Twink182 aka Kurt Benz

Twink182 dropped the “straight” façade again. *rolls eyes* This guy needs to step the fuck outta that closet already. Let’s add some more proof to the ZW Files that Kurt Benz is Twink material. 

Exhibit A

C’mon Kurt, we all know that lipstick didn’t come from a lady. According to your ex, intimacy with women is not high on your priority list.

Um, wait. You already tried make up removal wipes? I thought the guy-liner phase was over – why does your Twink ass have makeup removal wipes handy?

Exhibit B

Kurt decides he needs to go on the gayest holiday possible. Any takers? 

Yup. Just one GUY.

Exhibit C

No comment on this one necessary. 

Exhibit D (lol)


This one just oozes with the level of delusion and self absorption only a closeted instagram-worshipping Twink can attain.

Here’s Twink182 “arriving” in Miami for #ArtBasel.

Your first clue that something is awry is the comments.


2 people who were there did not see him. 

Now, I dunno about you – but if some Twink lookin’ gaylord THAT I KNEW was at the airport posing for 127 paparazzi style shots to upload to his instagram – I’d notice. 

Secondly, this picture is RECYCLED. 

LOL. 17 Weeks ago Kurt posted a cropped version of this shot to his instagram. Same ghey outfit. Same ghey pose. Same fucking day.

And Thirdly, has anyone here been to Miami Airport? Did anyone notice that Kurt is actually posing at the Departures Terminal?

I’ll just let that sink in. He used a recycled pic of him WALKING AWAY from the Departures Terminal in Miami to insta-front that he’s just walking out of the Arrivals Terminal in time for #ArtBasel.

Here’s what the actual Arrivals Terminal in Miami looks like. It’s underground. 

Not only did he get the wrong terminal BOTH TIMES for his front (the original pic is him “arriving” in Miami for his Birthday celebrations) he walked quite some way to front that pic. As you can see in this pic below, he cropped the Air Jamaica out of the pic so all you could see was the Miami part…Jamaica Air Departure Terminal is nowhere fucking near the Domestic Arrivals. 

How far exactly did Kurt Benz walk to have someone take a picture of him “arriving”?

That’s a 10-15 minute walk. Probably 25 if you add in the time he spent taking selfies along the way.

Who wants to bet that Kurt never actually went to #ArtBasel? 

SirTTP has suggested a side bet also – What will come out first – Kurt Benz or Deltona’s 2017 Calendar?