ZW Update

Mad Monday

There’s a bunch of things we need to point and laugh at today, so I’m just gonna go ahead and cram it all into one Mad Monday post, mkay?

First up – This was the image I was greeted with upon logging into Instagram today:

So which image was reported? This one.


Naturally, I reposted the picture.

Seriously, Brittanya – own your fucking fatness and stop catfishing for a damn living. Then we’ll shut the fuck up about you… or at least stop using #TheMexicanGrimace on your posts. 


Which brings me to the next two insta-hoes whose feelings have been hurt by the ZW Nation. 

Kurt Benz and Melanie Martin. 

Before I get into the butthurtness, let’s take a look at what Twink182 is up to in Oz.

Same twink shit. Different background. 

His GoPro for the Aussie tour is some appropriately named douche – Jordan DICKMAN. Lolz

But back to the butthurtness. 

Remember when they broke up for the 543rd time and Melanie got wasted and drunk-dm’d me THESE pics of Kurtlynn acting like a total fag? 

Tuesday Twink – Kurt Benz

Zw Update: Kurt Benz aka Twink182 aka Kurtlynn It seems Kurt’s efforts to keep his sexuality firmly locked in the closet are failing. After leading Melanie on for a year with no sexy times, the girl has finally come to her senses and kicked Twink182 to the curb.   ZW has been exclusively sent some […]


Well someone is a little remorseful and a request has been sent thru from our Lawyers asking for a price to remove the post. 

My first reaction was

Then I thought perhaps this fucking twink is blackmailing Melanie over this. I mean, she’s obviously skint for cash – a $27 dress? Step your Ho Game up, jeez.

“Remove that post you sent or I will….” Totally seems like Kurt’s style. I mean, the guy wished death upon her on her public social media page after just one lover’s tiff. He’s definitely unstable.

I’m not sure if what I felt next was empathy or if the Whiskey was going to my head but I decided to message Melanie about the removal request and see if Kurt would be willing to explain why the post should be taken down so lawyers weren’t needed. 

No response. Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Fuck ya then. 

Let’s start the bidding at…


Speaking of funding terrorism…. did Khloe join Isis? 

Then we have the laughter inducing irony of Tricia Evans with this post:

I don’t even have any words for that, so I’m going to end this post with this pic that leaves me scratching my head. HoHoBabie… uhh whut?


What made you LOL today?