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Martin Shkreli Photoshops Himself into Journo’s Pics

Martin Shkreli starts insta-stalking Journo Lauren Duca


ZW Submission: CHUBSTAAA
I feel like this should be talked about on here. not only is this guy one of America’s biggest douche bags, but he’s also a certified creeper. Guy photo shopped himself and made his page a shrine to Lauren Duca after asking her to be his +1 to the inauguration and got shut down.

Screen shots are everywhere but here is a page with more info

Twitter has shut down Martin’s profile as of time of publication

Seems like this guy is having a little trouble letting go of something he never had. Hmm. I wonder if he’s related to the 5150 troll?~QoT~


  1. JimU113

    More like explosion.

  2. GreatSpunk

    And the jaw

  3. JimU113

    Naw there would be an implosion of disgusting, five seconds of trash-ringed sky beam and pooft.

  4. Lisa Rowe

    Her feet are so fat! They look like hooves the way they’re stuffed in to the shoes.

  5. Digitus impudicus

    I heard of thunder thighs but holy shit, them are typhoon thighs!

  6. Maia

    Dimpled elbows. The horror.

  7. ZWGGMa

    I’d beat the crap out of her…. safe word – what’s a safe word?

  8. Ms Conduct

    Piece of shit is the face of what the hell is wrong with the pharmaceutical companies. There are at least 100’s of pharma companies that are just as bad if not worse. He wants to be pharma famous….beta billion-aire bitch can’t even get a girl.
    Edit: Good day went bad, fuck it…

    • Maia

      The irony of him wanting to take an IG chick to the inauguration isn’t lost on me!

  9. Kay More

    This is the most disturbing post I’ve seen on ZW. This guy is truly the thing of nightmares. You in danger girl-

  10. JimU113

    Give me five minutes with this a-hole and a lead pipe. Stalking ain’t cool.

  11. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    I can already here him talking down to anyone since he probably believes he’s superior to all.

  12. Sammi Jo

    So appropriate. Smarmy lil’ rodent

  13. ZWGGMa

    Dear Martin, Have you tried just grabbing her by the pussy?

  14. ZWGGMa

    Lauren’s eat my organs reply… Wonderful!!! Seems unambiguous to me. She needs a ZW Salt Award!

  15. Gadda Bait

    His face always looks like something is in his ass. Always!

  16. Gadda Bait

    WE! WE gonna stick with Darryl!

  17. Persephone

    Oh my gosh that’s hilarious

  18. Darlene Conner

    What a creep. Although I’m not gonna lie, I’d use him for some nice shit if given the chance. That page is like middle school stalker territory.

  19. Stelio Kontos

    I doubt even a guy like Blizerian would kick it with him…..let that sink in.

    • Persephone

      lol I think you’re onto something there. DB would get him juiced up on some of the best steroids, make him grow a full beard (although it appears he can’t quite get past some chinny chin chin hairs–soft ones too)
      DB would gift him a goat for training purposes

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      unless it was a BYOG party with carrots

  20. You mean to tell me a faggot faced pharmatroll can’t get a legit girlfriend? What?
    “Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet Martin Shitbelly. He sells Epi Pens.”

    • Persephone

      Lmao “he sells Epi Pens”
      He does look like a pharmatroll. A judgey pharmatroll too…you know the type

      • Gadda Bait

        I hate them with a passion!

      • No really he jacked the price of epipens to over 700 dollars a unit from like 18 a unit. And insurances weren’t covering it and kicking the cost back to some poor family with some poor blighted child forced to sit at the “no peanut” table in the lunchroom. No epi pen? Say bye to your social life you’re now long duck dong, officially. Your dad’s allergy to bees? Mowing the lawn is now vietnam. When asked if he had a conscience he basically said “lol no” and is a billionaire because nobody beat his troll ass into the ground such as is warranted IMO

  21. AmericanTopTeam

    What a weird little fucker

  22. o3mta3o

    Someone needs to shove their boot up his ass. Preferably a large, men’s boot with a steel toe.
    Ooh, or those heels covered in spikes.

    He might be into that tho since he found it fun to ass rape people for their meds.

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