring his banjo, or whatever that thing is.

      • Unityyy

        Yup. Banjo toting redneck with summer teeth (sum’er here, sum’er there..). Those are her fans. Geez, did she blast all the prisons with her photos??No wonder girlfriend cannot raise a nickel from each of them.

  85. Johnny "M'

    I believe this shit, and im using my moms credit card to donate!

  86. Unityyy

    I'd grind my dirty boots into her couch.

  87. The Judge

    Wow, how full of yourself can you be to think the public wants to pay her salary? She is in for a ride awakening, she's absolutely average.

  88. Unityyy

    You got it. Narcissist is right. At 32, it's time to hang up those 'super model' dreams. If she's residing in Shitkicker, Texas, I'm guessing she isn't exactly getting a lot of paying gigs. Ripping off her 'fans' to go to a party is nuts.

    • Persephone

      I’d give her the money if she introduced herself as….
      “Hi, I’m sure you know me- call me J-dub. You may have seen the my recent exposé on
      I’ve also been featured many times on”

  89. Gadda Bait

    Queen, y'all have got to do a piece on Leslie Jones and Milo. I can't get enough of this story.

  90. Kay More

    Lols, I was invited to the Maxim Hot 100 party like one of the first years they had it. I didn’t go, I was 19 and scared something weird would happen. Makes me laugh this girl now asking for money to go.

    • Habib Fazil

      maybe she’s hoping “something weird WILL happen” ???

  91. Gadda Bait

    It will dry RANDY!!! I died when Layhe said that.

  92. Gadda Bait

    Go to Texas and say your in fear of ISIS and BLM. They should hook you right up

  93. Team Wilke

    Stupid boy

  94. Persephone

    Gadda didn't burp, nor pass gas. She was simply informing you about Mr. Sheen.

  95. MissPell

    Some model that has become irrelevant and just hasn’t figured that out yet.

  96. Gadda Bait

    She should hit up a Nigerian Prince. Someone tell her it’s no who you know but who you blow! She has got to know this at her age.

  97. MissPell

    I like how the dog takes off after the cat. lol

  98. Persephone

    And so NOT HOT. Hell, I will admit when I think a chick is sexy. I'll admit if I wanna get neked with them! She does nothing for me. (Nor my husband)

  99. Persephone

    She's so full of SHIT! The question is, what kind of shit. I do not care about how much work she puts into looking like a 45 year old stuck in the mentality of a 15 year old. She's definitely "the girl next door"
    The one you call 'cat piss' at school because she smells bad.

  100. Voody

    I’m sure there are a 100 betas willing to give her $100 a pop for a BJ between Texas and LA.

    • MissPell

      There probably is a lot of truckers she could service on that route.

  101. Unityyy

    This is incredibly pathetic. Go Fund Me was not intended for people to use to ‘attend parties’. It is meant for life altering emergencies and catastrophic events…not someone’s inability to get anyone in Hollywood to pony up for her expenses. If this girl had anything going for her in the industry, this would be fact, they would pay her to attend. But they don’t because she’s over 30 and average at best. Get a job sister. Nobody owes you this trip.

    • Tuco Salamanca

      She's one of those stupid millennials who thinks everything is owed to her. No offense to all millennials because I realize not all of them are like that but she takes the fuckin cake. Lazy, pathetic piece of garbage.

      • AP

        She’s 32, that fits within the millennial label?

        • Syd

          Shes 32? That makes this cunt an even lower human being. When you havent made it as a model by 32 theres only 2 ways to go and they both involve fucking dirty men. Sugar baby or MILF Porn.

      • Jim

        They do act like that. I’m 37 and work with a bunch of millennials from age 22-18. There good boys but have that entitlement issues out the wazzoo. Lol I weed out the lazy sjws in the first couple days

    • Persephone

      Exactly. How can she sleep at night (sober) thinking of people who legitimately NEED financial help for DIRE situations, when she just wants to have her dreams inevitably crushed because she’s nothing. She’s a very disturbing narcissist.

      • Gadda Bait

        Sweetie she is not thinking about anything or anyone except herself and herself alone. She can’t even get fifty cent from each follower. This woman is a very sad case.

  102. Maia

    Like we fucking care.

