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Laci Kay Somers vs Jen Wilke

ZW Update:

Laci Kay Somers

So Laci Kay Somers is advertising her one-of-a-kind, totally rare, limited edition, never before seen, personalised AND autographed posters all over social media. Sound familiar?

*cough* Wonky Wilke *cough*

It’s worth a mention that Laci just slashed the price of her personalised poster to 1c cheaper than Jen Wilke’s dismal online store offerings.

Take THAT Jen.

Time to step your game up honey and stop trying to sell pictures that make you look flat chested, skinny fat and constipated.

Tropical Leopard? How…um…whimsical *eye roll*. How long do you think Jen spends coming up with these shot titles?

Now, never mind the fact that Laci Kay has only sold ONE of those things (according to her site stats) aaand I can’t help notice she kinda looks like a tranny – She’s still winning here in my eyes. I haven’t seen Laci Kay begging on GoFundMe.

It also seems like she’s having a laugh at her unconventional look by doing this prank for FreakinOriginal where she plays a Tranny model:


Maybe Jen could try selling that brown Struggle Purse so she can one-up Laci in the Insta-whore online merchandise game, it’s almost more famous than her. (Why can I not find any pics of Jen at the Maxim party with THAT over the shoulder brown flapsack? Seems she’s deleted them from fb and IG.)



  1. Nurse Jiggles

    It ain’t just the hair..

  2. She could have spent like 20 bucks on a plain black clutch that draws no attention! Struggle Party Outfit complete!

  3. AP

    How is it that Wilke has TOTALLY different eyes in her modeling photos than in real life??

    At first I thought it was just way overdoing the false lashes and eye makeup but they are like totally different eyes.

    In one pic she’s goddamn Popeye, in another she’s all of a sudden got fuckin Sophia Loren eyes.

    Girl…… we all know you Popeye.

  4. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    been dipping their fingers in white chocolate. This is what happens when you forget to wash your hands

  5. Scorpio

    The power of boobs.

  6. Scorpio

    Tough call. I’m not into the dude body, but then again, there are boobs to consider. I’m gonna go with Jen Wilke. Overall, she looks WAY more feminine to me, and that’s my favorite.

  7. Lame Equis

    Are you serious????

  8. JimU113

    Sorry ladies. 1) I don’t support a woman unless we’re in a relationship. 2) You both just dumb hos.

  9. Pam

    Queen, I think its time u do a “ladies of the zw” calendar or something like that. Lets blow these scummy bitches out of the water

  10. Unityyy Had to post this gem one more time. A brown homeless lady purse with worn edges. Tell me again how this person thinks she’s a real model?

  11. Whitney BeatMe

    Jen couldn’t be Laci’s groomer of the stool for fear of her beige boring rubbing off on to Laci’s anus. But we are talking about a chick who went out in public in those jean shorts…. Burn that taco squishing denim straight jacket!!!!

  12. Hahaha where did you find that? I even looked thru comments to find the pic of her ‘wearing’ it but didnt see it!

  13. Gadda Bait

    I’m the only female that doesn’t have one. Im the weirdo. I have a wallet with a chain. It holds my holster.

  14. I’d bang. But then again…it’s me!

  15. Gadda Bait

    I agree.

  16. that describes my life 🙁


  17. DirtyPopArt

    loving her fake autograph

  18. Ertu

    They are doing anything for fame huh? 🙂

  19. DirtyPopArt

    jen Wilkes minions actaully buy stuff though. she also makes a killing on her amazon during birthdays and xmas. I say she takes this one.

  20. Gadda Bait

    Oh. Lol. I don’t use a purse. Guess ima thug. I keep everything in my truck or pockets.

  21. Gadda Bait

    Irony cause owls are smart. I hope she sees this. Owls know when to quit.

  22. Gadda Bait

    Wtf is a struggle purse?

  23. Gadda Bait

    Oh ma gawdd! Like did you realllly! Like I can’t believe you. Oh ma gawddd! Lol! I wanna punch them in their nose and give them a reason to be all nasle sounding. But you can’t because they don’t have their real nose.

  24. Ertu

    Where do you live ? And how do you know these things? I mean all before works 😉

    • King Ghidorah

      L.A. bud. She was a hot commodity around 2012-13. I had pictures of her before the work in an older phone. I’ll try to dig them up.

  25. Ertu

    Shit. I would still be afraid of that face.

  26. King Ghidorah


  27. Maia

    That gray is hideous.

  28. Lame Equis

    Can someone show me wilke’s brown struggle purse?

  29. Ertu

    Her face is always oyt of line. Like an handicapped person. I mean lacy’s

  30. Donnie Darko

    That video was hilarious, at least Laci has a sense of humor.

  31. Maia

    Why does Laci always look like she just ate a shit sandwich?

  32. AmericanTopTeam

    What’s with Jen Wilke looking starved in her stomach but zero muscle definition and looks chubby every other spot on her body. Plus Jen Wilke seems like the entire time you were banging her she’d be whining, “tell me im pretty, do you like my panties, tell me im pretty, that was just air I didn’t fart, tell me im pretty, OMG don’t get any on me GET A TOWEL GET A TOWEL” Just seems like she wouldn’t be any fun at all…..

  33. Gadda Bait

    She should work on her adjustments more. Lol.

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