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Jen Wilke Threatens our Source

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Jen Wilke aka Wonky Wilke


Well, well, well. Looks like our resident gypsy grifter slut has had her feelings hurt by the ZW Nation’s posts about her. Hurt enough to have her HUSBAND physically threaten our source. So, in true FUCK YOU JEN, YOU FUCKING GRIFTER fashion, here’s another Jen article.

Our source for this article had to endure Thanksgiving with Jen. Let’s all just take a moment to understand exactly how fucked up it would be, to be related to this scamming ho. The poor dear. 

Now, we’ve all read/heard the WilkeLeaks posts and really – no one was surprised. Jen Wilke has been grifting people (including the husband she wont acknowledge in public) since she went through puberty and finally got bewbs.

 And as you all know, the Wilke Leaks source is not the person who has submitted the rest of the Jen posts. But Jen believes she did. She believes that this person posted every single story about her because – wait for it – she’s a hater. 😂 Yep thats why people laugh AT you, Jen. They’re just haters.

So our source had to put up with this BS from Jen right after WilkeLeaks dropped.

Jen was telling this lady’s husband she was having an affair because she was talking to another guy about her? Wow. Someone is nervous about the real story getting out.


Armed with the assumed knowledge that her family member has been exposing her lies, Jen took action at Thanksgiving. Here’s what else our source had to say about it.

Whoahhhh. What the fuck?!

So Mom n Pops paid up and she still set up the HoFundMe. Nice.


Let me get this straight. Jen doesn’t like the posts about her but instead of contracting our Content Removal Team, she and her husband flipped tables at Thanksgiving. 

Well Jenny, my dear. The Queen has more dirt. Another former griftee has come forward with some sweet screenshots of Jen fleecing him for cash then blocking him.

I’m going to let this post sink in for a bit, then I’ll post all the screenshots along with tax invoices to show exactly what Jen fleeced this guy for. I’ll post it all up in a separate post in a few hours, so stay tuned ZW. This filthy grifter needs roasting. Big time.


  1. famous grifter more like it

  2. DirtyPopArt

    she should actually act if she wants to be an actress

  3. Leah

    Jenny is on tv and is a celebrity. dont hate.

    • countryjew

      Yes, because most TV stars also clean houses and sell fake calendars to lonely old men.

      • Leah

        she is being paid to hang out with Khloe Terae in Houston. What do you get paid to do?

        • countryjew

          I’m sure she’s being paid – – she works for an escort agency pretending to modeling agency. Are you going to pretend she doesn’t post ads on Backpage too? We’ve seen them.

          What do I do? I’m someone that has a legitimate entertainment career based on actual ability.

          Which is not the same as being a hooker and having a loser sugar daddy buy cover appearances on fake magazines.

          • Leah

            sure you do. keep telling yourself that.

          • countryjew

            You don’t sound very smart.

          • Leah

            blah blah blah

          • Duh. We’re still waiting for you to put us in our place. Not your place, since Hoarders tend to enjoy solitude and masturbating to a bitch who doesn’t give a fuck about them. We understand where you’re coming from. Add another pizza box to the stack and try to wipe your ass better with that rag n stick you use.

          • Girl you need another serving of that delicious Mac n cheese you stuff your ass with. Then you can stop talking out of it.

          • Leah

            nice 3rd grade insult

          • Actually, insults about ass talkers is fifth grade level. But you wouldn’t know seeing as you didn’t make it that far you hayseed lesbian failure

          • countryjew

            Nice mugshot too. You really pull off that Shrek look.

            How does someone who does so much coke get so fat? You look like Bobby Hill’s retarded little brother riding the short bus to Wendy’s.

          • Leah

            hello that’s not true Lily aka Marsy is lying to y’all

          • countryjew

            You really suck at this. You’re bombing pretty bad — kind of like how Jenny flopped at the Bunny Ranch. I can see how you formed a friendship based on your mutual false hopes and broken dreams.

            ZW Nation is for professional internet shittalkers. We’re sending you down to the minor leagues for some seasoning. Here is your new destination:


          • Leah

            fuck off

          • countryjew


          • Leah

            ask marsy for pics of thane and jenny she wont have any. she is a liar

          • lily

            I have their prom and other crappy pics . You know that because you went to school with them when she rejected you for Thane . Poor old mannish Leah still trying to fight with people that know Jen is trash .
            In your idiotic estimation what do old pictures of them holding hand prove ? When I find them I will gladly share and you will continue to lie about crap you are to dim to grasp . People don’t like her because she is a con artist .

