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Mad Monday – Shit That Made Us LOL

ZW Update

Mad Monday

There’s a bunch of things we need to point and laugh at today, so I’m just gonna go ahead and cram it all into one Mad Monday post, mkay?

First up – This was the image I was greeted with upon logging into Instagram today:

So which image was reported? This one.


Naturally, I reposted the picture.

Seriously, Brittanya – own your fucking fatness and stop catfishing for a damn living. Then we’ll shut the fuck up about you… or at least stop using #TheMexicanGrimace on your posts. 


Which brings me to the next two insta-hoes whose feelings have been hurt by the ZW Nation. 

Kurt Benz and Melanie Martin. 

Before I get into the butthurtness, let’s take a look at what Twink182 is up to in Oz.

Same twink shit. Different background. 

His GoPro for the Aussie tour is some appropriately named douche – Jordan DICKMAN. Lolz

But back to the butthurtness. 

Remember when they broke up for the 543rd time and Melanie got wasted and drunk-dm’d me THESE pics of Kurtlynn acting like a total fag? 

Tuesday Twink – Kurt Benz

Zw Update: Kurt Benz aka Twink182 aka Kurtlynn It seems Kurt’s efforts to keep his sexuality firmly locked in the closet are failing. After leading Melanie on for a year with no sexy times, the girl has finally come to her senses and kicked Twink182 to the curb.   ZW has been exclusively sent some […]


Well someone is a little remorseful and a request has been sent thru from our Lawyers asking for a price to remove the post. 

My first reaction was

Then I thought perhaps this fucking twink is blackmailing Melanie over this. I mean, she’s obviously skint for cash – a $27 dress? Step your Ho Game up, jeez.

“Remove that post you sent or I will….” Totally seems like Kurt’s style. I mean, the guy wished death upon her on her public social media page after just one lover’s tiff. He’s definitely unstable.

I’m not sure if what I felt next was empathy or if the Whiskey was going to my head but I decided to message Melanie about the removal request and see if Kurt would be willing to explain why the post should be taken down so lawyers weren’t needed. 

No response. Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Fuck ya then. 

Let’s start the bidding at…


Speaking of funding terrorism…. did Khloe join Isis? 

Then we have the laughter inducing irony of Tricia Evans with this post:

I don’t even have any words for that, so I’m going to end this post with this pic that leaves me scratching my head. HoHoBabie… uhh whut?


What made you LOL today?



  1. Gadda Bait

    They come without nicotine.

  2. Gadda Bait

    It’s gonna take some time. I used a vapor pen. Still got it. I love all the different flavors. You can change flavors to set your mode. I love it.

  3. Gadda Bait

    I have to buy my shirts at big n tall, LOL!

  4. With her gimpleg demurely turned out.

    “I’m ready to ffffuck”

  5. Digitus impudicus

    Don’t you feel great? My last Marlboro was May 26…almost six months. I can breathe fully again without coughing, exercise without feeling like I’m gonna keel over, and taste food again. Amazing!

  6. I coukd not imagine having legs so short I coukd wear children’s pants. But it looks good on you.

  7. Are you guys super short or have pony legs? Lmao there is no pair of jeans long enough for me. Kids pants woukd look like cutoff shorts!

  8. Stelio Kontos

    Brings fear of getting a “virus” into a new light.
    Not sure what a “Trojan Horse or Worm” would do….but it wouldn’t be sanitary, that’s for sure.

  9. €r2

    This one of the best lol. Second dan female version. I think men have to hire her on her app.

  10. I always think…I’m gonna look this one or that one up and watch all their shit…thank heavens for you guys BC I always forget this awesome stuff

  11. You ever have your man ask you to wear fishnets? And the idea turns him on the minute he says it? Then imagine this thing showing up when some ballsagger is paying?? Lmao!

  12. Great blow job…anytime. Lololol

  13. jujubeans

    But I thought we had established that most instahos are also talented musicians/actresses/etc.

    In about twenty years- when she finally has to give up ho-ing-we will hopefully be gifted with some pure class entertainment that she perfected over her career.

  14. I have zero attention span lately! Burned out!!

  15. Why are you wearing tights from the baby Gap as pants?

  16. Omg Tricia has had her share of abortions – what a hypocrite,!!!! These are the times when this kind of fuckery shines.

  17. The Bad Seed

    That twat! Fuck her, this pisses me off!

  18. Chalupa Batman

    That really got my goat!!!!! She has repeatedly stated she hates our active military and it’s veterans. Someone HAS to have a screenshot!

    • Gadda Bait

      Everybody gave her a piece of their mind over that. And we will never forget about her words.

  19. Gadda Bait

    Yeah me to. I’m Damn near as good as Eddie Trunk.

  20. Digitus impudicus

    Someone needs to call her out and re-post her veteran-hate spew. Then ask her why she is being such a vile hypocrite.

  21. €r2

    Khloe may come here and bomb us all one day.

  22. o3mta3o

    Begining to end at least 5 times.

  23. How the fuck does having a green lightbulb glowing all gd day and night do shit for veterans? What a load of bull.

  24. Gadda Bait

    Right? Ask her who is Steven Adler? She has no clue. She would get the iconic guitar players name wrong.

  25. JimU113

    Yeah, I guess it’s okay if it were three non-white business men smoking three feet from her? hey Chicken beak, take a look in the mirror.

  26. jujubeans

    Uh oh! Looks like a lazy window dresser tried to sneak a 2003 Bebe mannequin in with those nice Nordstrom ones! Call management and have it removed.

