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Jen Wilke Doesn’t Give A Shit About The GoFundMe Hate

Jen Wilke Video

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I know its been Jen overdose lately but did someone already post this in the comments? I can’t keep up with it all! She says in her video that she doesn’t care that she’s getting hate for the Go Fund Me and that everyone loves her. Uhhh Jen… you raised less than a thousand bucks and you got WORLDWIDE attention on that Go Fund Me link. Even the Charleston Church shooter’s sister who delayed her wedding because of the shooting, raised more than that to fund her do-over wedding (1600 bucks in fact) in a shorter time span. Face it. It’s over. 

Did she delete those bikini pics off her Instagram that linked her to the backpage ad? I can’t see them. Surely this whole mess closes the book on her aspirations?~QoT~



  1. lily

    Whorehouse Wilke still lives with her geriatric ho mom . They are renting a condo in Fredericksburg Texas . Busted ass skank can’t afford a home or to live in her own . Broke busted hooker with anorexia needs to keep her job stealing from the homes she cleans .

  2. Black Sabbath with Dio

    Geez. I followed this gal on Facebook(well not anymore), saw her IG post about haters. Decided to do some researching and god damn. Did not know she was such a delusional person. In all honesty she really seems like she’s out of touch with reality.

  3. Greg Fail


  4. Greg Fail

    This girl is still posting to donate to her. Give up Jen


    hi Nat!! :*


    of course woman. I look like his twin in female form. He kept me grounded and knew with our hispanic background…. ( it's in our blood to be thicker) we were not going to be models. lmfao.

  7. Scorpio

    I think your mom was probably right about both things. It sounds like you might agree with her, too, now that you can see the world through her eyes.

  8. DragonSlayer.

    She has got to be one of the most bland looking women ever. Give up that fantasy of superstardom, Jen. It’s over. You can’t even raise 1,000 from world wide attention. That’s how many people believe in you.

  9. countryjew

    Have you heard him talk — he gives away that away for free.

  10. Habib Fazil

    how about a "job" out there in there in the real world?

  11. Habib Fazil

    either that or whore! y'know, renting out the back porch eh?

  12. Habib Fazil

    some gal from MAC trying to break into porn no doubt…

  13. i vote we retire Wilke into the ZW HOF and then vow never to post about her again. Her name should be retired as #HashTag#

  14. o3mta3o

    I agree. And yet I'm still baffled that she even got that much.

  15. prettyfeet

    All fascinating in their own right.

  16. prettyfeet

    Thank you for this! I laughed so hard it pissed off my dogs.

  17. nancy young

    Vintage IHoe?!?

  18. nancy young

    This dude is like the epitome of all her 'fans'. He also sucks at taking flattering selfies.

  19. nancy young

    She fucking HTagged 'clevage' 2x. I don't see clevage. I see two softballs that are pretty far apart from each other.

  20. Scorpio

    You make a strong case. Many girls are lied to their whole lives, by their parents, and others around them. They are told that they are the prettiest girls in the whole world, and that they will each become a princess some day. Maybe that is what happened in this case. It might explain the apparent disconnect between her reality and ours.


    lmao fuck jen wilke


    say no to day drinking

  23. Luke Duke

    Then stole his Rolex and wallet then split.

  24. MissPell

    She's just joking (hopefully) and so was I. This place would suck without the stories and info. The zw crew is what keeps us around and you know who out.

  25. Scorpio

    Look at this shit.

  26. Scorpio

    I don't find her to be particularly stunning, but all this negative attention makes me wonder if she isn't more attractive than I thought.

  27. Kay More

    She’s starting to look her age. Tip Jen, give up the modeling dream. I’m the same age as you and we are just starting to age. Its just a reality and it’s okay. Make new goals and get a hobby. I bet you’d make REAL friends if you had a hobby like yoga or hiking.

  28. countryjew

    All delusions run their course.

    She'll find some schlub in TX to marry her and then she'll re-dedicate her life to "Christian modeling" or something like that. #model #juggsforjesus

  29. I'm thinking not…after I had to Google wth that meant.

  30. Agh, gagging in the bad way.

  31. Jen Wilke BASICally got her 15 minutes of fame for being the model you don’t want to model yourself after

  32. Tuco Salamanca

    She looks like and old hag in that pic above.

