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Kurt Benz Inches Out of the Closet


Twink182 aka Kurt Benz

Twink182 dropped the “straight” façade again. *rolls eyes* This guy needs to step the fuck outta that closet already. Let’s add some more proof to the ZW Files that Kurt Benz is Twink material. 

Exhibit A

C’mon Kurt, we all know that lipstick didn’t come from a lady. According to your ex, intimacy with women is not high on your priority list.

Um, wait. You already tried make up removal wipes? I thought the guy-liner phase was over – why does your Twink ass have makeup removal wipes handy?

Exhibit B

Kurt decides he needs to go on the gayest holiday possible. Any takers? 

Yup. Just one GUY.

Exhibit C

No comment on this one necessary. 

Exhibit D (lol)


This one just oozes with the level of delusion and self absorption only a closeted instagram-worshipping Twink can attain.

Here’s Twink182 “arriving” in Miami for #ArtBasel.

Your first clue that something is awry is the comments.


2 people who were there did not see him. 

Now, I dunno about you – but if some Twink lookin’ gaylord THAT I KNEW was at the airport posing for 127 paparazzi style shots to upload to his instagram – I’d notice. 

Secondly, this picture is RECYCLED. 

LOL. 17 Weeks ago Kurt posted a cropped version of this shot to his instagram. Same ghey outfit. Same ghey pose. Same fucking day.

And Thirdly, has anyone here been to Miami Airport? Did anyone notice that Kurt is actually posing at the Departures Terminal?

I’ll just let that sink in. He used a recycled pic of him WALKING AWAY from the Departures Terminal in Miami to insta-front that he’s just walking out of the Arrivals Terminal in time for #ArtBasel.

Here’s what the actual Arrivals Terminal in Miami looks like. It’s underground. 

Not only did he get the wrong terminal BOTH TIMES for his front (the original pic is him “arriving” in Miami for his Birthday celebrations) he walked quite some way to front that pic. As you can see in this pic below, he cropped the Air Jamaica out of the pic so all you could see was the Miami part…Jamaica Air Departure Terminal is nowhere fucking near the Domestic Arrivals. 

How far exactly did Kurt Benz walk to have someone take a picture of him “arriving”?

That’s a 10-15 minute walk. Probably 25 if you add in the time he spent taking selfies along the way.

Who wants to bet that Kurt never actually went to #ArtBasel? 

SirTTP has suggested a side bet also – What will come out first – Kurt Benz or Deltona’s 2017 Calendar?



  1. JimU113

    Sorry if anyone mentioned this, but am I the only one who finds it ironic he arrives at Wilcox Field? or is it Will’s Cock field?

    • Persephone

      Who takes takes pics?i cannot imagine the discussion before and during…

      • JimU113

        I shudder to consider.
        Knowing the subject, it probably started with “Hey, big boy…”

        • Gay bang brothers humored him before whisking him into a mini van for some anal ramrod action in his ass. Two pairs of pants to hold his ass together while he walks home to bleed and cry quietly so his parents don’t hear.

  2. AmericanTopTeam

    Wow… Kind of reminds me of my new favorite burn “may you one day be 1/2 the person you pretend to be online”.

  3. Hello, me?
    Yeah, it’s me
    I put on that guys pants over mine after I let him cornhole my ass- whadda I do now?
    Roll with it. Fashion. Work it
    Sashay, shante?
    Would I look too eager if I text him and ask if he’s mad?
    I’m hanging up now

  4. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I bet his ass put over 100 miles on it,,, One inch at a time

  5. So who’s going to put him on blast on IG??

  6. OCgirl12

    This is SO fucking hilarious !!! This made my day yesterday. And really? Stop with these fucking set up shots they look so fucking stupid!! Never went to Art Basal you f-big POSER. Your whole life is nothing but poser moves : your gay ass name , your purported success as a realtor, your sexual preference, your fucking UGLY AF teeth, I could go on … fucking tool.

  7. Tony Soprano Jr.

    Just so I understand correctly, does this guy (?) claim himself to be a “bad bitch” ? Is that not the final nail in his ghey coffin ?

  8. Tony Soprano Jr.

    Interesting how there’s always paparazzi around to take action shots of this fucking idiot making his billion dollar real estate deals, isn’t it ?

  9. TheTruth

    This guy might be more entertaining than Sharkey.. wait who am I kidding Sharkey is still must-see-TV. But Kurt benz is a solid backup choice for douche king.

  10. The Beav

    Hahaha…I thought he was wearing knee pads and thought “How fitting for someone who spends so much time on his knees.”

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I figured that’s how he wore the knees out in TWO pairs of jeans…

  11. €r2

    Whats up with artbasel? Every whore is going there

  12. Maia

    This idiot is in Vegas, according to his snapchat. Who’s he trying to make jealous? Neither white trash Deltona Florida Chewy or OC Pump House Mexican Chewy give a fuck. Maybe he’s trying to impress Anthony702.

  13. Kurt acts like he’s some big shot caller. The only “shots” he’s calling are the money shots that are landing on his beard

  14. Whitney BeatMe

    So he layered one ripped pair of jeans over another pair of ripped jeans. Skinny jeans at that.. he’s carrying a man purse with leopard print, and his facial hair is sculpted. Walking billboard for man love, which is cool, but it’s so old protesting how straight you are.

  15. TwoTrickPony

    Flat out busted. What kind of fucking poser does this? And on an additional note, as your ex “fag hag” Melanie calls you “baby carrot,” within the ghey community, and sporting that miserable “equipment,” you’d better have a silky smooth mouth, no gag reflex or and an elastic asshole. Preferably all three. It’s called “Bottom Bingo” in the community from what The Real Anon tells me.

    Time to embrace the rainbow snowflake.

  16. OldWineBox

    “You’re so gay. Why can’t you be a man and just say it? You’re soooo gaaaayyyy! (he’s so gaaay) I bet he knows this song is about him .Don’t you? don’t you? ”

    • We met him several years ago
      When he was a fucking feeb
      Now he’s grown a beard and needs one too
      A pathetic goddam dweeb
      Hes gay as fuck that’s all the time
      He’s never not a queer
      And all the whores say that he’s got a carrot
      A premature baby carrot

    • Charles N

      Maybe someday we’ll see a photo shopped snap of him at Saratoga?

  17. Happy Pants

    I know just which 3 inches you’re referring to.

  18. IF I had $$ it would be on Kurtlynn coming out 1st. Deltona don’t need no stinking calendars, all her dough is made by spreading her legs and mouth to please old-cock.

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