    • Team Wilke

      You will care when the cops come to your house

      • Maia

        Psst! I’m not home! You see, I have this thing called a job. It takes me away from home and actually pays me so I don’t have to beg from strangers on the internet.

      • Habib Fazil

        Oh Lordy No! Not the interweb Police!

  103. Happy Pants

    Is this 5150’s “important work”? Donating $325 to whores?

    • MissPell

      5150 would have to get a GoFundMe account to raise the $325. haha

  104. Team Wilke

    Yeah and?

    • countryjew

      Well, sounds simple then: call them up and have them put you on the list. A pretty reasonable request if you are truly a Maxim cover model.

      • Team Wilke

        Lol silly boy

        • countryjew

          Your 2 million fans ponied up a whopping $325. And you let Greg Hale put his penis in you.

          Your LOL privileges went bye-bye a LONGGGGG time ago.

    • Tuco Salamanca

      Is this really you? If so I gotta tell ya you are a moronic, pathetic, lazy loser. People with serious medical conditions and other life altering cases use gofundme for valid reasons but your plain Jane lazy ass is using it to,get a free ride. You’re an obtuse, clueless, slothful, poor bitch who should be WORKING to try and get your alleged “modeling” career going just like decent human beings do. Close your damn legs by the way cuz I can smell the stench through the iPad. Worthless waste of life.

      • Team Wilke

        Shut up loser

        • Tuco Salamanca

          Boy what a comeback. Tell me…how long did it take you to come up with that? I'm a loser because I work for a living and make money to support myself while you make a gofundme account to buy clothes and go on vacations. Makes perfect sense. Stupid fucking mooch.

          • Team Wilke

            Man up and suck it up. I am an Internet favorite and you hide behind a fake profile

          • Tuco Salamanca

            You're an Internet favorite! Where do these delusions come from? How does one caculate "an Internet favorite?" Who cares if I'm behind a fake profile. This is a gossip website you scathing whore. If my comments don't bother you than quit responding, dumbass.

          • Gadda Bait

            Yup such a favorite that out of 2 million people you can't get 10 grand? You are looooved so much they won't even send you fifty cents each. Lol, yeah people looooooooovvvvvveeee you!

          • Greg Fail

            Like 1,999,999 are fake

          • Gadda Bait

            Get off our site piss driblet!

  105. There are people struggling with medical bills and foreclosure on their homes and she wants traveling money? Get a real fucking job also i thought it was typical for “modeling jobs” to pay for travel and lodging.


    how disgusting. broke ass hoe

  107. Penza

    That's a professional mooch. Those people have entitlement issues, and little else.

  108. Donnie Darko

    With make up her face reminds me of JWoww from Jersey Shore.

  109. MissPell

    Ohhh damn. 2 people BURNED in one reply. That was good.

  110. Happy Pants


  111. Stelio Kontos

    How many legitimate whores are giving her scathing looks and turning up their nose in disdain. I believe Veronika Black was quoted as saying “this lazy bitch, do you know how much literal shit I have to take, how many Curry Blumpkins add up to $10k and she’s just gonna ask for it?”

  112. JimU113

    Dear Jenn, You really want that money? Go to Dubai and put yourself through The Iron Sheik.

  113. Donnie Darko

    That was Sydney Ladd, not Wilke.

  114. Maia

    Wilke? You’re 30 fucking 2! Get a real job and move out of your Mom’s basement! If you were invited somewhere as a VIP, your expenses would be paid. Who believes this shit?

    • MissPell

      The suckers that have already sent her money? lol

      • Maia

        Yup! Betas!

      • Persephone

        She emails a guarantee fuck for $25.00 and over. My brother got one, he’s 19. He’s looking for older women, past 30 to teach him. I told him the only thing he will learn is the difference between a normal cow moo, and a cow that’s been shot.

        • Gadda Bait

          Does she really send out those kinds of emails? Lol!! Wonder what she would do to go to Dubai?

          • Persephone

            Let them shit down her throat I suppose? Play in it with her toes like a … sand box? Talk to it? Call it Mr. Hankey? (The Santa poop from South Park! Lmao)

          • Gadda Bait

            I love Mr. Hankey!

        • MissPell

          I wonder what the guy who put up the 5 bucks thinks he’s gonna get. haha

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. If she was someone of importance they would pay her expenses. This girl is so sad. Maybe it’s me but I still think she is just so damn plain and bland. Kind of like the sugar free vanilla flavor of insta-skanks.

