ZW Update

Laci Kay Somers

Ok, so someone sent in these pics with the heading “Laci Kay Somers is annoying as fuck”. Well, I suppose that’s accurate. Let’s take a look at why.

Here’s a post from today. December 7th. It’s her birthday! Naturally she hashtagged PEARL HARBOR. Is she for fucking real?

Then we have this little ranty video where she complains about the way girls talk. Is it just me or is it ironic that the first line in the vid refers to sucking dick for cash? THAT she has no problem with, but whiny voices? Oh fuck no.

Am I supposed to be concerned she’s coming for me now?ย 


I think we’ve posted about her lame gamer videos before, but here’s the link:

I swear this bitch is getting permanent wrinkles from that smirk she’s always pulling. #RealrecognizesReal

Well, OP, you’re right. She’s fucking annoying. That #PearlHarbor thing is just wrong, though. Trying to ride the trending topic of the day takes on a whole new meaning when it relates to an anniversay of lives being taken during war. Does she even know what Pearl Habour refers to, or does she think its some Old Hooker Shelter that takes in musty clams?