          • Allie

            get the pics so we can shut this bitch up

          • lily

            I am on it my lady .
            At first I reasoned it wasn’t worth it but if Leah Dodds wants to show up lying and making fun of me after 8 years when she knows her stealing hundreds of dollars weekly caused innocent coworkers and me to cover out of our own pockets just to ballance the daily deposit she can eat crap . Her butting in again 8 years after I got pushed into helping officers find her shitty apartment to rescue her crying step-kids from being locked in an apartment has lit a fire under my ass to get as many pictures of her as possible . With the exception of Jens innocent dad they wished death on like vultures her entire lousy family are fair game as they all cause crap . Hell , I will even credit Leah for the pictures to remind her , Jenny and Jen’s mom that Leah asked me to share my pictures sicne she was too ashamed of Jenny to share hers .
            Leah knows they dated for years all to well because they all went to Fredericksburg High School in Texas . 16 plus years later and it is still clear as day because Human Papillomavirus / Thrush mouth Leah stalked us , stalked Jen and Thane on all their dates , was in half their pictures , cried daily about Jenny dumping her when I had the misfortune of working with the lazy scumbag and used to beg people to break them up . Dumb bitch admitted it by saying Jen takes time off from my brother to go out with her . How damn dumb can you be to admit you know they date then demand photos to prove it . But worry not Leah you asinine behavior earns these folks some pictures . Compliments of Fredericksburgs coke whore bull dyke . Leah must be proud knowing the only time Jen hits her up when she needs a coke buddy .

          • countryjew

            “Fredericksburgs coke whore bull dyke”


          • Allie


          • So you’re just regular old fat, then?

          • lily

            LOL . Your mugshots are real and you know it . All 6-7 that are from Fredericksburg. Your own dad and step-mom admit your are trash and want to gone . You clearly are challenged mentally and legally so give it up . All you keep saying is Jen is famous ,” show me pictures” and other lame crap but you won’t do the most important part . Try to explain why you got caught locking 2 beautiful little kids in a dangerous apartment alone scared crying and past 1 am all in order to go party at Buc’s . Really ? Was going out on your nightly drink/drug/dyke binge worth locking children up . The police and my husband ( he made the call reporting you ) were in tears when Peighton told them about you hitting her all the time and locking her and her brother up nightly . I hope you get your ass beat for the simple fact that you abused innocent children and all for coke and disease infested cooch .You obviously have a dick so hopefully a man will do it .

          • Allie

            this chick is tapped

        • Jesus Christ…that’s supposed to win an argument? I stick hot knitting needles in my eyeballs…I win, bish. Who the fuck brags about hanging out with this monstrosity??

        • Allie

          big deal

        • oh wow great achievement

    • Allie

      wasn’t she on cops for being a hooker?

    • lily

      For what ? A random background character on the floor of a cutting room because she sucked ? A porn ? Adult friend finder commercials ? Background work doesn’t count. She is like Failure Model Chic from the Harriet Carter catalog made famous in the IBBB blog , well known for being a bitch and play model . Leah ,your anorexia calendar girl is not famous . She is not a movie or tv star . She made her hobby of cam and instagram ho-ing by using semi rich men in the industry to pay her way to play . She is currently a maid and when not licking toilets she is literally street walking on Main Street in Fredericksburg hoping people will recognize her . They don’t though . The shop keepers can’t stand her because she got hired by many of the , showed up for a day or two of work , spent most the shift doing lines of coke in the bathroom , crying about being sick or purging the food some schmuck bought her because he thought she was a starving near death African Albino child rescued from Ethiopia .

      • DirtyPopArt

        most celebs can buy their own clothes and electronic gadgets

      • Leah

        wait and see. Jenny is going to the top of the Hollywood Hills.

        • countryjew

          Even if she was attractive (which she’s not) and had talent (chiseling gifts out of old men doesn’t count) she is simply too old. That’s why she had to sign on with an escort agency (Somnium) and and not a legitimate modeling one.

          The Wilke ship (schooner) sailed a long time ago.

          • DirtyPopArt

            have you ever seen any of her vdeos where she speaks? No personality what so ever.

          • countryjew

            sex with her is probably like fucking a dry towel

          • DirtyPopArt

            ha ha. i dont know i bet she is actually a nympho

          • countryjew

            With girls maybe. With dudes I just see her saying “are you done yet hun?” 37 seconds into coitus.