    Tricsh- darling. You really know nothing about biology, pathology, neuroscience of any kind or you would understand that certain trisomys, defects- aren’t compatible with life. Yes they may live but to what quality? That is a choice ONLY the mother, father- and then bring in the doctor for approval- can make. No one else. So fuck off with your opinions.

    • She can also fuck off because regardless of whether a foetus has any defects the choice belongs to the mother and not some random priest and failed cocktail waitress. No one said abortion is a party so I can’t stand pro lifers trying to butt in and make a sad time and hard choice a chance for self righteousness and judgement. Not very “christian” when you think about it.

      • Gadda Bait

        Right?? The southern Baptist are the most judgemental people I have EVER come across. They are the nicest to but to get to the nice you have to hear a mountain of judgements.

        • And some of them think Adam and Eve commuted on dinosaurs. Spare me your judgement dumbasses.

          • Gadda Bait

            We have some of them radicals come through here at times and I’m telling you some one needs to check their basement. I bet they have “sinners” locked away. Some of the weird ones from the mountains where they play with snakes. Ugh. They are so CREEPY.

          • Idc if you handle snakes or hot human shit…it’s the hatefulness and hypocrisy that pisses me off.

          • Gadda Bait

            Dawn? I went to a funeral where the guy killed his self and the preacher had the nerve to say he was not going to enter the gates of heaven. He said that shit in front of the whole family. Thats the moment I walked away from the good southern Baptist.

          • I hope you at least considered burning that fuckers house down. Suicide is the most horrible experience not only for the family but imagine the torment the person who ended their life went through…and to decide it was worth dying for…the lonliness and pain has to be horrific. I know it sounds awkward but suicide takes o guess you’d call it guts. And despite how the hypocritical religious people portray suicide I just see it as an act of utter despair. So, let’s vikify the dead and call them cowards, instead of feeling empathy, shall we? Real positive shit right there. Sometimes I think religious wingnuts are so self righteous about suicide because they know deep down they are useless and should kill thekselves and they don’t want to “catch it” many suicides think they are doing the world acfavor, unfortunately, and the people who judge them actually would be doing us all a huge solid if they shut the fuck up, permanently

          • Gadda Bait

            It was my ex ole mans funeral he did it in front of me. I was in shock. I just looked up and saw everyone’s face I just walked away. That’s the ultimate f u in the southern Baptist way is to walk out on a precher. I haven’t been back to a Baptist church, and I won’t either. That was 15 years ago. [email protected] that dude.

          • Your man died,? The one who waz sick? I’m thinking you had another ,”ole” man; shit, for someone who wears pants from the baby Gap you’ve has lots of tragedy. Sorry

          • Gadda Bait

            No! The guy I was with 15 years ago did. No my ole man is home still doing rehab on his shoulders. He needs surgery but all the years on the transplant meds he took before his kidney rejected just destroyed his bones so his doctor is giving him MORE meds for his bones and MAYBE surgery will happen later.

        • prettyfeet

          You are not kidding! I was raised Southern Baptist and knew when I was 6 that they were lying to me. My nice Catholic friend is NOT going to hell. Oh yeah, and you really must watch out for the folks sitting in the front pew. Actually, I think it was at a family Christmas dinner when I announced I am not a Baptist any longer. You would have thought I had said I was going to serve kitten for dinner. Everyone except my Grandmother, who just asked “why baby?” The Southern Baptist convention is the largest group of hypocrites in the world.

      • Very well said. It’s Nobodies fucking business. I am extremely pro choice. That means I mind NY own fucking business and let you mind yours. You’re welcome.

      • jujubeans

        Amen!!! She is such a dumb shit.

    • Tricia is no stranger to abortion I assure you.

    • prettyfeet

      OMG. Did you read the story from the woman that chose to get an abortion at 8 months? Made me cry like a baby. I was never for abortions at such a late date, but now…I understand. At that point, it is not for birth control. Just in case you are interested, or feel like a good cry.

  27. Scorpio

    “…keep Instagram safe,” eh? Safe? Are pictures of Hugh Jass coming to life and attacking people?

  28. OldWineBox


  29. Gadda Bait

    Safe sex???

  30. Sammi Jo

    I sort of like the other photo of Kurt that his Jordan “friend” took of him.
    It shows a kind of gentle dignity

  31. Digitus impudicus

    Lol, “Miss Skankalie Martin” hates that some other chick has the same whore outfit.

    • She got outed for being a cheap ass ghtto skank shopping at Rainbow and Dots!! I loved those kind of stores when I waz a club kid- of course, I didn’t front like a rich bitch.

  32. Maia


  33. Maia

    Remember TheAdrianneNicole, Amandolin’s tattooed assed ho buddy? Does she REALLY th ink this looks good?

  34. countryjew

    So I discovered “teledildonics” today —

    The technical summation is that the betas can put on VR glasses and have “sex” with an IG ho by putting their thingie in a an electronic hoo-ha which in turn sends dong thrusting signals to an electronic wanger shoved up in the ho guts.

  35. Maia

    When you’re too stupid to realize that a hoe is fronting in a hotel lobby!

  36. Maia

    And here we have the Queen Fucktard, lasering away her hairy butt hole, while wearing the faux diamond on the engaged hand. This is her “in a relationship” pose. On the road, she switches it to her right hand.

  37. Sir TTP

    I dunno why, but every time I see that Von Southi beast I think of Harumbe. RIP Harumbe.

    • Gadda Bait

      Who is Harumbe?? Did I miss a joke?? Do you mean the gorilla that was shot? Harambe?

  38. Sir TTP

    Lol – Dead Tooth is now against abortion? How rich. Her previous abortion was somehow justified? I guess selective retention is the order of the day.

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