ZW Update

Jen Wilke aka Wonky Wilke


Well, well, well. Looks like our resident gypsy grifter slut has had her feelings hurt by the ZW Nation’s posts about her. Hurt enough to have her HUSBAND physically threaten our source. So, in true FUCK YOU JEN, YOU FUCKING GRIFTER fashion, here’s another Jen article.

Our source for this article had to endure Thanksgiving with Jen. Let’s all just take a moment to understand exactly how fucked up it would be, to be related to this scamming ho. The poor dear. 

Now, we’ve all read/heard the WilkeLeaks posts and really – no one was surprised. Jen Wilke has been grifting people (including the husband she wont acknowledge in public) since she went through puberty and finally got bewbs.

 And as you all know, the Wilke Leaks source is not the person who has submitted the rest of the Jen posts. But Jen believes she did. She believes that this person posted every single story about her because – wait for it – she’s a hater. 😂 Yep thats why people laugh AT you, Jen. They’re just haters.

So our source had to put up with this BS from Jen right after WilkeLeaks dropped.

Jen was telling this lady’s husband she was having an affair because she was talking to another guy about her? Wow. Someone is nervous about the real story getting out.


Armed with the assumed knowledge that her family member has been exposing her lies, Jen took action at Thanksgiving. Here’s what else our source had to say about it.

Whoahhhh. What the fuck?!

So Mom n Pops paid up and she still set up the HoFundMe. Nice.


Let me get this straight. Jen doesn’t like the posts about her but instead of contracting our Content Removal Team, she and her husband flipped tables at Thanksgiving. 

Well Jenny, my dear. The Queen has more dirt. Another former griftee has come forward with some sweet screenshots of Jen fleecing him for cash then blocking him.

I’m going to let this post sink in for a bit, then I’ll post all the screenshots along with tax invoices to show exactly what Jen fleeced this guy for. I’ll post it all up in a separate post in a few hours, so stay tuned ZW. This filthy grifter needs roasting. Big time.