        • lily

          To be a fluffer in porn .

    • Crabby

      Celebrity? She is semi known on the internet for being a proven prostitute and begging for money to support a modeling career she’s much too old to succeed in. She failed at that fundraising attempt, btw, and she’s just another aging prostitute that everyone laughs at, which makes her furious, and in turn makes us laugh even harder.

  4. Leah

    sounds like to me y’all need to mind your own business. Jenny is free to do what ever she wants. If some guy wants to give her gifts that is her business not yours.

    • Ignatius_J_Reilly

      Your ignorant comment ignores that the dude who bought her gifts submitted here because she didn’t follow through on her end of that transaction. She brought this on herself. Besides, this plain-looking, (in my opinion butt-fucking ugly) bitch puts her whole fucking life on the internet, and you tell people to mind their business. That’s rich–almost as rich as the the thick, diseased discharge that oozes out of this skank’s worn out, for hire hole. Of course, I’m just speculating there, but I’m sure you’ve tasted it. Do tell.

      You’re exactly right too: she can do whatever she wants, and the mods here appear to be doing the same. Did you contact this worthless bitch and tell her to stop sweatin’ ZW–they can do whatever they want, and it’s no business of hers? See how that works both ways?

      Of course not–dumbfucks like you never do. You’re always talking shit about other people, while scolding them for doing the same.

      This woman deserves all of the negativity she’s getting and more. If she has treated her family and the other people in her life even half as badly as what we’ve seen here, she needs a beating from which she will never recover. The fact dudes pay her, when the nicest thing I can say about her is she is plain, means she should be the sweetest, most thankful woman on Earth, because I wouldn’t pay her to clean my toilet–and it sounds like people do that too.

      She brought this on herself. Don’t be a lying, manipulative, evil piece of shit, and people won’t call you one.

      Now fuck off you’re an idiot.

    • lily

      No Leah , Jen is a thief like you . You spent years ripping of every business you worked for and were run out of Fredericksburg because you are a thieving child abuser . I remember dozens of times people were not allowed to leave Blockbuster because they had to replace the cash you stole daily . This was every damn time you worked . You were unapologetic and a sorry excuse of a being . Then there were the instances of you leaving crying children locked in an a dark apartment in order to go party until 3 am . I know because I found them when you once again stole cash from a job and had to report you . You are another trashy hanger on of Jen Wilke and have no idea how it feels for her to keep ripping off your family . Of course you see no wrong in her ripping people off as you are two of a kind .
      Next time you open you ignorant mouth make sure you mention all the sick illegal crap you did to the people speaking out against a girl so ashamed of you that she denies knowing you .
      Move on Leah

    • Allie

      oh get out of here please

    • Crabby

      Will do, but first tell me which one is you in your pic- that fat one or the fatter one?

    • lily

      Leah your girlfriend Meagan just died on November 20 , 2016 . and you loved her so much you were screwing Jen Wilke on the 23 -24 and totally forgetting the dead . Meagan was disabled so how much did you rip off from her ? I always knew you were a waste of space and sorry trash but you are crying on Facebook about your love dying then fighting over whore Wilke non-stop on the web for all to see . You are true scuz and nothing you say here can be as bad as you hopping on from a dead girlfriend 3 days later and claiming you are with Jen Wilke again . No class just like always . Rot in Hell Leah

  5. Greg Fail

    its almost like we are doing the world a service by reporting what Jen Wilke is doing. She should be arrested.

  6. BB

    I’m confused Wonky has a husband?

  7. Greg Fail

    this chick needs to be stopped.

  8. Christine Elizabeth

    This is so incredibly sad. Great journalism, great post but nonetheless, heartbreaking. I still visit the other site, mainly because my guilty pleasure is mind-numbingly stupid gossip, but it’s laughable to see people compare this one and say you guys only post here and there. Well, personally I’d rather see ‘a few here and there’ when it’s quality content like this rather than a shit ton of fake posts and “exclusive” sex tapes that are older than me.

  9. Allie

    i just went to peep on Wonkys facebook and saw this comment.

  10. Penza

    We should send our old handbags to her PO box.

  11. Persephone

    I get this evil Cheshire grin and giggle.

  12. holy shit. This is serious now.

  13. Allie

    my mind is official blown

  14. DirtyPopArt

    this is huge. Good Job ZWNATION

  15. Lame Equis

    Until I see pics of this husband, I don’t believe it. And why is she such a damn loser? Not even good at whoring or scamming.

