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Jen Wilke Update, Gas Money – Check!

Jen Wilke and the Maxim Party – Update

ZW Submission:

[Maia & anon]

Two good updates on Jen Wilke from the ZW Nation.

First up, Maia sent us this gofundme screenshot. Jen is DRIVING to the Maxim party and sleeping in her CAR. Nothing will get in the way of her insta-ho dream!



There hasn’t been much progress on her gofundme page. Not sure if that’s even enough cash to schlepp her boring ass across those hot southwestern states in her piece of shit car.



FYI ZW, this is not the first time Jen Wilke has scammed her fans for “fuel money”.


She did it in 2012 as well in a cashgrab for a photo shoot.


So here we have Jen, still broke and trying to make it 4 years after her last gofundme that was supposed to make her “dreams come true”.

Surely she’s ripe for a catfishing? Well, apparently not. Even with those factors working for him, our anon catfish submitter still couldn’t close the deal.


We all know Jen posted about raising money so she can buy a ticket to the Maxim Hot 100 plus buy her airfare and hotel. I did some digging and decided to email her as a women who had a client looking to pay Jen for a “date” while she is in LA. Even offered to pay her travel expenses which in Jens words are already covered. So if they are covered then why are you still telling people you need help getting to LA. As you will learn in these screen shots she is interested in meeting men for money “dates” as well as lying to her fans for spending money in LA. She must be stopped. Her fans don’t believe she is a hustler and this right here is the proof. she is literally laughing at her fans taking their money.Β  CAN YOU PLEASE POST THIS AS ANONYMOUS






It does look like Ms Jen Wilke is down for a little gash for cash but Mr Catfish wasn’t quite smooth enough to close the deal. This surprised me, as Jen is getting more desperate to ‘make it’ every year.Β 

Next time, son.


  1. umyeahyourestupid

    made of cuteness you mean

  2. so this the post that started it all?

  3. umyeahyourestupid


  4. Lame Equis

    Just came here to give everyone a little report on the maxim party. I was there last night and spotted several instahoes. Amanda was there and she is very short even with heels. I saw her drink tequila straight out of the botel at the bar and walking off with it. She didn’t have a VIP pass she was hanging out with the normal people. Abigail ratchet is HUGE in person. She is not pretty in person and average af. No Jen wilke in sight but then again she’s so average I wouldn’t have noticed among all the amazingly hot women there.

  5. DirtyPopArt

    this girl is a piece of work

  6. DirtyPopArt

    she just got called out by her ex bf the lighter king guy lol

  7. Greg Fail

    This girl just doesn't quit. Now it's a business trip lol

    • Greg Fail

      Business trip lol

    • Unityyy

      Business trip? What a joke…she’s going to parties. Nobody is booking her for modeling gigs. She also clearly has the $ for this trip, but wants her followers to reimburse her. Such a scumbag.

      • Greg Fail

        Yeah business trips don’t come out of your brainwashed fans pockets. She also has barely posted stuff from her trip. But what she has was not from her car like she said she stayed at but at a hotel

  8. DirtyPopArt

    and more lies. She obviously stayed in a motel and didnt sleep in her car and someone is with her as they took the picture

  9. DirtyPopArt

    i think they parted ways. She hasn’t posted any new pics in over a year. just recycling old ones

  10. Maia

    A million upvotes for shape shifting psycho cunt!!!!

  11. Maia

    Laziness, plain and simple, and her mom filled her head with nonsense.

  12. Maia


  13. DirtyPopArt


  14. DirtyPopArt

    more lies from Jen. Look she is staying with escort Kourtney Reppert

    • Sir TTP


    • Greg Fail

      I also notice she hasn’t posted any picturea of her road trip as well

    • Unityyy

      Her FB page is begging for ‘hotel’ $$. She just gets more and more vile each day she drags on this farce. I don’t believe she drove either. She’s collecting whatever cash she raises..which isn’t much given her basically selling her damn soul for a few hundred…

      • DirtyPopArt

        yeah no road pics or videos at all she just posted she is raising money for a hotel. she has been very silent.

      • DirtyPopArt

        i think she drove. she posted from New Mexico and Phoenix

  15. Luke Duke

    Put one in the air then!

