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Drug Addiction, Lesbian Encounters, Human Trafficking And More:

Peeling Back The (Ugly) Layers Of GoFundMe’s Most Infamous Grifter

ZW Nation’s most recent post on Jen Wilke’s scamming antics not only garnered worldwide attention, but it also brought a few people out of the woodwork willing to peel the innocent mask off little Ms. Social Media Sunshine and shed a harsh spotlight on the reality of GoFundMe’s most infamous grifter and her insatiable desire for fame.

In a multi-part expose – which includes interviews with “insiders” going on record – Ms. Wilke’s darkest hidden secrets will be laid bare:  unspeakable family deception, common-law marriage, brothel tryouts, insurance fraud, pay-for-play encounters, gypsy ties, elaborate drug schemes – you name it.  Essentially enough general mayhem and intrigue to support the adage that truth is, in fact, stranger than fiction.  

We’re going to ease into this doozy, but trust that much, much more is forthcoming.  For now, just a brief conversation between a close tie to Ms. Wilke and our own Greg Fail talking about Jen’s pill-poppin’ and sister scissoring…

Yea, we know.  A lot of blanks to fill in.  Understood.  Stay tuned as the really good stuff comes out…

Part one is now live and will be updated as things progress:

(WilkeLeaks Part One Highlights) – courtesy of countryjew:

on Jen’s mom Teresa:

“big time grifter and con artist.”

“does not have a good very reputation for being honest — not a good person”

on Jen’s friend Leah Dodds:

“I had to fire her from a job because she was stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and equipment at the store we worked at. She was actually dating Jenny before Jen got together with my brother. They broke up and Jenny had been with my brother for years. One day my Aunt Kay Kay told my mom she saw Jenny in a car making out with Leah.”

“What I observed was that Leah was Jenny’s main squeeze. That’s who she felt comfortable with.”

“I know two of her arrests were for assaulting police officers — not a very nice girl at all“

on Jen’s agenda:

“I’d say Jenny primarily likes girls. Men are just there for gifts, money, food, trips — anything she wants. The girls are for sex. Then men are where she gets all her stuff.”

“My parents took her in because they felt so sorry for her. They bought her food, clothes, everything. And my brother worked himself to death to buy her more stuff. Even that wasn’t good enough. She was always looking for somebody that could do better.”

“There were times we bought her stuff that just threw away, gave away or sold to people.”

“She doesn’t like men — she uses them.”

on the beginnings of Jen Wilke’s modeling career:

“It was 2011 when I started hearing some things. I started looking online and saw all this stuff of her going here, there with all these different guys. I tried to show my parents and my mom said, ‘that bitch is bleeding them for money, that’s how she’s getting ahead.’ My brother was so heartbroken. He’d talk to her and she’d say, ‘Oh I’m just using them to get money” — she said that herself. I was like ‘what kind of monster acts like that?’”

“She uses people to get what she wants and when she’s done with them, instead of severing ties in a polite, nice manner and being gracious about it, she turns into a hag and goes off on people.”

“She’s not right in the head. She has a lot of psychological problems. For the longest time I thought she had borderline personality disorder. There were times where my brother had to go to work and she would start screaming and crying and holding on to his leg. It’s a hallmark of borderline personality disorder that you don’t want to be by yourself. And then when she’d get mad at people — that was it — she hated them for life. She’d destroy their reputations and say horrible things that aren’t true. She’s not right in the head.”

on drugs:

“In high school, her and Leah Dodds — that was their thing — they were coke hos. When my brother started dating her said, ‘No, we’re not gonna do drugs, we’re not gonna drink, you need to stop that.’ She said she did but years later I found out that every time she’d go back to Leah Dodds they’d have coke parties. It’s a party drug for her. She says it helps keep her thin.”

Part two is now live and will be updated as things progress.  

(WilkeLeaks Part Two Highlights) – courtesy of countryjew

on 2007 car accident:

“She was going somewhere on Austin Street and a lady and her pregnant daughter pulled out of a parking lot and hit Jenny. This car was going maybe 15 miles an hour. Jenny was nasty about it. The woman was checking on her daughter because her daughter was pregnant and Jenny was like ‘What about me? What about me?”’ Anyway, she went to the emergency room and they told her ‘it’s not that bad. It’s nothing, you just pulled some muscles.’ Of course she got her pain pills and for whatever reason, Xanax. I don’t know why you need Xanax after a wreck. She made it a habit of continuously going to the hospital.

Her mother was the one that kept pushing her to go the ER. What we found out was her mother was partaking in the medicine too. They called them out and caught them.