  16. Unityyy

    Maybe take a break at Christmas? Your parents side with her and that is disturbing. I don’t get it. She hustles men for money and your family has no problem with this? None of this makes any sense to me. How do you feel endlessly sorry for someone who doesn’t earn their own keep at 32? She has no modeling or acting career. It’s all smoke and IG mirrors. She cleans houses and has some pretend online life that is a complete farce. Nobody is paying her for shoots. Seriously, think about distancing yourself for a bit. Your brother sounds unstable and could possibly crack. You have enough to deal with. Let her scam people $25 at a time for food cards (fuck, is that depressing).

    • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

      “It’s all smoke and IG mirrors”. [pure gold RJ, hope you don’t mind if I use it in the future]

  17. Scorpio

    I love the defiance, ZW. Rock on, you hard rockers!

  18. lily

    Yes , Thanksgiving was really f*cked . Having your little brother threaten to literally kill you in honor of Jen Wilke and within 2 ft of your son is pretty bad . My parents then actually listening to his excuse of ” She was mean to Jen and that is hurting her growing career ” was some serious WTF holiday fun .

    How am I hurting her career if she currently makes money cleaning homes with her mom and makes money as a sugar baby . I have not heard of or seen any new/real/current modeling gigs she has ,none that pay . So isn’t she one of a billion instagram models or narcissistic selfie hounds ? I just don’t get how she is considered an actress either . Isn’t she mostly known for sleeping with random men and having psycho meltdowns at their homes when they rent her for a few hours .

    • countryjew

      “So isn’t she one of a billion instagram models or narcissistic selfie hounds?”

      This is 100% correct. It seems like your parents are buying into her “Playboy/Maxim/FHM” smokescreen.

      In our opinion, she was not really in any of those magazines. First of all, it’s not the 80s anymore — no one reads Playboy. And she wasn’t even in the magazine to begin with — she was Miss Social on their website (non-nude feature). We have 14000 porn sites out there, NO ONE cares about who’s on and NO ONE cares that she had a picture in some calendar that only sold 37 copies at truck stops in Kentucky and Arkansas. Completely worthless ancillary products of a dead brand.

      Simply stated, if you were not in the print publication of Playboy, you are were NOT in Playboy. Jen Wilke == NOT in Playboy.

      Moving on. She touts her “covers” of FHM and Maxim. She is not so quick to mention these are the Turkey and South Africa editions of said publications. Their connection to the American editions are very circumspect. Is there even a single copy of “FHM Turkey” in the country of Turkey?! You’d probably get your hands cut off for owning FHM there.

      The reality is that there is company in LA called Shandrew Public Relations ( that will sell you a cover appearance of these fake magazines for a fee. Greg Hale bought her those pantomime covers of FHM and Maxim. Its really not too far removed from the booth at the country fair putting you on a fake cover of Time Magazine. Isn’t it funny how her fake modeling career dried up once Greg Hale stopped buying her fake magazine covers. Jen Wilke == NOT in FHM or Maxim

      Feel free to use this information to educate your parents. What your brother perceives as a growing career is really a career that never began in the first place.

    • Ms Conduct

      Man, that sucks.

    • sorry you had to deal with that

    • DirtyPopArt

      keep your head up. life will catch up to her!

    • Persephone

      “Career”…. good one

    • Greg Fail

      sorry you went through that with this scammer

    • BB

      BAHAH. She’s a maid. Should’ve known, that face is made for scrubbing toilets. Your bro is just smitten with the fake tits she’s nothing special.

    • Leah

      why are you always starting shit?

      • lily

        Always starting shit ? I haven’t seen your criminal ass since 2008 when you were telling me you were dating Jen at the same time as Thane . I have never hung around with you because you are white trash with trashy friends . Speaking of trash why didn’t you use one of your mugshots as your profile pic ?
        If Jen is so great come pick her up so she can stop taking money from my family . You are both thieves so you are perfect for eachother . I guess she doesn’t like bull dykes anymore like you .

      • lily

        And why do you care ?Jenny has never acknowledge you . We all know you were chasing her and got caught making out with her in a car like the cheap trash you both are . She still was too ashamed to admit it and called you a stalker .
        Don’t forget people know your past . Which included abusing Misty’s kids when you locked them up to go party .

        • Leah

          too bad i was with Jen in Kerrville last week.

          • lily

            Looks like she is scumming even lower now . You are a real winner aren’t you ?

