ZW Submission: anonpls

Megan Belet Pimps Herself for School


It’s not every day you see a woman with an actual education hanging out with Dan Bilzerian, so seeing this latest post by @MissBelet, who is a med student, begs the question- why?


I attend UC where Megan does her med grad studies and it is WELL KNOWN that she was DROWNING in debt since her parents stopped paying her bills. She was trying so hard to land a rich boyfriend it was becoming a campus joke. Completely changed from a cool, nice girl to a gold digger who is barely passing because of all the time she spends partying.ย 

Allllll of a sudden, she has no problem paying bills (when previously she was always skipping out on rent and getting friends to buy her lunch) and she can now afford high end handbags and lavish trips to the snow….with DoucheBag Bilzerian. She has a whole new instagram with all new “friends” and followers.

Everyone knows Dan Bilzerian pays girls to hang out with him. She’s fronting like they’re actual friends. Look at this caption –

Then next picture from Dan – she is just a prop. No tag, no caption. Just a photo with boobs to maintain his image.


Why would someone who has a decent career prospect lower themselves to paid “friendship” with that known DRD carrier and all round asshat, Dan? Money sure changes people. Is that more indicative of our failed education system that punishes people for wanting to learn by lumping them with huge, often lifetime, debt OR the fact bitches will pretty much do anything for cash these days?

Time to put Megan on blast. She thinks no one knows how her bills are being paid and acts like a priviliged bitch while the rest of us (who are actually going to pass this year) work 2 or 3 jobs to keep up. Karma’s a bitch!