ZW Update: Khloe Terae

I’ve decided getting free shit sucks.


If a condition of a comped night in a Caribbean villa is that I must put on last year’s wedges that don’t really fit and a cheap-ass dress from prettylittlething, clamber up onto the edge of an aboveground spa, pose for 183 photos with my ass out and then post two on Instagram with a tag for the villa and the clothes and the photographer….. welllll, fuck it. I’ll just pay. I mean, that’s literally why I have a job – so selling my ass for a bed doesn’t have to happen.

Khloe Terae, unsurprisingly, has no problem using her ass instead of cash.

These women who are prostituting themselves to keep up with the Jones’ are the epitome of degradation and they either don’t realise it – or don’t care. Showing off shit you got for free because you flashed some skin on the internet is an braggable achievement in this social media age. What a joke.

Do you take VISA motherfuckers? Cos my dignity declined your transaction.