ZW Update:

Laci Kay Somers

So Laci Kay Somers is advertising her one-of-a-kind, totally rare, limited edition, never before seen, personalised AND autographed posters all over social media. Sound familiar?

*cough* Wonky Wilke *cough*

It’s worth a mention that Laci just slashed the price of her personalised poster to 1c cheaper than Jen Wilke’s dismal online store offerings.

Take THAT Jen.

Time to step your game up honey and stop trying to sell pictures that make you look flat chested, skinny fat and constipated.

Tropical Leopard? How…um…whimsical *eye roll*. How long do you think Jen spends coming up with these shot titles?

Now, never mind the fact that Laci Kay has only sold ONE of those things (according to her site stats) aaand I can’t help notice she kinda looks like a tranny – She’s still winning here in my eyes. I haven’t seen Laci Kay begging on GoFundMe.

It also seems like she’s having a laugh at her unconventional look by doing this prank for FreakinOriginal where she plays a Tranny model:


Maybe Jen could try selling that brown Struggle Purse so she can one-up Laci in the Insta-whore online merchandise game, it’s almost more famous than her. (Why can I not find any pics of Jen at the Maxim party with THAT over the shoulder brown flapsack? Seems she’s deleted them from fb and IG.)