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Lindsey Pelas: I Would Be CRAZY To Get A Reduction!

ZW Submission: ~Alex~

Despite having cow udders for titties, Lindsey ‘Sloppy Joe’ Pelas says she’ll never get a reduction and hardly wears a bra, even though she suffers from back pain all the time. As you can tell by her latest interview, she sums up her worth by the size of her knockers.

Vanity is a bitch, eh? ~QoT~


  1. 7mixednotconfused

    There is no way in bloody hell this bish is 26. Fuk that. I don’t believe it.

  2. hot sauce

    Her boobs arent the problem. Its her Van Gogh mug and musclebound whowho that give me pause. Her vagina would make CT Fletcher proud and her poor features dont know where they’re gogh’n next.
    Im just thankful she has a sparkling personality to make up for her obvious physical impairments.

  3. Dead Wilson

    Those are nice tits. Haters all. I don’t mind a good instawhore roast, but come on. I’d motorboat those all night and day.

  4. Digitus impudicus

    What a worthless, delusional cunt.

  5. Persephone

    “He’s not exactly sure…” Sounds like a great doctor.

  6. MsConduct

    My bad, I was tipsy.
    I’m still Swiss.

  7. TJ


  8. Ultraviolet

    But they don’t look good honey……. Get a lift at least for God’s sake, have you no self awareness?

    Boobs that are sloppy and not worth bragging about.


    Boobs that are actually attractive.

  9. Ultraviolet

    But they don’t look good honey……. Get a lift at least for God’s sake, have you no self awareness?

    Boobs that are sloppy and not worth bragging about.


    Boobs that are nice.

  10. TJ

    A term you gave just heard for the first time and will probably never hear again.

  11. TJ

    I’m 55 years old and well past the point trying to pick up chicks, and I do have female friends who are just friends. From your comments I can tell that you have a personality that I really appreciate.

  12. glenroyce

    her boobs really disturb me. i had the ripple effect they have… why are they so jiggly? they have the opposite effect of teef’s hard-as-rocks boobs

  13. Not the”famous” part. Pro tip: don’t mention that at customs if you ever make it here

    • €r2

      Dont hate me or judge me because of my ideas please. Mine is just a dream as everyone else has other dreams… also, i dont have enough money to make them come true. Lol

      • I worry that you’re just waiting and waiting…life goes by fast and doesn’t wait bro. Get out there and get u some Turkish taffy bro

        • €r2

          thats what i am worried about too. Life goes on and i am getting older and older. But really i cant go anywhere if i were in a big city, things could be better. But ı have to stay in this shithole. If i leave here, i am fucked coz i cant find a job anywhere else…briefly i am hopeless as fuck

    • hot sauce

      Don’t listen to her. Tell the customs rent a cops you’re the star/producer of Turkey’s version of “Sweatin to the Oldies”. It’ll get you a same day visa and it’ll explain why your shorts are so short upon arrival

  14. TJ

    It happens all the time when those words are uttered to a sugar daddy.

  15. TJ

    I agree with the possible exception being Tiffany Vine. There isn’t enough Vodka in Russia for that.

  16. TJ

    Lindsey P is not my lover. She’s just a whore who tried to copy my face. And now we’re the same race.

  17. El Hijo De Fistfight

    As a child she had no way of knowing how many johns she’d have to fuck to pay for some sagging Tijuana implants and as an adult she has no exit strategy and cannot afford a reduction & lift.

  18. El Hijo De Fistfight

    I’d be nobody if I got a reduction.* Fixed it for ya Lyndz

  19. TheSundance_Kid

    I feel ya. I’m in the same boat. The gross comments you get made at you on a regular basis are enough to want a reduction

  20. Maia

    No thanks! I have my own PTSD to deal with, and I hate Trump.

  21. Whitney BeatMe

    Can’t cut off the golden udders. Without them she’s just another dime a dozen blonde in a market over saturated with blonde whores who spread like peanut butter.

  22. Digitus impudicus

    Humble, too!

  23. Digitus impudicus

    Worthless whore.

  24. AmericanTopTeam

    At least she realizes what she has to offer the world.

  25. SDD

    Apparently so… apparently so.

  26. SDD

    I’m just here to help, HP… just here to help. Wanna keep you on the straight, and narrow, you know.

  27. Nothing is more of a turn on to guys who can fuck anything they want than an aging prostitute bragging about flinging her saggers around and too debilitated to stand around for cheap pictures nobody gives a fuck about

    • TJ

      You know me well.