  16. DirtyPopArt


    • Sir TTP

      And will pimpin’ as of two hours ago…

      • DirtyPopArt

        i saw that. lol. the funny thing is even if someone sent her money she cant just have it from gofundme there is a process of 3 days

  17. Dawn D Davenport


  18. Dawn D Davenport

    Not at the end of July, girl. Florida kinda blows this time of year…especially boca omg does it suck in the summer

    • AmericanTopTeam

      Orlando is hell on earth right now… yes it’s that hot

  19. I've contacted a lawyer. All seems pretty straightforward as I have her identifying info to subpoena her ISP. It would require me to file the suit myself, which means having my identity exposed on court papers. At the moment she still thinks I'm samantha, so I'd rather not have my man and kids stalked by some fucking sicko while we wait for a result. Of course, she would be ordered not to contact me once suit is active, but as if she could resist. She's so jealous of me, even when she has the wrong person. Clearly she has nothing else to cling to in her life.
    So until it seems necessary, I'll just laugh at her bullshit and the fact she's dumb enough to harass the wrong person. I think if she keeps going the real samantha will sort it out, I just don't want to waste time/thoughts on her unless its laughing at her when I feel like it. Her efforts to derail us are futile so why bother?


      i know girl. she is annoying…

    • DirtyGMa

      perhaps drop the contact info on the real samantha… girl might appreciate the identity of the deluded psycho dragging her into a mess she had no part in making.

      • I offered her all the IP addresses and info we had and she said she would use if needed but then I never heard from her again. So my best guess is she gives no fucks? She seemed to have a pretty good sense of humour.

        • DirtyGMa

          LOL.. smart lady. No fucks given is a great approach to life. And of course you already offered Your Majesty. I should have known. I am chastized….

          • Yeah I assume she just told people that matter to ignore the troll. Its not like CF is unique, there's plenty of trolls out there lol

  20. DirtyWhiteGirl

    Nothing u say can destroy her delusions!

  21. JimU113

    Well, if you scam everyone else, you automatically assume everyone else is out to scam you. Unless it's Maxim.

    • DirtyGMa

      haha good one there Jim… aura of legitimacy? check – license to print money from the delusions of stupid whores – check and double check

  22. Greg Fail

    More lies. I checked gofundme on how they pay out and it takes 2 – 3 business days. Today is Thursday so banks will be closed sat and Sunday so she wouldn’t get her money till Tuesday so she obviously has funds for a road trip that she is probably taking with someone else. This girl is a straight up liar and crook check out this

  23. Greg Fail

    I imagine her trip to make her dreams come true is starting soon seeing how it’s a 19 hour drive from Fredericksburg TX to LA




    I hope so too!!! thank you nat!


    haha my car got pounded once and i have to walk to get it a good couple miles.. lets just say the walk took almost 5 hours. lmfaooooo or maybe even more


    I always wanted to make a go fund me so I can finish my bachelors. i’m 4k short. I never had the balls to actually carry the plan out. *tears* hopefully with my Christmas bonus this year… the joys of living in Miami and paying everything by yourself. I still have never fucked someone for cash tho!!


    i miss rogaine πŸ™


    Please please QOT can we just really expose this dumb bitch already. i dont know what the hell we are waiting for. She can't even afford a fucking lawyer.

  30. caramelldansen


  31. DirtyPopArt

    yeah it looks like she got work done compared to past pics


    and i would love to be anywhere where the weather isn't this hot πŸ™ im working all day so beach is out the question


    Lmao. it's currently 98 degrees here in Miami. I drive a black car and let me tell you.. the heat wave is intense. I just want to be naked girl. I am sure if you have had that lace bra down here they would of let you go for sure!

  34. DirtyPopArt

    this whole post is the plot to a horror movie. Small town girl goes on a cross region adventure in a beat up car with stars in her eyes only to breakdown on a deserted road never to be seen again. Who would play Jen?


    lol which sucks cause downers are so much better.


    they have some miami documentary on some shit like that.


    nah. its cause she read this website. lol

    • Darlene Conner

      This. Guys…only the dumbest of the dumb or desperate don’t know or at least really REALLY consider that they are being fucked with. I’m not saying I know if Jen is smart or dumb. I’m just saying she’s not THAT DUMB! Lol.

  38. MissPell


  39. MissPell

    I didn’t say what it was for. haha

  40. Scorpio

    It looks like she is pretty smart to me. Perhaps she will be able to make some arrangement in person while she is in L.A.

  41. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    If she had asked for 3-4K instead of being greedy there’s a possibility she MIGHT have raised her travel expenses.
    Certainly a nice pair of ta-ta’s but da fuk is wrong with her popeye forearm, too many long shifts at the jack shack?

