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Jen Wilke Forgot She Didn’t Have An Ass: Internet Laughs Its Off

ZW Submission: ~notLighterKing~

Hey Queen, had some trouble getting on the site lately, hope it’s fixed soon – I need my daily zw fix! Anyway you need to post this pancake assed Wonky Wilke again. I think someone needs to tell her she most def does not have a BOOTY. Girl, that’s a pancake. Stick to the deer-in-headlights frontal shots.


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  2. XRumerTest

    Hello. And Bye.

  3. yule tied tim

    that dudes long gone

  4. yule tied tom

    ho ho ho

  5. GoodPersephone

    Gym inspiration.

    • heauxbagh

      Seriously the girl would benefit from doing some squats 3-5 times a week for a half an hour. She could go from terribly basic and boring to one of those "instagram fitness" models if she had the dedication to work herself into a six pack and a buff butt. She needs to figure out something asap because she certainly is not getting any younger here.

  6. NurseJiggles

    This looks like a cheap back page ad

  7. dirtywhitegirl

    At least whatever filter the zw uses on all their post pics made this shot look somewhat less basic.

  8. Ertu

    Someone needs to inform her about this problem

    • GoodPersephone

      I find nothing attractive about her, and I'm trying to. She could do an ad for a hair straightener??

  9. Tuco Pacifico

    I could be wrong….isn't this the ho that shoved a turd back in while on webcam?

  10. Sammi Jo

    Whelp, someone is letting perfectly good Panera gift cards go to waste obvi

    <img src='; border='0' alt='Thick_Friendly_Irishsetter-max-1mb'/>

  11. Stelio_Kontos

    On one hand it is not the worst I've seen. Actually she still beats that damn pterodactyl lookin Holly Wolf.
    But…she need not draw attention to it.
    *side note* sex with black dudes will add natural inches to your ass. It is a scientific fact.

    • TJ______

      Holly Wolf reminds me of the girls that used to shoot me down in junior high even though no one else was interested in them. I think Holly is cute in her own way.

    • ATopTeam

      Agreed….i think her new niche is…"you really have a shot at getting in these guts boys!"

  12. ToofsdeVine

    Average, so very average….

  13. TJ______

    This is one of the least flattering pictures of her that I've seem and that is saying something.

    • Stelio_Kontos

      It's weird, this pic actually catches my attention.
      It feels like my neighbor's wife down the street doing her best Veronika Black imitation.

  14. SDD

    I agree that Jen is gluteally challenged (i.e., a sufferer of “flapjack ass”), and should only stick to frontal shots moving forward. Besides the foregoing, I’d like to further suggest Ms. Wilke consider use of the following during these frontal shots to further mitigate loss of her “fans.”

    <img src='; border='0' alt='16_E2_E09_F-0420-43_A8-_B47_B-2_D47251591_EF'/>

    She may also consider use of the above during visits with her Backpage customers when she is making visits to Southern California for Maxim parties. She might make more money.

  15. Tuco Pacifico

    I want to see the turd vid.

  16. Digitus impudicus

    Oy vey. There is NOTHING attractive about this basic, thirsty skank whose photo portfolio includes the side Quasimodo mugshot.

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