          • lily

            And funny how you don’t deny the theft and child abuse but you can claim you were with Jen on Thanksgiving . Nice try Leah , nice try . It seems Jen freeloaded meals off of a dozen different people over 2 days for Thanksgiving . You are just one of 100 people she uses .
            The story said my brother made threats because Jen asked him to and that is exactly what happened . Despite you trying to be Mrs Wilke the last 15 years she is sadly with my brother and some other guys are her side pieces . If she is so great take the worthless ho away with you for good .

          • Leah

            its wasnt thanksgiving. dont be jealous.

          • lily

            You don’t even make sense . Who in the blue f*ck would be jealous of a bull dyke that looks like a chubby 9 year old boy ,you and a ho that has to rip off men to eat and still lives with her mom . Neither one on you are remotely attractive . Jen proves that if you dhow your boobs and have sex with enough people you will get attention . Notice how well that is going now .
            I have a home ,vehicles ,clothes , a good husband … all the things Jenny will never have because she is a criminal . Her acting career and modelig career are pretty fake to as she has had Greg Hale pay to get her in things . No jealousy needed . It is worn out Jen . You are the only turd trying to hang on to her ?

          • Leah

            i am not trying to hang out with. she always comes back to me because your brother is a turd nugget.

          • lily

            Have you looked in the mirror ? You and Thane are both idiots with poor taste . You deserve her though as you can lock her up like you did your ex girlfriends poor kids . And remember a cop found them when you were at Bucks .

            Just because she goes muff diving with your rancid candida breath doesn’t mean a thing but that she is a whore , nothing else . You are nothing to her but another stopover until the next Greg Hale .

            How does it feel fighting over a fake girlfriend ? 100 dollars says if anyone was to ask her about you in front of her new friends she would deny knowing you or say “Gross not that Hobbit ” .

          • lily

            And on her fan page she doesn’t even mention you on any of the days you are claiming you chased her on . She spent the rest of the day with 8 guys eating her … oops eating with her .

          • Leah

            i told her not to mention me. I am only on this site because you are spreading lies about her. Why dont you pos some pictures. On because you are a liar and dont have any. You know Jen is a decent girl trying to live her dream but you talk trash about her and Teresa.

          • lily

            Oh bullshit Leah . You are all trash . Please marry her and take her and her whole family with you to your trashy real mom . Aren’t her and Theresa two of a kind .
            I have old old picture of her and Thane is in all of them . Why would I take new pictures of a whore I can’t stand ? You are a known pathological liar that claimed you slept with movie stars , straight girls and famous men . At was all lies . In reality all you did is steal cash from the places you worked and abused children .

          • Leah

            you are lying. post an old pic then. once you are outted all these people will see the truth

          • lily

            You retarded twat you just said yourself that when Jenny gets done using Thane she runs to you , admitting you know they ARE STILL TOGETHER . You went to school with them so you yourself admitted they were dating . You hate Thane because Henny picked him over you . Ouch .

            These articles came out 5 years before I knew what Jenny was doing so she clearly ripped off and pissed off other people . Are you so dumb that you can’t understand that . My pictures of her and Thane are all prom pictures WTF does that prove . She has known my family HATES her for years so she tries to hide .

            Read these comments and old articles better I was not the source for 90 percent of these stories . They are from people she ripped off years ago when I still felt sorry for her . I will find an old picture of her and Thane . Will an old prom pic do so people can see what she looked like before you gave her oral herpes ?

          • Leah

            herpes lol yeah ok. You dont have any pics stop lying to these people

          • lily

            I don’t owe you shit but I will give a few pictures to these people with my brother. Then when Jenny starts crying about getting outed you can tell her you helped do it .
            See I own a home with a lifetime of things packed up so those pics are put away . Why would I keep her fugly mug on display when I wish she would fall down a sewer .
            All they prove is that she is taking advantage of someone she knows is not neural typical and she preys on weak people and has for 16 years . Kind of like you stealing from innocent business owners and abusing young children . You can’t even deny it is what is so sick .
            You two deserve one another but you can’t steal enough money to support her .