    • Persephone

      Let me say first- I am glad I do not understand these bitches. Ok, so how does an average, and I mean not even a double take chick go out of her way, past her prime to do this. Who is egging her on? (FYI Miss , they’re most likely fucking with you.) It’s like the mean girls in high school, they see a girl wearing something ugly and say “yeah… That’s totally hot! Wear it!” Meanwhile, she’s ridiculed behind her back.

      • Maia

        I blame her parents. She had a gofundme for her Dad’s funeral. I find it hard to believe that her Dad didn’t have the forethought to put aside 5k for a basic funeral.

        • Persephone

          I don't trust 89%of the people of goFundme

          • Luke Duke

            Ikr! A few months ago I actually thought about doing a gofundme. My teenage son was selected to go play a very large soccer tournament in Europe. Total trip was going to cost me over $7k. I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for my son and was determined to make it happen! After thinking about it for a little bit I ended up doing what any responsible parent would do….broke out the credit card! I just couldn’t see begging for something that was not a life & death situation.

          • Jim

            Her career is life or death, sum Johns are crazy murderer’s and such lol tom sizemore in natural born killer’s. To bad he wasn’t the next one

          • Chalupa Batman

            We need more humans like you!

          • umyeahyourestupid

            only 89%??

    • BossBabe

      sad 30 fucking 2 and doesn’t even have $10k in her bank account LOL. Yea her “modelling career” is lucrative as fuck.

  115. JimU113

    FranTP just went nuclear.

  116. Donnie Darko

    According to the intelligence I gathered from the Prince and DDD, he's a factory worker in either Phoenix or Minneapolis. So I'm assume he's neither rich or poor.

  117. Penza

    She's a panty-sniffers dream girl. All yours if the price is right. She's far too classy to list it, but you know those eyes would never turn down money. Someone ask her what's the going rate. Lol.

  118. MissPell

    11 people…$325.00 raised…$10,000.00 goal…party is July 30th…has no job…ummm. I think she’s gonna be missing that party. ha

    • Greg Fail

      She’s insane

    • Stelio Kontos

      I wanna state the obvious….if she had any business being there, expenses would not be an issue.

      • Unityyy

        Exactly..but she’s got to ante up the $500 herself plus expenses for travel etc .ANY shmuck off the street can go to this party if they pay for the tickets..ain’t nothing VIP about it.

    • Persephone

      Maybe it’s like the little tikes at the bikini huts. They fill their tip jar to make it look like people are tippin big. Maybe she floated herself the first $300.00, since my brother paid the other $25.00

      • MissPell

        Maybe. Or there are a couple of other guys out there like your bro.

  119. MissPell

    and 1 bot.

  120. Sir TTP

    You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME. Back with more thoughts later.

  121. Снайпер

    Like beg for money?

  122. Снайпер

    And you're still a poor loser.

  123. Снайпер

    Ha ha
    You want these things, but you cannot afford them.
    That just means that you're a stupid poor person.
    Stupid poor people Stupid poor people
    I have more money than you
    Stupid poor people Stupid poor people
    You can't even afford food.

  124. AmericanTopTeam

    Ummm hmmmm get a fucking job??

  125. Снайпер

    Stupid poor person.

    • Penza

      This guy is funny. Wilke sure isn’t. She should stand on the corner with a cup in one hand, and her old Maxim cover in the other.

  126. Gadda Bait


  127. MissPell

    I can't figure out how going to a party (plus all the crap she wants) that she can't even afford to pay for is "for the good of society". What a CROCK.

  128. Снайпер

    LMAO I spent 6 times that on my debit card today buying rifles and shit. You know, stuff that matters, is useful (something Wilke will never be).

    • MissPell

      Wedding stuff?

      • Снайпер

        hahaha you know it:) An armed wedding is a safe wedding 😉

    • countryjew

      You bring up guns a lot. I like it.

