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Megan Belet Pays her Med School Bills by Hanging with Bilzerian

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Megan Belet Pimps Herself for School


It’s not every day you see a woman with an actual education hanging out with Dan Bilzerian, so seeing this latest post by @MissBelet, who is a med student, begs the question- why?


I attend UC where Megan does her med grad studies and it is WELL KNOWN that she was DROWNING in debt since her parents stopped paying her bills. She was trying so hard to land a rich boyfriend it was becoming a campus joke. Completely changed from a cool, nice girl to a gold digger who is barely passing because of all the time she spends partying. 

Allllll of a sudden, she has no problem paying bills (when previously she was always skipping out on rent and getting friends to buy her lunch) and she can now afford high end handbags and lavish trips to the snow….with DoucheBag Bilzerian. She has a whole new instagram with all new “friends” and followers.

Everyone knows Dan Bilzerian pays girls to hang out with him. She’s fronting like they’re actual friends. Look at this caption –

Then next picture from Dan – she is just a prop. No tag, no caption. Just a photo with boobs to maintain his image.


Why would someone who has a decent career prospect lower themselves to paid “friendship” with that known DRD carrier and all round asshat, Dan? Money sure changes people. Is that more indicative of our failed education system that punishes people for wanting to learn by lumping them with huge, often lifetime, debt OR the fact bitches will pretty much do anything for cash these days?

Time to put Megan on blast. She thinks no one knows how her bills are being paid and acts like a priviliged bitch while the rest of us (who are actually going to pass this year) work 2 or 3 jobs to keep up. Karma’s a bitch!



  1. Blunt-Master_puff_puff_

    I have no problem picturing any one of these creepy mofo’s wearing this in public…

  2. Megan belet

    Not sure who wrote this article but there is about 25% truth to all of this. Just to scatch the surface regarding the person who claims to go to med school with me at UC – I don’t even go to that school . I want there for undergrad. Secondly, I have always worked throughout school. I had a full track and cross country scholarship so as far as drowning in debt that was never a huge issue. The sole reason I aspired to get the scholarship is so I didn’t have to burden my parents with loans because we’re both counselors and by no means wealthy. As far the skipping out on rent or getting my friends to pay for lunch that is really almost laughable. I have never in my entire life not paid rent and will fight with my friends for who gets to pay the bill. My parents would give me extra money when I needed things here and there but the only time I would say I was cut off was when my dad and stepmom died. So it that’s what you mean by getting cut off then you are absolutely right. As far as having nice bags and material things I currently carry an Aldo purse and could care less about material things . I had a wealthy boyfriend (not Dan) for 2 years who I was very much in love with and he wanted to get married and pay for my Medical school but I realized I was not in ready for marriage and would rather be in debt than Have him pay hundreds of thousands of dollars when we were not on the same page. Now let’s discuss my friendship with Dan because that seems to be the reason this conversation is even happening. When I am on a winter or summer break from school the first thing you want to do is maximize your fun after being In isolation from studying. So when Dan asks if I want to go to Italy or Jackson hole or wherever it may be of course I want to! He and his friends are a blast and good people despite popular belief. I can’t speak for other girls Dan hangs out with but HE DOES NOT pay me. I have never exchanged money for sexual favors and never will. I work so hard in school so I never have to depend on a man for anything and if you want to write horrible untrue things because I like to have fun with my friends on my vacations then so be it. I’m a very open minded person and appreciate all walks of life and would never judge anyone until I actually spent time with them and got to know them as a person. I work hard, try to be a good friend , generous and honest and those are the qualities that I think are important in life…. being pictured with Dan doesn’t violate any of my personal values.

    • Can you email me the tl;dr version please? Surely you understand the stereotype ANY girl seen hanging with Dildo Baggins is branded with?
      Jokes aside, if it’s really all bullshit, send me a message – [email protected]
      We just publish tips and info sent in. Any idea who would write this about you?

    • Happy Pants

      Just the way you worded your rebuttal speaks volumes. “Drowning in debt was never a huge issue”. Obviously still an issue, though you may have convinced yourself it isn’t that big of a deal.