They [insurance] tried to tell her ‘If you keep doing this there’ll be nothing left to pay you’ because they pay all the medical bills first and what’s left after that you get. Sure enough, after three months it was time to get the payment and there was nothing left. She had gone to the emergency room SO many times to get painkillers that all of the settlement went to ER bills. She blew all the money by getting pain pills. It did not go like she thought it would and she threw the biggest tantrum with screaming and crying — ‘they owe me.’ Everything is ‘they owe me’ — nothing about hard work.

on pillz:

“This is embarassing. We were at Chili’s one night. My mom takes heart medication and was nervous that night. All of a sudden she [Jen] hands a handful of pills to my mom and she’s like “here take this.” My mom is like “I don’t need this” and Jen is like “Trust me. Take some Xanax and Valium, you’ll feel so good.” My Momma pushed them back. Teresa [Jen’s mom] took the whole handful and shoved them in her mouth and started drinking a margarita. Of course with 10-15 minutes she was loosey goosey falling all over the place.

We had a going away party too where she [Teresa] was drinking after we told her no alcohol and taking her pills. She gets butt-ass naked and gets in a hotub. Our whole family was there. My mom was like “Teresa, put your damn clothes back and get out of the hot tub” and she’s like “no man can resist this body.” She’s sitting there drinking and popping her pills like they’re Tic-Tacs and that’s common for him.”

on the failing health and eventual death of Jen’s father:

“They [Jen and her mother] were happy he was sick. There were several times Teresa said, ‘He just needs to hurry up and die.’ We couldn’t believe that. But he died and they wound up in this nice condo that was twice the amount they were paying on their house. They’re living it up now.”

Part three is now live and will be updated as things progress.

(WilkeLeaks Part Three Highlights) – courtesy of countryjew

on falsely claimed Native American heritage:

“They [Jen and her mother] try to say that they’re Sioux Native American and that’s not true. I did some research and looked around and found out that that’s not true. She not from where she says she is.

I was sitting at the pharmacy one day and she [Teresa] was so stoned she didn’t know who the hell I was even though she had known me for 10 years. She was telling me about her Romany roots and everything and how they have to lie about who the are because people don’t like the Romany. She says they’re Native Americans because they look like them.

It explains a lot of the things she does. I hate to be sterotypical about them but a lot of them do grift. They’re known for cleaning houses and cleaning people out. They do confidence schemes. The ones in this area do housecleaning. Both Jen and her mom are houscleaners and they like to ‘borrow’ stuff.

They’re definitely not Native American.”

on Jen introducing the interviewee’s daughter to prostitution:

“When she went to Las Vegas and then to where the Bunny Ranch is, she was really looking at it. She just didn’t have it. Those girls have to have personalities and business skills. No one will tell me how my daughter was drug into this but she was. My daughter used to really care about Jenny. Jenny got her up there and and I never saw my daughter again. I found out she’s a prostitute at the Bunny Ranch. I just found out a few weeks ago — it destroyed me. I wound up in the hospital because I have such a panic attack I start having cardiac problems. They thought I was having a heart attack. No mom wants to hear that.

Jenny knew the whole time where she was and she would not tell me. She I knew I was looking for Hannah but would not tell me. My husband and I — that’s our only daughter. We’re open-minded but who wants that for their daughter? She had never even heard of that place until Jenny entered the picture. I’ll never forgive her for that.”

On whether or not Jen is a professional escort/sugar baby:

“Definitely. I have studied this because I’m a crime victims advocate also and I watch out for sex trafficking. When I started studying her behavior…. men were paying her to go and do stuff with them. By definition that’s a paid sugarbaby, prostitution, whatever. She not only gets money but clothes, gifts, all kinds of stuff.”

Part four is now live and will be updated as things progress:

(WilkeLeaks Part Four Highlights) – courtesy of countryjew

on the trip to Los Angeles with her common-law husband (Marsy’s brother) after her infamous GoFundMe campaign:

“My brother was with her. I saw online she was going somewhere and I was like ‘Mom, does Dane (?) know she’s going off again?’ and Mom was like ‘she’s with your brother. She’s driving his truck,’ I was like, ‘Why is he taking her there?’ Mom was like ‘Your brother, he loves her.’ Sure enough, he drove her there.

That’s when she had the GoFundMe thing. I left a bunch of remarks on that thing and she kept taking them down. She pulled some crap and said his truck broke down but I don’t think it did. She asked for money on that GoFundMe and then she called my parents asking for money. She got $500 out of them. It’s just disgusting. I know as soon as she got there she ditched him.

There were some hard feelings about that but I was like, ‘What the hell do you expect? She doesn’t love you. She’s just using you to drive her there.’ That’s what she’s been doing for years now.

on her sociopathic tendencies:

“She looks so sweet. Like a little angel is what people say. Once you get around her — she’s crazy. She throws trantrums, she screams, she cries: ‘don’t leave me, I’ll hurt myself if you leave me” — threatening suicide. That is sick.