  33. Persephone

    You're probably right.

  34. countryjew

    QOT: The “same bikini as Backpage ad” shot is from her Ho Fund Me.

  35. Penza

    Thank you.

  36. MissPell


  37. MissPell

    Hand or blow?

  38. DirtyGMa


  39. MissPell

    I don't think she'll share her dough. She worked sooo hard to get it. ha

    • Persephone

      Does she even have her make up done for her photos shoots

      • MissPell

        I was actually checking out a video of her doing a photo shoot earlier. They had a makeup person.

  40. MissPell

    What a talent! haha

  41. MissPell

    you're just saying what we're thinking. lol

  42. Unityyy

    Depends on the Chili' in San Diego, probably not. She needs an effing job and some humility. A 32 year old woman begging for money on the internet to drive around L.A. looking for modeling gigs is insanity. Her delusions sure run deep, though. None of the outpouring of worldwide disgust has caused her to take down the funding page.

  43. Penza

    You're a fine man, but these wayward women are nothing but trouble down the line. It's tempting to try to rescue them and lead them a better path in life, but people aren't like animals, they don't have the loyalty.

  44. does anyone else think maybe the media should spin something good out of this and use her as an example of what other models should not do?

  45. Penza

    She wishes. That's easy money where I come from.

  46. Whitney BeatMe

    If you cut her hair and put her in a button down shirt and sweater she’s Matthew Broderick.

  47. guys you all say you are bored with her ect… You should see that this story went international and was posted on Perez HIlton, US Weekly and many other site as well being on a bunch of radio programs talking about her. It started here on ZWNATION and is probably the most successful post to date. So yeah it’s played out now and her 15 minutes of fame is up.

  48. Ertu

    Yeah people are bored of her. I would like to see better dirty chicks here.

  49. Donnie Darko

    #Fthehaters. She’s starting to sound like Sharkey now.

    • MissPell

      He’s so full of it.

    • DirtyGMa


    • countryjew

      I believe I have figured out the lil’ secret behind #mogullife — where the money comes from.

        • countryjew

          My guess is he sells drugs.

          Not "moving bricks" as the kids say but rolling out to the pool parties with a bunch of baggies (coke + molly) wrapped in a rubber band that he dishes out to acquaintances. Like maybe makes an extra $300-$600/week depending on how much he can keep his nose out of the supply.

          Think about it:

          — How much money can he really be hauling in handing out flyers on the strip for a few hours a day? It's one notch above the guy who twirls the sign at the traffic light trying to direct you into the sub shop. If this is such a successful business why the hell would he be involved with it in the first place?

          — No way he has any sort of credit other than maybe the dodgy cards with a $500 limit and 27% interest.

          — Known drug addict and alcoholic, hangs out with people who have similar tastes. Every girl he's with looks like a cokewhore — especially the old flame Kina.

          — Long criminal history. Ambigious morals. Inflated ego to the point of delusion.

          YET he is constantly buying stuff, going out partying, going on trips. This does require some sort steady flow of funds.

          Whadda think?

          • I’d agree with your theory and I had thought the same…Also, I’m guessing there’s some validity. Donnie has some very good Intel that he makes somewhere around 100k a year with the timeshares. Which, I found shocking.

          • countryjew

            Hey, maybe I'm wrong. That he makes six figures is mind-boggling and I humbly request the evidence.

          • Nah, I think it’s a combination of the two jobs, haha. I’m with ya, but that’s what was found out. Think about it… most everyone knows someone that’s a village idiot and makes decent money, but does not take care of their shit and doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

          • Luke Duke

            Idk it’s possible. I knew a guy who sold timeshares and made a little over $100k. He legit hustled his ass off for it though.

          • countryjew

            I guess we don’t know what he does really. I think he just hands out flyers to get people to go to presentations and that’s the extent of it. Can’t see him “closing deals.”

          • Penza

            Personally, I think Sharty’s got an older, rich, homosexual, gentleman who digs his “rough trade” appeal, and gives him an allowance. It’s all on the down-low, of course. 😉

          • AP

            I called it that he was a drug dealer like 3 months ago, I think. I totally agree with you.