  42. Jen got herself a White Knight. The story continues… Will Jen make it to the Ball?!

  43. Donnie Darko

    By no means did she ever say she wasn’t down or isn’t into prostitution. She was just skeptical if it was real or not. If he would have sent pictures, a pic of his drivers license and asked to call her she would have been down for sure.

  44. Sweater Puppies

    She asked for references, she knows the game, definitely not her first time.

  45. Lame Equis

    What a loser. $2000 a night is “a lot”? Even for LA hooker standards, that’s not a lot.

  46. Voody

    “A future face in modeling” LOL! Her life is fucking pathetic! She is more delusional than Tricia. P4P was confirmed!

  47. Maia

    Straight out of Fredericksburg, TX!

  48. DirtyPopArt

    i agree. in the beginning she jumped right at it

  49. Sir TTP

    I’d happily beat her to death verbally, but as I no longer frequent Hooman’s gossip blog as it sails into oblivion, she’ll just have to stalk ZW like she does every minute of every day.

    • Whitney BeatMe

      Lurking in her circus tent mumu with Cheetos trailing in her wake.

  50. Unityyy

    This is just not adding up. She's telling her fans that she's schlepping out to L.A. in her car and sleeping in it as well? No way. Nope. Don't buy it. She's shameless in her attempt to scam cash, but it just isn't raising very much, so she has to up the ante on her desperation. What a fraud.

    • MissPell

      She wants them to feel sorry for her that she has to sleep in her car so that they will shell out the money for her faster or in larger amounts.

    • DirtyPopArt

      especially since her manager lives in LA. Why wouldn’t her manager put her up for a few days?

    • Dawn D Davenport

      How old is she? Like thirties? Sleeping in her car is bullshit pity mongering. This basic and lame bitch needs to go to taco Bell and pick up shifts. She’s irrelevant and a grifting loser

      • Unityyy

        At 32, she needs a J-O-B and a good self help book about reevaluating goals and 'dreams'. At least Taco Bell is an honest living..not begging her prison population followers for cash.

  51. caramelldansen

    She is not doing too well as a human. She should run off and join a hyena clan.

    • MissPell

      The clan would have to support her though. She would be no help.

      • caramelldansen

        She can be the clan's fuckgirl. We will gladly share carcasses with her for that.

        • MissPell

          lol. Do Hyenas have booze and lots of cash…you will have to give her what she is accustomed to.

  52. DirtyPopArt

    This girl just doesn’t give up. Where is Greg Hale? What about her Hollywood manager. If one of your clients was coming to LA for Maxim 100 wouldn’t you put them up instead of letting her stay in car? Something sounds fishy here. Good call on recalling hr first gofundme scam from 2012

    • countryjew

      I would assume that they are no longer working together. All he does is pay for the girls to be on the cover of a magazine no one in the Western Hemisphere reads — you have to pay, you do not get paid — and then maybe gets you some worthless Playboy “cybergirl” crap. Look at what it did for Bev’s (((career))).

      Basically, this loser spends 10K for sex. Watch Star 80 for more details.

  53. Btw – if anyone sees the newborn I apparently have (according to our 5150 troll) could they please page ZW Reception area. …fucked if I know where I left it…

  54. Tuco Salamanca

    I hate this skank as bad as dead tooth.

  55. Greg Fail

    The catfishing does show she is lying to her fans though. Even though she doesn’t commit she did show interest which is probably not her first time

  56. Maia

    1500 is a lot per night? I don’t think Jen has much experience, sexually, with these betas. That’s peanuts, but since you’re only getting 5 to 50 bucks for a pic, I can see why you’re broke. I picture you rolling into Hollywood, on fumes, with your muffler dragging.

  57. Sir TTP

    She says her “travel arrangements” for the trip to LA are sorted? Huh? This loser is driving from Texas to Cali in the shitty late July heat and sleeping in her car? It’s fucking 100+ degrees in every State from there to here.

    Fuck all Mr. Anon. I could catfish this desperado in my sleep.

  58. Whitney BeatMe

    Hopefully she makes a wrong turn at a former military testing ground.. Then you just wait for the inevitable to happen.

  59. Whitney BeatMe

    The dingoes!!!

  60. Sir TTP

    Is that why Dead Tooth uses AOL?

  61. Sir TTP

    Step it up Greg. You can right this wrong. Feel me?

    • Greg Fail

      The only thing I am feeling is this dab right now πŸ˜‰

      • Sir TTP

        Dude – she gets her email on her phone while on the road. This poor woman is sleeping in her car. Have a heart. Reach out and spring for a Motel 6 bottom floor room somewhere in the armpit of the Southwest. It's the least you can do.

