ZW Submission:


ZW, meet Lonnie Turner. Wannabe Baller. Insta-thirsty Playaa. Two timing asshole.


Lonnie has caused both ire and admiration among the men and women of social media after he posted a picture of his wife and his side piece side by side and captioned it “These two better learn to get along”


The comments range from outrage on behalf of the women, to a nonchalant Lonnie claiming they ain’t leaving because neither wants “to go back to eating leftover taco meat and soup”. Charming.

News articles say neither woman was aware that he was going to publicly out their arrangement.

The side piece, Helen, seems cool with it. 


The wife, Tammy, has slammed her social media shut and has gone private.

2 Questions. Seeing as quite a few news outlets are picking up the story; will ol’ Lonnie be worth keeping an on eye on as he goes down the social media trainwreck path, his ego growing with each new follower he gains?

And, Would you deal with a side piece/be a side piece?

I fucking love polls. Thanks OP. ~QoT~