      “Almost laughable” -almost but not quite. There is definitely truth in you using people.

      Of course he doesn’t pay you. He’s already “paying” you by hauling your ass around with him. You’re actually paying him with sex. You can deny he uses you as he sees fit but we all know that’s bullshit. He’s not gonna keep you or any other female around for your personality.

      Being pictured with Dan exposes you as a woman willing to sell her holes for trips. Doesn’t matter if you see it that way or not because that’s the way everyone else sees it and it just happens to be the truth.

      • smugjew

        Yup. If you accept airfaire, accomdations, meals, activities, and probably a gift bag from someone you just met you are essentially “getting paid” even if there’s no cash transaction.

        • Habib Fazil

          exactly, consider it “barter”, been around a long time it has…

    • Penza

      I give you props for coming here to defend yourself. However, it would’ve been better if you had broken it all into paragraphs, because many of us have a limited attention span.
      Obviously, someone you knew at one time is interested in your life, and submitted you as a ho-ho. There’s a big downside to posting show-off pics, as you can see.
      Still, I hope you used protection, a lot of smart people are dumb, and you don’t know where it’s been. Merry Christmas.

    • Habib Fazil

      Colour me impressed to admitting that about 25% of this stuff is true!

      That takes stones, much larger than Dan’s but that’s another story…

    • Unityyy

      Hmmm..I’m having a bit of trouble believing you are in medical school. One simply does not have free time to travel and party–even on ‘break’… I know. If you aren’t in class, you are studying. Makes no sense. You do realize that residency is a 24/7 gig right? You ready to be on call? Going in at 3am to do rounds?
      In any case, you really aren’t doing yourself any favors hanging out with this guy, because everyone thinks you are a prostitute. Makes no difference whether you are or not, perception is reality. Your credibility is shot. If hanging with Dan doesn’t violate any of your personal values, then I also question your character. Good luck doc.

  3. ToiletSitter69

    I really hope this one fuckup by hanging out with dildo baggins will ruin the rest of her life. What a desperate soul-less whore. I know some RICH fucking people but Dildo spends money like he’s a fucking billionaire. I’d really like to know his $$$ status. Sure he does advertisements, appearances here and there but I can’t picture the money coming in faster then it’s going out..? His new video website is a complete racket

  4. Dr.Christian Troy

    Struggle Swiping.

    • Spartacus

      Dr.CT well done, I am a big fan of your work. I had considered doing something in the vein many times but have thus far refused to dip my toes in the Instagram waters.

    • Habib Fazil

      oh that’s gonna leave a mark

  5. JimU113


  6. Digitus impudicus

    Right back atcha, lovey!

  7. Thanks, A lot going on over Christmas but I’ll try and get it fine tuned and perfect for the New Year Birthday Celebrations!

  8. Persephone

    “MAD TAIL”…!!!! Loooool

  9. Stelio Kontos

    Why am I thinking Yoshi’s 5 head sans hair follicles is providing buoyancy?

  10. Stelio Kontos

    Wow…nailed it. She has that “SyFy B movie, promiscuous best friend who gets killed to push the story along” look.

  11. Penza

    How many women are lining up to be a slave to the guy with the bowling ball head? I want to see what THEY look like.

  12. Penza

    If he just likes to play “drowned”, and I don’t have to touch him without plastic gloves, he’s a keeper, but he’d better have a LOT of money.

  13. I bet he tries to use his at-home electrolysis machine on his balls. Remember that shit? Sitting in the middle of the room during his monotonous home tour? He and his hoes sit around it and take turns buring hair off their junk like a hookah.
    Pun totally intended

  14. Stelio Kontos

    You know what they say, “You lay down with Hobbits – you get herpes”.
    Wait…that’s not it…it was something about dogs and fleas….

    Anyways, I say this goes from cute, med school and aspirations to HPV, an LPN and plenty of regrets.

    *side note* the regret is allowing Dildo Faggins to frolic in her Shire. No regrets with nursing, very respectable, admirable profession.