            I know I definitely said it after he bought another truck that quickly. There’s no way he could have gotten insurance back on it that fast, not to mention the accident was his fault, but even if he lied to the insurance co. and said someone else hit him, he wouldnt have gotten the check from them that fast.

            Not to mention before he earned such a bad rep in Vegas he was a party promoter. That’s basically 80% of a party promoters job! haha

  50. MissPell

    If she’s not bothered by the haters then why did she even mention it? haha

  51. Not for nothing, but it's really hard to come up with shit to say about posturing whores on the internet other than "look at this shit" and posting a pic. This is a challenge to all to start submitting content- you'll def get a critique and maybe rave reviews! Can't wait to read your stuff people.

  52. AmericanTopTeam

    3 million followers if each follower gave her .25 she would have more than shes made in her life. Just embrace the fact it’s time to peddle that ass save some money move out of Moms house. You have a shitty life ahead of you when Greg Hale cuts ties. I bet you suck in bed and are most likely a farter. Yeah I said it, you are a farter.

  53. Voody

    The Wilke post are going to give me an aneurysm!

  54. MissPell

    Falling off chairs is good too. I was reading a reply from DDD awhile back as I was in the process of sitting down and I about missed the chair.

  55. countryjew

    Be real: how much does she hate her fans? When she was in LA with Greg Hale she envisioned a glamorous life hanging out with Orlando Bloom and Hugh Hefner.

    Instead, it's Stan from Chetek, Wisconsin who donated $5 to her Ho Fund Me and in his free time enjoys building model airplanes, Japanese subway rape porn, and selling refreshments at his local Masonic Lodge.

    • Penza

      Lmao…pounding my desk @ Japanese subway rape porn! Listen, a buck is a buck, and she didn’t even have to bend down to pick it up. Easy money.

  56. Persephone

    Such bullshit!! My success is not focused on what everyone else is thinking. Quit projecting Sharkey.

  57. Whitney BeatMe


  58. Persephone

    It's funny, she's actually taking the attention OFF of her and giving it to her haters. Lol, haters. Haters hate. She's implying haters are jealous and envious. How do we inform her of the difference?

  59. MissPell

    Even has the word "broad" in the description.

  60. Persephone

    I am really tired of the whole "haters really love me, thank you" attitude. But hey, whatever inspires you to wear a denim zip up thing that makes you feel sexy…go for it Jennifer.
    I do have some advice, (if Jennifer ever reads this) your true haters are the women who tell you how hot you are without make up while doing a photoshoot in some ugly outfit. Why? Because they will most likely look better than you. THOSE are your haters. As for the guys, I mean your fans, you have a vagina and you put risqué photos out for FREE.

  61. jujubeans

    Her hashtags seem sad and forced now, she’s just farting out words she thinks men want to hear like “#cleavage #sex #boobs #vagina”

    She’s used up, bored, and gave away all her class for some pocket change. Sad sad sad. Girl, time to close down the Instagram and move somewhere like Canada and start over. You failed.

    • Her hash tags are super lame

      #talking #longhair #zipper #denim

    • Stelio Kontos

      I want so badly to take on one of these as a reclamation project. If there were a mere modicum personality, an ounce of self deprication or the capacity for a sense of humor – you could turn the likes of Ms Wilke into something worthwhile.
      It would take a social media hiatus, intensive training and soul cleansing “A Clockwork Orange” style deprogramming – but it can be done.
      I am an optimist when it comes to wayward women.

    • Habib Fazil

      I could wife her up for a visa to the great white north (free health care) BUT not sure if the chastity belt would be acceptable…

  62. just like in general. no more posts just pictures and the gofund me link

  63. MissPell

    Her hands are still free because she put an update on her gofundme account yesterday.

  64. Dead Man's Dog


    That is the only hash tag she needs.

    I don’t see anything appealing about her. I’d rather read posts about dead tooth. I’d rather stick it in Chewy if I had to chose between her and Wonky. (Wilke)

    She’s small town beautiful….meaning she might be the best on her high school of 120 kids, but she’s no looker compared to the hundreds / thousands of drop dead gorgeous girls on IG

    I feel sorry for her. I wonder if Vegas Dave is taking bets that Wonky will be working a cashier in Walmart in 5 years.

