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Laci Kay Somers and her #PearlHarbor Fuck Up

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Laci Kay Somers

Ok, so someone sent in these pics with the heading “Laci Kay Somers is annoying as fuck”. Well, I suppose that’s accurate. Let’s take a look at why.

Here’s a post from today. December 7th. It’s her birthday! Naturally she hashtagged PEARL HARBOR. Is she for fucking real?

Then we have this little ranty video where she complains about the way girls talk. Is it just me or is it ironic that the first line in the vid refers to sucking dick for cash? THAT she has no problem with, but whiny voices? Oh fuck no.

Am I supposed to be concerned she’s coming for me now? 


I think we’ve posted about her lame gamer videos before, but here’s the link:

I swear this bitch is getting permanent wrinkles from that smirk she’s always pulling. #RealrecognizesReal

Well, OP, you’re right. She’s fucking annoying. That #PearlHarbor thing is just wrong, though. Trying to ride the trending topic of the day takes on a whole new meaning when it relates to an anniversay of lives being taken during war. Does she even know what Pearl Habour refers to, or does she think its some Old Hooker Shelter that takes in musty clams?



  1. Love❤ the sloths!!!

  2. Stelio Kontos

    No matter what new technology comes down, Nair will always have “that smell”.
    It has come a long way from the ’80’s. Much gentler.

  3. Spartacus

    Has she had a palsy or something?


    Me too!!!

  5. Persephone

    You know how some chicks have that soft light hair on the sides of their faces by their ears, not full blown side burns but you know, that soft hair. I walked in on one of my old roommates waxing her face and she didn’t pull it hard enough, or wait for the wax to set. She spent hours picking it out then bic’d it. Smh


      Oh no 🙁

      • Persephone

        It was bad. If she is on here, she’d know who I am. I nick-named her ‘stomp’ because we lived on the third floor of an apartment complex an I knew she was home from the first step she took on those stairs… STOMP!

  6. My birthday is on Pearl Harbor day, too. It sucks. Who wants to be born on such a day??

  7. Persephone

    Her sense of humor is shit. Oh, and her hair is “thilver” (fat ass lips going to give her speech problems soon )
    She’s ghetto trash. She’s another one to add to the list that smells like dollar store body spray and condoms.

  8. I don’t have real hairy legs so I just Nair that shit once a month and I’m good. It grows back superfine.

  9. Lame Equis

    That smirk on her face makes me think she’s secretly a tranny transition dude who used to hit the gym and be a total protein bro. Picture smirking bro like “do you even lift brah?”

  10. Charles N

    Check out her white bra. It’s frayed. Bitch can’t afford a new one I guess.

    • Lame Equis

      It’s not frayed. I have the same exact one it’s called “eyelash lace” lol

  11. Vicki Vallencourt


  12. Pam

    I had a similar experience too. I don’t think I would do a good job either. I have a similar problem as chewy and I don’t know that I could properly wax that area even if I could do it to myself.

  13. Pam

    I don’t know how u do it. Damn. I can’t do it to myself. My guy likes to watch me get it done. We are twisted I guess. He likes to watch me cringe with pain. Its kinda hot though, knowing how much it turns him on helps with the pain.

  14. Digitus impudicus

    “I can haz Charmin?”

  15. Digitus impudicus

    I will take a whiny voice over her uneducated, illiterate whore potty mouth.

  16. OCgirl12

    Sooo sweeet

  17. Maia

    Or smart and philosophical.

  18. Maia

    “It’s not about money, fame or recognition.” That’s true, because without IG, I wouldn’t know who this gray-haired moron is. As for money? People with money don’t show themselves keeping it 100 at the twat waxer.

  19. Bronze: a dookie on the chest
    Silver: piss and a dookie on the face
    Gold: bukkake, piss and two dookies on the face and a chrome plated dildo shaped like a dookie in the ass. Diarrhea splatter during the national anthem. Bronze and silver get the backsplash

  20. You wax your own snatch,? Man that’s brave AF . me I woukd put on the wax, start pulling and just sit there looking at it saying fuck no fuck no fuck no. I’d probably Rip my labia off

  21. JimU113

    Hos, going for the gold.

  22. Gadda Bait

    Sooooo no shout out to Japan?? No Hitler? This bitch sux! I say we all drink a kamikaze and drop bombs on this bitch like the ones Einstein made.

  23. JimU113

    “It’s not about money, fame or recognition.” Calling bullshit here.
    1) Laci, you a ho. Thus it *is* about the money.
    2) You’re also on IG and who knows how many other sites, social or otherwise. Hence, you’re after the fame and recognition. Unfortunately, everybody’s gonna recognize you as a ho.

    I rest my case.

  24. Ms Conduct

    That is the cutest sloth I’ve ever seen.

  25. The first time I got a wax I sat straight up and screamed laughing. I love the chick who waxes me- we are very similar in humor and mouthiness…I mean like the goodfellas laugh. She said “I rarely have anyone laugh their ass off, and then I saw this wild look in your eye like ‘bitch, I can NOT believe I let you do this to me and maybe ima kill you” by the end I waz like cringing away from her like a reflex. Yet every rip, seriously, laughing my ASS off it waz wierd actually, because I really waz laughing like I was on acid for like a minute then I’d be all..okay let’s go. I personally like being waxed from head to toe any hair below my eyelashes must be obliterated. I have a landing strip tho. Actually, I have the Amazon jungle because I haven’t gone in a while. It really does feel better and the hair grows hella slow after awhile. It’s really fun folks! Lol. Actually I get SUPER high and have a couple shots with her before we go in. She’s awesome. Anybody in the b low knows her she’s a wild woman. Gladly DM me if you live near here and want to try it-you’ll never go back to shaving.

  26. Bitch please with the ghetto “blaccent” smh
    She shows us who she really is: a fucking idiot. 100. – she’s not worth an emoj hunt

  27. Happy Pants

    That sloth is fast as shit. Put that boy in the Olympics!

  28. TwoTrickPony

    “I don’t care if someone doesn’t like me, and you shouldn’t either, because the reality is that other people’s opinions don’t pay your bills. I’d rather wake up every day happy knowing that I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not just to gain approval.”

    …says the gray-haired whore who squeaks out a meager existence online utilizing a fake name, combined with fake nails, fake tits, fake lips, fake colored contacts and fake extensions, while pretending to be a “gamer” and showing tits and ass all over social media while slinging Fit Tea.

    Dollars to donuts says that at this very moment this skank is either covered in glitter working a poll for the late brunch crowd at the Rhino or serving watered-down scotch to the blue-haired slot pullers at Circus Circus.

    Can’t wait to see more of this faux inspirational bullshit from the idiocy that is the Vegas-based IG crowd as we wind down 2016. What’s next? Tricia Evans wishing blacks, jews, hispanics and the US Military all the best in 2017? For fuck’s sake.

  29. Whitney BeatMe

    Hopefully someone drops a bug bomb on her face.

    Edit* Sir Pony coerced me into watching the video cause I confess that most of the time I don’t. I really dislike this beastly, stroke looking with that one sided smirk, bottom feeding, dick holster for rent. But I will give this ho points for subtly advertising that she’s down for water sports. I hope she washes her hands when she pees but she looks like she doesn’t. Kind of like Bev.

    • TwoTrickPony

      Everyone watch the IG video. Golden showers pay nothing. If you can power spray the golden hurricane like this she-beast? Look out Mecca. All I’m sayin’.

    • TwoTrickPony

      I kept looking for the Owl Towel.

  30. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    She probably thinks ZZ top was singing about REAL pearls…

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