  15. Stelio Kontos

    I’m willing to bet money #3 and #6 have a body in the basement.

    • Penza

      Let’s see, that would be the Nazi-looking clit-licker, and the toothless “woman shooting” guy. Yeah, I can see that.
      What’s the story on #2, ugly guy with the tornado tongue, do you think he had a tee shirt made?

  16. AmericanTopTeam

    At least she is hopefully gonna get a career out of it… Hopefully

  17. Persephone

    These dudes are total creepers!! I can’t get over yoshi!

  18. Persephone


  19. These are high-larious! Send tornado tongue to Jen Bilke

  20. You know what constitutes the very definition of a “life of mediocrity”? Polishing Bilzerian’s nuts on Instagram.

  21. Dr.Christian Troy

    Selling your soul for a purse and ridiculously fake lips rarely ends well.

  22. Kay More

    lol at her well thought tribute to Dan.
    Girl get a job waiting tables. I did while I was getting my BA and actually made good money in tips. And it’s a more respected job. Use your brains for that while your in school instead of praising a dick like him

  23. Donnie Darko

    She probably decided Dildo Baggins was a better option than the Douchebags and old men on seeking arrangements.

  24. Scorpio

    She is cute, has an amazing body, and a nice rack. This is nothing new; it is very common for female college students to pay for school by selling their bodies. It is part of “female privilege” to be able to pay for school this way.

    As for the education system as a whole, yes, it is broken, and this does indicate one of its many problems. All of what is wrong with our education system is caused by government involvement in that system. In this specific aspect, any good or service that the government chooses to subsidize will necessarily become overpriced, among other effects that I won’t go into here. I will spare you the long version of this Economics lecture, for now. But in case you are wondering, yes, I do have all the answers. .,,,)

    • Persephone

      Me no likey those boobs. Something is off — or just a bad angle. I admire great augmentations

      • Scorpio

        It is because she is holding her weight up with her pectoral muscles right now. They are tightening, which is compressing the implants, making the shape a bit off, and lifting them up and to the sides. This is called “flex distortion”. It can happen with overs or unders, but is typically stronger in unders. She doesn’t even have that bad a case of it, and it is just one of those things that a girl has to accept along with an augmentation. In fact, she looks surprisingly good considering the position she is in. In really bad cases, there are corrections that can be made. We would have to see her sit or stand upright to really know what her chest looks like. If you ever want to see this happen in person, and you have a girlfriend with an augmentation who isn’t shy, ask her to place her hands on her hips with her elbows out, and press down on her hips.

        • Persephone

          I do agree– it would be fair to see her sitting upright. I had a friend when she flexed just her right one went wonky wilke.
          Lol… Arnold

    • JimU113

      Prices go up, quality goes down. And that’s been happening for a while. I graduated college in ’92 (back when 12 credit hours and books would set you back about $450-500 bucks), and I had to get out of college to learn critical thinking.

      • Scorpio

        Yup. That is a great example.

        • JimU113

          Wonder if any of the current crop of snowflakes will learn this in time.

          • Scorpio

            I suppose there might be one or two who eventually figure it out, but overall, my guess is “no”. They are all way too involved in their own collective mental pathology to see anything else.

          • JimU113

            Especially that oncoming vehicle…?
            Naw, we couldn’t be that lucky.

  25. Whitney BeatMe

    Med school is one thing, passing her board exams will be another. Stick Dan’s carrot up your butt to pay off your loans, but vegetable penetration won’t help you when it comes time to write that test. At least she will know how to save the next hooker who gets anally perforated from vigorous tuber root excavation. Yay you!

  26. Donnie Darko

    She probably decided having Dildo Baggins inside her for 2 minutes is better than student loans.

    • Persephone

      Sadly, you’re probably right. Ick. School is outrageous, but no way I’d make it go away with that. I’d rather watch Kurt and some dude go at it

  27. Dead Man's Dog


  28. The_Truth_Hurts2012

    Dan’s finally figuring it out. Take pictures with REALLY short women and you look taller.
    Where’s the carrots? Is she pursuing studies in prostate massage?

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