    • VodkaandSleepingPills

      Hey I sleep like twenty hours a day so when big flingers/saggers get flung around I hurt because maybe a baby deer has died. Not cool if your on the fuck the baby deers coalition.

    • Persephone

      Aging for sure. She looks like she should be driving a minivan with 3 kids. She should be gunning for president of the PTA. I think she looks older, acting like a whore speeds up the aging process.

  28. €r2

    As long as she makes money with those boobs, she will of course never get reduction.

    • Those boobs are gonna look like the official ball bag of the world soccer whateveryacallit by the time you drag your ass to america. Seriously I hope your despair is in jest bc ant truly horny guy who loves pussy can find a piece of ass anywhere. Ask Hemingway ffs

      • €r2

        Even if i drag my ass to america, do you really think that she is gonna date me or fuck me? Nope. I just said it for her. She is never not gonna get reduction till she makes enough money. And as for me, ı am looking for pussies like hers not average girl’s pussy. I love fame too lol.

  29. Happy Pants

    Can you imagine how microscopic his dick is? Such a fragile little princess.

    • SDD

      Do you you remember when you called out BS yesterday for making assumptions. Just a suggestion, but you may not want to assume it has a dick. It may be transsexual for all we know.

    • And “flaccid”. That’s a household word for this masturbating virgin

  30. Bernie Sanders

    Even with her enormous tits JJ watt still turned her down lol. If she had normal size boobs shed be completely irrelevant.

    • Gonna make her more irrelevant than ever and ask who JJ watt is though I admire his life choices lol

    • AmericanTopTeam

      JJ is almost too perfect lol elite athlete…never been involved in anything shady…raises 37 million dollars for Hurricane victims. Im waiting to hear he keeps 12 year old boys in his basement

      • Stelio Kontos

        I thought I was the only one waiting for that news….any day now. Any guy who tries that hard to let us know her is a nice guy – has got to have a weird fetish at the very least.

      • Haze Bo'

        I totally think the same about Russell Wilson, who gets a bad rap for being corny but I adore him. Always going to Seattle’s Children Hospital & volunteering his time. Fingers crossed there isn’t a stash of dead hookers somewhere… that’s my guy.

  31. PC Principal

    Considering all she has going for her is her looks she needs to keep her big boobs to get the instagram creepers to keep coming to her page so her ad money continues to come in.

  32. Maia

    Anyone who thinks she’s pretty needs their eyes examined.

  33. TJ

    Most of these Instagram women don’t stop until they repair or replace every body part that surgeons can change. The only exception to this rule who comes to mind is Holly Wolf the natural beauty. Even Jen Wilke the model had her breasts done.

  34. JimU113

    If it weren’t for the vapidness and the incident with the “harasser” at the bar, I might…Might…Consider Lindsey.

    • PC Principal

      I’d have a one night stand with lindsey i’ll admit it. For my girlfriend though….. Hell No! That bimbo banged dan bilzerian so she’d have sex with anyone for instagram followers

    • AmericanTopTeam

      I forgot about her OMG we were assaulted post lolol

      • JimU113

        Yep. Because of that, if I knew she was in the room, I wouldn’t even look because “He assaulted me with his eyes.”

  35. Stelio Kontos

    Lindsey is one of very few successful fixed faces out there.
    How many insta-models have that “one surgery too many” look?
    Lindsey’s before / after pics are epic.
    **Special PCM Notation**
    We are, however, still disappointed in Lindsey’s ass (or lack thereof)

  36. TJ

    Everyone has something that makes them special. Lindsey has big breasts. If she was also blessed with a face as pretty as either Amanda L’Hommedieu or Emily Sears, men would be fighting wars to try and get with her.

  37. SDD

    It’s Friday… so I’m going to go a off topic.

    Since Jesus walked on water, do you think He could cannonball?

  38. TJ

    An Instagram model who is actually happy with a part of her body and doesn’t want to have surgery to change it… I guess this means Satan can finally go ice skating on the Styx river.

  39. Happy Pants

    Yeah, because having a saggy, floppy ass on your chest is having “dream boobs”.

  40. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Soleil Moon Frye gave her’s up. She said she never felt better. (aka punky brewster)

    “decided to have the life-changing surgery at just 15-years-old. “I am just loving myself right now. I’m finally free to be the teenager that I am.” she told People magazine after she had the surgery to reduce her 38-DD chest.”

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