      • Снайпер

        It's like Pokemon Go in CA right now in re rifles. Everyone's after the remaining few that are getting banned in 2017. I've been running all over the place trying to find 3 specific ones. Figure I'll learn gunsmithing, get my certificate, and just make them myself, bc I am so sick of traipsing around in SoCal traffic, with an auxiliary cable that keeps breaking, being forced to listen to the damn radio (music really blows these days, goddamn), instead of my playlist, to places like the 909, Kern County, and Imperial Valley… and then having to go BACK to these places I usually avoid after waiting 10 days… And then (on top of this) some shops actually have the rifles you want, you think your quest is over, but if you're dressed up too fancy and prissy because you just came from traffic court (and won), they assume you're making a straw purchase, that you're the airhead girlfriend of a criminal, and they decline to sell you anything! After driving for hours, and them taking your credit card info over the phone to put it aside for you, and all that reassurance.
        Shit will get really real when ammo bans or shortages go into effect.
        I want to move to Siberia. Then I can have all the PP-2000s, AA-12s (Saiga-12 over there), and Stryker Street Sweepers I want. Even getting the worst kind of AK here is more involved than immigration paperwork.

        • Habib Fazil

          but of course it’s tuff, you’re playing by the rules.

          of course the criminal element has no problems, as they don’t play by those rules

    • Gadda Bait

      You sound like me.

      • Снайпер

        Hahaha are you me? I finally have enough extra money to fix my busted teeth, but I’m like “nope, you know what? I think I need more rifles. And ammo. All of it.”

        • Gadda Bait

          That’s right. It won’t be long and we won’t be able to get em.

  129. Kay More

    What the hell?? She's the same age as me?? And acting a fool still

  130. Greg Fail

    Every time I read the gofundme statement she wrote I imagine the voice of Sally Struthers narrorating a feed Jen Wilke commercial 😉

  131. Tuco Salamanca

    LMAO! That's much more fitting.

  132. Crimson⚡️Bolt

    Lol the full desperation pic. Saggy cleavage,.. And legs spread

    • Tuco Salamanca

      The legs spread is where it really shows. She knows she’s just average at best so she has to step it up a notch.

    • MissPell

      Her legs look warpy in that pic. WTH

  133. Team Wilke

    God y'all need something better to do

    • countryjew

      Well you just blew that $3.75 I was going to donate.

    • Gadda Bait

      Like ask strangers for money?

    • No, YOU need to find something better to do, like seek gainful employment, an education, a home of your own, etcetera. You are past 30 for shit sakes!! The model thing will never ever happen. Find something else to do rather than scam people for money. Oh please,see the above statements where commenters are stating the obvious: ” If you were a real model then Maxim would pay all of your expenses for this event.”

    • Tuco Salamanca

      No you need a JOB slutpuppy.

    • Darlene Conner

      Anyone that knows anything about LEGIT modeling knows that 25 is TOO OLD. Over 30 is way past the prime for models and there will always be younger and prettier ones waiting to take your place. You literally have no shot at fame peddling the crap you do. Unless your idea of “modeling” is less runway and more hardcore pornography. They will let anyone take their clothes off…fat, skinny, old, amputee…you see where I am going with this? You should not be proud that you let people convince you to take your clothes off. Yes I know “I’m SEXY! I WANTED this to be all I am worth!!!!” Yeah….that’s what you gotta say now but in 5 years your gonna be on bangbros trying to still be RELEVANT. It’s a downward spiral once you are in the sex industry. You keep doing more to get less and less attention.

  134. Sammi Jo

    LOL Yep! They are not tryin' to see her
    … She should take the hint

  135. Olive Blackcock

    I think this explains what she will be doing to get that money.

    No photo warnings necessary.

    • Habib Fazil

      Thanks for keeping it somewhat tasteful… heh, heh, heh…

  136. MissPell

    Nice find.

  137. Maia

    It's hysterical!

  138. MissPell

    No level 6? 😉

  139. MissPell

    Exactly! She must be taking the "a girl can always try" approach.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I’m sure she’ll keep the $$ if she can’t raise 10K

  140. Tuco Salamanca

    What fucking loser would donate money to this stupid boring plain Jane whore!!!!

  141. Scorpio

    It is for the good of society? How can anyone say no? She should just get a wealthy boyfriend to support her dreams.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      TJ needs to just wife her up, then she won’t have to work for $$.

      • Scorpio

        Is he quite wealthy? This girl’s dreams are expensive.

        • The_Truth_Hurts2012

          give her another 10 years and she’ll be hitting her knees for a pack of smokes.
          Soon she’ll start popping out 401k’s and 18 year retirement funds.

  142. Maia


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