ZW Submission: ~Bunny Lebowski~

Seems twink182 is stepping up his douche bag game.

Apparently people are so impressed by his “success” they want him to mentor them.

Who on earth is dumb enough to trust his advice on anything other than the best brand of butt plugs. I think he sent that email to himself. Just saying.

LOLOLOLOL. No doubt in the world that Twink182 crafted this email in an attempt to shake up his boring social media presence.

The realtor gig didn’t pan out how he imagined and the desperation leaking out of every one of his Twinky pores meant even those Million Dollar Listing execs put him on the ‘fuck no’ list. What exactly does he feel he has to offer? Advice on how to disguise failure with strategically staged social media photos? Well get in line, buddy – Vegas Dave already has this shit in the bag.~QoT~