          • Leah

            you talk a big game for such a small insignificant woman

          • Leah

            put your money where your cum catcher is

          • Is that any way for an unattractive bulldyke who is minding somebody else’s business to talk? You’re nasty…I bet you cornered kids in the school bathroom and tried to teabag them with your cellulite and hairy clam. Your house smells like rancid meat and you’re using foul language like “cum catcher”? What’s that you say? You’re not at home? So where is that smell….ewwww

          • lily

            Oh how lame . Been happily married to the same respectful man for 11 1/2 years. See not all women cheat like your slutty friends ,yourself and Jenny . Unlike you my reputation has nothing to due with sex . I would never want it to be .
            I volunteer money and time to survivors of school shootings . My loved ones were in the library of Columbine when it was attacked so I dedicated my life to them and other victims of school violence . What do you do Leah ? Exactly , nothing . Still partying and going to high school kids parties and trying to date 14 year old . Oh when you are not locking kids in closets .
            I am at peace with my life because I have a husband that loves me , a job I love and refuse any salary for . All things you can never understand.

          • Leah

            yeah ok pig

          • lily

            You claim you have been with lately so where are all the pictures she has to show how proud of her prize sow ,you , she is .

          • lily

            And pig . Have you seen and smelled yourself . Customers always commented on how badly you stunk . The time you spend here could be time spent taking a shower with soap and water . You could finally brush your teeth. You are what I imagine Lena Duhnam would stand next to in order to look pretty .

          • Leah

            too bad you are lying and dont have any pictures or you would have posted them by now!

          • lily

            Just posted them you horrid land whale . Her drug bust story is up too . Anymore denials

          • lily

            Perez Hilton also called her out . I have no links to him so nice try Leah .If Jenny is currently with you why are you fighting on the internet instead of spending time with her . Can’t Jenny defend herself ?
            Your stalking her and following her around is hilarious . Don’t you have a business to be stealing from or some single mothers kids to be abusing .

          • Leah

            shut up Marsy. Get a life and stop trying to ruin Jennys

          • God forbid anyone get between you and a plate of mashed pertaters

          • Making it rain and tonguing that snatch like the thirsty dyke we all know you are?

          • Leah

            screw off.

          • Deep. Fuck you bitch. It’s a free country still and I can make fun of fat lesbian retards anytime I want so nyah nyah fucking dyke

  19. Sammi Jo

    I think that in the spirit of holiday and family…someone should get her this alarm clock for Christmas. Wouldn’t want her to be late for those coveted “pay your own way” gigs

  20. lily

    Thank you for exposing the truth about this sorry witch . People in my family have kissed Jen’s lazy ass and made excuses for her for years now to keep her happy and keep her and my brother from throwing violent tantrums, cutting family off and they still are selfish spoiled children refusing to grow up . I have had some sad holidays but this takes the damn cake . No one should have to sit through Thanksgiving with their violent family member threatening them and especially not in front of their 19 year old son that has been raised to not be violent or disrespectful.
    I honestly admitted that Jen was a grifter and cheater 4 months ago and I soon found stories about her sorry behavior dating back to 2012 when I mentioned her gofundme to the Facebook group gofraudme. It seems that they were well aware of her . I am humiliated by the GoFundMe she has because right below the campaigns for a families that lost their beautiful child to homicide and need money to bury their child or a campaign for a family that lost everything they own is this tramp demanding money to pay for trips to go screw random men and take 1001 pictures .I am sick and damn tired of her dictating every single thing that happens in my family . 2000 is when I met her so 16 years are enough of her demanding the best gifts , fancy food ,having her sorry rude family at family gatherings being sexually innapropriate , listening to her throw tantrums in bed all day because her dad was strict and didn’t tell her she was the most beautiful girl .. . Jen is basically a spoiled bitch because she is a godd*mn special snowflake to the Nth degree. This grown bum has expected my own mom and dad to take up for her over their own daughters , be her second set of parents and treat her better than my late sister , their grandchildren and me and it has always worked . Why ? Because she cries and spins tales about how bad her life is / was all the while knowing the people she is trying to run off ( my sisters and me )truly saw horrifying things no person should have to . As a child abuse survivor I can promise you her dad not spoiling her was nothing compared to me having my nose broke at 2 years old by a violent biological dad . But anything to keep Princess Jen and my sucker of a brother happy . I love my brother and do not get how he threatened to physically hurt me for his piece of trash wife/tramp . The same woman that cheats on him weekly , has been a sugar baby while they lived together since 2007 , is ashamed of him despite him driving her to many of her events , taking my parents money and worse . Much much worse .