  65. o3mta3o

    She has a manly face and her body isn't amazing. I'm not sure how she even got a grand.

    • Luke Duke

      Millions of followers. It’s simply a numbers game. Ask enough idiots for something and you’ll get a few that say ok.

  66. Stelio Kontos

    On any given night she could be the hottest chick at Chili's. I appreciate her drive to accomplish more, but she really needs find a small pond that'll make her feel like a big fishm

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I don’t think there is a pond small enough for this minnow

      • DirtyGMa

        Hey be fair now. She could be the algae in the goldfish bowl…

    • Donnie Darko

      She already has, she lives with her mom in Fredricksburg, TX. It’s about 40-50 miles west of Austin and north of San Antonio, population 2013–10,829!!! She claims she lives in Austin, but she doesn’t!!! She a Fredricksburg 10 and an L.A. 6.

      • Persephone

        How? Why? At least just get an apartment and a roommate and call it a 'condo' like DT

        • Penza

          She’s probably a bitch to live with, and lives rent-free at home.

          • she does live at home still and has no day job

          • Penza

            She's too "good" to hold a day job. She'd rather be a mooch.

          • lily

            No she is a maid with her mom . Princess Wilke cleans rich peoples toilets and searches for pills to steal in the process . One of her many wrecks was on the way home from cleaning houses and valium played into the wreck .

          • Penza

            I can definitely believe that. I bet lots of stuff gets “borrowed” by that duo.

      • Kay More

        Yep you’re correct! I’ve been to Frericksburg, cute town but def not Austin lol

      • lily

        Yep , she still is in her mommies apartment right now in Fredericksburg , Texas . Jen is 32 and has never owned a home , never owned a car or anything that most established adults have . She works as a maid with her con artist mom while not taking narcissistic selfies. Why is a successful actress and model cleaning toilets for strangers .
        The only time she lived away from Fredericksburg is when she moved to Colorado with my brother and she only lasted a few months before she was running off to sugar baby in Boston, New York and then called her mommy to pick her up . She was a sugar baby before she started playing like a model .

    • Penza

      She knows it. She doesn’t want to marry some guy who loves her, she wants Mr. Big Fish.

      • Habib Fazil

        well at age 37, hasn’t that ship sailed already?

        • Penza

          No, every age group has it’s Mr. Bug Fish category, women in their 30’s get the newly divorced guy in his 40’s, who is already established, but young enough to start a family if that’s what she wants.
          If she doesn’t want kids, there’s a good chance he had some with the first wife, so he’s not gonna pressure her to have more.

    • rogaine

      Is that how you spell Motel 6?

      • MissPell

        w.h.o.r.e h.o.u.s.e. Is that right? haha

        • lily

          Nope , even the whore house won’t have her . Sadly I learned about this because I made a joke about sending her to Dennis Hof or one of the brothels in Nevada to get her out of my life. They know about her and due to her theft , drug use , emotional instability, dislike of most women unless they are her butch lez buddies , her grifting crazy whore mom and stealing from men she sleeps with they would not take her even if she was the most beautiful woman in the world .
          Several of the well established girls like Caressa , Amy and the porn stars there think she is a disgusting bitch that has severe issues and would cause nothing but drama. Yes , porn stars think she is a pile of shit .They also have to be healthy and pass drug tests weekly ( no self harm , anorexia or coke/pill abuse and she does all that ) and she can’t pass that . They are also explicitly forbidden from crying about their personal problems to johns and we all know Jen can’t stfu about all her self made problems . This bird still spends entire days in bed crying for people to tell her she is the prettiest girl ever .
          I am not calling the working girls saints but the girls at Moonlight make up to 200,000 + ( Air Force Amy has made up to 500,000 a year at 50 years old and is actually a very nice lady ) year for things as little as having food fights and pillow fights so they are not having some drug addicted drama queen show up and demand they all kiss her ass and worship her then run off the clients . All in all even the hookers think she is a sorry bitch and they are right .
          Known her since 2000 and she is everything mentioned here and 1000 times worse . When she goes off on one of her opiate screaming crying fits it is enough to make one consider dumping her ass off in Tijuana.

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