This really makes me mad: I got her that job at Estee Lauder. She only showed up a few times. She’d get there and be a total bitch to people. Wouldn’t help people, wouldn’t look at them, she’d start with ‘I’m sick, I gotta go.’ It was so humiliating to me because I got her that job and promised them she would do right. She would stand there and pretend she was too busy to be working. People would walk by and say hi” and she’d just stand there looking at them.

The stuff with using people is one of the most narcissistic things I have ever seen in my life. Her narcissistic supply is her fans and all the attention they gave her. She uses people and she feels she’s entitled to do that. She thinks she’s entitled to all these gifts, all this money — she doesn’t care about any of the people she hurts. I’ve seen her make my little brother cry and I wanted to rip her damn head off. She’s made other guys cry. I don’t get mad at these other guys because they’re victims too.

She gets all these free trips, clothes, jewelry and then she doesn’t want them anymore. She says all these things mean things about them and makes fun of people. That’s sick. She’s vicious.

She’s always saying ‘tell me I’m beautiful, tell me I’m great.’ When she’d be having these crying fits in our house she’d be asking my brother, ‘Am I pretty? Tell me I’m pretty. Tell me I’m the prettiest person in the world.” I thought she was dying or something but she was just being weird-ass creepy Jenny.”

on her reputation in her hometown of Fredericksburg, Texas:

“Oh God. People do not like her. They’ve always thought she was rude because she’s so unapproachable. She looks cute but she’s not friendly. She always has a blank look on her face. They know she steps all over people and uses people. She’s burned a lot of bridges because she’s a job hopper. She’s had like 15 jobs in Fredricksburg. She’ll go for a few days and just walk out. When her dad was alive he’d say ‘You need to work.’ She’d get a job long enough to shut him up and then walk out. It costs a lot of people to train people and she doesn’t care. There are people that need these jobs. There’s not a lot of good-paying jobs in Fredricksburg. She’s just trashy. The way she dresses now is really bad.”

after the death of Jen’s father:

“She had a big party. As soon as he died it was like. “Woo-hoo! I can do whatever I want. Her mother too, both dress trashy. You can dress sexy but she’s totally gross.”

on her sugar daddies:

“She keeps that out of town. She knows if she did that in Fredricksburg people would find out within a day. The ones I found out about are in different states: West Coast, East Coast, up North. California, New York, Virginia, I think there were some in Nevada. She’s got plenty of them and those are just the ones I’ve found pictures of on the Internet. She does a really good job of hiding them.”

on keeping her common-law husband (Marsy’s brother) hidden:

“That’s what really pisses me off. They’ve been together 18 damn years — they’re engaged. By common law, they’re married but she acts as if he’s her lawn boy or something, He has Aspererger’s Syndrome. He’s a genius. Any topic and he knows all about it. But they don’t have the social cues most people have. They will keep talking when most people know to stop. He does weird things with his hands. He’s normal but he obviously has Asperger’s Syndrome. He’s tactile sensitive which means he doesn’t like the way certain things feel on his body. He’ll rip all the tags out of his shirts. His socks bother him. Everything in the inventory he has and he’s not ever gotten any help for it.

She knows it and she is so damn mean to him. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, he’s just different. Because of his association with her, he’s given up his whole life. He’s just waiting for her to settle down. For her to do that to him knowing he has Asperger’s is unforgivable. That’s evil.”

on Jen’s modeling aspirations at 32 years old:

“She’s too damn old! I hate to be like that because I’m 42 but she needs to get herself a job. If it hasn’t happened by now it’s not going to happen. She’s just too old. I don’t know why she decided to start this in her mid-20s. She’s an exhibitionist and likes showing off her body. Plus her mother likes living vicariously through her. A lot of this is her mother pushing it.

When she [Jen] starting getting all that free stuff she wasn’t EVER giving that up. I’m not saying older women can’t be beautiful but she’s just not one of them. She doesn’t have any business in modeling and acting.”

Marsy’s message to men:

“Don’t buy into her BS. There are so many other women out there who are honest and do right and do not expect money and gifts. This girl is out for #1. All she cares about is money, gifts, clothes, being famous, and she will step on anybody she can to get to it. Look no further than the way she’s treated my little brother. 18 years she’s been with my brother. She’s still trying to date other people. These people are not her boyfriends — they’re her meal ticket. That’s all there is to it. Plus, she likes girls. That Leah Dodds has been her girlfriend for a long time. Jenny likes women.

Any man who listens to this: stay away from her. I’ve seen the heartbreak she’s caused my brother and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that.”