        • DirtyPopArt

          i’ll set her up in Reno. I know this lady who takes in wanna be models. She feeds them and gives them a place to sleep. She gets to meet all kinds of guys who might be able to help on her way to the top of their greg


        LMFAO pass one this way bruh

  62. I can't beleive how Wilkes looks in the two photos. Her face looks so different from the "photoshoot" versions, and she looks really large and oddly shaped in the white bodysuit one.
    How the hell did she get it into her head that she should model for a living? If you are in your thirties and have to beg and sleep in a car to try to get your foot in the door to the industry after years of trying, just move on! Who gives a shit about modeling anyways? Its an exploitive industry and there is little money to be made unless you are a household name. Doing freelance photoshoots is a difficult existence with no stability. And its not like she'll end up landing any big contracts with clothing or make up companies.
    Jen, I know you read this, just stop okay? You haven't been successful at modeling so why continue to struggle? There must be something else that interests you that you are better at. Just do that instead and you'll be fine. Forget about seeking validation from loser foreign guys on instagram who live in countries where sex is against the law and spend your time seeking meaningful happiness. You're welcome

    • DirtyPopArt

      I have also noticed lots of weird looking pictures of her. They cover her ribs alot.

    • I’ve seen this with so many Texas girls. They model(ish) for a month or two and think they can make it in L.A. She should move to Austin or Houston and be a magicians assistant. After that, they all usually land a moderately decent husband.
      Jen, move on. It’s never going to happen regardless of how many FB followers you have.

    • countryjew

      “How the hell did she get it into her head that she should model for a living? If you are in your thirties and have to beg and sleep in a car to try to get your foot in the door to the industry after years of trying, just move on! Who gives a shit about modeling anyways? Its an exploitive industry and there is little money to be made unless you are a household name. Doing freelance photoshoots is a difficult existence with no stability. And its not like she’ll end up landing any big contracts with clothing or make up companies.”

      BOOM. Nothing more needs to be said.

      • DirtyPopArt

        i think her goal is to be the hostess of a tv show or something


        thank country jew took the words out my mouth!


      you see… i quit my dreams too and became a paralegal. JEN all things are possible. you can start off as the office bitch for $10 an hour. Maybe if she would of said fuck modeling at 20 then maybe now she would have something going for herself… next thing would be panhandling since she is living from her car.

  63. Sir TTP

    Oh no she didn't. Calling out the TTP? And giving QOT a newborn? It's like Christmas in July. Isn't this shape shifting psycho cunt supposed to be saving the world one BLM/LGBTQ/Whatever protest at a time with her lame-ass blog/Twitter/Facebook/Wordpress/IG accounts?

    Newsflash 5150 – with 16 thousand useless Tweets and only 800 sad souls that felt sorry enough for you to follow back (but will never read your crap again), it's time to chalk this latest attempt at human contact up as an unmitigated failure. I don't need to calculate your success rate in fractional percentages, as you already know it's a shitload of numbers behind the decimal point.

    Being a loser is bad enough. Being a multiple time loser must suck some serious ass.

    As always, TTP has diagnosed this ailment of social failure and suggests a chugging of bleach.

  64. I'm dumbfounded that she lives in Fredericksburg, Texas. Population 10k, people only go there for the small bed and breakfasts. Also, it's an itty bitty town to go and shop at the little German antique stores. It's an hour and a half from Austin. Why the hell doesn't she at least live in Austin? Whatever she was years ago has dwindled into not a damn thing left and living in Fredericksburg. Girl, just stop.

  65. DirtyPopArt

    sleeping in her car until she meets her first sleezy porn producer who offers her a place to stay then gets her stung out on amphetamines

  66. DirtyPopArt

    two million facebook "fans" and she could only get $400. Maybe take that $400 and buy one million more fake fans?

    • Unityyy

      You realize that if just 10% of her 2 million fans coughed up a nickel each, she’d have 10 grand. Fake fans indeed.

      • DirtyPopArt

        yeah also she is still taking donations on hr way to LA when gofundme has a 3 day deposit to bank time

        • Unityyy

          Shameful. Clearly she feels entitled for some reason. Good luck in L.A. girlie. I hear the demand for 32 year old, average looking women is huge in Hollywood. Huge.

  67. DirtyPopArt

    hit her up on facebook or something. I bet she is super paranoid thinking every offer is someone fucking with her. maybe that is why she has never made it because she is super defensive towards every offer that comes her way?

  68. MissPell


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