    Her and her mom run with some very rough people , namely outlaw biker gangs ( her moms dream life is to be a biker bitch ) and her family used to threaten to violently hurt my brother or have bikers hurt him so him turning around and threatening me and screaming at me to stay away is sickening . Sadly my own damn mom sided with Jenny and him despite her hating her . He knows the fear it causes so he threatened the 43 year old smaller sister knowing I was left a hemiplegic after a stroke that left me in a coma for a week . Left me mute and unable to walk for a month until I relearned to use my right side and talk . I am permanently sight and hearing impared now but I manage very well . I had my stroke 15 months ago and will never fully recover so shit like this is very traumatizing . To make matters worse I live with moderate polymyalgia rheumatica and I will be starting treatment for growths on my liver , adrenal glands and a liposarcoma in my right leg . It is like trying to pick the most serious issue to treat first when all are potentially fatal. All of this and I still love life and am grateful for everything but I have a serious fear of being hurt or put in a situation where I can’t defend myself . Now this is a reality because Jen Wilke is demanding my brother shut me up because I told the truth about her. She thinks I paid to get things written about her and that I am the only one with a story about her . When he threatened me at Thanksgiving that was the most traumatic thing I have had to deal with since my stroke . Luckily I have a husband that will not put up with his bullshit and hates Jen but my own damn parents were conned again by Jenny crying and my brother acting crazy because he thinks this bitch is worth giving up his life for . My mom in particular can’t stand Jenny but in some screwed up form of Stockholm Syndrome feels bad for her . Can you imagine your own mom letting someone threaten to hurt you to make some mentally ill histrionic / narcissistic ho feel better .
    Unless Jen Wilke moves to hell my family will continue to be hostage .

    And Jen I know you will read this . Fuck you for trying to body shame a stroke survivor or any woman /man that is not 70 pounds under a ton of war paint . I survived a stroke and don’t dress like a whore so you and your mom laughing at me doesn’t hurt. I shows what a useless bitch you are . If you are so damn beautiful why the anorexia? Why the substance abuse ? Why are you 32 and trying out for AMNT on a imaginary acting and modeling career ? You should be ashamed but you have none . This is you Wilke a never was 32 year old cam whore threatening a disabled mom and calling her fat/ugly . I am 5ft 4in and 118 pounds so if that makes me gross so be it .

    • Sir TTP

      Well stated Lily. On behalf of our community, you have our full support. Less enabling and more exposure of the ugly truth that surrounds this toxic, grifting, manipulative scumbag.

    • countryjew

      Thank you for sharing and don’t give up the good fight.

      Eventually your parents will see the light.

    • OCgirl12

      Hang in there – her whore lifestyle will be exposed eventually – so sorry you have to go through this!!

    • Dead Man's Dog

      Chin up, you’ll get lots of support here!

    • Ms Conduct

      Prayers for you and your immediate family. Screw that wannabe gypsy grifter whore.

    • DirtyPopArt

      plesse share pictures from jens past

    • DirtyPopArt

      wow this is insane. this story needs to be on television

    • Digitus impudicus

      Sweetheart, I am truly so sorry for such heartbreaking dysfunction. I wish I had a reasonable plan to help you out. The only thing I can think of is for you, your husband and children — cut this brother off; he may need some serious 5150 or something. And that’s not to be insulting.

      • DirtyPopArt

        this needs to be brought on one of those tv shows that out people

        • Digitus impudicus

          Dr. Phil! Can you imagine?

          • DirtyPopArt

            yes! Seriously though any of those shows this would be a great episode. If they got people from her past she scammed. They would have to trick her into getting on the show though

          • Digitus impudicus

            I totally think he and his producers have their wily ways. After all, it would be TV! For a totall narcissist like her, being on TV is like a month’s worth of free meth to an addict.

          • DirtyPopArt

            i sent them the links to this and other posts

          • Digitus impudicus


      • Allie

        a reasonable plan would be getting talk shows involved

      • Greg Fail

        Dateline NBC needs to get on this

    • Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

      Lily, all this stress cannot be good for your overall health considering all the issues you’re dealing with. As difficult as it might be at first maybe you should disconnect from all this drama and focus on yourself. You don’t have any control over any of it so try removing yourself from the situation and see what happens.

      • lily

        I pretty well ignore her but I had to speak out on this . Trust me it gets much worse but her having me violently threatened was enough . The rest we all laugh at despite it being awful .
        I live in a different town from her near Austin so I don’t have to see her daily . Life is good despite it all .

    • Leah

      get a life

  21. Ms Conduct

    I’d imagine Thanksgiving goes something like this…except instead of Xbox it’s WonkieWilke.

