Jen Wilke and the Maxim Party – Update

ZW Submission:

[Maia & anon]

Two good updates on Jen Wilke from the ZW Nation.

First up, Maia sent us this gofundme screenshot. Jen is DRIVING to the Maxim party and sleeping in her CAR. Nothing will get in the way of her insta-ho dream!



There hasn’t been much progress on her gofundme page. Not sure if that’s even enough cash to schlepp her boring ass across those hot southwestern states in her piece of shit car.



FYI ZW, this is not the first time Jen Wilke has scammed her fans for “fuel money”.


She did it in 2012 as well in a cashgrab for a photo shoot.


So here we have Jen, still broke and trying to make it 4 years after her last gofundme that was supposed to make her “dreams come true”.

Surely she’s ripe for a catfishing? Well, apparently not. Even with those factors working for him, our anon catfish submitter still couldn’t close the deal.


We all know Jen posted about raising money so she can buy a ticket to the Maxim Hot 100 plus buy her airfare and hotel. I did some digging and decided to email her as a women who had a client looking to pay Jen for a “date” while she is in LA. Even offered to pay her travel expenses which in Jens words are already covered. So if they are covered then why are you still telling people you need help getting to LA. As you will learn in these screen shots she is interested in meeting men for money “dates” as well as lying to her fans for spending money in LA. She must be stopped. Her fans don’t believe she is a hustler and this right here is the proof. she is literally laughing at her fans taking their money.ย  CAN YOU PLEASE POST THIS AS ANONYMOUS






It does look like Ms Jen Wilke is down for a little gash for cash but Mr Catfish wasn’t quite smooth enough to close the deal. This surprised me, as Jen is getting more desperate to ‘make it’ every year.ย 

Next time, son.