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By popular demand (ok a couple of people asked) here is the ZW Worst Dressed Poll for the Maxim Hot 100 Party.

Thanks to DirtyPopArt for trawling through the packs of slores who made their way to the sugar daddy hotspot.

These girls put the HO in Maxim HOt 100 Lets see who the ZW Nation picks for worst dressed at this “Super VIP” Red Carpet Event. I scanned through online looking for the worst dressed and after throwing up from amount of skankness I had to paddle through I am submitting these girls as contestants of the Maxim Hot 100 Party Worst Dressed.



Slideshow of all Worst Dressed Contestants:

Pick your Top3 Worst Dressed


  1. DragonSlayer.

    Seriously, what the fuck? Am I missing something? Since when does attending a party you already have the means of getting to, cost $10,000?!?
    What a selfish asshole. Go work at McDonalds like other people who get their first jobs.

  2. How did crabagail not win??? A crochet top attached to stretch pants?! Not to mention her literal titty balls. Kina looked hot and knows how to pose, I’ll give her that. Khloe, take some lessons from kina and stop turning your head upside down in photos.

  3. Ertu

    Where is lindsey pelas? Ahh she probably was selling herself in greece at this time.

  4. Zombie Cyrus

    Maxim has changed so much since the days of my youth reading it. I remember Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover.

    Now, the “Maxim Top 100” is actually Maxim 100lbs of silicone and injected adipose tissue

  5. Flip it again, and we know you're reading every word you ordinary looking uninteresting twatbag. Jen, your voice is so annoying I'm sure your johns jackhammer your skull on their cocks like Lord of the damn flies. Have some self respect and go home you moron.

  6. Spartacus

    Ratchet’s crab hands still amaze and delight…

  7. Scorpio

    So much terrible. So much terrible. So much terrible. *rocks back and forth*

    • DirtyGMa

      it’s an ugly world… the most sensitive of us suffer the most…

  8. Lame Equis

    Sophia Miacova is a verified $400 hooker.

  9. MissPell

    Emily Sears was there?…

  10. Luke Duke

    All of our pets are rescued and they’re the best!

  11. Iggy azalea was at that shitshow cavalcade of slunts?
    I despise the fuck out of her – idk about you all but I go through phases of super intense hatred for certain celebrities that will wax and wane depending on the level of exposure and how far they’re being crammed down my fuckin throat at any particular time. But Iggy azalea burns hot and fresh on the hatred meter alk the fucking time. From her retarded as fuck name to her mole, her fake ass, her wigger thing, her pasty butter face and bougie demeanor she rates incredibily high on the hatred scale. Off the charts.
    Fuck you iggy and lol swaggy doggin his ex for months. She definitely smells like rancid sourdough bread and it makes me dry heave just looking at her.

  12. Seriously

    Not happy to admit this but, I have to give credit where credit is due.

    *Kina actually looked great. (in that pic anyway)

    PS; my opinion doesn’t include the dumbass pose she’s doing.

    Also, my “real life” has been such shit lately so this is my official SOS to you, ZW crew, for cheerful memes.

  13. Greg Fail

    Ok now this takes the cake. I trolled through back page escort listings in LA and I searched for the keyword Texas. Look what I found. doesn’t that bikini look familiar? ???and it’s from hours ago

  14. DirtyPopArt

    yeah i could only take so much looking through the pics of these girls and I did add some with ok dresses to spotlight how hideous others were

  15. Greg Fail

    The Charlie chick might take this one. She is catching up. Hey zwnation did you tag #maximhot100 in your instagram post that will probably bring new traffic here

  16. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    she didn't use the word y'all properly. It's "Y'all looking" NOT " y'all are you"…….
    she can't even fake a southern drawl

  17. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    you know the hate is strong, look how well Jen is doing. LOL

  18. MissPell

    WTF? hahaha

  19. Back 'atcha, pretty lady.

  20. MissPell

    Breakin News Mag wrote the title of the Jen story as “Cheeky mannequin asks public for cash” ha

  21. Sammi Jo

    Absolutely!! I love “don’t shop, adopt”

  22. Yep. No smut in regular posts. Free posts only

  23. The Beav

    So Jen doesn’t work, so wouldn’t that leave her free to model full-time? I don’t know about everyone else, but $10k will only last a few months…what happens after that? Not a very well thought out plan.

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      needs money to take her career to the next level……
      Hmmm, If you have looks, you don't need $$ to take your career to the next level.
      What part of that doesn't jen understand?

    • countryjew

      So if $10000 lasts three months imagine how long $775 lasts.

  24. …as used as that bitch is wtf!

  25. countryjew

    Why does Abgail Ratchord’s thigh extend three feet past her “waist.” They don’t even anymore care if it looks plausible.

  26. Rescues are the best and most loyal ever!

  27. countryjew


  28. Brennan Huff

    Removing posts?

  29. countryjew

    I posted on Tiffany Vine's IG once when she was begging people to buy her a bulldog. I suggested that she look for one in a shelter and OF COURSE she was adamant that it HAD to be "new."

    Reason #79 to hate her.

  30. Maia

    I remember when Michael Costello gave a shit who wore his couture. Now? Fuck it. All the whores wear them. Way to ruin your brand, @Stello.

  31. JW was nothing, but the chick right after her and one more that I saw were worse. Therefore, JW is third from the last, imho. Kina, knows her angles and someone buys her really nice dresses (and horses).

    • Greg Fail

      Yeah the girl after wilke is dressed worse I agree. I also think some girls with nicer dresses were added to make the girls with bad dresses look super bad

    • The_Truth_Hurts2012

      I know Jen doesn’t have a lot of fans (who can blame them).
      I will say that there were at least 3 dressed worse then her IMO.
      Abagail WTF, didn’t realize she was going to hit the corner right after the show. I guess her outfit will save her change time.
      Courtney lime scream dress at a black tie. At least get the person using your flip phone to take the picture to step back so you don’t have a shadow.
      Sofia makes me hate her outfit because she’s standing there like a dude. It appears she’s getting ready to tackle someone.
      Iggy,, barf

      Need to get some brackets going. There were too many poor outfits and it’s hard to decide.

  32. MissPell

    Aw, cut lil doggy.

  33. Whitney BeatMe

    Those fucking shoes of Jenn's… My gramma wouldn't even wear those hideous things. Get some new shoes with your gofundme money whore.

  34. DirtyPopArt

    wow the whole Jen Wilke thing is blowing up she made the SUN too

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