  22. Whitney BeatMe

    I love a man who can threaten a woman so convincingly. What a superstar Jen consorts with.

    • Sir TTP

      Dude sports a ball gag to bed each night with a tube of KY at the ready on the bedside table. For him, obviously.


  23. Sir TTP

    Make a Facebook account and join the movement. ZW could use more footsoldiers besides “Mitchell” to hammer some sense into these betas. Think of it as a Fidel thing, but with actual positive intent.

  24. countryjew

    I guess our friends at Somnium Pimpstyle better send this one to the (((New York lawyers))) also.

    It had been suggested that WilkeLeaks didn’t have much of an impact but looks like it was a precision drone strike right in the heart of the beast. How about that.

    Marsy: if you’re reading this, feel free to share. You’re in the nest in the trust tree.

    Jenny: If you’re reading this, please KYS.

    • DirtyPopArt

      so far we haven’t seen anything with her and Somnium

      • countryjew

        There’s nothing to see. It’s an escort agency.

        • DirtyPopArt

          but Holly and Khloe are traveling and going to SOmnium events

          • countryjew

            What events? A hooker trip to Philippines masquerading as a photo shoot?

            You saw the story about them sending an invoice for a Wilke booking, right?

          • Greg Fail

            i saw that. like 40k for 6 days staying in a suite with the company ceo or something

          • countryjew

            The “CEO” being a ZW undercover operative of course.

    • Greg Fail

      I dont get how Wonky can even look at herself in the mirror.

  25. o3mta3o

    As bad as I feel for this family, they’ve entertained her for years and now they’re shocked that she behaves the way she does. They demand the best….. And get it?
    Even the people who hate her don’t say no to her.
    You get out of something what you put into it. And a lot of cash has been thrown into that dumpster.

    • Sir TTP

      Good call. Enablers all.

      • o3mta3o

        I dunno about you, but if I behaved like that in front of my family, my mother would slap me in the face with a shoe and tell me not to come back till I was ready to grovel.

  26. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

    The internet is forever and you simply can’t change what everybody has seen. The only way to prevent bad stories is to not do bad stuff. I am not perfect but I always make amends when I have done something to hurt someone. I have never resulted to violence though. I don’t even raise my voice.

  27. Sir TTP

    Tricia Evans is now officially NOT the worst scumbag piece of shit on the planet.

    Congrats Jenny.

  28. Pam

    I feel bad for this guys family. But to whine about not getting presents cause Jen got them all is a little juvenile.

    • Exactly…I can only take someone’s shit for so long. Then I get real honest and matter of fact about what’s bugging me about their behavior…sometimes I keep it quite real and that’s the end of it…but a few times in my life I’ve gotten so fed the fuck up it goes defcon fast- the fucking day I tolerate intolerable bullshit in my own fucking house is not gonna happen. I freaked out so hard on these crackheads trying to rob me I scared the shit out of them- seriously, I waz famous for that. It’s beyond my control when I’m that pissed. Don’t fuck with my money, my loved ones, or me or my shit or shit gets real. Lol…I broke so much shit chasing after these two idiots it woukd have been cheaper to let them take my shit.

      • Penza

        I’ve gone crazy, but when I sense someone is crazier than me, I usually back down. That’s why I’ve lived so long, so far.

        • When I typed that yesterday I waz thinking about how many motherfuckers have literally lunged at me after I talk massive soul-searing shit…a LOT…and I either don’t flinch or alternately scream like a fucking banshee and run for my life lmao!! I wonder how often this happens to people because seriously it’s a real thing in my mouthy ass life. I’ve gone mental on a lunger too…like bitch where do you think my uncanny ability to make you lose your shit cones from…you aren’t the only latent murderer here, bish

          • Penza

            When I was younger, I was a raging lunatic during PMS times. Now that I’m older, I take pride in the fact that I’ve never been arrested, or confined to the loony bin… so far, that is.
            The last time I went loco was a year ago over a parking spot, I promised myself to keep my temper in check after that.

  29. This walleyed lesbian twat turning rain man against his fam. What kind of soulless husk Of a human takes advantage of Lenny from mice and men over and over and over????

  30. Kay More

    I think life will even the score with Jen. No decent person will have anything to do with her after a quick google search.

    • Sir TTP

      Jenny doesn’t cohabitate with “decent” people, she preys on them, as the email above clearly demonstrates. What a shameless piece of garbage this chick is.

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