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Jessica “Savave” Kane: If You Can’t Afford It – STEAL IT!

ZW Submission: ~Cassandra~

Talk to me nice or don't talk to me at aaalllll

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First off, google Jessica Nicole Kane escort. You will see 10-15 links to thed*, rippoffreport, escort reviews saying she was a man and she robs her clients.

OK, she robs her FrIENDS, clients, everyone. She brags about carrying weapons and is a convicted criminal from across Canada. I was a friend of hers until she stole my CHANEL purse and now posts it on Instagram saying its her own. Oh wait bitch, I’m going to come for you!

This fake-ass tranny needs to leave Vancouver before she gets another hit on her. Fat, fake and fucked. Jessica Nicole Savage Kane is the Herpes of Vancouver.



Link to TD Post 1

Link to TD Post 2

Link to TD Post 3

Nik better thank me for the traffic. Does anyone still check there? I keep forgetting it exists. Is it still tumbleweed and Cobwebs? ~QoT~


  1. Guest


  2. TJ

    LOL! I am laughing out loud.

  3. Stelio Kontos


  4. AmericanTopTeam

    Thats a grandma ass lolol

  5. AmericanTopTeam

    Man….the dirty is depressingly slow we should start a pull the plug pool….id bet money there wont be a dirty in 2019….

    This bitch needs a drop kick to her manly face btw

  6. Mallory Knox

    These hoes are shameless.

  7. €r2

    yeah most ğrostitutes are not humble.

  8. SDD

    Ever tried google voice?

  9. Full of **IT!

    That is sooooo a dude….

  10. TJ

    Those pancakes are going to be served with some special sausage.

  11. TJ

    If I had access to Amanda’s phone number I’d surely earn myself a restraining order.

  12. TJ

    It looks good on her. But don’t tell Stelio Kontos I said so.

  13. Maia

    Do it!!!!

  14. So much easier to get one in the US. Here, they want your ID, Address, birthdate and a summary of what you ate for breakfast just to get a sim.

  15. FYI ZW, Kina sent me another message with her phone number and said to call her – reckons she has “great dirt”. Hmmmm….

    • Maia

      Don’t do it unless you have a burner phone. All blocked numbers can be unblocked by the right person.

    • MsConduct

      Wait, what?!

    • TJ

      The only thing cooler would be having Sharkey on speed dial.

    • Habib Fazil

      I’d suggest using a burner cell if you do decide to call…

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I cannot fucking imagine a conversation with her…wtf are you gonna talk about…you have nothing in common you have a job a loving husband beautiful estate….she has Freddy Fags and a sink full of butt plugs… (Fuck i depressed myself)

  16. Maia

    Dammit, she’s homely as all get out!!! Her eyes are too close together. Looks like fetal alcohol syndrome, ffs.

  17. Sammi Jo

    “I don’t believe in being humble”

    Bitch ya should. You. Really. Should.

  18. Stelio Kontos

    So uhh what’s up? She headed to an abduction or bank robbery or something?

  19. TJ

    I like her look, and if she’s a Backpage hooker that’s even better.

    • Habib Fazil

      Is he pre or post op? You could be in for a surprise… stick with Deltona TJ

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